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Something I'd like to see...
How do I get my TNT2 M64 to run at 133FSB!?
GeForce2 MX400 vs. MX200 - BIG difference!!
now once again ati or nvidia?
just hit 1921 3dmarks (3dmark2001) 59 points away from the record!
Micro surgery on broken GeForce2MX traces
Anybody got a Hercules Game Theatre card?
Geforce OC anygood? test results
Good system... bad 3dMark2K1 scores
Gainward 450
Gforce2 pro by Gainward 450 Model
Which is better
Visiontek Geforce2 utlra DVI!?!?!?
What is your opinion on GAINWARD video cards?
3dmark2001 Questions about scores?
Voodoo4 DVD question
How do you get image of "screen capture" for benchmark results?
GeForce3 and water cooling
GeForce 2 Ultra... Which drivers?
V7700, Use bundled Driver or Driver from Nvidia's site.
Soundblaster Live! and Win '98 problems?
ATI TV-Wonder in Windows 2000 Pro
HELP! 3DMark 2001 = 1234
GPU upgrading?
Tell me whats killing me?
Sound blaster Live! Value does not support Windows 98?
Any1 know which Nvidia bios to use for Abit Siluro GTS 64DDR?
I'm set to cool any video chip in the world!
should i upgrade to a geforce 2??
AGP bus difference between perfect and not booting up windows?
OOOPS! I broke something!
PCI Graphic Card?
Thinking about buying a graphics card soon? we'll you might want to read this!
When is Liveware 4.0 Coming Out?
Can i use Elsa drives on this card
Cables included in ati all-in-wonder
visiontek geforce2mx400 64mb overclock and utilities for windows me?
Best TV Tuner Card???
Geforce256 OC any good?
How do you overclocke a Voodoo3 ?
WAHH...my TV-Out doesnt work...help please
What's your highest 3DMarks2001 score?
Which is best GeForce 2 ultra or GeForce 3
Problem with GeForce 3 and 2 ultra
2 computers 1 monitor
Radon oem or retail
Yet another Voodoo 5500 Q
Kyro 2 or Hercules Prophet 2 MX 64MB
S-video connecter?
Question about tv tuner cards and how to
Geforce 2 MX400 w/ TwinView - Question about the TV-Out
I love Kyro II
When will the VOODOO 5500 become a bottle neck ?
Voltage of the video card...
Time for a real sound card. What should I get ?
Creative Annihilator 2 GTS
GeForce 4 will have 400MHz Ramdac I think! ?
If Your Geforce is Sucking the Big One, Look Here
Improve GeForce2 2D image quality?
Coolbits hack dont have enough mhz?? what to use
Mixing video capture cards
Anyone ever use Dental Floss to remove a sink?
Water-cooling a TNT2 Vanta...
Heatsink removal
Big Problem
128mb GeForce 2 MX400-=what do you think
Nvidia GeForce3 Ultra vs ATI Radeon R200 & Maxtor!
How are the Ram-sinks on the VisionTek GeForce3 attached?
Voodo 5 video card
Geforce 2 mx broken ? (heavy graphical corruption)
1424 3dmark 2000 score...
How do ypu know if your agp video card is busted?
question about voodoo 5500 pci
Any help with O/C my video card
what does the 26pin connector do on vid. cards
Recommend OC utility for GF2 Pro
Where can I get this?
ATI TV-Wonder/Win 2K question
onboard video
What is vertical sync...and should i enable or disable it?
Are these 3dmark2k/3dmark2k1 scores good?
Why can't I run the CPU tests in 3Dmark2k?
Hercules GFMX PCI 32MB...how far?
Why is my Geforce 2 MX400 sucking so bad?
Mystery Video Card
3dfx Overclock in win2k?
Radeon LE BIOS update?
???? Would I be Crazy for not buying this ??????
CL Geforce2 Agp limit?
Overclocking a GeForce2 Pro...need some help/advice :)
Another question for yall?
