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Looking for a videocard for a friend (a bit of a charity donation really lol)
Display problem?
Best AGP card
Question about ATI Tool.
DX10 AGP?!
Video card rankings
X1950PRO versus 8800GTS 320mb
What would you do?
Video Card Rankings
Order these gfx card's in how good they are...
X1950PRO or 8600GTS
Eyes set on 8800GTS but advice needed.
New video card for a Pent D 4.0Ghz
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Video Card Advise
7950GT vs X1950PRO for agp - which is better?
Oi i dont know what to do
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Why do high end gfx cards matter?
best GPU for my system
DVI not working? Please help
7600gt or 7900gs
Poor ATI - R600 doomed from the start (8800GTX still king)
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2007 VGA charts are up!
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Shopping for DX9 at about the $200 price point
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Phys X cards
2d tearing!
Anyone Seen This? PCIE Graphics Card Protector? LOL
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PCI Video card ??
AGP Upgrade Question
Which One to Get- 7600GT or X1650Pro ??
PCI Video Card?
nVidia 7600GS VS ati x1650PRO
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Should I upgrade AGP GPU?
HDTV + Monitor help
New PC need GPU
Help picking new video card
8600GTS = Sucky bang for the buck?
Radeon Xpress 200 or FX5500 AGP?
6600GT vs X1650
Monitor or Card?
x19??xt/xtx or the 7900gt/gtx???
tv tuner question
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Is the 7300GS worth the purchase?
AGP 4x - best card?
PCI Epress or AGP 8x?
Quick question...
Compare this card-Vs Nvidia SLI
Need a good card for gaming/cg
greys coming up teal
Capture cards without video lag: Do they exist?
Time to upgrade from 9800pro
small question.
pci-e 8x video card
VGA, DVi then what???
Radeon X1950PRO or GeForce 7900GS
DirectX 10, What is all the Fuss? Mini Guide
Just need confirmation
Need laptop video advice
AGP is making the jump to DX10?
How far can AGP/PCI go without locks?
looking for a video card
Is this true?
Windows thinks I have a PCI-5700LE...
How do I find out if a graphics card is damaged?
worth upgrading 7800GS to 1950PRO?
Final Suggestion On HTPC Budget GPU Needed.
lock ups due to video card?
7300gt vs x1600pro
Budget GPU needed plz
Nvidia 8900 Series
x800 GTO2 modded to a 7800 GTX
ughh, what card to buy
so normal ram can be used as video ram?
I almost cried tonight!
Can I have more then 1 video card
Direct X problems
S3 supersavage OCing
how to put as5 on 7900gt
What card should I use?
how do i use ATI Tool...?
New System - looking for good card to OC
512mb Over 256mb GDDR3 - Whats The Benifits?
i don't understand DirectX...
just bought a new video card... i just want to make sure it's a good one...
i'm pretty sure i burned my GPU but i just want to make sure...
8x AGP card into 4xAGP slot
Sapphire Radeon 9600XT 256MB AGP*8 Graphics card
Will the New 8600ultra be better then the 7600gs
quadro/fireGL mods?
Kickin it old school: 9800pro vs ti4200?
What is the best video card for under 140?
Noob question, Which proggy to burn the gpu ?
Recommendations for a new video card
x1650xt vs 7600gt for FSX
Recommend Me a Notebook Video Card!
External Graphics Cards For Laptops!?!?
Is my x800gt really that bad
Best AGP solution for $60?
Any issues with Dual GPU?
Fastest AGP Card Available?
7900gs or the 1950pro
Geforce 7950 GT KO or Radeon X1950 XT?
So what is coming up????
Intel Discrete GPU Roadmap Overview
screen split multisampling glitch
8800GTS vs X1900 Crossfire
most power queit single slot cooled card?
AGP Upgrade?
Worth upgrading my video card to something else?
How would a 9800pro stack up to....
IS DX10 needed in the next year and a half.
Kinda forced to update please advice
Can I install a non Dell video card in a Dell PC?
Nvidia 7950 GT
Honest answers only please...
7600GS or 7600GT?
Graphics and TV card Combined?
How much do i really need?
Different video card manufacturers
Need a cheap AGP card that will run America's Army
Does this mean my video card is dying?
