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~Sound Card Tweeks for better fps~
Windows ME suk!!
Voodoo 4 4500 heat
Any heard of the AOPEN AS9600 6 CHANNEL PCI SOUND CARD 5.1?
Need feedback fast!!! Have a Radeon VE unopened. Should I open it?
I know this has probley been asked 100 times before but.....
Viper II and CPU usage
GeForce 2 GTS OC
What does the Coolbits Reg hack do?
where can i find the gf3 chameleon demo?
Hello what should i choose???
What happened I need some help!!!
what is 2D, and why everyone has problem with it using GF cardz ?
GeForce2 or GeForce3?
My 'new' G200
Need W2k Drivers for Radeon
V3 drivers for Linux ?
Leadtech gf2 pro cooling
now whats wrong . . .
Need help please....
How hard is it to run the hack to get Hyper Z
Attn: Pinky or Jon
problem with SB live mp3+!
Over clocking just not poss with Geforce 2 pro
Win 2k drivers for GF2
DirectX8.1 beta?
How am i to overclock gf2 mx200?
finished ocing
Voodoo cooling
Voodoo 4 4500 and a HUGE HSF!
Tweaking my new radeon VIVO
Can you run it?
Normal Temp for card?
Detenator Drivers?
i'm a poor pc gamer...
ATI Rage Fury Maxx
I want to buy a new video card, but which one?
Tnt 2 O/c
DiME, is it running - again??
Asus V8200 Deluxe TV out!!!! HELP!!!
My GeForce 2 MX400 64MB card locks
Video lockup is only problem
Possible Detonator 4!!! link inside
New Video card, new problems
9400 3DMark
Cheapest/best video under 65 bucks?
What wattage for 18KOhm shunting resistor?
updated Voodoo drivers
helppp, my radeon suk?
OverClocking testing 4 artifacts??
Video card too hot?
How do I test my video card?
New Detonator 4 Drivers????
Query on video card
3DMark2000 64meg tunnel test??
Tnt2 Pro
Saving Streaming Video?
Is this a good monitor?
3D Mark scores with Radeon
Hercules Fortissimo vs. SB Live value
Voodoo 4 4500 and 32mb of SDram
Monitor problems
SB AudioPCI128 with win2k..HELP
Kyro II overclock?
ge force 2 pro question
3d Prophet 4500 64MB TV-Out
DiME, is it running??
What is the best sound card for under $27? I wanna play dos games like Descent 1and 2
Crackling and popping noises
Highest O/C for the Hercules Profit 2 GTS 64MB?
What would u pay for?...
GeForce3 Ultra & MX, rumors continue!!
Question about 2 video cards , All in Wonder radeon or the 64 DDR VIVO
I need the driver
Max Payne freezes up
Major problems w/ Voodoo 3 - reg errors
Radeon 32mb ddr vs. Voodoo 5 5500
Video card bios updates?
What is the diff btween OpenGL/D3D/3DFX
Dual video cards. Is it possible?
System unstable... GF2Ultra to blame I think.
Help clocking the MX?
Radeon 8500.. to buy or not to buy that is the question!
ATI All-In-Wonder !!! Problem~!
Just a quicky
elsa synergy III
what do you think?
Which Video card??
Det 14.61 and Win98 SE
where to find voltage mod info for Geforce 2 GTS?
Question regarding O/C my Ultra
video card question!!!
AGP slot
walter...read this....
Temps of Video Cards?
Win2000 doesnt like Ensoniq Sound card
radeon le and hyperz
radeon le and hyperz
whoooh...WIlliam Drake read this:)
Reconsidering my video card needs
Kyro II or mx 400?
I've seen a few odd ones, but this baffles me
AGP setup in bios help please
Double vision
det3 v??.??
self-installer detonator3 6.50 and the way to install the zipped one + 6.50x12.41
Connection to TV Problem - HAEELP
ocing with detonator 12.41
64mb GeForce2MX vs 32mb GeForce2MX
screen very dark
Has anyone ever used this AOC cooler?
Decent used 32 mb video card 4 second system
GeForce2 Ultra O/Cing questions...
Ati radeon ve or ati radeon 64 ddr vivo???
Which card to choose?
Microsoft Direct Draw........Expired?????
Component Level Outputs
how to uninstall driver?
How do I get tv to stay on all the time?
Only 1400 in 3dmark with my kyro2
nVidia Titanium is REAL!
Krazy Glue/ASII RAMSink installation help...
Are the Geforce3 MX cards out now anywhere??
Kyro 2 is getting really hot ... not OC'ed
How to overclock the radeon 64ddr?
S3's Savage4
which of 12.90
Having some trouble with Kyro II
Info on tweaking and OC'ingvideo cards?
