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AGP upgrade, advice needed
I cant find any good deals on pci-e when the time comes
So when are they going to make games that look as good as 3Dmark05?
PCI-E x16 card in x1 slot?
Problem, sound I think, in NFS-MW
6800LE replacement, around $150ish
Hauppage PVR250 software choices ?
Which card??? (200-280$ budget)
Adaptive anti-aliasing?
X800GTO2 or 6800GS?
Radeon 9550SE or GeForce 5500? Ordering soon, please advise.
TV tuner card for broadcast
Best PCI-e16 card for 2D, photos
The Best Card For $500
x700 or 6600?
Recommend a PCI-e card for under $100 ?
new AGP card for LCD monitor?
Use PC as VCR?
way to choose which dvd codec media player chooses?
New 512-megabit GDDR4 - Hynix
AGP card below $200?
t0tal n00b help
dvr ---> dvd?
Which card?
AGP Voltage
Upgrading video cards again, WHY!??!
some help please
Composite out to a 15-pin VGA?
strange behavior
X850XT-PE or 6800Ultra for my system
People who had both...
7800GTX 256 or X1800XT 512
TV system?
S3 Review!
Looking for a NEW card? Need help?
Newbie to videocards..
New Vid Card
what card?
New Video problem
Compaq Presario S4000 video upgrade time
video problem after watercooling
Tom's VGA Charts for Winter '05
need some info about two OLD cards
7800 GT Vs X1800XL
Best video card for $200-$250 range?
Graphics card with very low power consumption. What are my options?
Getting MBM5 to show GPU temps
worth the upgrade ?
Going from ATI to Nvidia
what is 3dmark and what is its porpuse?
Intergraded graphic...
Future video cards to feature stock water cooling...yay or nay?
Running dual monitors question
triple monitors, what is needed?
How the HELL do I get rid of this artifacting?
Computer does not reconize my sound card
vide card for shuttle
another new gfx card advice needed thread
Going to school want to Watch Tv on PC
PCI and AGP card but no dual-monitor? Help.
Need info about a budget video upgrade
Help with AGP system upgrade
New vid card time.
Help on buying a new videocard
What card?
Temperamental severe artifacting
Easy way to hook up a to the computer??
Adding a Small LCD
X700 or 6200?
Matrox Parhelia Performance in Direct X?
Masterful review of high end cards at firingsquad:
Looking for a new card...AGP only...
Ultimate Driver Poll
Current gen Card lineup.
PCI-Express Power Connection?
playing dvr-ms files on win 2000
Half-Life 2: X850XT PE vs. 7800 series cards
Overclocking CPU causes video problems
Graphic Card(+Mobo) Upgrade?
Downclocking your videocard in 2d
Wireless Remote Controls for PC?
Hdtv Pci Tv Tuner?
Is this an upgrade or downgrade
What card is better. BATTLE of the behemoths
Quick vid car question
the significance of oc'ing
Best for Video Encoding
Question concerning bf2 and min req
Letters garbled, and pic distorted 6600gt
Performance: X1800XT Crossfire vs. nVidia 7800GTX SLI
Couldn't do it (rma)
6600 gt vs x800 se
is burning in important on brand new componants
Ultra sensitive mic
PCIe TV Tuners?
Low Profile AGP 8x video card
Best card for $150?
x1800 XT vs 7800 GTX512
Artifacting... In Windows?
Full AA @ 1280x1024
I need a new video adaptor
PCIE Test Card (Elcheapo)
X800XT AIW a decent upgrade from a 6800nu?
Any of you running 2 screens + a TV?
VGA memory question abt DDR, DDR2 & DDR3
video capture cards
Video card won't wake from sleep
is a x850xt still a good card
$200 to spend, what card?
Is it the monitor or the video card
Whats a good card to get for like 150
Vid card causing system hanging at high fsb?
Is It My Video Card or Monitor?
X800 Pro VS 6800@16 pipes!
need help with video card upgrade
DVD playback with artifacts?
Best AGP Video Card for under $200!?!
