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Radeon 8500
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Attention! Maximum PC reviews the Radeon 8500
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cable, good maker
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acoustic edge owners, happy or sad?
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LeadTek Geforce2 64 mb GTS Fan failure Replace or modify?
General Riva TNT32 Q
Overclock Onboard?
need help
2x agp aopen mobo ripped!
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voodoo 3 fan
s video to video
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My Video card HSF/RAMsinks
Heeeelllppp !!!
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Geforce Water cooling system
can ARCTIC SILVER THERMAL ADHESIVE be placed on a geforce 3 Gpu to mount a big hsf ?
tnt2 m64
Audigy and XP
Which card to buy?
RadeonTweaker pics . . . GONE!!
Copper Spray Adhesive
Cant overlclock graphics card!!!
video o/c need help
Nvidia tweak utilities....
Twin View missing
Just ordered my ATi 8500 for $409 CND or $261 USD
vid card heatsink removal?
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geforce 3 ti-500
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C-Media sound on IWILL KK266+? sounds like sh**!
Radeon 8500 OEM from dell, is the card being build by ATI or dell??
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Visiontek GF3 3DMARK2001 scores !?!?
Whoo Hoo! Video problems fixed
I can't get this SBLive! To work! WTF!
Ok, lets see it: Who has the HIGHEST Overclocked Geforce2 MX!!!
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will the new 8500 tax a 1.4 Athlon @ 1.575?
Radeon Reviews, Radeon Reviews Where art' Thow?
Radeon 7500 available in Vancouver today/tommorrow
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Audigy or TBSC?
maybe a stupid question...
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got the SB squeals
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GTS how shall i sacrafice thee?
any truth to that German Ti500 VS ATi 8500?
I need a Sound card, Audigy Good?
tnt2 m64 question
Well it's now 10/08/ 2001 - Where is Radeon 8500?
anyone got conformation Radeon 8500 shipp from Dell
how to make an IDE cable ignite and smoke
Game Theater XP and Windows XP
how do i show fps in quake 3?
For all of you who wasted money on a Super Orb (like me)
Is this a decent 3D Mark score?
voodoo 3 and overclocking with windows xp
Geforce2 GTS?
Video problems
check this 3dmark2001 score out!!!
LOW 3dMark2001 points??? WHY!!!
AGP 1x, 2x, 4x are the same?!
Help...detonator 12.90??
What are the new radeons??
geforce 3 Ti200
GeForce3 Ti 500 vs Radeon 8.5k
Attaching fan to card.
geforce gts broke 4000 3dmarks
Help!!!! Kyro 2
Taking off stock GF2 pro HSF???
Anybody know of a program to test my video, ram gpu, etc
3Dmark2001 doesn't like me
GF2MX Oddity
Advise Needed
Can O/C'ing damage the GF3?
Ti500's jumpers???
Powerstrip hit itz limited?!?!
should I?
Detonator advice and oc'ing a geforce 256 ddr tips any takers?
Detonator XP drivers
Any1 got line on Radeon 8500 in Wstrn Canada (BC) 4 deal on preorder like dell.com?
Gotsa Problem
Voodoo 5500 or radeon 64 ddr
3DMark2001 freezes
OC radeon
Should i trade my crad for my buddys
sb live! value digital out not working!?
How to fix the Win2000 refresh rate problem with Nvidia cards
Argh, I need help/tips on removing stock hs/f from a videocard
which GeForce 2 Pro would you recommend?
Problems with Geforce2 mx200
some advice please
Whoops killed my GF3
creative driver won't let me clock!!!
my sound card is a piece of kaka
How accurate is the Asus thermal probe?
gf3 for a radeon 8500?
DirectX hardware support.
Is the new Soundblaster Audigy noticebly better than the Live platinum 5.1???
ti500 makers??
Best way to overclock pixelview GF2MX200
Need a good twin view card
Little choked about AtI Radeon 8500 sold by Dell USA but not Dell Canada
k7sem misc probs
Cheaper GF3 "MX" beat Geforce3?!?!!
Sound Sometimes?
Ati Radeon question
Radeon 8500... 213.00
Just got my Alpha PU15
G2 Tornada Ti vs G2 Ultra
what score for annihilator2 MX in 3dmark2001??
Geforce3 or Radeon 8500?
GeForce3 ti200 = 5ns ram...
Quizno read on
ok, ready to mod my radeon...but...
Geforce3 MMX ?
more RAM?
Ati video card
help! agp problem
Radeon or geforce 3 ti?
Really crappy 3dmark 2001 scores.. please assist =)
card choice... need help
s video
voodoo3 3000 specs
New Videocard on a s*it board???!!!
HELP! How to activate Fast-Write & Sideband addressing
HELP! Want to find out my AGP bus speed
3D Thrill 315 card
ELSA G-Force 2 Ultra GPU and Memory settings
GeForce 2 Pro..... How fast have you overclock?
Radeon 8500 ETA???
Radeon VIVO. No TV In
3D Prophet III Titanium 200 price
Asus V7100 64mg mx400 or Radeon64DDR?6
LOL GeForce 3 Ti is HERE!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is there something wrong?