Question about dolby 5.1
How much faster is the Voodoo 5500 compared to a voodoo 3
ELSA GLADIAC 920 reinstall problem. Major FPS drops! HELP!!!!!
3DMark2000 = Random number generator
LiveDrive or HGTXP
Geforce 3 w/ ATI TV-Wonder
My 3DMark2001 Score Dropped 200 Points!
voodoo3 tools
voodoo3 tools
weird sounds
whoo hooo, getting my gf2 mx 400 with tv out on friday
Closeness of Rage Fury Pro VIVO & All In Wonder 128
Radeon LE
3DMark 2001 looping problem
Overclocking Video cards
Old GF2MX... is it 400 or 200?
My PC spec
How do I take off the hsf on a geforce 2
New scores with Geforce 3
Radeon LE drivers
a7a266 and video
Anyone ever lose AGP 4X suddenly?
Overclocking vodoo3dfx
GF2 Pro 64meg-can only get 1x AGP HELP!!
Gainward Geforce 3 "Golden Sample"
Looking for a GF2 Pro
AsusA7M266 and SoundBlaster Live 5.1 Platinum. Compatible?
1600,1200 resolution and higher?
3DFX Glide and GeForce?
Hercules 3D Prophet ll (PCI)
Anyone using Detonator 14.20 drivers?
SB Live Value in Win2K
geforce memory limitations, how to alleviate???????
How to modify a Geforce 2 MX 400 64mb, with tv/out???
Geforce 3...What is your highest overclock?
Need Help with KT7A and Radeon
MS-StarForce 816 Gefore2Mx
Urgent help required with GeForce2 MX Performance
Any opinions or advice on the SoundBlaster Live Platinum 5.1
Help! Which GeForce2 MX to get?
Help on card with video in!!
How do I get an Visiontek Geforce 3 to have fast rites?
Overclocking an ATI AIW 128 Rage Pro
Price of geeforce 3 down soon?
What o/cing programme?? GeForce 2 MX
Geoforce Ultra 64 Player problems
Your question...
How Do I go about this ?
is the sblive overated or something??? mine got some ugly background noise on line input + drivers g
How?o/c radeon le 32ddr
RGB don't work that way no more
radeon drivers....... which ones???
overclocking geforce 2 ??
OC GF2 MX in Win2000
I have a TNT2
Voodoo 2 accelerator W/ a geforce ultra?
SB Live! and Sony
wot tweak prog for a gforce3
Is Sandwiching Heat sinks to a geforce 2 mx necessary?
Overclocking a Creative riva tnt2 ultra??
ASUS P3V4X, cant find agp dividers in the bios(my Rage fury pro cant handle high fsb), i even tried
Pinging Badger about GF3 mods (but anyone can help)
Ping Badger Re. GF3 heatsink mods
Quick opinions?
Geforce 2 MX 400 64meg any good?
How high unmodified Gforce3 asus can go O/C
Oxygen Video Card for Game Usage
Got Geforce 3 card today, some issues
Geforce MX 64mb
How do I get it to 4X ?
What video card should I get?
DVD Playback Freezes
strange 810 integrated video problem, please read.
Dying video card.
NVidia + Win2k crashes
3dmark2001 question
Why Are My 3D Mark Scores so Low!!???
O/C Leadtek Geforce 2 GTS
Asus Geforce 256 DDR best overclocking settings please
Asus 7100 w/TV out and Detonator 12.41.
O/Cing Matrox
wide aspect ratio video cards
AGP problems???
Voodoo 5
GTA overclocking, lol! Read...
Has anybody messed with the Hercules (Yamaha) line of soundcards?
YAMAHA DS-XG labtop soundcard (win2k errors)
Need some help with 3Dmark 2000 scores
Geforce2 MX mem bus speed
Nope, Geforce2 mx still broke
Check it out Geforce 3 for 149 on price watch , i think its an error though
next video card upgrade - what to buy?
