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ok dumb question...
fx5900 vs fx 5900xt for overclocking to 5950
Dell 15" LCD monitor dead after 1 day!
xfx 6800 stock
9700 All in Wonder
6600GT dual cores?
Im scared
Where do you put ramsinks?
Which 6629-supported video card is the best deal?
Ultra low Aquamark, 7500 64MB and 5200 128MB
LCD monitors
My 9800 Pro 128mb an R350 or R360? I found something weird!
Overdrive feature w/ flashed 9800 pro to XT?
XFX or Chaintech 6600gt?
PCI Alternative to SoundStorm!
GeForce mx 4000l
Chipmunks in my computer (sound problem)
Cooling for my e-geforce 5700LE
Good cooling, silence, and value for the 9700
Sound Problems
DVD/Sound issue
eVGA...good or no?
Advanced nvidia users/programmers...
aftermarket cooling 6800gt PCI-e
Leadtek 6800gt PCI-e power connectors?
ChainTech vs Aopen
3DMark05 scores from XP retail to SP2...interesting
Best vid card manufacturer?
Geforce FX 5800 vs. 5700 le
9700 pro mods?
9800 Pro Thermal Compound question...
VGA Silencer by Arctic Cooling help needed...please reply!!
What Is Dolby Digital Live?
OCZ vs. G.Skill vs. PDP vs. Corsair
Headphones... which ones to get
I'm in deep doo doo, need help reflashing my card :(
Audigty 2 & Zalman Theatre 6
PCI-X riser card - anything to worry about?
Sound Blaster Live 5.1 not found, need help finding it.
Games reset vid card OC, Help Please
"shorter" replacement for an Audigy 2 ZS Platinum
What speakers to buy for $30?
ATI 9600 PRO a worthy upgrade?
Help - Attaching a Zalman onto a 6800GT PCIE
What Should i Do
Cable Boxes and Firewire?
Immediate Help needed!
OC'd my 6800gt screenshot
Help needed choosing sound: Altec Lansing XA3051 or Logitech X530?
Whats faster, 2 6600gt, or 6800's, or a agp 6800 ulttra?
Upgrading sound card?
can certain refresh rates bother your eyes?
Why do i still skip frames?
whast the difference between the 6600 and the 6600gt
noob help evga 6600gt wont boot
Question on headphone amps.
Problems with sound
Monitor making noise at 70Hz
Source Problem with 2x 6600GT
6600GT running at 61*C
SB Live 24-bit w/ 7.1 Good?
video overclocking noob
19" Monitor resolutions
pcie 6600gt choices
I'm having trouble finding the best driver for my Dell's Graphics card
How do I check temp of a PNY 6600GT?
Holy @&#! Whats going on!?!
good capture software
ShopAti shipped my X800XL!
Fps Question on Chaintech 6600GT PCI-E
Onboard sound...Skipping
Which Nvidia videocard is the best overclocker?
Monitor Glitches - NEC FE991sb
Need some help picking an MP3 Player
X800XL review, by me :)
SoundBlaster Live! 24-bit
Sapphire 9600 Pro 128mb o/c results
Ti 4600 vs fx5500
1st build, best 6600GT card?
6600GT on KT133 board...
Connecting my PS2 to the CRT
Ambient heat from CPU over heating BFG 6800?
BFG 6800 GT OC - replace thermal grease with AS5?
Monitor adapter
AGP 8X PRO 50 slot ??
Omega Drivers?
Need help from ATI 9800 Pro AIW owner.
Problem with A8V and Radeon 9550...
ti4200 128bit and 256bit
what is your opinion on this card?
Graphics card problem
help me Identify this card
Console on Comp Controller lag
Advice on Obtaining More Preformance
Dual sound cards?
What is the average Overclockablity of a 6600GT??
CD-R damage
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 value probs
Need help with MP3 player
Nec 1970gx tft monitor ?
how do I o/c a FX 5700 128mb?
how well can the 9600NP handle doom3/farcry/hl2
Instability @ stock
DVD's playing too fast?
Choosing speakers by source
No sound coming out- Windows XP
Help with Audigy 2 ZS and front audio
Convert Windows MSWMM files to a DVD format?
9800Xt, what 's Error? Help me ...
What sort of Soldering Iron needed for pc components?
ATI Radeon 8500le vmod/vgpu mod needed
Help! Terrible cpu score on 3dmark03
Just got a Radeon 9200, Got a couple Questions?
9800 Pro goes blank upon startup
CS Souce Video Problem
9800XT not manufactured correctly?
