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? about attaching RAM sinks
O/C'ing a Radeon VE worth the trouble?
Vid Card temps
r8500, bare with me...
Leadtek Geforce 2 Ti
Help! Need To Take Off Heatsink!!!!
Geforce 3 Ti 200
isulating 8500 for deep freeze
Another Radeon 8500 Flash question
creative model CT6970 ????
Kyro II not working @ AGP speeds under 66 MHz??
I finaly did it
Link to help those who want to mod their vid card so they do not kil it w ASII
What is your opinion of 64-bit color?
Leadtek Geforce3 Ti 200
What is a GPU?
givin up on this 8500
vesa driver
2 monitor's, HOW????
I need someones professional opinion before I buy ......please
23.11 would not support tv-out
good news
GeForce2 Ti problem
Dell 8500
nVidia Drivers, or Retail Manu. Drivers?
Pros and Cons
can my comp get a video card?
Radeon 8500
Help me find drivers for this card
To Return or Not to Return?
R.I.P Geforce 2
How to do custom sounds
Overclocking my Radeon 7500!
cooling top of geforce 3
Gainward 128MB GeForce3 Ti200 4.0ns
Capture/Recording games
Radeon 8500: How do I get the HSF off?
Which Geforce 3 Card?
Did I mess up my video card?
broke a cap off my vodoo
For those interested , features of 7500 & 8500
problemo with gf2 pro
problem with via chipset and gf3s?
Good Price?
Nice read on 7500 & 8500 Dec3rd/some newer shipped 7500's may have 3.6-3.8 ns ddr ram
Overclocking MX400 - No performance increase - please advise.
Can't OC high FSB's HELP!
need help R8500/Audigy
7672 3dmark 2k1 pts :)
Radeon 8500 OEM>Retail Flash file HERE
tnt2 driver trouble (I think)
23.11s caused drop in 3dmark2k
GA-60XET's onboard sound chip
DXR3 DVD Audio on on left channel..
Bitboys !!!!!!!!!
Will my TNT2 Ultra limit my PIII 700 overclocking?
Check out my cooling on my Geforce2...
Need some info on a new v-card
Where can I get an nvidia bios flash utility for geforce3.
My Radeon 8500 freezes playing RTCW
what to expect from a tnt-2 32 meg
EAX, EAX Advanced and their affects on Games!!!
Getting the most out of 8500 w/4ns
RoyalPC LE or PowerMagic 8500
Look at this Geforce3
Overheating Geforce 256 SDR???
Radeon 8500stuff
OK so my new 8500 ISN'T DOA
GF3 and bios settings?
Which to use?
Guru3d is going off line?
Removing GFX card heatsinks
GainWard GF3Ti200...your thoughts please
Geforce experts look here
Advice for new GPU cooler?
Is it worth it?
Mod rom on Geforce 3 core won't stick
ATI Rage Fury Pro 32mb
Matrox Mellineum G200 Getting 2x agp back
ATI Expert 2000 Pro 32Mb AGP Video Card
Is it worth $100 for an Audigy Drive?
how to play with a 7500
How do I tell what speed my Radeon Ram is rated for..something like that
How does this card rate?
A ? about the Audigy
Geforce 2 MX Benchmarks
need advice for new vidcard install
Running a graphics card on oc'ed AGP port.
bargain Prices
What version of Nvida drivers do you use for your Geforce2?
120$ Video Card
textures problem under opengl
geforce 2 ti scores
ATI R300 Any News??
Wow check this, serious improvement!!!
super glue
Asus V8200 T5 Deluxe
motavate me!!!
Audigy high-end
Ti 500 question???
Ritteri&Bubbles how goes the test of the 8500 and whats your verdict vs the Ti500
Would 8500 driver increase 7500 performance ??
Video Desktop???
3D Mark scores
Voodoo 5500 / Windows XP
SB live value Digital
opengl benchmark
Tweak guides for 3dmark2k1?
Sonic Fury/ Acoustic Edge/ Audigy... which one?
3dMark2001 result, and advice request
Overclocking Geforce 2 mx 400???
GF3 freezing problem.
vid card does not work!!
Weird Happenings with 8500LE
SB Live 5.1 problem
How's the Audigy at high FSB
What Soundblaster Card should i Get for the DTT3500 Speakers?
-HELP- 8500 radeon owners
Loud Video card
video card help!
How is this score for my setup?
Sound 1 second behind in RTCW?
Radeon LE or Visiontek GTS-V Xtasy 5632
Need help picking a vid card!
Asus V7700 GeForce 2 GTS Deluxe
Audigy + Quad Speakers = HELP!
my 8500 is DOA
TRUEFORM for half-life!!!