My terrible 3DMark 2001 scores
AC97 onboard sound
good, bad, or ugly?
how does radeon hold up on high agp speeds?
Anyone know the output Wattage of a GF3?

A fix for a soundblaster card and using WPCREDIT? No more USB!
GeForce2 MX OC controls
Radeon 2
Damn soundcard
Damn Ultra tnt2 !!
Getting the heatsink off a GF2?
Geforce ultra great card
Geforce 2 Ultra Vs Geforce 3
Asus v7700
Geforce 2 PRO or Ati RADEON (64 DDR both)
My video and soundcard experience
Ordered GF2 Pro 64mb DDR-tips for the card?
GeForce Dead ?
FS: Geforce 3
Hmmm... $353 and a geforce 3...
Almost Decided on 1 of these 2
VisionTek GeForce2 Ultra 64MB w/TV-Out..Is it good?
Help with Soundblaster Live 5.1
Dual Display
New Vid cards in an old AGP 1.0 Slot
Anyone see a difference between the Sound Blaster 64 and LIVE!
Via KT 133A and SB sound cards
Need good tweak program for Hercules Kyro II !
IRC Problem(i think)
Very low 3D Mark scores with Kyro 2, what´s wrong?
3dmark2001 and my Radeon
Radeon VIVO 3dmark2001 scores?
3dmark2k1 score on ati radeon SDR
It's normal GTS GPU@260 ram@370?
GF2 GTS O/C Prob
How fast is your Voodoo5 (Mhz) ?
Diablo 2 Expansion and Radeon
PLEASE HELP!!! Leadtek GF2 PRO Question!!
How do you disable TwinView?!?!
Simple Geforce 3 driver question ( i hope)
How can I get vid card temps and what cards include that software?
stock Radeon cooler
Updating Video Card BIOS??
overclocking the Radeon..
GeForce2 MX ddr or not
O/Cing Matrox??? & Detonaor drivers??
GeForce 2 MX DH Pro and Thanks Pinky
How high can i blast my Geforce2 card?
GeForce 2 GTS, i think i haw problems with overclocking
My Radeon lLE OEM scores
what settings to beleive concerning O/C a vid card, coolbits/NVMax?
New 14.20 nvidia drivers, lost some 3dmark score
AGP bus overclocking question
3DMark2K1 9000 mark barrier broken by 2 people !!!
is upped vio killing everything?
Please post your Hercules Geforce II MX Overclocking results!
Cost issues: GF3 or GF2Ultra?
Evga GeForce 2 Ultra - Help me please...
Creative Geforce 3
Overclocking My Video RAM...
Kyro II Owners post your 3D Mark 2000 results here
anybody have any type of probs with a geforce2 mx?
TV tuner card advice
Need to Pick a soundcard, advice please
GF2 Pro 64meg or the GF2 GTS 64 meg??
I wanna overclock my Geforce2 MX....What do I have to do first?
Voodoo 5 Question
I think I just fried my TNT2 :)
3dmark2001 scores on a g2mx
I really need help:-(
Overclocking my GF2 Pro
Best geforce 3 card??
VGA charts - What different chipsets can do.
Canada Video...
Which is a Better card to OC?
Soundblaster Live! Question
More Radoen Drivers to play with..
fill rate bottleneck?
PNY GeForce3 is pretty cheap.
Overclocking in 2K??
Bad graphics with Detonator 6.50+ drivers..HELP!!!!
U can doo better still
Beat dual monitor card for 2D apps
Time to troubleshoot my computer
How is this 3DMark 2K1 score? Improvements?
Visiontek Geforce2 GTS 64meg overclockability?
help OC a Leadtek Winfast GeForce2 Pro 32MB
Article on FSAA: nVidia & 3dfx freaks should read.
changing video cards in a laptop. ATI sucks
Is this normal?
High polygon count?
OK, I broke down and bought the MSI NVIDIA MX-400 64mb AGP
Gforce3 rebooting comp at windows startup
Anyone have a Philips sound card?
