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got confuse
what happend to ocz titan?
Extreme 8500 OC...
Radeon VE dual head quirk
8500 Rip :(
3DFx driver issues
Chaintech Geforce3
Sound Card Ocing?
RainMaQer please read
Radeon 7500 drivers
Installing crystal orb and ramsink questions
8500 All in wonder vs 8500
Xtacy MMmmm
ATI 128 Rage 32 meg
Can they detect fried??
adding system ram to video card
Plz take a look...need advices
Whats a good sound card NOT made by Creative?
Is this video card OK for video editing?
whic geforce 2 is it? please look
For those trying to figure 7500 or G2 Ti200 or Ultra read on it says it all ..
New vid card installation causes out of memory errors?
and ideas???
does anyone know
My geforce 3 ti 200 overclock check it out
Is there a way to active sidebanding?
should i oc my GPU before or afte my CPU?
volt mod on a ti500?
Whats the highest clock speed for a VisionTek Geforce3 card?
Best score for Voodoo3 ?
DVD Playback with s-video out
2 weeks sucks!
new DvD player (not working)
Radeon 7500 3DMark2001 scores are too low
Wintv not working with XP
Release date for Gigabyte 8500?????
PLZ Help!!! XP and V7700 Probs...
Voodoo 3 3500 video capture ?
New card to be had
GeForce Drivers
Thoughts on the new Radeon 8500 beta drivers (9008)?
Anybody have problems with Audigy and WinXP?
How exactly do I overclock my GeForce3 Ti-500?
Overclocking Radeon 8500 jeebes
ATI Rage fury better/worse GeForce 2 mx?
How much is too much?
which is better buy? gf2 ti? or gf2 ultra?
SBLive! Platinum recording out
finally im in the 8k club woohoo
probably an old question but....
I have a little dvd problem.
Ocing Ti 500
Radeon 8500 3Dmark score??
Radeon 8500 Hynix 36
ASUS v7700 owners
Please help with dvd's
Chaintech cards any good?
geforce 2mx 32mb sdram
Nvidia 23.11 + Via chipset fix
ATi drivers and WinXP??
How to really! O/C GF3 Ti200?
Ram speed on 8500
Radeon mod Q
Voodoo 4500 Mods?
voodoo 3 3000 and WinXP
Ati 8500
Radeon 7000s and 8500 Questions
Anybody ever use this Radeon Bios editor?
More TV out questions...
What do I need???
OCing new vidcard
It's not easy seeing green
Should my score be better?
ocing riva tnt 16mb
Artifacts on Voodoo 4, not overclocked...
Check out my Geforce cooling MOD
Strange video card problem...
tv-out resolution
abit gf3 ti200
RightMark Audio Analyzer
cyrstal orb ?
Geforce3 Ti200 Overclocking Help!
Is this Ti500 DOA or what?
DVD Playback Problems
Which one to buy??????????
Reboot Problem w/ Asus mobo and video
need cooling advice
Winamp & Frame Rates...
Radeon 32mb DDR VE Cooling ?s
Fixed! VisionTek GF3 500Ti w/ Waterblock & Tinned Heatsinks!
I dont understand what all the fuss is about!!!
how high geforce 3 ocd on stock fan
Is my processor fast enough for my 8500?
My Visiontek w/ Waterblock and Heatsinks!
I want to oc the sh*t out of my gf2mx200... HELP!!!
3dmark2001 corrupt at 137fsb
Which Driver do I need
AGP Aperture size
Arctic Silver Adhesive
Video Card manufactures(Does it matter?)
What do you think bout this
NewQ Platinum: Good or Bad??
KT266A and Audigy Platinum
What kind of cable do I need??
I have a question plz help :)
£5 8500 cooler? XP Drivers (a.k.a 23.11)
Ultimate Ge-Force 3!
Finally brought to an end .... GF256 DDR
Temp in GF2 Ti
To wait for Gigabyte Radeon or not to wait?
GeForce 4
games that take full advantage Mhz
sound cards
Help me break 8000 in 3dmrk01
First and LAST ATI card.
visiontek gf2ti overclock
Will ATI7500 handle FSB at 133, 143 or 150?
Overclocking PIII 700 w/TNT2Ultra (stuck at 870mhz)
Sounblaster and VIA chipset.