Asus V7100 or Radeon DDR
CS + Kyro II --> always 45fps
Retail Asus GF3 Water-Cooler Kit.... Initial "Alpha"
GF3MX release date and anouncement(s)
3dmark2000 vs 3dmark2001
ATI Radeon....8500 of course
What should i do??
Cant change vid settings in UT w/GF2Ultra
o/c Gf2 pro Problems!
TV-out on mine MX card over S-video is BLACK&WHITE...help
What card to buy???
Reveal TV
Kyro II or Ge-force 2 mx
Is there anything wrong with my video card?
Ati Rage 128!
G2 and the 2080 drivers (detonator4)
Whats this..
Help! 3D Prophet 2 MX card keeps crashing
Ask and ye shall receive, anyone see the price of the Radeon 2 here?
What happened to diamond?
Nvidia G-force 3 Finally beaten!!!!
Asus geforce3 TO HOT!
3DMark 2001 score...
nVidia Titanium is coming!
Need Sound Card advice
3D PROPHET Guillemot AGP4x
Very, extremley bad video card problem plz help!!
Short question, fast answer
So. . .whats next?
Help me decide plz!!!!!
Question about Geforce 2
Linux Drivers for Vodoo 5 5500
Radeon Modding.
would a nvidia geforce 2 mx200 be a good upgrade from voodoo 3 2000 ?
Ge Force MX vs Voodooo 3 2000 .. Voodoo wins
ELSA Gladiac 511 4ns 32mb SDR
How does Vortex soundcard mix with W2K???
Best overclock settings for Asus V6800 Geforce 256 DDR Deluxe card
who has the visiontek NV996 driver
Holy smoke!! 3900 2k1 marks on a laptop!
Video card temps
Win ME, SoundBlaster Live Player 5,1 och ASUSA7v133
I need informations about Geforce 3!!
Ati Rage 128 16 O/c
I just ripped an awesome score in 3dmark2001
increase core or memory clock frequency?
What do u think of Gainward GeForce3??
Ram Sinks???
GeForce => Quadro Conversion???
ATI Radeon Drivers
Banshee Overclocking??
I hope the radeon 7500 are lower then $200.
Where is the GeForce3 MX?
Low score on 3DMark 2001 with PIII 600 and Geforce 2 GTS and 384 Mb of ram
some weird @$$ s***
Asus v8200 deluxe GF3 review from a hardcore gamer.
Poll: Best Bang For Your Buck?
Soundblaster Live Suspend Problems, How Do i fix?
simply ridiculous
Volt Mod?
How high will i be able to get my GF2 MX400 overclocked?
Flashing NV10
Geforce3 overclocking!!
Query on VOODOO 5 AGP 5500
onboard video on Dell Dimension L1000R
3d mark 2001/ voodoo 5500
ELSA GeForce2 - Driver Question
Nvida Bios
Help with ATI Radeon 64
Bottom line on graphics cards
VideoExcel Geforce 2 Mx400
Creative Lab Sound Blaster Ensoniq 16 Bit PCI 128 Reviews?
Matrox Millenium G400 MAX
hey thereee, geforce2ultra overclocking baby
Serious Kyro 2 tweaking mod
SB Live 5.0 vs santa cruz
labtop vid card
does raising the refresh rate..
side banding???
Bigger heatsink/fan.
Xbox question
need answers for new computer!!!
Gforce Ii
ATI Vs. Leadtek
Second monitor on Second vidcard ??
Help Needed - Attaching Computer To TV
GF3 faster with software T&L
Creative Labs Geforce 256 pro ddr question
How do you o/c a riva tnt2?
"Diamond Monster 3D II not Found" But I have it installed as well as the drivers??
Creative Audigy Series...?
Overclocking geforce 2 ultra
O/Cing Question
overclocking geforce2 mx
AMD's and SoundBlaster Live
Geforce3 Suma > max overclock 215/510 !!
Ways to seriously tweak GF2 Pro 64DDR
Would this be worth considering?
Whats the deal with these new NVIDIA drivers for Geforce 3, to give 30% gain ?
This Guys NUTS!! GF3 mod??
default core and memory
riva tnt2 32 mb
Is this true
moniter so i guess video card not working when over clocking k6-2 450
"Hercules 3D Prophet II MX OverClocking & Cooling Questions"
My TNT2 Ultra boots up at FSB 160 but ...
Why does my Aopen Geforce 2 suck? Or is it my system?
Game Theatre digital problem....
ASUS V7100Pro (32MB) = 47C???????
will kyro2 drivers get better?
how to stick heatsink onto gpu/
Link for the new nvidia drivers please
Twin View Cards, GeForce 3??
Need some advice on video cards...
Geforce 2 MX and Asus
Radeon VE dual v.s Geforce 2 Mx DH pro
Alpha specs for GeForce 4 announced
3DMark 2001 scores...