.wmf to .wav
Need help can't play DVDs
Realtek AC97 integrated Sound problem on Ga-8S661FXM Mobo
FX5700 and K8T Neo-2 problem?!?!?
how to clean lcd?
Audigy vs. Realtek
How high for a GeForce 2 MX400?
9800pro mod pic/question
Urgent Help Please Read With Sound
installed NV5 on 6800Gt...almost 90c IDLE!
Using more then one drivers at once
Hardware Acceleration?
19 inch LCD
Does an iPod Shuffle Have to Shuffle?
How to fool games to use mobility video cards?
Evga 6600 gt Mr. freeze!
Weirdest Nvidia issue ever.... seriously!
Sync out of range
Speaker hum
Need To Cool Case
how much is it worth?
Beta drivers for audigy 2zs?
What's your favorite dvd player software?
Sapphire X800 SE..
OCZ Ramsinks
Evga 6800gt driver install problem
FX5700le i bought on eBay
Card failure?
Sound system to make me shake
GeForce FX 5200 vs Geforce 4 ti 4_00
6800 vs 6600GT, w/oc best bang 4 $
how to OC my X800XL PCI-E?
Cooling my 9800pro
i cant see streaming .wmv :(
Whats the difference between 6800GT and 6800GTO?
!!OMG!! NVIDIA GEFORCE 9800 GTs are out!!!
Good Driver
All Audigy/Extigy Owners Look Here!!! Creative Owes You Some Money...
Reg Audigy or Soundstorm?
replace 6600gt fan?
2nd XFX 6600 GT Blown :( THIS IS HORRIBLE!
6800gt Vs 6800ultra
electrical annoying when watching movies
find native resolution?
AVI to Mpeg2(DVD) Huge files 100GB to 4.35GB DVD
How I lapped my HS
6800 PCI-E $100 more?
How hot should my new 6600GT PCI-Express run?
which 6600GT manufacturer?
how to mod your x850 / x800
altering voltage in card bios
5700EP bios
LCD opinions wanted
avi codec
Powercol 9600 pro 256 vmod????
What do I disbale in my MoBo?
x800xl fps problem!?!
Best budget and best overall sound card?
Winamp problems
Need Help Splitting Flac Files!
SLI vs Reg Question
Nvidia Graphics Card: Unknown (to me) component
Overclocking 9700Pro
Creative Audigy 2 ZS
ATI Tool 'Find max core' goes down, not up
2x6800ultras or one 7800gtx
6600GT vs 6800
MSI 6600GT VS Asus 6600GT, or whats the best 6600gt?
Unlocking X800Pro PCI-Express
Help me choose a LCD
Problems flashing 5900se
BFG 6600GT OC PCIe 128MB how far can it be oced???
looking for cheapest 6800gt
Is my 6600GT overheating?
Saphire VS ATI.
Any difference between BFG 6800 GT OC and 6800 GT?
.wma files and Winamp
A helpful tip to those overclocking SLI...
9800pro flash. now weird things
$255 for X800 XL
Flatscreen or not??
I read somewhere about a sblive 5.1 to audigy 2 mod..
Question..x800xt pe VS x850xt pe difference?
wth is going on???
radeon 9600SE
6600GT Vs. 6800...?
How do you calculate the response time of a monitor?
high end flat panels: Eizo, Iiyama
The new Creative X-FI sound systems.
ATI VCU Recovery Errors
19" LCD Monitor PROBLEM!
Just got Audigy1(mod)Audigy4 Will nforce drivers interfear?
Dual Screens and my 6600GT
How can I get audioHQ/Surround Mixer on my audigy1?
Are you happy with your soundcard?
ATI 9800XT Questions
Help me!!! $500 budget!!!
6800GT Freezing Power?
Video card went pop (X800 pro?)
Looking for good earphones
Aftermarket 7800GTX Cooler?
Which 7800GTX
computer rebooting all the time - "Error Caused by Graphics Device Driver"
Cooked Card?
problems with optical sound connection.
Apple has a new Ipod nice all in one.
News of the R5xx series.
6600GT, and Dual 21in. Monitors
Which Is Stronger, Faster, Better?
laptop video question
6800GT But which brand
Audigy 2 ZS
NVIDIA Quadro FX Go 1400 for gaming??? (and CAD)
Program to check to see if video card is running at full potiental
ATI's XBOX360 GPU pwns R5xx
Is This A Duel 7800GT On One Card?
Advantages do using dual pci e cards?
Are eVGA 6600GTs SLI-able?
ASUS 9800XT Gettoed
Sound Blaster Midi Emulation
ATI'm Confused!