Need fast response for Sound card/5.1 solution
Best Sound Card: Verdict?
Radeon 8500 ... different core speeds?
Can I use these drivers...
Geforce 3 Cards, Which One?
Santa Cruz or Live 5.1
Best Video Card Cooler?
GF3 - abitkt133a problem :(
Did I kill my video Card?
TV-out on GF3
Kyro II OC/ing
Budget system cards
Audigy Plat EX or Gametheater XP
GPU voltage increase
Radeon 7500 driver...
ati dvd playback problem
Voodoo 4500 question
Why does my Geforce2 Ultra slow down while playing mechwarrior 4?
problem with cool bits
128MB ti200s?!?!
Audigy / XP = Bloatware?
abit siluro 3 or ti200????
Can ATI Radeon handle oc AGP?
Geforce3 TI500 or a ATI Radeon 8500
kyro II owners - READ THIS!!
o/c'in my nvidia geforce3 nfinite fx
Sound Blaster Audigy
Whats my memory rating???
GF3 Ti 200 Questions
Audigy problems!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best Graphics??
2 video cards
Your Opinion Please
New Video Card *Xtasy Everything*
AS5AS51N, regarding your PM to me about & the Radeon 7500
Gainward G3 Ti/200 128mb
Gainward G3 Ti200 overclocking
Monitor isues
Sound Card unstable
SB Audigy Player & DTT3500
3dLabs Oxygen GVX-1, anybody using this?
HOW TO O/C nVIDIA Riva TNT2 M64 32mb ram
Video problem?
Radeon 7200 Tweaking
How to O/C my GF2 GTS-V 32mb?
Where can I buy a gainward geforce 3 ti200?
3dmark2k wont run anymore
Sound card breaks up + crackles...
Where can i get a review of GF3 ti 200 + 500 cards ?
IRQ problem lowered my 3dmark score by 1200
OOh I just realised something cool....
Radeon 8500 and system BIOS settings?
gf3 tI500 fREQS
Taking it old-school Geforce 256
Best card for under $100
Need Driver Buster
Gainward or Visiontek?
2 vid cards at once?
Did I fry it??!!?!?!?!?!
Need Help Fast!!
Hercules Tweaker?
Dual Display Questions
nvidia 12.41 drivers
Card got no TV-OUT?
coolbits won't work
3D Mark 2001 score
vid card bios?
Just Got New Audigy
SBLive question
Okay, time for a video upgrade
Gainward GF3 ti200
M/b & Agp Fsb
Radeon 7500??
Reading clock correctly?
Dont know what video card this is and I need drivers
Geforce2 Ti running slightly slow with duron
Radeon 8500 LE
DVD Newbie
new 8500 beta drivers
weird metal thing on top
2 video cards...?
GF3 Ti 200 o/c
Help with nvidia geforce3 ti200
Can't adjust screen size!
Is the Kyro chipset any good?
Video card keeps locking up
KYRO II how to overclock?
Problems with VisionTek Geforce 2 Ti
What video card would be best for me?
Which set up for GeFoece 2 Quadro pro?
GF3 ti or GF3 ti200 ....is it worth the extra £80
Please, Help with Softquadro, detonators and Winfast geForce 2 pro
New Radeon 8500 Drivers
Hercules Ti500 any good?
Need Prgm For O/C on 8500
When is Nvidia releasing their next chip?
voodoo5 5500 drivers
How do you know if your video card maker backs overclocking?
Radeon 7500 3D
Good vid card for game server needed?
8500 Cooling help
Any ideas???
nother o/c program
Voodoo 3 3500 TV
the ultimate upgrade, but how?
Ti200 R.I.P. Any ideas?
[ Winfast Leadtek GF2Ti200 with Gainward's BIOS ]
O/c program
S-video on a 32mb ATI Radeon
Cooling for TI 500
Need A Video Card 4 To Choose From
Geforce 3 Ti 200 Drivers!
ASUS 8200 Deluxe GeForce 3?????Need HELP!!
just a thought......
Hercules Or Asus Gts
GF2 ti
Hercules GeForce3 Ti500 review
M Wave
audigy digital question
No More fan
Knew I could do better
Bigger cooler.. Worse temp
general video OC question
vid card success
help w/ DVD-ROM
hacking coolbits and registry values?
radeon 8500
win2000pro and monster sound mx300 woes
How many heatsinks should I use?
