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best detonator version.
i can't get Z32 bit buffer in 3dmark 2k se
A WARNING about new ATI 8500's...
sound card
Coolbits install problem
GeForce or Radeon
dvi and vga out : got them both, can i dual screen?
Tweaks-The Definitive Guide
asus V8460 vs. gainward Ultra/750XP
NVMAX Problems!!!
g-force 2mx to quadro 2mxr
Power consumption
Buying a Radeon, Which one??
ATI Radeon user PLEASE help!!!!!!!
New Dets 27.50 & 27.51
Voodoo 5500 question....
Detonator 2312 drivers woohoo
3D Mark Fails,why is this
Is artic silver adheasive better then AA?
Will the Radeon 8500 word on 100+ AGP bus speed?
Game theater Ex or Audigy
Coolbits registry hack
Where do u put vgabios in xp?
gainward drivers or nvidia's drivers?
Now that I have a geforce3 I need advice on how to cool it better
VAGP, overclocking....
8500 Overclocking at stock!
What resolution are you in?
new 3dmark after tweaks
Is this a Good 3D Mark 2001 score?
Whoa 1000 3DMarks01 Gain!
raedon 7000 vs geforce 2mx
How do I monitor my geforce3 temps?
Check out this new video chipset cooler
Ummm... guys.... I'm lonely....
How high have you oc'ed your Radeon 8500?
radieon 7500 twin vga
sound card required?
ddr speeds on o/c 8500
Wow, look at this price!
Geforce 4 ti 4400?
Radeon 8500 ?????
Sound Blaster into Home reciever?
please help! Problems w/ GeForce3 TI500
What happened to 3DChipset.com?
smart mod for radeon 8500
Quick Question about Radeon 8500 versions???
OC´ing videocard - higher clock and mem speed?
3Dmark keeps dumping me
tv or crt monitor???
geforce 4 vrs. geforce 3
NVIDIA M64 32MB AGP Mucking Up
GeForce3 vs GeForce3 Ti 500?????????
audio gurus please apply
Cmedia vs. Sound Blaseter PCI 512
Audio Controller (Intel 82801AA)?
Desperate Help for ATI Radeon & Win XP!
how do i enable FW for my mx400? should i?
Radeon 8500 DVI ($199 Retail)
Can someone give me a link to the best nvidia driver I can use with my geforce3?
SBlive Plat 5.1
NVIDIA vs RADEON why the hype, should be $$$ vs $$$
8500 dual monitor, HELP!!!!!!!
Radeon 8500DV w/ Crystal Orb
Problem with RADEON 7000 32MB DDR AGP
DUal Monitor on the 8500???
need program for o/c
AGP Texturing and Fast write
elsa gladiac 920 GF3
I have got a big time problem installing my new gainward geforce3 ti200! Please help
Sound cards and frame rate crud.
Radeon 8500 holding it own
other than the original driver
XP game theater Digital Out
XP is pretty good
Ati 8500 Chipcooler
Tips for 3dmark2k1...
3DSmark2001 SE wont work
Low benchmark help
3D Mark 2000 or 2001 SE
Illumina or Silver?
new score with new system
what would happen?
Gainward Ti-4600 Golden Sample
7500 All-In-Wonder or 8500?
Overclock Radeon 8500
Voodoo 3000 TV out cable anybody?
XP Benchmarks
radeon 8500 agp speeds
sound system caused error
More GL extentions=more FBS?
Upgrade from a TNT2 to what???
I hate my memory!
Where can I download the latest drivers for the Gainward geforce3 ti200 128mb?
what do u think of a WinFast GeForce 4 MX 440 64 MB DDR AGP
Planning in swapping my vid card
How to get the TV OUT to work with Ti200 w/Detonator 23.11 drivers?
I just preorder GeForce4 4600 for 339.95 shipped
3dMark High polygon count?
Sound Blaster Live! Retail -- OR --- OEM
logitech vs alteclansing vs creative
radeon 8500 @ 315 core/ 310 mem
Gigabyte 7dxr+ ati radeon 8500
What's holding me back?
Ti 200 or Radeon 8500
geforce 3 "additional properties" tab
Can you guess what i did today?
VisionTek GF3 Ti200 great image quality
Asus Geforce 4 pic
Difference b/w .........
"Rolling Video"
Need a list...