LeadTek cooling
video window size & AGP aperture size ? ? ?
That is the MAXimum that i can get Out of GeForce 2MX
GeForce 2 MX DH Pro & Twin View??
Prophet Geforce2 MX ????
Is there a way to enable Fast writes on a Radeon VE?
video card or motherboard?
i have 2 'vOOdOO 3 2000's..what beast can i make?
Best Drivers?
My comp crashes due to my graphics card?
5500 still kickin! If you havn't seen the article on the front page.........
disappointing 3dmark2000 results..am I doing something wrong?
A few quick MX questions
Overclocking your Radeon?
HELP! snapped resistor on voodoo graphics card
General FPS question
quadro uninstall ?
My Rockell Riptide modem/souncard combo, won't work in my A7A266!
Geforce 2 MX to Geforce 2 Quadro?
kyro 2 why doesn't it overclock?
Visiontek Geforce 2 Ultra Any good????????
how do you OC a video card?
Finding sound card reviews
Video card update
Radeon Screenshots
what is a good overclock for a geforce 2 ultra?
How do you know how to adjust the core and memory?
GeForce 2MX400 64mb Numbers + tweaks
Wierd 3DMark results.
Radeon- 32 and 64 DDR
can a radeon capture 640x480 at 30fps?
ATI Radeon 64mg DDR, Already Dead!!
Creative Platinum soundcard with Win 2k
GeForce2 mx runs like a turtle in 3dmark 2000....High Polygon count is low....as opposed to sperm c
aaight.......gonna get a G3.....which brand and why?
Which is the best sound card?
Digital audio cable from DVD-ROM to SBLIVE!
ATI aiwp and nt
problems with new gf3
Newbie Overclocling Video Card Needs Help!
i want to buy a radeon 64 help?
Please read Audio problems sort of?????????
Memmory Clock Scale
Geforce 2 GTS OC Question
Sound Cards
3D Marks Problem, please help!
Geforce3 overlocks...
Asus Geforce 3 Temps
Overclocking GF3
aureal drivers, where can i get them?
Got My Radeon 64 DDR today!
radeon for 3dmark2k
beat my Geforce 256 32 mg ddr (i dare u W/O water)
Asus V8200 GeForce 3
100 bucks for vodooo 5500 is it worth it????
anyone here know mailhere2@yahoo.com ?
MSI GeForce2 Pro or Creative3D Blaster GeForce2 Pro?
Where can I find lapped/modded BLORBs in the UK?
AGP 1x vs AGP 2x
Disable Sideband
Question about GF3 Overclocking
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Problem
Geforce 2 GTS you want a dead one *read here*
Display Lock-up with Detonator 12.41 ?
Principles of Video Hardware Overclocking
Radeon Without Fan?
How do you overclock your gf3 after getting 12.90 drivers???
who makes the best Geforce3 and Geforce2 and are they any faster than my Voodoo 5500
Riva Tuner 2.0 RC 5
3D Mark score
Quadro !!
Why is video cards with ddr so expensive
Is this Pathetic or What
MSI StarForce 831 and genral performance questions
Fastest Nvidia drivers for a GeForce 2 ultra?
Leadtek Geforce 2 Pro or ULTRA 64 meg ddr overclocking ratings ??
Overclockin my Voodoo32000
Leadtek Bios Upgrade
Need the next best thing to a GF3
What nVidia drivers to use?
Need some really nice headphones, recommendations, anyone?
anyone can help me? (GForce problems)
Sideband Addressing
Help with prob i can't figure out...
Memory on Geforce2 GTS Pro
This sucks.Can anyone help
geforce 200mx
GeForce 256 DDR ?
The 2d on my new MSI GTS32m card is crystal clear @1200x1024
Q3 timedemo
truform vs nv20
The 3DMark2k and 2k1 tests
need bios for a quadro2 pro and geforce2 pro
GeForce2 MX 3dmark score is 2456, and the heatsink is HOT.....HELLLLLPPP!!!!
and yet another new driver set for the radeon
Asus Gforce3 + blue orb
geforce2 gts 64 meg changed to a quadro2 pro !!