PCI-E 1x
Serious Stability Issues
need help making an mp3 sound better (its legal)
AGP 4x limitations
Agp card for this rig
Divx movies dont play on the tv.
100 agp graphics card
pci express question
Looking for a high quality mpeg2 card
My screen suddenly got blurry
Is there an app for comparing video files?
best card for $180?
Wheres the place place to check for x-mas deals on vidcards?
HELP! Vid card problem!
Pcie frequency settings?
AGP 8x to PCI-E 16 converter?
A little help with my video card
Lagging Problems!
6800GS or x800GTO2 (pipemodded)?
I had too much time but...
What should i upgrade?
Video Tuner / S-Video In Card
Cheapest Video Card to Play BF2 at Full Settings with acceptable performance?
school me on the diffs b/t "gamer" & "workstation" cards
More GPU Core, or more Pixel Pipelines?
is it me or did "basic" cards about triple in price?
Which GFX card is good for me?
Vid card going bad?
3DMark's world record: mark01 @ 50,614
Help making decision all read.
DVI-D vs D-Sub colors and crispness is there any way to improve the D-Sub?
Where am I bottle-necking?
I need a new Video Card
Best Video Cards for $xxx price?
Havok to Compete With AGEIA in PPU Market
Trying to pick a decent video card
is it Time we stop saying more ram is useless?
how does doom3 run on xbox?!
so I tried to boot at 2.9ghz...(ultra-d)
x850 vs. a 7800
Not going pci-e for a while, help me :D
Vegas show tickets at a great
Question about video drivers
Question about updating
Is this a good deal?
128DDR3 or 256DDR
2405FPW, video goes blank after ~10 seconds.
Release: ImageCompare v1.3 is available for free!
verification of my lifeless videocard :(
Display settings
Powercolor X800 XT PE AGP $250, should I?
which card until i get pci-e?
7800GTX or X1800XL
which one to replace 9800Pro
DVD player plays audio CD's and DVD but no sound from DVD???
you would never guess who just walked into my lab....
Non-Gaming dual DVI, or DVI + VGA AGP
Video Problem
Streaming With Firewire & IRQs
TV Tuner not recognized by software
DVI Cable = no video
Ramsinks - useless?
cheapo video card for ~$80?
Whats the best video card for $300 or less?
Need advice on new Video Card
Is this a good vid card for the price.
Burn-in a GPU?
need some serious help
Add in AGP adapter?
Someone knowledgeable... what exactly are the transfer rates?
2x performance by using interlace (1080i)?
Is this possible???? If so, HOW???
6800GT(U?) or X850XT
Annoying background noise
Display/Video Problems Please Help!
best card <$300
S-video question
<70$ video cards
What vid card Photoshop CS rig
Cheapest Card for Older Games?
2 computers to one monitor?
X300SE 128mb or 6200TC 256mb
Video Card or Video device w/TV tuner?
ATI Radeon X1800XL + new PC games
What is Core VID?
Cooling for ATI Radeon X800 XT AIW
X800GTO2 or 7800GT???
Anyone care to give suggestions?
dell 2405 fpw 1920x1600 in WOW
Budget card
Quick question
6800GT or x800/x850?? price performance
I have come to the conclusion the 9600se sucks
sell the gtx for a 512mb x1800xt when its out
Need advice
What is the point of volt-modding? I see many people that don't with same performanc
new graphics card for my old system
video editing
VGA Card's Overclocking settings get reset when I overclock my CPU?
Gaming microphone
Please help - System hangs when doing graphic
OK guys...how about this card?
GFX card for my newly built rig ?
Want ot buy an AGP X800Pro or something
In search of video card suggestions...
Is a kick @ss video card really necessary????
Bets card for ~170
Picture // display doesn't show?
A question of Bandwidth
ATi .. or hop to Nvidia?
AA and AF question
tv wonder elite
What card supports the Dell 2005FPW native res of 1680x1050?
Which has the better architecture R520 vs. G70
which card
Which AGP Card? Check my table.
Had to RMA my 9800 Pro...need upgrade advice...
Does anyone know what this does?