My woes, time for an Upgrade
CrossFre vs. SLI - What's better
Final advice
What gpu??
Driver update package; how would you know if it included your card?
need a TV tuner card
Best video card for shuttle g2?
Please delete me - Wrong Forum.
dual pci-e help...(new setup)
Crossfire overclocking
6800GS vs. 1950xt vs. 1900xtx
Been out of the game... Need Recomendations..
No DVI signal during startup
MUST READ: Is Upgrading AGP Systems Worth It? Benchmarks!
suggestions for a video card
Best silent GPU solution
Two ATI1950's or one GTX8800
ati 9600se agp vs 256MB nVidia 7600GT PCI-E
Could have a problem
New card recommendation please
Budget 1080i 42" HDTV AGP Card
Pace of GPU performance improvements
The dangers of dust
Worth upgrading from x1600 now?
Cheap Video Card for Vista *No Gaming*
Need AGP card for new 37" 1920*1080 display
Need help choosing a new GFX Card
Gf 7950 GT Vs X1950 XT
New system together no video...
new display connector coming but not till 2012
Looks like Intel is planning ahead....
system froze in 3dmark05
Dual monitor simultaneous output Limitations???
need some help
VIVO and XFX 7900GT
Dell Optiplex 320 video card.
7900gs vs x1950pro
Need a Graphics Card, No Games
Quick Question
VGA to component
stuttering and skipped frames during 1080i playback
SLI Help (read stickies) -- Booting issue.
xpsm140 graphics upgrade?
Big decision 7950 GT vs X1900 XT ???
Nvidia 6100 or X300?
Zalman VF900 still a good buy?
lol when my vid card does this what does it mean?
Looking for a video card
pc to tv
gfx card to last until dx10
gpu's and cpu overclocking
PVR Recommendations
The hunt for a new graphics card continues...
Need help with what Video Card to buy.
Cheap Dual DVI cards?
I need quick reply! out of these inexpensive cards, which is better?
Best/Cheapest Video Card to run HL2 1280x1024 ?
Shader Model 4.0
Dual Monitors = Dual Video Cards?
DVI Connector dies?
Upgrade from an X700Pro to a 6800? Yes or no?
7900gt or x1800xt with new e6400 &ab9 pro
need to read before i buy!! :-(
Budget video card advice needed
Need Advice on Upgrading from a 9600XT
AGP card suggestion
p4 bandwith and new vga's
OCZ will enter graphics market
Minimum card for 1920x1080 gaming?
HD Media Center PC - Will this work??
Santa's coming
Possibly looking for new AGP card for Christmas. Don't know about my system.
Display problems/color glitches...
Got a new CPU, and all most things lockup
3 Monitors - 3 Video cards?
Justice Dept. subpoenas AMD, Nvidia
7950GT or X1950XT?
New Video Card Selection
Good AGP card 850xt PE or 7800gs co sc
7900gt problem
What pci express card would you buy with 120
Looking for a mid-range card that doesn't use much power.
3dmark06, 3dmark05, pcmark05 patch updates released
oblivion/ morrowwind what card need advice for friend
Sorry, another help post for vid cards
Need advise plz help
Best card for $120 CDN
Ageia Runtime Engine Increases Gaming Performance?
TV Tuner
Best card for 1680x1050 gaming.
Small little thingies around GPU what are those?
what kind of vga for tv?
Armed Assault
pc crashes when trying to benchmark
need a cheap card for...
Help with new card??
Which card?
Regarding HDTV and Video Output
X800 Pro = ?
If eVGA started selling making/selling ATi's, then I'd switch to ATi.
Can anyone recommend a new graphics card? About 150 / $250 to spend
Question about crossfire/sli
Need a Budget video card help me pick
Need a shader 3.0 card
Upgrading...for Dark Messiah
42" Monitor gaming.
the delicate art of removing ramsinks
Best Card Below $150
Anticipating DX10?
SLI or single ATI (FAN BOYS OUT!)
Bout time! - Big GPU's set to die
video splitter
is it worth upgrading my video card with an AMD XP 1700?
Do multiple monitors require more CPU usage?
Question about SLI
CPU feeding GPU(s)
Silent Video card choise
Vidcard for Neverwinter Nights 2
Hurry, what's better? 7900GS or X1600pro?