Nvidia VGA Crad Tuning Guide
dvd playback
Ti500 shortage. Can anyone find one?
help overclocking
What is the best Video card ?..need opinions
3D Prophet Sux!
XP Drivers for Radeon8500!?
Disabling legacy drivers
PNY vid cards
ti200 3dmark scores
help cpucool
How many pieces of ram are on the Asus V8200 T5 Deluxe?
nVidia.......new drivers?
Whats your GeForce 2 Ultra OC??
help oc'ing nvidia vanta
Can you overclock a Nvidia GForce 2 ultra?
How to set up 3DMark2k1 for benching.
My Slow@$$ System
Overclocking GeForce II...
good stability test for a vid card?
Help Choosing an 8500
GF2MX400 BIOS/ID screen
How Do You Overclock A Video Card?
What the!!!!!!!!
help w/ MBM 5
GeForce BIOS Edit program
Connecting Reciever to sound card?
Crackling sounds just started with my Live!5.1
I got very bored :)
Need GeForce Help
Need help with geforce
Need sound advice
I just got a All in Wonder radeon 8500dv
I'm in the First Place of 3DMark2001 Score in P3 Group, Wanna beat me?
Help with my 8500
3DMark2k1 Won't run at all with my vid. cards...
gf2 mx400 vs ti
Sil;versink here is an interesting link to go along with the OEM 8500/75 flavours
OOps bst price $132US- Powermagic Retail Radeon 7500 article card has 290/230 as ATI
Link for Omega 8500 drives please
O/Cing an Xtasy Ti200
3DMark2001 ERROR
can't find anything
Detonator 23.11 drivers with Win XP Professional
Which card? GF2 TI or Radeon 7500
How is a Pine nVidia TnT Vanta 16mb Video card?
3dmark dissapearing?
Sound Cards
quadro dcc
Anyone here know how to use Powerstrip?
is this normal?
Assigning seperate AGP IRQ = Lower 3DMARK
7500 settings question
for oc'ing a agp card which is best???
Picking An Agp Card HELP
lousy gateway
problems with my gf2 gts 32mb
Radeon 7500 vs. GF2 Ti
Crystal orb or 1U cooler?
My Radeon 7500 3dwinmark score.
Lot of choices for Radeon 8500, which is best?
Coolbits key for Win2K/XP and Detonator 23.XX
Radeon Drivers
Which Video Card Utility do you use to O/C
detonator XP?
Speak of the devil, new ATI drivers
I thought ATI was gunna put some new drivers out every couple of weeks?
GF3 and FW&SB???
PixelView XX Player GeForce 3
Driver integration
Which Geforce ti200 is the best overall card?
7500 results so far
How should i cool my Visiontek Mx400?
Is a Crystal Orb worth it?
Voodoo3 question ?
Voltage Mod TNT2 ULTRA
New sound card vs. on board sound
Vid card oc software???
question about Quake 3 Arena vid benchmarking
Help PNY GF3 Ti200 owners!
Problems with Radeon 8500
idea about radeons
Radeon 8500 or Geforce3Ti200
Coolbits question
What RAM is on this GF2MX200?
o'cing a ATI rage 128?
Just got a visiontek geforce 2 mx400 64mb, need some help.
help urgent gf2mx
i just bought a Radeon 7200
radeon (quick answer please:))
Newbie needs buying advice
Audigy XP Drivers!!!!!!!!!
I need cooling advice for a Quadro 32mb
how to choose a sound card?
ATI Radeon 64 DDR and Abit KT7A-r
Should I take my tuner card back?
Leadtek Winfast geforce 2 Pro Bios
Video Capture Card
New video card, hearing bad things...
Extra cooling for GF3
Vid Card? Mobo? or Help!
3dMark2k1 score on a p2 test
XP and the windows key
An ATI Christmas Carol
Aah! only Dutch/French drivers with my Audigy
Sound Problem
2X/4X Gainward confusion
ATT Arkaime23
Just purchased a 7500 few ?'s
Exhaust blower
need help w/ GF 2 Ti
lack of tv-out w 23.11?
Best Compression Codec
Serious Video Card problems!
GeForce2 MX200 PCI
Can't get Omega Drivers Installed
Hey! has anyone seen one?