MSI G2Pro Plus-T64D
Help me judge my EliteMT video RAM!
Looking for beta Det. 7.xx drivers
which one should i get ?
Creative Platinum and All in Wonder
had to be something....radeon prob.
ATI and ASUS. Big news.
Killing On board video :)
To hell with GeForce 3...
??=-Quake3 TimeDemo-How-=??
3dMark 2000-5700 good score?
Which graphics Card should i use
read out the chip stepping form GF3
buying a new card any yas or nas
radeon 64mb ddr vivo question
Geforce 2 ultra vs Geforce 3
GeForce People.. what do you think?
Lowering write recovery time in bios gained points in 3DMark2001
GF3 Lock Ups
New Radeons
Gluing a heatsink/fan onto my Radeon..
2246 Mark for GeForce 2 Pro..... Even MX got 3500!!!
Radeon7000 vs LE
Is my Ge Force overclocked???
Reccomendations for older system
How do I...
Guillemot Isis sound card???
AGP Problems
3DFX voodoo1... directx 8 drivers??
Best dual monitor card?
Help with Geforce2 mx 200
higher NS??
Gforce3 PROBLEM!
Soundbalster Audigy/Live
what clue must be used to...
Radeon DDR problems
Glued on heatsink
how to get stock fan off gpu?
Kyro II vs MX400
Video bois question.
Problem with GeForce 256
Question about Radeon 64 DDR vivo and Win XP , I plan to upgrade today
New video card?
lower I/O = Higher overclock?!
Abit Siluro gf2 mx200
Thinking about Radeon Le
where to get the tweak file program for my creative Gforce2 MX
New GeForce Drivers loose monitor refresh tweak?
GeForce3 MX next week.... !
GTS vs GTS Deluxe??
Anybody try these Voodoo 3/4/5 drivers for XP?
How do you O/C a video card?
are there any differences in GeForce 3 video???
video benchmark
v3 3000 probs w/ CS & UT....help!
Radeon experiances big fps loss when running 32bit colur
Very unhappy with my new Radeon
INtel Stock HSF for vid cards?
how to configurate winamp in sb platinum remote center
Savage 2000 AGP Video Card w/64MB
Wierd fps went down after 2Kpro install , help
Video Editing
Driver for inno3D GeForce MX 400
I guess I'm the only on who cant install the 20.81's with 2Kpro?
color adjustments on startup - DetXP and Powerstrip.
New ATI Radeon Drivers.
Turtle Beach & 2k
Help me Please!!
Dissappointed with Creative and their SBLIVE software.
Bass for free!
Will Copper Ram Sinks on Geforce 2gts help?
Versions of Geforce...
Where's my bottleneck here?
Which fan for Radeon LE?
beeeeeep bad video card
GeForce 3
overclocking Geforce 2 MX 200
AC97 problem
no artifact
Radeon 64 vivo or gts2 pro 64 ddr?
just got a soundblaster augey
Video Card with tv out
cheap alphas?
DVD Problems
Advice needed on purchase!
less performance after overclocking????
AGP x4 dont seem to work...help..
what should i upgrade for my speakers next?
3D Power GeForce3's for $259! Check pricewatch!
Anyone did the voltage mod on Kyro 2?
Whats the best Geforce 2 out there?
Radeon problems Please help
inno3D GeForce MX-400 temp.
What GeForce3 ??//???
how much?
overclocking voodoo 3
video in and out
Direct X removel
Need a good sub and speaker system for my PC
Would the "Core" or "Memory" setting being to high cause artifacts in 3DMARK?
which one should i get?
Crash on games/3d apps
GF3. What are standard core, and mem timings?
Is it overheated????
Tv out on GeForce2 GTS Pro
Overclocking results with Radeon 64 Sdr
Sound card tweeks??????????
GF3 Bios
Can you have 2 soundcards in 1 system?
Overclocking with Det.4-21.81 and coolbits & NvMax
Yamaha -PCI Sound Card
HS fan for a Radeon 64 DDR VIVO??'s
Replacing the HS
Check these radeon 8500 prices out !!!
New Turtle Beach card won't allow shutdown
HELP!!! I have 0 MB of Video Memory?!?!?!
Huge Difference?
Dets 12.90x21.81
Geforce 3 water block website???
agp 2/3 or 1/1
Copper Ramsinks !?!?!?
VIA '97 audio controller
Cooling my Geforce 3
Quadro Patch for Nvidia cards
best drivers for v8200 gf3?
Who makes the best mini stereo cables?
64MB SD or 32MB DDR Gfx card?
something wrong my my new creative gforce2 mx card.
WinXP pro and sound blaster live! cards...
IS my score on par with system
please read.
GF2 heat probs / lockups
NVidia O/Cing software...
Sound card hum
GeForce 3
I need tips on how to remove the heatsink from a video card
still the same?
Does Kyro II Refernece Bios from Power VR work with all Kyro II cards???