Help with a video card choice for an older motherboard
Is 80*C is too high?
Drivers which is best?
Can we overclock an Nvidia Geforce 6600 Gt?
Soundstorm or Audigy 1?
Who Makes The Fastest 7800GTX?
How much more can I OC my 6800UE?!
Scratched my LCD :/
Recording Sound Card
sound issues
anyone have an extigy?
iPod Help. Wont Start
Gigabyte Dual GeForce 6800 GT 512MB Numbers?
looked but could not find it
7800 GTX problem - I'm useless!!
Idle temps on my 6600 gt...
Anybody have an ATI/VIVO card AND SB Audigy 2 ZS or X-Fi ?
Any AGP x800xt's for less than $300?
9000 AIW records video but no sound
windows volume adjusts automatically... why?
x-fi help
Hooking up speakers from a stereo
TV tuner problems Ati 550
X800xl 512mb
3dmark05 scores a little low
6800 GT Overclocking
xfx 7800gt kinda stinks...
Finding company of 7800GTX without BOX?
justified 3Dmark05 scores?
Artifacting, yet no heat problem?
Onboard sound new MB or old sound card?
tv output on 6800gt
microphone drivers
Is Windows Vista's translucent windows more dependent on CPU, ram or graphics card?
Can you record from 2 mics at once?
digital coax or optical
Overheating X850 XT PE
X800GT02 pipeline trouble.
Question on Dual core processing
Ipod Questions
Really poor sound quality, help!
7800 gt installed now having problems please help!
SLI Question
3dMark 05 Scores w/ 7800GTX Post Em
my 9700pro eats my 9600xt by 50% *both stock*
Evga 6800nu and Rivatuner Problems
geforce 6 6200 256meg 3dmark scores?
Nvidia 6800 GS
Latest ATI driver & administator mode issue
Crazy 6600gt default
Albatron GF 6600 256MB agp, bios?
x800/x850s SAFE TEMPS
Is Clone mode straining my 6600GT?
Nvidia 7800GT in AGP form
6800GS in AGP?
7800GTX Ultra 550/1800 Arrives 11/14/05
x-fi problem
Speakers to TV connection
6600gt ddr and gddr3?
can my psu run a 7800gtx oc?
How to get uncompress video
Audio Problem. Installed but no output
Which would Perform Fastest...?
3dmark 05 SCORES
Help on OC'ing
9700Pro Stopped Working
kenwood amp
Which 7800GTX card?
Which 7800GTX card?
7800GTX SLI plus PCI card....problems?
does anyone have the .03 bios for evga's 7800 gt
Just installed my 7800GT
mp3 player in car?
Why is this so much?
ASUS with nVidia GForce 7800GT - cooling
Setting brightness and contrast
Gfx card fan speed
6800GS agp?
Matrox Parhelia Performance in Direct X?
Overclocking an ASUS N6600 256MB PCI/E
fan noisy - pny geforce 6600 agp 256mb
Help with new 6600GT
Ultra-D audio
how would 7800GTX look on big screen tv?
ViVo Problems with Gigabyte 6600GT
Geforce 5500 OC'd Benchmark
Having problem with HL2
Can you unlock the pipelines on this one?
Corrupted text in Creative Audio Console, reinstall didn't help.
Good overall sound advice
6800GS question
clicking noise
Issues with rivatuner 15.8 and 7800gtx clocks
Radeon TV-out
Taking the plunge on 6800GT AGP
Best way to OC a 6series graphics card?
X800GTO Did I unlock it or am I stupid?
Did my GPU messed up my sound???
Inno 6600GT 128MB PCI-Express
LCD help
Radeon 9550 running in AGP 4x
Sli ?
Sapphire X800 gto2 or x850xt ?
Quadro FX4500
my 7800gt
Deperate need of help.
Quick nVidia WDM q'
Pinky need suggestion on best XP (NT based) driver for radeon 64 DDR
Radeon 8500 for 203 shipped at Dell Oct 17th only!
help me find TV drivers for Voodoo3500
A true challenge.
$328 R9700
How to get Ogg to work in Winamp?
Monitor Mod
drivers for GeForceFX?
how long to clear CMOS?
OMG CompUSA sucks so bad!
Radeon fan.
Well i went out looking for a 9800 Pro, I came home with a 9700 Pro, but....
Wee, Radeon 9500 Goodness - And a Question
9700, low res AA+AF vs high res without
ATI Strikes Back
9700non pro oc problems
GeFroce2 MX 400 32mb vs GeForce4 MX 440 64mb DDR.