GeForce2 Ti overclock?
Radeon 7500 causing boot failure?
Got my new ti-500 Now what?
Need opinois on ZOLTRIX sound cards!!!!
ati all in wonder.
Asus V7100Pro
The 3 G's
DirectX and my GeForce3, they don't get along.
Geforce 3 TI200 3,3ns memory ??? !!! ???
Leaking ASII?????
MSI-8851 5ns, 4.5, 4ns????
Creative 3D blaster wat work?
whats it goin to be?
getting gf2 pro for free
radeon ve
Nvidia GF3 and New Games
GeForce 2 mx 200 Overclock!
2MX400(64mb) vs gf3Ti200/500
Best Graphics Card at the moment??
Overclocking of the OEM version of the Radeon 8500?
what card is better?
NVIDIA's next chip?
Why cant I run 3dmark00 through
best sound card for music creation, recording, sampling
texture probs
Quattro ???
3DMARK2001 Score !!!
i used to run 3dmark 2001 now i cant
what vid card should i buy?
I need some help here: ASUS TI200, Hercules TI 200 or Radeon 8500?
Need a TV-Out video card...seeking advice
To add or not to add?
New rig w/ GF3ti500 gets low frames
Omega drivers for Radeon 8500
GF3 Mem Overclockability Dropping..
??? Hercules 3D Prophet III Geforce 3 64 MB
over clocking my 8500?
Radeon 7500
whyy ??? =(
Is it possible to OC a ti200 past 220/500?
Fan/Sink for Radeon 8500
Sound blaster X-GAMER jumper pins?
An Idea tell me if you like it...
Audigy won't go to 4 speaker mode
Makin a profit.........
GeForce256 Limiting fsb?
I must be bipolar
Keeps Locking up!
Creative EAX Enviroments?
Again Voodoo 3 3500 Drivers?
I need some advise
Is it possile to overclock the GeForce 2 MX 400 MSI Starforce 826
Need information about the Daytona GeForce3 Ti200!
... Why is my GF3 so slow?
8500 OEM w/ 230 Mhz Core?
Question about DDR Video Cards
what's 195/195?
Radeon 7500 OEM vs. Retail
Good speakers for under 150$ to go w/ sblive 5.1
ASUS V7700 DELUXE under WinXP
Voodoo 3 3500
Changing Geforce 2 to Quadro 2
Hercules Card
32mb Video Card
Orbs on Visiontek GeForce2?
I found a TI200 with 3.6 ns RAM's!
gf2 pro or gf2 ti200
Can I watch my dvd/rom on my tv?
VisionTek or Gainward? And a ? about mb.
Why do people ignore Nvidia's Driver Problems?
Geforce 3 ti200 w/ 3.3ns ram. wtf?
Best gaming Vcard for $100 ?
DVD Play back is Bad for some reason.
Win XP Crashes and Hangs
GeForce2 MX 400
Graphics Card Recommendation
Yeah baby!!!
WOOT!!! Got my 7500.
Visiontek has new 23.11 dets out! special Visiontek version!
Radeon Driver Issues Fixed?
Anyone Using An Asus V300c Agp Here???
question about adding tv out
Such thing as CPU 2 fast for video card??
Radeon 7000 -Fresh @$69
CoolBits problems with GeForce2 Mx400
wouldn't this make you **** your pants?
8505 3dmark 2001 marks
GeFORCE 2 benchmarks
11599 3dmark's in 3dmark2000
Quick question/Nvidia Drivers
Overclocking VisionTek Geforce 2 Ti
burned out fan on my Geforce 2
Question about ATI All-In_Wonder Radeon 8500DV
Gainward owners
Necessary to lap a crystal orb?
Crystal Orbed 7500 cracks 5000 3DMark2K1 @ 342/562
Ati TV Wonder VE
Radeon 8500?
Overclocking GF3 Ti200
Tv out on Radeon
Radeon 7500- $80?
winxp/radeon 64ddr vivo/Half-life problem
Nvidia basterds
detonatorXP 32.11 lock my GF3 ti200
128mb video cards
whats the difference betwn gf2 ultra & gf2 titanium?
Via...Soundblaster fix?
AOpen GF2 Ti ... A Mistake?
My Le close to a pro?
***Need Fast Response***
anybody ever replace the ram on a viper v770???
All-In-Wonder 8500DV settings? 3DMark2001
Geforce 256 bios flash
Hercules 3D Prophet III Titanium 200 photographies.
3Dmark2001 always closes in benchmarks?
Help with 8500 drivers...