3dmark 2k1 bias?
is audigy worth it???
ZuckGou:) or anyone else nd fdbck with TV Tuners&video capture
geforce2 mx?
Gainward GF2 Ti 450 64Mb card w/TV out
Geforce 2 ti or ultra
LOW 3dmark score for 7500
GeForce 2 Pro problem
was radeon 9005 drivers desinged for the 8500?
GeForce 2 into GeForce 2 Quadro
AOpen GF2 Ti GPU BIOS Tweaking - For Real?
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 7.1 Platinum
Radeon 8800 next?
Detonator 23.11 and DirectX8.1
How do i check if the OCing worked?
Help...I think my Radeon 32MB DDR is dying
nVidia Quadro
Question with playing full screen onto T.V?
need help my ti500
new deatanators , and DX ?????
wich ti200 card???
The best video card and driver.........
What is a multimedia video controller
How far have you pushed your Vid Card?
How do I remove heat sink
Agp Reading In Pci Mode
How do I know if my vid card is fried?
I am a very lucky man with a Radeon 32mb DDR back from the partially dead.
overclocked gf2 ti, no performance increase
ut bench test?
Audigy or Live?
AOpen GF2 Ti with 8 RAM Chips...
Cant decide!
Twin View GeForce 3??? Does one exist?
Gigabyte 8500? When? Where?
Check out this new HSF on this card
Upping 3dmark scores
GeForce 4 Questions
ATI or nvidia??
Voodo 5 Problems!
Buddy needs help for his Asus v3800 card to tweak it out
Need link 4 Omega 1086 drivers 4 - 7500 Radeon I just formtted reinstalled XP
Post your 3DMARK2001 Scores and what vid card used
What to do
Fast Writes?
Installed my Leadtek GeForce 3 Ti500
just loaded ati's new driver
hecules xp or creative plantinum
Alcas music sytems question
Clock speed change through Nvidia BIOS
1021 points in 3Dmark2001...
What GFX card do you recommend for £180 ?
probelm with geforce2 Ti and giga-byte 7zx mobo
Lapping a GPU - using what?
GeForce being picky
Audigy Problems
Radeon 8500 vs Radeon 8500-oem.. whats the deal?
which card?
Soundscards with optical in/outputs question
FPS problems....
Hercules GeForce3 TI500
Attention Gainward 3ti200 Owners
Ati Rage 128.....
New 7500 drivers R out I need em but rage3d down right now anyone have?read on plz
TV-out problems
OEM 7500 not bad overclocker
geforce 4 spec LOOK GREAT
is it worth upgrading from Geforce 1 DDR to Geforce 2 MX400
$129 Power Color ATI 8500
2 Video cards
TNT2 Pro & FSB speeds
Whats the diff
Ati rage 128 32meg
Can I change green to another color?
GF2 Ultra o/c bleeding
ZuckGou:) or anyone who has knowledge of ATI TV Wonder VE or ATI TV Wonder
my god...now i can't overclock...
I'm really stumped
Anyone seen a Hercules G3 TI200 in Canada?
New M/B & memory and new benchies
Even more 8500 questions
Which Ti 200
where to get beta drivers?
GeForce 3 MX?
AGP 4x dont work
Bizarre sound issues in Unreal Tournament
nv4_disp.dll BSOD anyone ?
So I've been playing 3DMark2001?
AGP settings
Gainward and low 3DMark scores...anyone else got em both??
sparkle 6600
Well I wished I kept my 64 DDR vivo, got some questions!! VIVO questions
Leaked Radeon drivers here
Sound card overclocking
Slowwwwww ASUS!???
New member
Gainward G2 ti 450 performance probs..
Need help with lock ups
HELP! need audigy drivers quick!
Pine excaliber GF2 mx400...
Whats everyone *successful* Geforce3 500Ti overclocks?
overclocking ATI 128 rage 128 GL SD AGP 32meg
More Radeon 8500 questions....
New SYStem
Thinking about an IU cooler for GPU? read this comparison
7500 came today!
Asus V8200 and increasing FSB
video capture
Radeon 7200
Lapping geforce 2 mx
wont restart after Radeon 8500
my 3dmark2k1 score, with question...
coolbits dosent work with my gf2 mx 400!! help pls
ati all in wonder radeon questions
? about attaching RAM sinks