VooDoo 4 4500 PCI 32MB Vs. Radeon 7000 AGP 23MB DDR
vedio card... weird
How do I hook up my Ps2 to my computer
My New Audio Rocks!!!!
TV out on ATI Radeon 8500
Fan voltage
GeForce3 Ti200 What The....
Chugging along
Vid Card hype
NVidia or ATI?
how hot is too hot?
is there a 32mb or 64mb verson of the geforce4?
Radeon 8500, retail or oem?
PowerStrip 3.0 beta?
What's up with rage3d?
VisionTek GF3 Ti200 install problems.
Powerstrip Question!
how do i overclock my radeon 7000
what vid card should i get
how many colors will show with 12bitcolor?
Voodoo3 voltmod?
leadtek ti200tdh, 64 or 128 meg one?
I am upgrading from a voodoo 3 3000 to geforce 2 mx, have a question
New 3dMark version out??
where can i get a good deal on a leadtek ti200?
Ati New Drivers?
I think my fan is starting to go...
Audigy Positional Audio?
palit g3 ti200 overclock.
what card to get???
infinite loop possible solution and power issue
GF3 issues on ASUS Mobo
geforce3ti 200 and a7v266e..........
could not load open GL subsystems
Come join the 3dmark2001 team!
Geforce2 MX400 BIOS and FastWrites
BIOS Video Settings?
FPS check
Where can i get drivers for SB Live 5.1??
Audigy comes in diff flavours which is best value?
Should I Upgrade This Sound Card (or is it good enough)?
Videocard broken?
Problems - please help
widescreen tv out
Hurry Please
Gainward 128MB Ti200 4ns
do u have a cusl2-c?
best fan for my new wbk 38
Before I completely void my warranty...
When was Ge-Force 4 released?????
Stock Visiontek hsf vs. Blue orb?
How's the image quality of the visiontek geforce 3?
Creativelabs Inspire 5300
Can my 200 watt power supply push a gf3 ti200?
OCing 8500DV
How do i know?
best OC with GF3 Ti500?
It's for Charity..
#.#v VRS. 1.5
Has anyone got over 306/625.5 w/ radeon 8500?
What manufacturer for GeForce3?
8500 o/c speeds?...
CompUSA brand Video Cards?
Where do i find....
Corb on VisionTek G3 Ti200?
Overclocking A Nvm64?
How much meory- geforce 256
Videocard fan thru PSU?
is there any software that will help me detect artifacts and/or test for them?
3DMark2001 Problems
removing heat sink from video card?
visiontek geforce2 gts overclocking
Gainward G3 Ti 128megs DDR
2nd monitor
overclocking MX400 in WIN XP!?
Geforce4 MX440 .. Pretty impressive!
I broke 9 thousand 3dmarks! Did I miss something?
Sound Card
Need to test 8500...
Whats the wattage output on the Audigy?
GeForce 3Ti200 question about OCing
Geforce 2 GTS
8500 Win9x 9013 drivers
geforce4 at best buy
GeForce Ti4600 or Geforce 4 MX or GeForece3 Ti 500
Geforce2, TNT2, or Radeon?
Cheap Video Card ???
voodoo 5 mod
How to remove hsf attached w/Arctic Alumina
Bad experiences with Visiontek?
Sound Blaster VIBRA drivers...
Need Help With My Voltage Modded Radeon 8500!
Is 3DMark01 Se Worth The Download...
oc'ing a geforce 2ti
Datonator 27.xx?
Visiontek GEForce4 Ti 4400 or pny geforce3 ti 500
8500 (retail) memory question...
radeonle or more?????
GF2 O/C Program
Ive been out of the loop
BAd perf. from GF2 MX
Problem getting ati goop off gpu...
Problem with ati goop on gpu...
VGA to composite adapter or similar
a list for the infinite loop problem
infinite loop
How do I flash Radeon 8500 OEM to Retail bios?
Viewable TV output?
Replacement Cable for Viewsonic G790
'NO DVI to VGA Adaptor'???
Need help with my GF 2 GTS
Geofore2 MX
what geforce 4 for me
nvidia tnt2 2183 drivers/no overclock?
Radeon Overclocking Results
Best Drivers for Geforce cards? 27.xx or different?
hercules gf3 drivers or other......
3dmark questions
Wanting new video card/monitor, what are all these things?
S3 WinXP Drivers
WeaponX made me laugh!
