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Need Video to get me by till newgen upgrade.
How to Get Drivers for an Unidentified PCI-e Video Card?
Suggestions Please for Video Upgrade that Won't be Bottlenecked
what to keep, what to get?
VGA to DVI Converter
O/C affects colors/brightness?? Confused...
question about video cards
oldschool MAME machine/HTPC
$150 card with Size Restrictions (7" long or less)
Ready to pull the trigger, help me decide!
pci 16 x
Recommend me a GPU
WEIRD noise
Upgrade: 8800GTS 8800GT - 3850 - 3870
Would a 7600gs be overkill?
Is Crossfire for me?
Cheapest Video Card
Recommend video card for HD DVD/Blue-Ray
8800gt's should be getting cheaper
Which would be better?
GPU Suggestion
BEST $400 (Cdn) card?
PCIe 2.0 compatibility
Something wrong with 8600GTS??
Attaching a vga memory heatsink...
Recommend a GPU
Dell 30" lcd and Dual Link card
sli on crossfire mobo
Question about PCI Express 2.0
Does Antec VCool actually cool GPU's enough? Let's see :)
Using a gpu for physics
why does riva read this way?
how do i connect x1950pro?
graphics accelerator VS integrated graphics
Need a good PCI card that will play warrock
3 screen setup?
Good card for 50" monitor?
which is a better choice between these 2 cards?
(Really) Low Budget Card?
GDDR access time & maximum frequency
Onboard video problem
7950 gx2 vista driver..quad sli....when?
How much power can I save if...
upgrade opions
8600gts problem. RMA?
xfx 7900GS XT SLI vs. hd3850
so hard to decide :(
Inventor of Flash Memory Has Big Plans For Super-Fast 3D Processors
sli/crossfire question (regarding mobos)
DX10 card
need new video card/ my specs
looking for a good budget card
Samsung GDDR5 6 Gb/s Memory
New Video Card Advice
The Additional Power of Dual Cards?
8800GT SLI vs 3870 CF. Comparison Inside!
new system config?
Anyone know when the next gen gfx cards come out?
which VIDEO card to go for ?
Purchase decision
Minimum gpu memory
which one of these cards is better? Have both
help n00b with crossfire/SLI
8800gt Brands - Any Difference?
After-RMA replacement options
8800GTS or X1900XT's in Xfire ?
Need a new vid card for Crysis! Help!
Help me on buying decision
8800gt or 3870. help decide on new issue?
What actually look's best visually?
PCIE 2.0 question
need replacement CoolerMaster fan
8800gt SLI vs. HD 3870 CF -OVERCLOCKED
GPU power question
Frames per second question
Shader clock. How to change?
Why is newegg gouging 8800GT but not HD 3K series?
Changing the PCI-E bus speed?
Best bang for the buck card under $150
3DFX anyone?
Incredibly noobish question, but I can't help it...
[NEWS] Is this customer service?
I want to run 3 "monitors" am I out of my mind?
ATITool Artifact scanning finding too often?
Graphics Problems
ATI Readies Ultra High-End "R680" Available q4 2007? what!
Are these 3dmark scores right?
Best card for around $150.00
PCIE 2.0 vs 1.1
8800 GTS results
I really need some help-SLI issues.
HP Graphics add-on card?
3dMark Scores SLI
AMD’s Q4 graphics line-up revealed
What's on the horizon?
Whats new in DX10.1 from THG
Dual vs Single
Does SLI and Vista play well yet?
which is better high memory or high interface
Which Video Card?
ATI HD 38x0 (or any PCIE2 card) on PCIE 1.0?
So Why Does A GPU Need To Be So Good At Floating Point Calculations?
8800GT or 3800?
CF or SLI ?
2900pro 1G vs 8800GTx
x1650 or 7300gt
GPU Performance Analysis On Crysis Demo
2 X1950 OR 1 8800 GTS (320MB)
Oblivion problems.
I have a 6800GT, upgrade now or wait?
Replacement for a Radeon x1950 Pro...
Best AGP Card
New flat panel - Suggest a card please?
Checkerboard effect on video card
1950 pro or 7950gt agp
Building new budget system looking for budget card
Pci-E 2.0 on Pci-E 1.1 for power 75w vs 150w
New system.. video card suggestion plz
1GB GDDR4 2900XT =Vs= 8800GTX
fx5200 or x1300
best card right now for under $225 US
Half Height Low profile video cards PCIe-XPS 200 upgrade?
waterblock for GeForce 8600GT 512MB card
Bundled news about ATI/NV cards
Why aren't video cards mounted facing up?