New GeForce3 can't get 3dmark 2001 to work
Too many choices!
Asus v7100 Pro MX400.....o/c speed
fan for my Radeon
ATI Radeon 64 Sdr is sweet but I got some freaky bugz.
Theatre X-TREME 5.1 6 Channel with FM Radio
Voodoo 5 5500
max voltage on agp slot? etc..
OMG so far it's true MX200 DO STINK!!!(siluro t200)
Why won't my Geforce3 do 640x480
Video Card Temps
GeForce2, or 3?
GeForce3 + 21.81 + Win2k = no anisotropic?
TNT2M64 no good with Athlon
Ready to buy a GeForce 3, input needed
Having a hard time Choosing!!!
Increasing AGP voltage
Bucked up and got me a 64 DDR VIVO Radeon
Radeon 64 DDR vivo drivers what should I use, broke down & bought the card last nite!
Can Voodoo5 AGP handle bus speed of 88?
V92 Modemn
Good oc?
Cooling the GF2 MX
XP and my Live 5.1
decisions.....need advice.
Does the Brand Matter?
Heat Sinks on the back of V cards?
POST your Frames PER SECOND in WOLFENSTEIN 3D...... and what card you USE
3DMark2001 Problems
Is this too big to put on my G3?
Radeon LE died
SB Live! Gamer 5.1 problems! Please help!
Which to Buy
Radeon 64DDR stuck at 640x480!
Help with a decision please now !!!!!!???
GeForce2 or Radeon
GF3 need to test it!
Geforce3 HS, Copper or stock !?!?
3dmark2001 20x drivers & Asus Geforce 256 32 DDR Card those w same card post scores!
cooling question
GF3 cooling?
Help! Detonator 21.81 no more OC
Need arecommendation on a sound card
WOW..look at this 3DMark2001 Score!!!
Any news on the ATI R300?
Geforce II GTS Pro 64MB or Kyro II 64MB???
Radeon 64DDR TV out
Diamond Viper TNT2U
Please help!
just finished buiding my comp but cant get it to boot because I'm not getting any pic
Best stock gf3?
SB Live + Win2k stuttering
KryoII and Abit BE6-II
LoL new dets hurt me bad
Video card fan header output
Pinky could ya read, bought a second vid card nd 2 know bst drivers & oclok stng
agp card slot version
Low marks in 3Dmark2001 :(
OpenGL fo WinXP (MAtrox G400DH)??
All In Wonder Radeon , feedback from owners plz!!!!
BestWhich Geforce 2 MX400 64 meg card, opinions and why plz
How do I change my AGP speed?
Gf3 Vs Ati 8500
Bought a Abit Siluro Gf2 mx t200
Sound breakup question
Nvidia or ATI Announcement?
2400 in 3dMark2001.....How about you?
Recording sounds like crapola... PLEASE HELP!!!
Quake 3 Arena problems
Cooling opinion
Help!-Uninstall DirectX 8.1???
About SbLive 5.1 & A7V133
GF3 & Heatsinks
Philips Accoustic edge soundcards SUCK
ATI All-in-Wonder 128 Pro 32MB
This sucks
Problems with OpenGL
Radeon 7500
overclocking using detXP
i get no video
New drivers for voodoo's?
Detonator XP 21.81
Fans on GF3 Memory ??
Ac97 Help Me Here
Question about videocards. Please read.
does 6mhz makes a diff?
Best overclocking utility for my Geforce DDR deluxe 256?
Will the Det 4 20x drivers benefit my Asus Geforce DDR 256 Deluxe card
OpenGL and D3d comparison
Finally bought a new graphics card =)
Testing Stability
Overclocking The RIVA TNT
How to remove gfx chipset cooler?
Why ohh Why...?
a good overclock or not?
"Official" Kyro2 - DX8 Driver
LED Screens and Quadro Hacking
Visiontek GeForce2 Mx400 Overclocking
Is it enabled or not?????!
GF3 Waterblock
D3D GeForce3 anisotropic registry settings?
Herc Profit 2 gts and det 4?
GF3 Lapping ?
V7700 stability
tweaker utility - which one?
Installing "coolbits" with nVIDIA 21.80
Video Overlay? what's that?
OMG, this CAN'T be possible!!!
windows xp and 3dmark2001
need some help
AGP Graphic Aperture Size?
what is the best ???
Radeon Problems!!help!!
Post your "New DetXP" Scores.
Hurry and download the latest driver for the Geforce!!
good tv tuner card?
Radeon le or MX400 64mb???
Radeon 8500 hits Futureshop shelves!
Geforce tweak utility question
3DMark 2000 & 2001
Standard settings?
New Nvidia Drivers Released
What happens if you disable hardware acceleration?
Voodoo or GF 2 Mx
Help which Vid card
6900 in 3d Mark 2001 with new 21.80 !!!
Pro graphics?
The new dets are out!!!!!
8x agp.
PCI graphics card
Would this card perform better than my Asus Geforce 256 DDR deluxe?
enabling features on GeForce2MX found in XP, but not in 2k, 9X, etc...