Geforce 4 440MX or Geforce 3 TI 200
8500 finally kickin a$$
How to get the greenie off of a Visiontek GF3
Geforce4 cards
Radeon 8500 owners...
Asus 7700 Deluxe 64 ddr
Aa? Af?
New 8500 WHQL Drivers
i dont know what half these settings are???
When can I buy a Geforce 4 Ti4600, 4400, or 4200???
Getting some serious crackling from my surrond speakers.
GeForce3 Quick Q!
Gforce4 mx to gforce4 Ti
Ati Voltage Tweak
Video Overlay Problems!!
i have a few questions about the msi gf2 TI
lockups everywhere - please.
A box of Ati Rage Pro's...
Geforce4 Ti 4600 - Review from ZDNET. * MUST READ *
GF4 4400,4600 On Pricewatch
Question about which video card i should upgrade too
Does Audigy Plat. eX import DV video?
O/C ATI Radeon 7500
What to expect from Ti4600?
good video card
help tweaking vid card?
o/c geforce3 ti200
How do I uninstall this?
3DMark Drop Help ME!
Best card (for o/c) for $100-150?
How do I O/C this card?
Powerstrip question
whats the best vid i can get?
My Radeon 8500 Running terribly!
Radeon 8500 or GeForce4?
Radeon 8500 and 3DMark 2001SE
who's got lower than 400????
Cooling Fan mod?
3dmark2001SE is out...
Sound Blaster Audigy Problem
Vid cards not working
Vid Card Problem
audigy gamer vs hercules theater
I have this video card?
3dmark 2001se download.
what would you recommend?
Geforce2 prob
GeForce4 Ti 4600 has something special you dont know about..........................!
Experience with water cooling vid card??
Re-set Monitor
Wow, G4 4600.....
Searching for GF256 DDR voltage mod ....
Radeon 8500 128mb?
Need to boost my voodoo5 alittle
John Cramack says GF4 MX sucks
Lock up
Ok, now it's REALLY bothering me...
Please help,Geforce 2 prob
3d mark 2001
Help ramsink fell off on geforce 3 ti200
No center/sub channel
I have a Geforce 2 GTS, when should I upgrade?
Radeon Dying!!!
How fast can video ram be made?
Geforce 3/4 PCI card available ?
GF4MX440 killed XP
agp bus
how far for gainward gf3
Nvidia Official Roadmap Of 2002!
Gf256DDR Volt Mod
Is this a good video card
Surround Sound Question...
voodoo drivers in xp
Geforce 4, MX420,440 & 460- What a joke!
An excuse to buy G4
Athlon XP or 8500 LE?
Sound or Vid Prob ?
Gf2 Gts Pos!!!
Is this a Good CRT monitor? Read on...
Which do you think
radeon8500 is follow up of voodoo5 5500?
Where can I get a good windows startup sound file?
Radeon 8500 Bios Flashing.
computer hangs from video card?
G4 Ti-4600 330/660Mhz
voodoo5 5500 agp better than gfx1,2,3,4 ?
What´s a good 3D Mark 2001 score with Geforce 2 Ti?
WinXP + Nvidia refresh rate fix for 27.xx drivers
Radeon 8500 64 or 128 MB which is better?
Asus V7700 any good
GeForce 3 and DirectDraw problems
please help, ati radeon driver problems!
PLEASE help me!! ati radeon driver problems!!
radion 8500 drivers
Problem putting fan on ATI
Beat 9000!!!!!!!
How are Quadro and Geforce different?
nVidia Riva TNT2
Both PCI and AGP card at same time!
Voodoo 4500 prob
Radeon 8500 OEM Vs. Retail
Ti200....how far?
Geforce 4
3dfx.com is gone as on feb 19 truely a sad day.
Best TNT2 Drivers
Question about ATI BIOS
ati radeon drivers
Ayone have a 128MB DDR Radeon 8500???
--Is There Anti Aliasing on the Radeon8500--
Just sold my Ti500
hardware support ? in 3d2001
Asus V8460
GF3, XP, AMD1800, 512ram = 75FPS ???
Turning off onboard video.
Tell Me Why?........
"Video in" With Gf2 MX 400
I can't wait any longer
Hi .. How to ? Plz Help
AGP control in bios??
ddhelp.exe crashing
I want one-PLEASE!