Geforce 2 Ultra or Geforce 4 MX?
thermaltake geforce4 cooler
ATI 9100/9000 cards
Omega drivers for 9700 pro?
SHOCK! Driver probs with 9700 pro
9600PRO overclocks like MAD!
LCD glasses.
powercolor radeon 9700 any good ?
Huge difference between 9700 and 9700 pro?
256mb 9700?
3D glasses, am I deluding myself?
Ge-Force 4 Ti 4200 drivers??????
Looking for a Tech Demo...
Any RUMORS about when 15ms 19" LCD come out?
WOOT just got a 9500 pro....which drivers should I use?
I need to buy new 3D glasses.
Anyone try 5600 fx yet?
Logitech z-560's
Best Head phones
Sound Problem, Suggestions?
which radeon to get?
Whens the next line of NVIDIA cards comin out?
axiontech ****ed the hell out of me.
my barton overlcocking.....
Very Bizzare Heat Problem
Audigy 2 remote
I want a 6.1 Klipsch or Logitech
MSI NBOX 5900 Ultra VS MSI FX5900 Ultra
creative stand alone sub?
GF4 ti4400 for $100?
9600pro Voltmod ?
Audigy 2 Platinum and Gamecube, Compatible?
Lookin for a good webcam...
is this for real?
wat's a good 3dmark03 score?
Running AGP and PCI
Upgrade from 7800gt to 1950pro?
"Microsoft MCE Black and White Levels" ?
3D Modelers, which DX10 card to get?
Finally time to upgrade
Which Card Should I Take???
cheap video cards
Do you think this will fit (pics)
Time to Upgrade!!
direct X10 compadability
wat should i get? experts please
NVIDIA at top of Stand Alone Hill
Need card for 52" Aquos LCD
Im really stuck on what I should buy.. sub $100-$120
DX 10.1 Won't Work With 8800/2600 Cards Needs New Hardware
Best card for 30 inch Dell LCD
Vid Card Slowing Down System?
Which card would be better?
Video card switch, re-install windows?
Trying to see if its worth it to upgrade
Trying to see if its worth it to upgrade
New Video Card
7900gs vs. other budget cards...
Budget help
ATI or Nvidia ( I own both )
8800GTS Prices?
new graphics card
best graphics card for 70
upgrade help 4 my system plz
Trying to find a gpu stresser
GPU effects on CAD
3dMark 06 Advanced
CPU & FSB overclocking seem stable but effect 3D applications...
2600Pro vs 8500GT for HD
AGP adapt to PCIe x16?
AGP DirectX 10
ATI or Nvidia?
MS Fix SLi & X-Fire For VISTA
Upgrade Question
which card for 1680x1050 gaming?
Which will be better Between these chips???
HD X2600 vs 8600
updating old A7n8x-x
2 x 2600 pro vs. 8600GTS?
Well no video card works now
Are you happy with your Video Card? v.2007
GPU Recommendation - 19A on 12V
Looking for good low profile pci gfx card
DirectX 10 only games?
GPU power requirements - more or less down for the next generation?
*Quality PICS* 8800 ?
Good read for those indoubt of the 2900xt
Help! I think my card is artifacting!
Killed old card...need advice on new one
Where's the Express Video for Notebooks?
2900xt draws more power than 8800ultra
2900XT Crossfire Beats Single 8800Ultra, But What about SLI 8800GTX?
cheap PCI Express X1 video card?
AeroFlip support
Need a Gfx card ~80
Best AGP card I can get is?
Looking for new card
Next Generation Cards
Running 3 Monitors with set of PCI and PCI-E cards??
DX10 Wallet Assault!
D3D Hardware T&L questions and GPU stuff
6150 vs X300
3d mark score
What to get?
problem with games minimizing to desktop
Cheapest Card to Display 1920x1080 on 42" Plasma
Video Card RAM
7800GT or X1950Pro
Making a new rig, need a GFX card recommendation
Having trouble deciding on a new GPU
C&C3 locks up
I thought it was the video card?
Thinking DX10
getting rid of vsync and tearing
Nvidia 7950 Vs. ATI X1950 (Both 256mb versions)
HD Decoding, Video cards, and You
Better value card
When will REAL DX10 games come out?
Video card temp
Post your Aquamark3 score
what is a good upgrad vga for kids rig
Will my board support x16
7300GT vs x1600 pro
DX10 benchmarks?
A cheap BUT GOOD video card
Who's waiting on a video card in the mail?
6600GT vs X800 vs X800GTO vs 6800GT
Need Advice!!!!