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SB Audigy....WOW!
hercules prophet2 ULTRA ???
Asus 7100pro cooling questions
Heat removal on Voodoo 5 5500?
Geforce 3 Ti 200 bestbuy
How do you overclock a ATI RAD 8500 Card?
PINE Excalibur GeForce3 AGP 64MB DDR
Nvidia Nforce
Ge-Force3 TI200
8500 not in stock anywhere!!!
GF3 vs 8500 IQ
GF2 MX400 or Kyro II 4500?
Insanity on my screen! Bad Kyro II, bad!
Voodoo 5 5500 AGP bios???
Creative or TB then what speakers??
Gforce question...
Atlec Lansing Speakers? What ya think?
Radeon 32MB SDR/7200(?) Benchies...
Taking off a heatsink
Prob with agp4x w/geforce2 mx card
digital camera
Anyone got some benchies w a Radeon 7500 I am curious to see
Default you get your 8500 back yet
Quiet too quiet.........
ATI Flame lol
All Voodoo users!!!
Radeon 8500 or voodoo 5500 visual quality
Best Vid card for 100-150$, no more!
Monitor keeps going blank
Radeon 7200
HELP!! SB Live! Drivers on WindowsXP are messed up!!
What video card should i get for around $200?
All of a sudden, Direct3D apps became garble
Acceptable OCing for ASUS v8200
need a good program to overclock the sis 315
Overclocking Querstion
how do you overclock radeon 8500
GeForce2 Ti Overclock
Sound problems on kids games.
only getting 9 fps in hl!!!???
Voodoo5 Question!
VISIONTEK XTASY 6564 or MSI 8851??
Show Case........
nvidia XP-Detonator
GF3 V8200 and Videosecurity
Whats the diff?
acoustic edge win xp drvs
hooking up turntable to SB Live! 5.1
can anyone get Half-Life that came with retail radeon 8500 to work???
RADEON 8500 conflict graphical anomalies and other questions!
Vision TEK GeForce 2 MX400, do all geforce2 MX suck?
nVidia drivers for WinXP
Ok lockups still what gives?
Kyro II in Windows XP - Any Issues?
Ocing a voodoo 3 3000 pci
gpu fan
8500 better than ti200?
Audigy and Via chips
Click sound on SB16
Got WinME 3dmark2000 score went up, 3dmark21 score went DOWN?!
GeForce 2MX @ 7220 points
New voodoo 5 5500 drivers
help! need drivers for asound express!!
does retail radeon 8500 comes with DVD player software???
8500 Dual Display & Performance
8500 or Ti200?
8052 on 3dmark2001!
1x..2x..4x..???..I GET 1x..???
Can you use PCI v/c with a mobo that has a AGP
A question about Petlier cooling on a GeForce
Would new video improve?
APG cards won't work on LX chipset mobo
MSI GF3 Ti200 (MS-8851)
any good STABLE drivers for XP?
Gainward Ti/550 oc'd to 270/602
Which video card to buy
50% Slower in XP?
ATI radeon 64mb ddr only seeing 32mb
Matrox Mystque 220
S-Video ?
Can I overclock a Mystique and Rainbow Runner Studio combo video card
Matching video card to motherboard?
NVIDIA drivers ?
Hi, Wich CARD?
Upping Voltage to AGP?
Beat ATI & Nvidia cards (All of them)
video card for new pc: ati or nvidia?
Leadtek Ti200, worth it?
3DMark2001/Compressed textures/Radeon?
New ATI Drivers! 3286 for XP
Radeon VE ?
Is EAX really needed?
Not again!!!!!!!!!
Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS Pro 64 MB problem
New 8500 drivers
Voodoo 3 3000 AGP
What Do I Use To O/c The 8500?
gf3 ti200 ???????
GF2 Titanium Pro! Oooh mama!!
Retail 8500 cheap?
Default - you got your 8500 back yet if so is it modded yet??
Anyone got a modded Radeon 64 DDR @ 250/500 yet stable?
Which Audigy does what?
Center Channel MIA
Help my driver install problem
which geforce3 ti500?
ati 8500 or 7500
Leadtech GF3 ti 500 ?
those with Radeon 8500, how is the game image quaility?
New benchmark at tomshardware, Radean 8500 beats ti500
Radeon (SDR) -vs- All-in-Wonder Radeon (DDR)
geforce 256 ddr Higest O/C
Radeon Performance Problem
anone reccomend the Voodoo 4 or 5?
What do you think of this card
Hercules Prophet III Ti 200 destroys GeForce 3 original!