Eureka! FSB150! My heart is pounding.
How do I switch AGP modes?
All-In-Wonder 8500DV CATV-In video, looks bad.
GeForce2 Underclocking?
Advice on placing some ramsinks.
Material composition
Help me choose a video card with these specs
Im stumped people
AGP aperture size...
should i upgrade to a Ti 500 or 8500 from Geforce3???
stupid but a much needed question
Radeon 8500 probs with CS...
Visiontek Xtasy GeForce2 GTS oc limit?
My Guide For people buying video cards
impressive img quality improvement from the texture compression settings.
GF2ti vs Radeon 7500
Temps for Geforce 3 (Ti 200/ G3/ Ti500)
highest GF2 Ti or Ultra overclocked??
W00T!! 7040 on 3dmark2k1!
rasing vid cad voltage?
signs that DDR Memory on GeForce3 is fried
Who has a Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer?
The New line of Sound Blaster cards...
Overclocking of Radeon 32MB DDR
Radeon 7500 vs geforce2 pro
The mother of all display
Radeon 8500 - BOX vs OEM
Radeons and forum cruzing
agp 4x vs 2x question
which 5.1 to get?
Visiontek XTASY 5632?
GF2 Ti or Radeon 7500?
How high
8479 3d 2001 marks with radeon 8500
Radeon Pic & Box pic
GF2 Ti overclocking qustion
Geforce2 hsf
anyone playing nfspu?
Seeking shopping advice- Vid Card
S.B. audigy ok for overclocking?
where can I get 3D Mark2001 app to measure my score
Some serious fps increase in CS!
VideoExcel GeForce-2 comments?
Visiontek card detonator drivers not working
list your overclocked ti500 stats
Best drivers?
benchmarking geforce2 pro +anti-aliasing
6359 3D Mark2001 With RADEON 8500
Radeon 8500 or GF3?
new det4 drivers at nvidia.com
Daytona's GeForce3 TI 200?
GF2 MX, not good enough for playing DVD's?
problems setting up my prophet2 ULTRA, HELP PLZZZ
Whoa check out this guy's score(3D Mark 2001)
Sound Blaster Live! Problem.. HELP!
Geforce 2 Ti Visiontek
need openGL help
where are the GForce 3 Games?
looking for radeon tweeker..
Liking my 7500
Program for O/C Radeon 8500
got my radeon 8500 to 306/306
cheap digital speakers?
Something changed when DirectX 8.1 installed
Ati Pci with Nvidia Agp
Where can i get a .... Program to Overclock a GF2 PRO
Leadtek GeForce3 Ti500
Looking for voodoo 3 3000 drivers
GF2 TI stability
GFX CARD realli bad
Critical video problem!
BIOS AGP setting
Need advice please...
Installing VisionTek Geforce 2 Ti
agp pro
Visiontek GeForce2 GTS
Is it worth it ??
Advice on a video card.
GeForce3 ti200 clocking
SB Live vs. Audigy vs. Santa Cruz
GeForce 2 MX 400 doesn't want to overclock!!!????
How does this 3d2k1 score look?
MX + Win98SE + Det XP = Trouble
SB Live! temps
Direct3D 8.0 refuses to install!
3D Prophet 4000 XT
3dBenchmark 2K1 & my new Visiontek GF3 Ti500
Default Benchmark ATI Radeon 8500 (3DMark2001)
Low 3Dmark score HELP
link to download 2001 please
3 dead Kyro 2 4500's and a puff of smoke
got my V5 working in XP used the 1.08.04 from x3dfx
ATI Expert 99 card problems
Frame rate drop from 800X600 to 1024X768 is significant...
2 Voodoo 5's??
when is nv25 due out?
Question on overclocking a 7500 with 290/230 default settings
Next Generation GPUs (Part2) ATI/nVidia
Best TV-OUT in WinXP Pro
Benchmarking ? what settings and results
PNY GF2 Ti vs. Visiontek Xtasy GF2 Ti
? on gainward gf2 ti 500?
audio problem
HELP!! does "-6" mean 6ns SDRAM???
possibly burned up GeForce3
Question regarding seller in F/s F/T section
ATI Emulator???
Well I got a 7500 to test out, heres the score
oc geforce2?
23.10 Drivers vs 21.83WQL Ghost Recon problems.
No heatsinks with gf3 ti200 ?
What is the best Gerforce3 TI 200?
5500 3dmark2001 with Geforce2
super ati 8500
DV-in Analog-In
Visiontek GeForce3 Ti200 manufacture code
img quality using detonators.