Upgrade X800^2 to MSI 7900GTO - worthwhile or not?
Voodoo 3 3000 AGP w/ windows 98SE.
Video Card Selection Help
Is my videocard salvagable?
Choosing new gfx card help
What's the DX10 deal?
AS5 on X1900 RAM
x850 pro vs 6800 gt (both agp)
AGP card best matched/W two 3.3HZ Xeons?
graphics issue
Nifty Video Card Review at Tom's Hardware
7600gs or x800?
Good Card for Core 2
PCIe Frequency
Stupid PCI/PCIe question
Where to buy in Orlando FL?
Best card for $50
Graphic issue on SMP servers!
How long do I have to wait to buy a new card?
Better get a 7900GTO asap if you want one
Need a Super cheap dual monitor card...
Need advice what brand and model of GPU to get
Which is fastest?
Unlocked x850 = Pwnz0r3ed
Good AGP Card
Best AGP video card for an Athlon XP 2500+?
Video card question
F.E.A.R,*Oblivion and BF 2142 @ max settings
ATI x1950 256MB AGP
what will happen?
pci card problem
pci card problem
Which GPU to Pick?
Graphics Cards...
Noisy GPU fan - Won't stop rattling!
DX 10... and OpenGL
whats better for cost/performance?
Help with buying a capture card/tv tuner card
Why do some people _hate_ AGP?
X1900XT = Dead, PCI Card to hold me over ?
Looking for recommendations for GPU for CAD workstation
Splitting one monitor into multiple displays - on one monitor
NVidia 7900GTO 512mb vs ATI X1900XT 256mb
AGP: Is this a good solution?
128bit or 64 bit for a PCI card?
Question about the cost factor of 128 Bit vs 256 Bit on graphic cards memory
Top 10 video cards? And more question
what am I looking for when it comes to Crossfire/SLI?
Re-design upcoming GPU Cores
need a video card, $125-$150 range
need help deciding
7800 gs or better
So how are ATis drivers these days?
Intel to fund PowerVR Tech in new Integrated VGA!!
PCIe, does it matter which one to use???
7600GS VS X1650 PRO
Need HDTV video card
evga 6800gs vs. HIS Hightech X1600XT
TV Tuner Capture Card? Best Bang For Buck? (quickie)
DTV Capture Card/Tuner?
7600GT vs X850 XT PE
Video card around $100
No video card for my motherboard
S3 Returns, S3 S27 HD Graphics Card
Advice needed on which video card to use please
LOL 3dmark 2000 Score.....I was bored.
Any experience with ComputerHQ?
Does ATI have 'nv pure video' acceleration equivalent?
Time for a new vid card.
Looking to upgrade graphics card, need advice.
Need some Expert Help
Best Composite Video Capture PCI Card?
DX10 capable video card release date
7900GS VS X1900GT HELP (for a TWO screen flight sim pc)
So what should I look for when selecting a projector?
Um, check out this pic of my screen when I try to boot
7950GT vs x1900xt 256MB- need opinions
Advantage of more onboard memory?
No HDCP for AGP ?
Reccommended GPU for Photoshop
DX10 Cards?
2 video card problem
So my PCI-e adapter cable just disintegrated...
anyone with a dual monitor setup? how u do it?
7900gs or...um?
2d more difficult then 3d
ZM80C-HP vs ZM80D-HP
Dual core GPUs??
Best video cards for editing
On a scale of 1 to 10...
undecided on what v/c to get....
need help finding a card for my system
Best card for under $100
how good is this compared to the newer cards
Suggestion Tv tuner/recorder
Tv capture card
HTPC questions related to video out
S-video to RF Modulator Has no color?? Help!
need CHEAP Video Card for a dell
Vid card options <$200 (aka 'what's best')
ATI AIWX1800 XL 256 MB PCI Express Question...
Question about Video Capture Card...
Dual GPU not all its cracked up to be?
Deciding between 3 AGP cards...
ATI PCI Express Video card VIVO vs Pinnacle PCI?
X-fire X1950/x1900 or x1900/x1950 you mix it :)
List of all cards
4 screen display
7900GT oc or go with ATI X1900XT
Next Gen Cards Power Hungry
ATI vs NV 'image quality'
Slot/component "extensions" ie: AGP/PCI-x etc
next gen video cards to require 1KW PSU's????!?!