X1600 512 or 6600 256
First videocards to offer Video Acceleration?
budget CAD/DCC card by modding/ocing geforce
Need new AGP card
The best for under $200 CAN?
GPU-z the Cpu-z for GPUs
What to use to see if clocks are stable?
I need an upgrade.
100-200$ range
ATI / NVIDIA DX10 High Performance
2900XT vs 8800GTS 640
Qeustion: Multiple monitors and 3D acceleration (SLI / Xfire)
x1950 pro and GeForce 7300 together.... or not....
just wondering
From a 660GT to where?
pci-e 8 pin connector pin out
Next gen gamer cards
DVD Movie Viewing on a 20" LCD?
Directx 10.1?
Any news on the market?
Best Vidoe card to upgrade to ?
Low profile AGP video cards
Workstation Video Cards
nvidia 79xx or ati x1950 series
which card?
How good is your integrated graphics?
HTPC - Multi Display / Best card choice?
3D Refresh Rate Override
ATI 9800 Pro vs Nvidia 6800XT
1950gt vs 7800GT
Buy normal or OC'd cards?
Best card for under $115??
Best bang for my buck with a $65 price limit?
Best Card For Under ~$150
Odd issues with fps
Looking to upgrade friends pc.
DX10--Only for Vista??
DX10-Is it worth it??
molex to pci-e power convertor, yellow cables come out.
Horrible 3DMark06 score
x1950pro vs 7900gs
Again the Question for AGP= ATI or Nvidia?
Cheapest, good card out there now?
A64 4000+ @ 3,068 MHz - 7900GS @ 640/950 (1,900) MHz
3DMark06 score and GPU?
quick question about this card.. take a look
~$140 cards, X1950Pro or 8600GT or HDX2600XT
Funny text colors during Windows safe mode boot? Video card going bad?
Well help me spend my money wisely
Card Broken?
ATi HD2900 or nVidia GeForce 8800GTX
8600GT Vs 2600XT
Looping good vid card stress test
DX10? DX9?
What is the fastest PCI (NOT express) video card out right now?
integrated video for light games?
Sapphire x1650xt Pro or Point Of View 7600GT
Ripping VHS to DVD???
game crashes on 9800 pro
Visual Stutter
help with possible fried aiw 9700 pro!
has anyone got any info on the new directx 9.0 realworld benchmark AQUAMARK3?
Laptop sound doesn't work
WIERD overclocking prob
geforce fx incompatible with A7N266-e ?
9800se hack possible to 9800
gf3 ti500
crap! getting credit for my Ti4600, need new card
problem with 3dmark?
Sound Card for me?
poor 3dmark score. wot is the problem?
Which tests in 3dmark03 stress GPU and memory the best?
Help with 9800 Pro OC....Pretty Please
WinFast TV200XP - no sound
TT Giant II or Vantec Iceberq4 and Ramsinks
AGP frequency...
New DirectX Benchmark
Fans for 9500pro
I don't really know where to post this so here goes...
Need Help
Voodoo and XP
Aquamark3 vs. 3dmark03
DVpsetup.exe prob
Softmodding 9700pro
PC games keep crashing. Help!
More BULLS#!T from TOMSHARDWARE!!!!!!!!!
Please Answer me
WTF Newegg Sucks!
Really Sweet idea
Desperate Help Needed!
Will the x800xt work well in my rig?
z-680 vs klipsch promedia 5.1 ultra
Forceware 61.77 Official Driver
help! weird problem
sound card and boom request
tnt2 and nf7 ?
X800pro Flash recover, need help!
5900U 256 Vs. 6800NU
Geforce 3 ti200 vs. Geforce 4 MX vs. Geforce fx 5200
Help with nVidia drivers... old ones worked, new ones don't?! [56k]
how much can I overclock this card?
stock 9800pro artifacts - help
annoying sound glitch on games
Replacing cooling device for SMI RX9800 Pro
Internet Retails are Scalpers
BFG 6800 GT OC artifacing & freezing system?
need software that will span a long speech over CD's
help me plz with sound card and sub/speakers
Most powerful subwoofer.
Radeon 9800 Pro newbie HELP needed.
Sound Blaster Live 5.1 vs. Onboard AD1980 6-Channel audio CODEC
Sound Help
MSI mobo and Gforce TI 4200 @???
Unamped/Open Gaming Headphones
big blue screen on 9800 pro 256mb
which 9800se....???
CAT 4.8's are out
Ordered 9800 Pro, Power Supply Questions.....Just ordered 420w will it do???