12.90 Drivers get better 3Dmark 2001 scores !
Overclocked Geforce2GTS gives new life!
GeForce2 Ultra 2D Bleeding problems
cheep but good linux card
GF2 MX or VD 5 5500
new amd 1300 and fan for mmx2 problems
3dmark2001 skips one test on my GF2 Ultra
Crusher.dm2 fps
Which graphix card to buy for a 1.2GHz??
heres some new voodoo drivers
BLAH! More video performance questions.
Questions on my Asus V7100
Gladiac 920 Underperforming
I need a good DVD video card
Windows 98 se handles 2 sound cards very well.
Dissapointed in my Voodoo5 5500
Radeon 2 info
SBLIVE is acting crazy
Should I overclock my GF2 Ultra core?
ASUS V8200 GeForce3 Deluxe
New to the voodoo scene and want to overclock!
More on the Software Quadro Hack.
How many 64 ddr Radeons are there?
Need advice about limitations of oc w/ Prophet III GF3
Need advice about limitations of oc w/ Prophet III GF3
anybody using the radeon 7140 drivers
old voodoo 2 compatability issues
Voodoo3 2000 has DVD assist..but how do you turn it on?
AGP card for a K6-500
SB live ,, worth it?
Voodoo 3 2000, overclockable, yay, or ney?
Radeon 64ddr is a keeper!
Help picking a video card for a 93MHz overclocked AGP port
Philips Rhythmic Edge ***DEAL***
A good HSF for my GeForce 2?
Detenator confusion
Some thing is very very fishy here
s3 trio savage 4
Software Quadro mod......
help???? anyone????
New Video Card???
Why overclocking my TNT2 doesn't seem to work.....
GeForce 10.80 drivers
Best Video Card for under $150
Radeon 32DDR & BlueOrb
the record?
Overclockin w/ GF3 and 12.41 drivers
Instaling New Card
Problems with GF or CPU Overclock
Voodoo 3/4/5 drivers on Banshee??
3dmark2001 loop problems
O/C Radeon 64 3dmark 2k1 scores...
SoundBlaster Player 5.1 problems! Please help!
video card for cheap system
The Quadro mod...
is this what my 3dmark score should be? is it good, bad, what?
What's Difference between Matrox G400, G400MAX and the G450?????
repairing damaged PCB traces
When is new sound blaster card coming out?
Electrical question
Peaple with GF3..
so whats the difference?
I really don't get it?
100mhz AGP speed
how do these take to overclocking?
Radeon Overclocking. Whats your best??
How far can you oc GF2pro 64DDR?
Could someone post some screens with a radeon 64 meg drr please.
I have a Creative GF DDR, what's the best clockfrequency
Does anyone own a Voodoo 5 6000???
Question about Leadteks Geforce 2 PRO 64 DDR
Should we be worrying about video card temps ?
Anyone else got a 3D Prophet 4500??
here is a list of all radeon drivers
5724 benchmark scores with a GeForce2 Pro 32MB? bleh!
Best Utility to OC Radeon 64MB??
playing CD winamp plays on as system freezes WTH???????????
Opinion about the Jaton GeForce2 MX400 64MB AGP 4X TV OUT
Iwill KK266, Duron 900 o/c to 1000...TNT2???
Radeon help, PLEASE!!!!!!!!
Machine keeps crashing
Geforce2mx VSync Off, BAD!!!
Geforce 256 vs Upgrading to MX or GTS?
Ordered my Radeon 64 DDR w/vivo today. Hope I did'nt make a mistake!
new Nvidia 12.90 Det.3 dirvers
Out of spec AGP speeds
A Blessing or a Curse
quake 3 fps are much higher, why?
eat you heart out gforce
Installing a new video card advice
Higher Resolutions = Better Eye candy?