PCI-Ex4 or AGP x 8 Video card upgrade?
Nvidia Geforce 6 Series (NV40) can do MSAA and SSAA!
What should I do in this situation, what should I get?
dx10 question?
7900GT, 7600GT or Other Ideas?
pci-x16 riser
Please Help!!!
Quick question
best card for a budget.
Lapping gfx card HSF?
Crossfire or SLI?
dual minotors
7900gtx or x1900xtx
Problem with shared intel graphics...
ATi vs Nvidia?
What do artifacts really look like...
cheap upgrade
noob question alert... vga ram q
Definitive graphic card power consumption thread
good integrated video?
standard pci-e speed 8x or 16x
an "Oh *****" moment
Recommended Quality Graphics Card for Workstation (Intel Core 2 Duo Conroe)
Help! X800Pro "not powered"
Do I need a video capture card if I have a VIVO video card?
I wanna get a new graphics card...^^;
Disabled Video Card from Windows...
looking for a new vid card for a Dell 3007wfp
Maximum Resolution for my card?
What Video Card Today Beats My ATI x850XT Platinum Edition 256MB?
ATi Becomes Amd?
Geforce 6100 equivalent?
What graphics card will fit my PC?
PIC Express and 6 Monitors
Support for 1680x1050
AMD & ATI what will the future bring?
Video Card with VIVO and 256 or 512 MB?
New Video Card [I Read The Sticky] :D
Is my friend lying out of his arse?
need a new graphic card
7600GT overclocked vs 7800gt overclocked
9600 pro DOA or not...??
x850xt or 7600 gs?
Need help with a 3D visualization for mediaplayer (whitecap)
need help to choose a video card
200W GPU's Better Get Ready
ViVo with cable
How to clone a desktop...
Video memory watcher says 751.75mb ram on x1900xt
Best sub 200 Card?
DVI In a nutshell?
HDTV COMPONENT video out.... help
How far does the rabbit hole go?
ati/nvidia physics drivers
Physix Cards
PCI Express slot
Avoid which Video card?
cheap usb tv tuners?
running a video card the other way up
Newb question.
Quadro FX 1500 or 9750GX2 or 9700s SLI ?
Sweetest photo on the internet
GPU upgrade and Unreal Tournament
7900GT or X1900XT?
this is a pooter 3D question, 3D what, uno, w/ the glasses
Havent upgraded since 2000 , need hardware advice.
Need AGP Card for multiple display config
AMD Could Make GPU
At what point is 256mb not enough?
Undecided on GPU
What PCI-E card for 300-400?
Need some help
ATI x1900xt or EVGA 7900gt?
6600gt to x800pro?
Physics Cards From DX9 To 10
SLI 7600 or 7800GT?
PCI Card Help
$100.00 Best option for vid card
best agp ~$200
Gainwar and Inno3d
how can you tell if your gfx is bottlenecked
How do you know which video cards is compatable with a mother board?
Video capture card
NV Silencer Thermal Pad replacement
radeon 9600 256mb vs N6600 256mb
Mobile X1400 vs 7300 Go
DX10 cards... Whats your input?
WOW friendly card for friend
Most bang for the buck for my new system
Best ~$150 video card at NEWEGG right now?
graphic card ram sinks
Upgrade from 6600
Who needs a stinking X2800 or geForce 8800!!
x1600pro vs x800gto vs 6600gt vs 6800xt (agp only)
Whats a GART driver
My 7800GTX is DEAD! I have $110
9200SE 128MB vs Nvidia FX 5500 256MB
Crossfire on NV MB
Should i buy this card "check link"
Are rendered screenshots card specific?
ASUS Splendid... What a joke.
Video Card Install Problem. Eeep.
Top-End Video Cards
Question about Wattage usage on modern vid cards
perfect Choise x1800 & 7600 & 6800
How important is pixel shader 3
Samsung ships GDDR4 memory chips
Old AGP slot (where to get a card?)
AGP 2x/4x vx 4x/8x
New Poll?
Need help choosing mid-range card...
Multiple Displays ( 3 or more ) questions?
need an agp upgrade
Plz help with chosing new card.
3dMark2001SE Nature test... butterfly movement
Looking for a TV Tuner
No AGP Slot