Ati 9600se settings
Should I replace the stock thermal grease on the memory of by BFG 6800 Ultra with AS5
3DMark03 Problem
X800 pro VGA silencer rev3
my video and audio on movie's are off..can someone help me out? thanks.
XviD and DivX play faster?
Problem with Ventrilo and Dsp-500
Yay!! Sucessful flash :) :)
6800 GT -> 6800 Ultra Extreme
Killer thread link on 192KHz audio (Deep!)
Need a new monitor.
Do I have a 9800Pro or 9800XT???
Crazy ATI Radeon 9800XT PROBLEMS
What's with my 3dmark03 score??
Anyone have a pref? Leadtek or XFX 256MB Geforce 6800 card?
Trouble with my Geforce ti4200
DNA drivers.
Ummm... Sound device not shown with integrated sound
9700 np beyond repair?
Is this monitor good?
what drivers for the x800?
Monitor Cable
Fried My Card?
Doom 3 on ti4200 to softquadro 780xgl
Cooling for OC'd Sapphire 9800 pro
9600np 128M or 9550 256M
NOOO why is the bracket on my card like this!!??
9800 Pro prob
9800 pro GPU cooler replacement
softmodding/flashing 9800se
Some of my .avi files won't play
Rage theater on a x800pro ??
Logitech Z5300 Sub rattle
Sound Problems
MSI Stock or Vga Silecner.
help...X600XT or 9800pro?
Creating THermal compound adhesive
Santa Cruz or Audigy ES?
strange sound problems
geforce ti 4200 OC problem
Programs for recording voice?
GeForce 6800 OC
What tool to overclock 6800's?
Flashing V9950
ATITool to stresstest?
Headphones with Headaches...
AVI to DVD = 700megs to 4gigs !!!! wtf
z640 modification
Omega + Ati Tool.
Please help before I take this video card back to the store
Info on Bios Flashing?
Flatscreen monitor came with DVI and VGA adapter...
Just Got A 9800 Pro!!
Does anyone has MSI FX5700-VT2DR256 ??
Rev. 3 or ATI 1
vid card
Gigacube 9800pro bios?
Anyone ever build their own projector?
Opinions please: System 1 vs System 2?
typically a regular 6800 can be soft modded to a GT or an ultra or both?
does any one have a powercolor 9800se
Doom 3 was a little choppy
3 cards, Ti4200, Ti4400 and FX5600 which card for which machine
Comments On: We talk about LCD prices and gluts
FX 5800 oc's and scores?
Is this a normal 3dmark03 score for my system?
BFG 6800 Coupon Question?
Too hot to handle!
Geforce 6800 GT is being fruity in the pants
Why would anyone go 6800u over 6800gt?
Nvidia official release on 6600GT/6600 $169-219.00
9700 Pro Problems
GeForce 6800GT 256mb
6800GT in a 4X AGP slot ?
SB Live 5.1 LS "Output" problems.
Rome: Total War not working with 5200xt?
Far Cry problem
9800XT memory timing?
Radeon 32mb Voltage
Porr newbie getting lost
How to solder a broken peice off a ti4200?
GPU cooling solution for 256MB 9800 Pro
OMG Arctic cooler wont fit! :-(
9800xt temps
9800 Pro will work right?
New to Ocin
Opinions Wanted - Who puts out the *best* GeForce 6800GT Card?
Creating my own Livedrive (very large images)
Sound card performance...not the sound ;)
What is better FAST
fx5700 overclocking help
Catalyst 4.9, and Win2k service pack4.
Overclocking 6800gt at 650/1400
Testing 9800 NP max clock speed.. should I be worried
GeForce Question
AGP problems with Omega Drivers?
Can't figure out 8500 AIW TV Tuner Stuff
Need a new nvidia fan
9800 Pro A freaking Chip Fell Off
9800 Pro and ATI Tool
VGA Silencer Rev. 3 or Rev 4?
Radeon 9700 pro OC
which 9800pro?
eVGA GeForce FX 5900 128mb
Radeon 9600 a good card?
Sapphire Radeon 9800xt problems
9700 pro Drivers Help! please.
Need bios for 9800XT 256MB by ATI
9700Pro or X700pro
AGP Aperature BIOS setting
Overclocking a eVGA 6800GT
Major Problem... x700pro PCIE card, Intel D915GEV motherboard...
6800 Ultra/GT difference worth the $?
Asus ATi AX800XT....anything good?