Geforce 3 WHICH ONE? HELP!!!!
Gainward GeForce2 Twin View Golden Sample Vivo
overclocking help plz =)
Vid card choice to replace my Asus V6800 Geforce DDR Deluxe
Is a GF2 32MB overclock worth it?
Radeon 8500 (Geforce3 Killer)
Expert 2000(Rage 128) Core Settings ??
GF2 MX400 Drivers?
replacing gpu on voodoo 5500?
Radeon 64 DDR
visiontek drivers
I need new drivers for gF2 ULTRA!
OEM Help
3dfx and win2k
NVIDIA 14.61 drivers, questions.
I can not install the 12.90's help
Question about FSAA
Question for voodoo 5500 owners
is a diamond mx400 sound card anygood
Radeon 64MB SDR texture problems...
Will this crack my GPU or PCB?
Sun Spark Monitor & PC
Owners of the Voodoo 5500 and now Geforce 2
nvMax question
e-TNT2 Model 64
Vodoo Help
What sound and graphics card do you...?
Blue Orb
any1 heard of a "Prolink Microsystems Geforce 3"?
ati rage fury pro?
what video cards will be availible in march 2002?
Fan question
Can I repair my VGA cable?
Geforce2 overclocking
Upgrading/ or Xbox
What GeForce MX400 to choose?
Sun SparkStation monitor & Pc
Weird 2D mouse cursor glitches
3D Prophet II mx
Kyro 2 and Windows 2000 refresh rate
AGP Driving Value
Geforce2 GTS running hot?
Uninstalling an NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 model 64 card
VooDoo 2
How to overclock a Geforce3 ??
Wavy display with Geforce 3 when playing 3d intensive apps
Temp Check W/ Hercules 2 GTS 64MB
GF3 and Win2K...
Elsa Gladiac GeFore2MX 32Mb SDR (350)
ATI Radeon with pixel shader support
kyro2 performance examination
Near death experience
Detonator 4 20.XX new Nvidia drivers wanted!!
Serious Problem with VOODOO 5 5500 AGP
Need new video card for Win2k, AMD tbird asus a7v system
3dmark2k & 2k1 scores with GeForce2
How do you OC a RADEON 64
Dumb Question: What card do I have?
Help! Installed GeForce 2 and system is dead!
sound blaster live value
GeForce 3 vs XBOX NV2A
OC Radeon LE? Anyone?
Whats the diff?
ELSA Gladiac 920 overclocking
12.90 drivers don't like coolbits :(
12.41 Detonator + Coolbits =???
AGP OverClock Question, Plz answer
Agp O/c
Latest Nvidia driver test results/2 systems
driver questions
BLACKOUTS in game??
GF2MX default memory & core speed
NO sound on my tv tuner???
Kyro III
need help removing whql drivers
This is nuts....
Ok its a Vanta laugh your head off
GPU on "back" of card...
Uninstalling Directx 8.0a?
Video card heat monitoring software
agp texture acceleration=50% faster???
max payne on kyro 2
Detonator 3 12.41 for GF2Ultra?
New NVidea 20.xx drivers
89Mhz AGP bus speed too high? Sandra thinks so.
GeForce2 ripoff ($105)...
FPS That big a deal?
Need Help
World's fastest GeForce2 MX 400!
need help with my vid card....
Radeon2 has 600MHz Ram and GeForce 3 Ultra also has 600MHz Ram
Where can I get det 4s
here are two possible solutions
Voodoo3 2000 problem in WinME
Voodoo 5 5500 Agp
how to enable 4x agp?
weird problem with direct3d games
New Video Card for UT
GeForce MX questions
nvidia detonator 4 drivers
Montego II with s/pdif
Radeon 2 PREVIEW!!!
Daytona Geforce 2pro 64MB, any good?
Geforce2 pro arrived..
Geforce 2 ultra bios flashing?
Scores jut in! let me know what you think
Is it a good sound card?
The Best Drivers For Geoforce 2 Mx ???????????
Dual Head Video Card to use with DVR
Newbie (me) needs suggestions-
problems with GeForce
the new Radeon @ Toms
FSB/AGP/PCI clock relationship on Abit BX6 r2
Video card BIOS updates
Power Color Ge Force2 Gts Pro Worth Haveing?
How do I tell what speed ram I have on my Radeon 64 Sdr
Lose performance when using Geforce Tweak Utility...
Detonator 4 drivers on the horizon
Video CD's............????
Guillemot 3d Prophet
Software and Driver help for a LeadTek Geforce2 GTS PRO
Studio DC10plus as TV card? Can I?
3d Mark
Gainward 'Golden Sample' cards
Geforce 2 GTS (annihilator 2) BIOS flashing
NVmax tweak utility and DLL errors?