3D prophet mods
overclocking Geforce3
HELP - GeFroce 3 Ti500
Hercules 3D Prophet II Ti
Matrox 400G
Well I tried a modified version of the 3276 winXp radeon driver, good news!!
Soundblaster Audigy comments please
Via Chipsets / Sound-Blaster Conflicts
3d Labs oxy210 O/C?
New Nvidia Det 23.10 driver
Commants on GF2 TI....
Sound Card O/C and cooling
Car Speakers?
got the nerv and did it. need advice
safe temps for a gf2 pro?
Norm Radeon O/C?
ensoniq voodoo3 banshee
Radeon BIOS
i dont know
MP3s skipping
radeon 8500 VERY toasty!!
VisionTek Xtasy 6564 @ 250/460 ? HELP!!!
How much current can my fan on the vid card draw?
Loose 10% CPU power when connecting Gravis gamepad pro...?
Trading Voodoos?
OC'ing a gf3?
What game is that???
Bios hack or voltage hack for geforce 3 ti 200?
ideal CPU for AIW Radeon
Hercules GF3 ti200 or Asus GF3 8200 ti200 ?
Well I went and did it..........
MSI GF3 Ti200 at Ti500 speed
Best Nvidia Driver
Need help with GeForce2
Computer doesn't think its spring yet
Good-bye Voodoo
Geforce 2 and 3... safe agp clock speed???
screen freezing
Creative DXR3 DVD Decoder Trouble
Buy a new Video Card need your opinion???
Interesting new article today on Radeon 8500
Radeon 7500
Video problem:
Asus V8200 Ti500 Dlx video-in doesn't work :(
help with radeon 8500
is the HEATSINK and ramsinks on prophet 2 ultra good enough?
GF2 GTS vs PRO vs Ti?
Twin VIew
radeon 8500 overclocking
-= Installed DirectX 8.1 & Lost 3DMark 2K1?=-
Which Would You Buy
Leadtek GF3 Ti500 OCing
All In Wonder 8500
Where can I find the klipsch promedia 5.1 for regular price?
Buy a geforce 3 ti500 or wait?
Vid card bios flashing?
couple vid card questions
Dual Graphics cards?
Text Shimmers when scrolled
Do I really need a new sound card?
Radeon 8500
Different cooler for GF3
bad vid card?
Video card time demo in UT how do I do it again??
Heatsinks on top of heatspreaders?
Gf3 Flash Filez
Best video card for $200?
Fan vibrations (ELSA X)
I need a GF@ tweaker!!
Temp.Question for Radeon 8500 owners
Why DVI??
I have truly gone insane
SB PCI 512
Geforce 3 settings in NVMAX
leadtech GF3 ti200 scores
What is the best soundcard?
The soundblaster platinum ex
Wildcat II 5110
enabling 2x agp on via chipset
RAM sinking memory chips.....
RADEON 8500LE to RETAIL bios flash. Hurry!!
Pic of my finally modded radeon 64 DDR vivo
Asus A7V266-E / Soundcard
Radeon 8500 - Please Help Me!
What would get 8500 or ti200/500
Looking for the layout of the visiontech GF3
Help Me
Kyro 2 4500 and Arctic Silver
Overclocking a radeon ve
which drivers to use?
Are there any new Sound Cards coming from Creative soon?
voodoo uninstaller
Bestbuy overclocked visiontek geforce 3 ti 200
Geforce II TI 64MB DDR OC
Torn between speakers.....
OCing W/cool bits
gf3 installed, cant up fsb anymore...
Quick ? about heatsink removal on my Radeon 64 DDR before I go to get some supplies !
Asus CUBX & AGP divider
So who got one of the Visiontek G3 Ti200 today?
voodoo 3 3000 or 3500
Ti200, best manufatuer?
how to tweak graphics card???plzzz
Who makes it
i finaly have my 8500 back good as new
Is it wrong to remove RAM (SD in this case) from the ram slot 1 (the first ram slot)?
Changing Settings Of Video Card
Radeon 64mb ddr vs. gf3 ti200
Visiontek Ti200 ? fer ya all
ATI Radeon 8800 O/Cing
msi G3Ti200 Pro-TD (MS-8851)
Well I've finally tested out overclocking my G2 ultra...
Gef2 ti mmx?
Geforce3 Ti200 TV Out Problem
Radeon VE on win 2k
gigabyte GF3200-TF
Ati Radeon 8500 LE??? New one dif company!!! Help
TV Card or Firewire TV Box
What sound card are you using?
visiontek/gts-v 32mb ddr?
Highest temp for GF2 GTS/Pro!
Recommend Orb for Gfx??