X800 Pro mod to 16 pipe question
x800xt cooling
Overclocking GeForce2 MX
Overclocking GeForce2 MX
sound card for a 2.1 creative labs set?
Driver Dilemma
9800xt - Extreme temps
overclock Geforce MX440
Is there a program were u can check your video card temps???
Sharing Surround Sound Speakers
GeForce 6800 GT
Trouble with cat 4.12..HELP please
video card problems
9600 xt overclock and wierd results
Whats good for BFG 6800 gt oc.
5700 ultra way cheap???
How do you install Geforce overclocking software???
ATITools Memory Timing Settings x800 Pro Vivo
6800 oc or 6600 gt
9800XT Question
radeon 7000D dual display???
Stupid DVD player (I NEED HELP :()
9700 pro issue???
my friend needs help
o great
Wait A Second!
OCing a 9600xt
why is x700 so cheap??
Where can I find a 6600GT AGP for under $200?
i found
thoughts on an fx 5800 ultra
Hdtv Output On Nvidia
HDTV from 9600xt help and info needed
any current ATI promo codes??
6800 GT Locked Frame Rates?
Major Artefacts With ATI Silencer 4 & x800 Pro
omega drivers
Good Brands of Monitors
When will Nvidias next card come out?
ATI 9800 pro softmod to XT
I wonder.
Logitech Z-3
Half-Life 2 "Fix" for NVIDIA Owners
MSI FX5950u high-pitched sound?
What is a format smaller than MP3 and wont hurt quality?
Ati 9800 Pro Not OC'd but not running at default speeds
need help 6800 oc
program for checking video card temp?
Best 2.1 computer speakers
ATI Silencer 3 Question
Msi Fx5600
Buying an radion card.
Why does the x800pro look so much better then my 9800pro?
5700le PCI question
GigaByte GV-N68128DH
leadtek A300 to A300 ultra
BFG GeForce FX 5500 OC 128MB
video problem with fx5700
MPEG-4 Converter
What's happened to my 9500np???
----NewBFG 6800oc = 30 Fps?? Need Help----
Vid Card Goes >>!!!BOOM!!!
PCI Express??
Dead Pixels
GeForce 6800 GT, Sideband Addressing
ATI X800Pro Questions
What do you know about this card?
XBoX on a Monitor
Playing OGG/OGM video files???
Sound card + headset question
What would be the best LCD for gaming?
ATI TV Wonder Pro Remote Control
FX series
A9800xt help please!
6800gt CANNOT @--> ultra!
Question about FX 5200 speeds
Is there a certain problem with the 9700 Pro?
x800 SE agp....any good?
Radeon 9200SE
KDS monitor problems
Replacement FX5950u HSF?
ATI X800 ,what happened to it?
6800 OC explodes!
Does Shuttle SFFs offer good sound?
Desperately seeking HELP with my 6600GT!!!
Xtasy x800 XT
Removing the GPU Fan
Nvidia GeForce 6200 OC Test
I need to build a PC that will kick a G5's butt
Can anyone tell where to get a driver for my Sun monitor?
Gainward 6600GT 128mb vs XFX 6600GT 128mb
Drivers (9800 Pro)
I ordered a new vid card, which needs a min of 300 w in power supp
gpu temps
MP3 Hard Drive enclosure
need something to give me another mic input
Can I hook up my Headphones, and Speakers up at the same time?
im looking to upgrade from a 19 crt to a 19lcd
Helpppppp. I want basss ( i mean i want it to thump)
Need Help OCing Radeon 9600P with ATI tool
Good price~!
Overclocking a 6600GT (how do i unlock..)
How to read temp for 6600GT in MBM5
z5300 and surrond sound with nforce4
how do i play music from all 6 speakers
256 MB 6800, Or 6800 GT 128? Also flashing questions.
6800 Ultra by who?
ATI Silencer on Asus X800
Which 6800GT card to buy?
how do you connect a cpu to an hdtv?
Gainward 6800 Ultra - any good?
Ability to unlock x800 pro
Which 6600GT to get?
Ti 200 gf3 64mb Overclock?
SB Live 7.1 and audigy2 zs..diff?
Sound Problem
CHAINTECH nVIDIA GeForce FX5500 Video Card, 256MB DDR, DVI/TV-Out, 8X AGP, Model "SA5
DIvX 3/4
Will this Grafix Card run WoW decently??
Ultimate Headphones!
About 4.1 SS Speakers
Radeon Tweaking
Samsung 997DF-T/T
ok dumb question...
fx5900 vs fx 5900xt for overclocking to 5950
Dell 15" LCD monitor dead after 1 day!