GPU temp 256C!!!???
stick with agp or upgrade and get PCI express
ATi (real ATi) X850XT Platinum Edition 256MB or NVIDIA (BFG) 6800 Ultra OC 256MB
Recording with a laptop
Card to replace my 9800 pro ?
AGP to PCIe Riser?
What Video Card Has The Word "Top" On It?
Install new graphics cooler or not?
ATI vs Diamond...is there a difference?
WTF! Quadro?
Video Card help
Paying the price for my own risk taking/stupidity
Gigabyte GA-8N SLI Quad Royal
Graphical glitches only on 3D games
TV tuner card
I Finaly Broke 15k In 03!! Yay!
top of the range graphics card
Need MAJOR help choosing a card!
x1600Pro, 6800nu, or Something Else?
Need Help, Celeron - 2.4GHz - 256MB RAM
7800 GTX Go at Dell.
Technical websites about how video cards work
Dell 5160
Skrinking mp3's?
Cheap PCI-E card?
So what's the verdict?
modem/sound combo problems??
Need card with largest resolution.
Good Deal If Done Right?
The first of the x1x00 reviews is here
which graphic card?
HardOcp slashes out at ATI CrossFire MIA
Best AGP out to buy now.
Picking a video card
eVGA Cards
Recent Changes In PCI-e Specs?
AGP2??? Is there such a thing comeing?
BFG 7800GT problems
How hot is too hot?
What Is Your In-Game Refresh Rate?
Gigabytes 4*SLi card... more info from Tweaktown
ATI or Nvidia cheap card w/ TV-out for HTPC
Onboard Audio Toasted?
DVI odd grey artifacts that run horizontal
How to disable Rivatuner test?
Nvidia to counter ATI with 512mb ver. of GTX
Video troubles...
ATi Radeon X1K Series Pricing Revealed
More Q's(4), ASUS "Silencer" cooling??
Big Problem
Article idea: upgrade from agp -> PCIe with 478 socket intel? Anyone interested
Can't we all just get along??
Anyone know if x800gto2 is going to be agp?
It seems the 7800 GTX not the fastest card for all new Games.
Whats better?
AVerTVHD MCE a180 problems
Video Card RAM Timings Thread (for Tweekers)
X800Pro vs. 6800 (non-GT)
With a Socket 478 Am I pretty much out of luck with PCI express?
A Question Of Inches............
Quad Sli
>9550 256mb
Do you think this is heat?
Need an answer to a simple question
Budget card for FEAR
Need to replace my GF4 Ti4400
Good HL2 Video Card
Can't watch video... help!
Upgrading my 9700P
Need a Video Card
gEforce 6600 gt
3DMark05 Projected Performance Of Future Video Card?
Lagging in 2D
GPU protection
Budget card required-advice please
Upgrades *please move*
I'm An Idiot...........You decide.
messed up shadow effects in bf2
RTS gaming: ati x850xt vs nvidia 6800gt
is there any end? 4*pci-e
PCI-E cards to standard monitors...?
I don't think my program is getting my driver settings....
Does a DVI to VGA adaptor effect anything?
Whose At The Top Of The AGP Heap?
asap need advice
Are stock gpu coolers + fans junk or what?
First time pci express, need advice
TRUE Dual X16 SLI.........Here Now!
RCA/Svid are they NTSC or PAL or can they be both???
x800pro vs 6600gt ?
VideoCard or Monitor
Overclocking - In general
trouble brewing?
Computer is blacking out...
Say What?!
Normal vs Bump Mapping
possibly screwing up my video card?
decent agp x8 cards under 100
no picture?
radeon 700 32mb ddr agp vs gf2 mx 400 128-bit 64mb agp
X1800 First benchmarks!
Time to update a sticky
Is this card fried??
Weird noises from case
which one is the one???
Question about 1680x1050: how do I use it?
time for upgrade
Comparable to 9800pro?
Help Support Hurricane Relief By Buying This Vid Card!
going from 6600gt to x800pro
Pixel Pipeline Perplection...
6600GT vs x800/6800
AGP question
Framerates In Battlefield 2...........What You Got?
One Step Higher?