Leadtek question
New Geforce3 Ti200 Asus V8200 Scores
Radeon 64 DDR vivo SE - my new 3Dmark2001 score
ATI TVwonder Problem
anyone have a gainward gforce2 ti/500?
ATI RADEON 8500 question "Drivers"
What is the best card for 3dMAX 4 and cool games under 180 $ (not Matrox)
Audio Excel sound cards
Lookin for a cheap sound card
Changing Memory??? on a video card..
Geforce 2
Retail Radeon 64MB VIVO to Radeon 64MB VIVO SE How-To...
slot opening
Anybody has a Sparkle Ti 200?
Dx 8.1 and Radeon 8500
Are these good clock speeds for GF 2 MX/200
Is this Good or bad
New graphics card
Modding the Radeon 8500
I love this card:)
How to get EAX and Creative Software to Runin Win2k?
Asus GeForce 2 MX 200 - Bad FPS in CS
If you have a Leadtek and an AMD and W2K...
Is this video card good enough?
Need PCB info on a GF3
+400 with 22.50's
Gf2mx Oc...?
Agp Pro
The Best Video card ??
1st 3DMark 2001: 7635 (Radeon)Have ?'s still.
SB Live 'n' Dolby Pro Logic
Hercules Ti200 wif 500 mem?
Kyro II and TV-out problems...
Latest SLiP enabled Voodo2 Drivers?
8500 OC Help
8500 Help please(whats new?!)Omega drivers?
What Resolution ?
my tnt2 tops out at 145mhz core.
Who has the highest overclocked Radeon 64 DDR vivo card? Lets see!!
News on my Radeon 8500
Geforce 2 mx (DDRAM)
Using one PCI and one AGP video card on the same PC?
DirectX 8.1
clock/mem settings for gainward gf3
best geforce 3 2d card???
Ge-Force 3 Overclocking(cant do enough)
Geforce 2 GTS Overclocking Help
DVD SONY 1621 - can't make it multiregion ?
stable video card overclock.... sorta
Nvidia BIOS Editor
ASUS A7V133 w/audio warbling
1st 2001 3D marks: 7577
Just got my Radeon 8500!
I bought a video card last night... (PCI)
Have Ti600 early, buy and OCZ Titan 3 Ti 600
Some notes about GeForce3 voltage modding
Loaded SBL! and Lost my CDRW!!!
If 3DFX Survived...
Question About the 8500
Prob with gfx card?
Zounds!! The case of the disappereing icons and copy-protected desktop....HELP!
Abit WB6
all in wonder TV tuner capabilities....
Elsa no more??
Win2K and ATi TV Wonder
Radeon 8500 and my opinion about geforce 2 and 3 cards
What Chip Is This?
Gainward GeForce3 PowerPack !!! Ti/550 XP Golden Sample
8500vs.Ti500vs.2Ultra (the real scoop,unbiased)
Audigy Gamer the same as Audigy X-Gamer?
ATI is cheating! Tsk! Tsk!
Speeds of AGP 2X cards (and AGP BUS)
diamond fire gl3000
3d Mark 2k1 Score 630
Refresh rate Question
is there anyway to force a 2X apg mobo to run at 4x?
Ghetto Kyro II Heatsink Mod
ATI Radeon 8800 out soon with 300core / 600mem clock
you all are starting to act like druggies
Does anyone run an Asus A7V133 and a Diamond MX300 Sound card?
radeon 8500 from dell... canceled but still there
kyro II
3dmark2k1 not running all tests?
Savage4,Any good?
Is this ATI 8500 retail?
Video Problems
Enabling AGP Transfer Rate
Found my solution to a WinNT nVidia Driver Problem!
whats the clock/memory for a geforce 2mx400?
Please help me/TV Wonder problems
im looking for the most recent voodoo 5 drivers
nVidia Ti 600 will come eventually...
ATI Radeon VE 64 meg DDR
One ugly screenshot of my desktop...
static on recordings
radeon 8500 vs geforce 3 ti500 and geforce 3
10251 3dmarks in 3dmark2001!!!!!!!!!
GF 256 32ddr and 3dMark2k Scores
sblive 5.Xand the new bios update
Creative 256 32MB DVI & TV-out
Any benefit to a new bios for GF2 GTS?
Ati Xpert 2000 Pro 32 Meg
A few ?'s about my video card
major gain in 3dmark2001
memory on geforce 2 mx 200
Probs with 8500 and 3Dmark2001
THINK before you do!!
TV Tuner
fried geforce 2 pro? please help
Kyro 2 problem, PLEASE HELP!
Geforce FAQ
is the upgrade worth it?