GeForce2 Ultra 64MB DDR for $105?!?!
Radeon LE 32DDR w/TV (tv out not working)
GeForces are sh*t
Can I attach a fan to this card?
house of computers geforce 2 pro
Video IRQ's for Iwill KK266
Temps for GF2 MX 400
Game Theater XP problems ARGHHH!!!
Geforce Mx400 Corruption + Instability on Kt7a
Geforce 2 MX from a Dell comp.
Leadtek Winfast GeForce 2 Ultra
I'm looking for a way to SERIOUSLY overclock graphics cards
3dMark2001 quitting early
need help vodoo3 compatability
What agp bus speed can the GeForce 3 Support?
Physical Uninstall
The best freqency for geoforce 2 mx with gtu3 an drivers
Max Overclock for Asus V-7100?!?!
Found 12.90 WHQL detonater 3 drivers!
SB AWE 64 - Major problems....
GeForce MX 400 or Voodoo 5500?
Dual Monitor Gaming
GeForce 3
TnT2 or GeForce 2 MX??
turning on side band addressing on asus gf3 v8200
P3 OC and Geforce3 not possible
cheap geforce 3, good? or bad?
Best detonators for DX8a?
DVD Hardware Acceleration?
TNT2 Problems
elsa erazor x problems
I have Win-9X/ME 14.40 detonator drivers!!
Need help identifying GeForce2
geforce 3 , XP , coolbits overclocking
Windows XP and coolbits on the geforce 3
Lucky me. I got a free video card
Geforce 2 Pro, or geforce 2 GTS 64 megs?HELP!
Geforce 2 TV out in win 2k problem
Kyro II Cards
Reasonably priced replacement of Asus Geforce 256 DDR Deluxe with bttr performance?
posted before but i'm gettin worried about this. . .
Weird thing my Matrox card does
AGP clock speed question.
sb live irq conflicting with pci irq???
HELP!!!!!! w/a heatsink on vid card
My card runs too high too easy??
VGA Snoop Palette
Radeon2 Specs are HERE with Radeon2 coming in three weeks!
Radon 2001 3D marks
Which GeForce2?
3D card buying advice
GF2 Ultra w/ 12.90 no tweaking options
Links nded to mod ASUS Geforce 256 DDR card
DDR Vivo
ATI Radeon Graphic..so beutiful but then...
This is more of a Program ? than a hardware ?
DDR ram cooling ?
MSI GeForce2 Pro Problems!!!
GeForce 2 MX 400 Settings
pronunciation of NVIDIA?
Vodoo 4500 Overclock Help
ATI RAGE FURY MAXX on AMD Athlon platform
Vodoo 3000 AGP Overclocking
Asus Geforce DDR question
Lower Resoulution=Higher 3dmark Score Right?
3DMark2001 Scores for Elsa G-force 2 Ultra
phunny thing with a SB live and P2B
Need CL Annihilator 2 video bios.
New monitor problem
MSI Starforce 831
Quality of Visiontek Geforce Gts Video out
Geforce 3 mx/pro/ultra comming out?
Frame Rate Problem/New video card suggestion
What is 3DMARKS?
Here's a stumper!!!!
Help diagnosing crashes.
Radeon MAXX???
Geforce2 MX400 overclock??
Soundblaster live or live 5.1?
Max Payne 3DMark Requirement??
Chip Integrated VS Sound Blaster Live ! 5.1
Sudden Lock-ups?? Help!!!
Popping with Line-in
GeForce256 keeps halting system; what should I do?
Is Savage 2000 64MB a good Test/Limited use card????
Whats teh best drivers for an MX?
Sound Blaster live! 5.1
?'s about V5 drivers, Radeon2 and BE62 RAID
How to overclock a video card???
SounBlaster Live! 5.1 Freeze ups. What to disable?
What video card is best???
A7V Which GeForce Card?
Nvidia Geforce ddr
Any Gainward Geforce 3 users out there?
Matrox G450 eTV
Voodoo 5 5500 boots up in b&w most of the time!
Dual Display with video editing card???
Upgrading from a GF 2 MX ?
GF2MX help with WIN2k
Lockups at high FSB..could it be video??
Geforce 2mx for $50 ???
Why do videocards lock up?
Low refresh rate with Gforce2 MX
What is AGP SIDEBANNING? How do I disable it?
Is RADEON any good? - best tweaks for it too ?
Can you guys recommend some tweaks?
i have a vodoo1+2 :-( what can i do ? (engl.geman)
help with cooling fan on visiontak GF2 64mb agp
New video card. . .suggestions?
GPU upgrading
I ust bought a visiontek geforce2 gts 64mb video card
Need some general tips on tweaking a MX