Question about Radeon 8500
what helps AA performance of the 8500 more?
Good Review on GF4 For The Layman
Nvidia Phasing Out GF3
Radeon VE?
Incorrect AGP bus speed?!
What to use to uninstall dets...
geforce 2 ti
Question about Heatsink
What driver should I be using?
Questions about TBSC
I bought Radeon 8500 OEM, now what?
3d problem
AGP in PCI mode?!
No more Kyro?
audio and video outs
8500 or All in wonders? which is your choice?
Best buy sold out of geforce4s!
gf2 ti wont oc high
AGP card slot different from the MB socket?
So when does it come out?
Thermal Adhesive
8500 or 7500
Monitor jitters.
8500 on a 2X AGP bus
so are we gonna make a 3dMark2001 team?
4X card in 2X slot
Crystal Orb problem
Should i use this hsf for my 7500 gpu?
Removing Gainward HS
Do PCI slot fans really cool vid card?
New 27.42 Dets!
The ugliest 3dmark2001 score ever!!!
Choppy Video
Power Shortage??
Is this a Legit 8500?
Solution for advancing 3d card technology?
Low 3DMark 2001 score?
gf4 mx at best buy for $179...is this a good buy?
CoolJag heatsink and ram sinks
Hows this???
My 3DMark blues
How high have you overclocked your Ti200?
No dual-head?
AGP Clock speed? GF3 Artifacts?
Nvidia Eclipse (NV30) HELP!!
Omega Drivers
Gforce 4 $130
Ti200 vs. Ti500
Overclocking A Radeon 7500 Help
Radeon 8500 opinions
Best place to get new drivers for a Vodoo3000?
Od side effects
GeForce4 Hype -- All I can say is *yawn*
GeForce manufacturer question
Damn NVidia!
Terrible 3d mark 2001 score on Geforce 3 system Please help !
ATI or Nvidia?? (here we go again!)
Considering ATI 8500 AIW...Opinions?
What clock settings should I have?
installing geforce2 pci .help!!!
GeForce 2 Voltage Mod
Help me Tweak My card please
ati and gf3 in same system?
The Screen Savers Ti4600 review!!!
GeForce 2 Drivers? Where?
2X AGP Slot
8500 230/230@3.5v
Awsom Upgrade
Overclocking Intel 810 Vid Card
GeForce 5
Geforce MX in Abit BX6 r2 -HELP
G-Force 2 MX400 64 meg == Needing Help ==
OC program?
Very Gay Video Problems (K7S5A)
The Sims Video Performance
ATi Drivers Won't Run 3dmark2001 (Radeon 8500)
GF4's: Do they have RAM on both sides of the card (front and back)?
You think a 1U cooler will cool a GF4 better?
Finding clock speeds?
3DMark2001 trouble
geforce 2
The next Vid card I buy will be....
I Don't understand this.
OverClocking Results with ASUS 3400TNT
Video Memory Cooling
Are the geforce4 mx models better than a geforce3 ti 200?
Creative RIVA TNT2 Vanta PCI O/C
after a week of emailing leadtek
ati laptop help
THG's GF4 Review
What would be a good 3Dark2001 score for..
Doh!!!!!! :o
Must Read Now!!!!
difference between AGP/PCI
New Radeon!
radeon 7000 pci
ti200 video drivers
Ti4600.. March 15th?
Which Card is the best for a RPG / RTS Type person?
overclocking G-force3 ti200 (asus v8200pure)
Need Help?
I know it's old but good MX OC?
8500 LE V.s 8500???
Don't laugh at me, but...
voodoo3 3000, 3d prophet 4000XT & WinXP .. help!?!?!
1st GeForce4 look @ Tom's Hardware
Perhaps the best Low profile GPU cooler
Crystal Orb
TNT2 m64 problems
nvidia's new chip
g4 review
High End Graphics: ATI's XL | Nvidia'a GF4 4600
looking for Radeon 7500 AIW
Big Question Ahead
Gforce =Quadro?
Should I Lap the crystal orb base?
25fps in diablo2 w gf3??
it wont overclock
LCD Monitors??
Flash utility for MSI vid card
Vid card comparison on Nvidia website...
Ok... this ones a little weird...
What is my card capable of?
anyone done the geforce3 v-mod?
need info on latest radeon 7200 drivers
TV = No Go with Video Card
radeon 7200@500 3Dmark3001