Diamond Viper v770 jumpers? HELP!!!
powcolor gts2 help!!!
my geforce 2 gts is starting to crank out some good scores
Big TV-OUT problem...
Vid card should I upgrade?q
Abit Siluro Geforce2 MX Bios?
Sound Blaster audigy EX worth it??
GF3 Ti200 vs Kyro II vs 8500
anyone gettin' the geforce 3 ti 500?
New Ti-Toy
Dual Sound Cards for that 4 Channel Experience
Another ATI thread by R&B!
I got it
Uk Vendors
The blurr
FSB/geforce O/C
how much PCI latency timer helps a vid card performance?
whats da best g3 ti200? quick!
Assistance choosing a gf3
$1.00 Gf2
Sad day for Brian...
Nvidia drivers and coolbits
Voodoo2 outperforms GeForce 3 Ti 500...
Need help really quickly
Problems with Radeon+KT7E+duron850
General info
need a video card
Whats the diff?
AC97 on board sound?
GeF2 MX400 and Powerstrip?
kinda lost here
WIN XP & DET 21.83 drivers
Any Tribes 2 players: card recommendations?
I Got Screwed By Ati!!!!!
USA made?
What other tweaks can i use
Hell yeah!
blue orb and ram sink combo from Bigfootcomputers
Fastest GCard Ever.
Getting Video Out working in Win2k
ELSA GLADIAC 921DVI (ti 500)
any good for 110?
5.1 Speakers
How high can I go with my Siluro before it'll fry?
Quizno have you topped 250/250 stable with your modded Radeon 64 DDR vivo??
Cracked 4000 3dMark2001 w radeon 64 DDR vivo WOOO HOOO!!
Ti 200 vs Ti 500
@#&*! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Help me tweak my video card
HN-Wild 9-Geforce 2 Pro suggestion
looking for a vid card ...
Which card to get?
how do i flash my bios in my tnt2 m64?
Gainward 3 ti200 pow. pack
soo goooooooooood
O/C Power color
Did anyone has their ship date changed again for Radeon 8500
PHEW! read and shivver...
audigy with winxp
Rad vs Ti
ati 8500
Gainward Ti/500 XP
creative screwed us again
gf3 ti 500
How to break a video card?
Ok, Do Ramsinks Really Matter?
NVIDIA 22.50 drivers.
Sound Editing
Check this "Raden" out
Geforce 2 MX
sound problems
Choosing Video Card????
Geforce3 Ti200 questions
Nvidia GeForce 2Go
geforce 2 mx 400 overclocking...???
will it fry?
So many new Det. XP drivers, what's the best?
Any difference between the OEM and the retail audigy?
Need advice on XP Santa Cruz install thats gone bad
Whew I feel like an idiot
ati radeon 8500 overclocking
7908 3DMark 2001 marks!!!!
Questions on my new GF3 Ti200
Advice needed on BIOS flash
Hercules Game Theater XP Drivers
Checking FPSs
Elsa gladiac MX voltage inc?
I almost turned my G3 into a G3 TI!!
Ram heatsinks and Orb for 8500
radeon 8500, how do you know if it's an OEM???
when will geforce 3 ti 200/radeon 8500 prices drop ?
Is 3DLabs the newest competitor?
is an agp bus of 76mhz too high?
Asus V7700 deluxe and windows 2000/xp
Which Radeon should I buy?
Problem with RIVA TNT2
how can i find out my temps of my tnt2 m64?
Continuing the computer quest: Next Chapter, Sound
Power Strip Question
8500r for 300
Any Issues SB Audigy X Gamer & Abit KT7A-R
SB Live! Platinum & XP?
TNT2 Pro won't run 3DMark2001
Onboard GFX VS. AGP
So pround of my Radeon
Matrox g450 does not work w/ p2 400?
Xgamer Live! 5.1 or Audigy Gamer?
What should I buy to lap my orb(s)?
What should I use ....
Creative Gf2 Pro Oc!
recent radeon 64 ddr drivers questions
Good sound card?
G2Ti Pro-VTG (MS-8836)
Anyone using acoustic edge with win xp yet?
GeForce2 Pro performance.
non-overclocked banshee overheating ?
is this a good 3dmark2k1 score?
SB Live!, Live! Vaule, & Live! Platinum - Whats the Diff?
Hercules 3D Prophet 4000XT AGP + TV-out 64 mb videokaart
I have Retail version ATI 8500!!!
New Sony Vaio.....Whoa
Overclocking the Video Card
A Blue Orb Question ...
what about the apollo 3d thrill 315 pro?
how do i OC a geforce 2mx ??
geforce without tv
Review of GeForce 2 Ti?
3-month releases
What would you guys recommend???
Which geforce to get
Apollo 64mb kyro2
Asus V7700 stops working..help!
Gainward GF3 and no vertex lighting?
Oh My God Eax Rocks!
Video card advice
GF3 benchmark results?? Is this ave?
Will Blue Orb fit radeon 64 DDR vivo easily?? Who has on their card??
NVidia 2d visual quality
Inno3d Kyro II, Locking up system
Microphone prob with Fortissimo 2
Will LCD burnt?
Need to overclock Asus 6800 higher!
Help! da card......
how to overclock a voodoo3000 in win2k??
which TV card to buy?
Geforce 2 GTS and 3dMark...
Sound Blaster / 686B Bug - Soundcard advice
Best Cheap video card for DVD's
Which Speakers should i get?
time for a change
choice: geforce3 ti vs radeon 8500
"Cannot create 3D device" ????
What should I do with my 8500?
Do these scores seem normal?
Over 3 grand for a VooDoo 5 6000???
SUper sweet deal $199.99 ca radeon 7500 at futureshop.ca = $125-130 US
looking for a radeon with tv out.
New drivers for v8200 deluxe??
Serial # for a Fortissimo II
10 pink/red lines and a wavering screen in DOS! Help!
nVidia bios flash
Best place to buy DDR RAM Sinks
Woohoo Broke My Asus 7100 GeForce 2 MX!!
where my tv option?
stelth 3 driver problem
trouble getting SB Audigy Platinum to work on XP
Volt Mods
Turning a standard Geforce 3 into a Ti 500...
Radeon 64 DDR vivo owners feedback on various drivers and 3dmark2001 scores
No sound.....Sound???
What's the difference?
Low score in 3DMark 2001 Help!
HUGE v5 5500 drivers for XP
Did the new ATI drivers help?
Windows freeze... a graphics card issue?
why can't i get more fps out of my ge2 and 1.7ghz
how do you oc a vid card
seeing 3dmark 2001 demo for first time on reamer
about new ati driver...
NVmax 3.00.72 Beta Version
What's a GeForce2 GTS-V?
ATI TV Wonder
anyone want to trade?
what are?
why more FPS?
AMD N-Bench Scores?
Best under 150?
check out the nvmax readings on my gforce 2mx
TV Cards
Computer Locks up. AMD k7t
help for overclock
XP drivers in Win2000
Geforce 3, which brand?
AGP pro
Voodoo 5 Cooling
need a good tweak utillity
Question about Radeon 64 DDR vivo
Buying Advice
finished product - modded radeon
Sblive and DOS
overclocking a visiontek gf2 mx400
ExtremeTech Review of 8500.......
How come I can't get my ABIT Siluro GF2 to overclock over 100MHz Memory?
New SB Live Driver..No LiveWare anymore..
BEHOLD!! Radeon 8500 Drivers ver. 4.13.7199!!
bloody computers!
nVidia Babies for sale!
get them fast
Nvidia is ill fated
Kyro 2 and Overclocking
Next Generation Graphics (NV30/R300)
Which will win?
onboard video memory sharing
Video card upgrade!
Radeon 32mb ddr or GeForce2 MX400?
AOpen AW724-PCI (Yamaha Chip)
new drivers should come out this month for Radeon 8500
tnt2 bios update?
3dmark2001 score
Radeon 8500 OEM bummer
Where can you find a guid to tweak your GF3Ti?
Creative Live Drive 5.1
O/C GeForce 2 64MB.......
GeForce 2 GTS
Which GeForce 3 Ti500 to buy?
3d Glasses
Radeon 8500 - can it handle 89Mhz AGP? (BX mobo @133)
how cold is Radeon 8500??
SOYO Dragon 6-channel sound
Anybody running an Epox 8kha+/xp1800+and V5
Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 crackling question
Super Golden Sample?
Capture video from screen?
Voodoo 3500 resolution issue
tv out trouble
gts-v ??
help....please translate this!!
HARDOCP Review of 8500......
Geforce 3 3dmark score
New or Defective Drivers?
Which is the best DetonatorXP driver?
V8200 and Detonator Drivers
what sound card for home theater?
Finally broke 1000
Nvidia Driver help needed
What video card should i get?
3dmark 2000/2001 discrepancy
How can i update my BIOS
cancel Dell order?
Audigy Mp3 no sound
Digit-life Ati Radeon8500 vs geforce3TI500 review
Ati vs nVidia
Win XP & Voodoo 5 & SB Live! ?
Agp 4x Bandwith.....
best video card for under $100?
3D Mark Freezing mad@
gigabyte geforce3 any good?
Anand review of 8500