Microsoft DRM
Unbiased Calculated Perf of X1800 Vs 7xxx
x800xl Vs. 6800GT
Boot and no video??
X800pro or 6800le?
wtf is happening to my computer!??1one
Video Card, Mobo, CPU. An easy buy?
help me decide
Graphics card unknown parts: Power connector?
Cards of Tomorrow -+-
Game Capture
cooling XFX cards
Nice 3d-demo to push your GPU!
Compro Videomate T200
Suggested VGA's
"BFG" 6600GT OC or x800 pro?
cpu crashes 30 seconds into games
OpenGL 2.0 + AGP
super sensitive tiny (preferably wireless) external microphone
WHY my CPU utilization idles around 50-60%?
x800 xt pe vs 6600 gt
Tired of waiting for R520 and bought 2x7800-GTX...I feel like a looser!
WTB: OEM cooling fan and heatsink
Does the Intel 82845G/GL Support 2005fpw?
MPEG Processing...VideoCard or CPU dependent???
Lol been away for a while
x800 or 6800?
9800pro Upgrade
GDDR3 vs. DDR1
Nvidia Claims optimization was a "bug"!
going obsolete any time soon?
Germans claim Nvidia caught over optimising
HELP ME!!! x850XT-PE or 7800GTX ???
low FPS prob
Recommendation for a fanless, low power, good performance video card *cheap*
ATI or Nvidia
Strange behavior after 3DMark01 is left looping. Please advise.
Opinion about HDR.
Cannot display this Video Mode in bios?? What to reinstall?
which card
Did my video card die?
Video card to recieve cable TV.
RivaTuners' "PowerUser" - How to use?
video quality when recording from tv card?
pci-e for around 200$
Video options for overclocking while waiting for 7800gt price drop
Should i wait out for the R520?
Need help with dual moniters. (vid card prob)
Video and DFI questions
ATi motherboard on its way?
My Everest Screenie Question
Stange 16bit colors when playing .avi's.
TV Tuners
Another "Which Viedo card should I use" :)
Which Vieo Card
what games can I run with this Setup?
7800 GT Vs X800 Vs 2X6600GT SLI
Cheapie Speakers
Sound card problems
Return of the age-long argument
DirectSound Output Problem...
is a molex to pcie cable included
O/C while waiting for a new vga card?
6800 - problem with GPU overclocking =(
ati2dvag.dll error...
ARGH! Which card?...
Temps for X800 XL
x800xl or 6800gt
PSU Damaged?
9800 pro vs x700
Got a video card? Bench it for me! (Building a performance list)
Good Thing I Waited
Problem with games...
Upgrade from faithful 9800Pro to BFG 6800nu OC, $150?
Intel Extreme Graphics 2
Video Caputre Questions
Need Advice ATI 9600XT vs. GeForce 6600
Swap Stereo Channels
<<urgent!! Need Advice On What To Do>>
8x agp not working?
What card for my system?
Getting video off 8mm tape?
Beta Software released at OCforums.com...
Has anyone seen this problem before? 'dead pixels' in BIOS/POST/Windows XP Instal
no picture with xfx 6600gt?
best tweak sorta cheap video card :]
New 6800XT
Real quick question needs awnsering..
Should i have VIVO or not
Nvidia cuts prices $100 on 6-series cards
when will prices fall if this is true?
7800GTX: worth waiting for more interesting models?
Call me crazy... Looking for a product I can't find anymore
What VId. card to get??
nVidia Geforce FX 5200 help
Solutions to artifacting?
3dMark03/05 Results: STOCK CLOCKS vs OVERCLOCKS (cpu and video!)
Generic Psu Causeing artifacting?
PCMark04 problem with 6800GT
SLI VS DXG? please help asap
Which single card can power 4 x 24" or greater LCD?
All 3DMark apps crash on me... but games play fine... ?
Hello there
In-Game Crashing... any ideas?
Upgrading 6600GT. What is worth it?
3D Stable
[HELP] Webcam - what is out there today?
Should I wait for the x900/Fudo?
.WMA and .AVI colors are "off"
what card with my rig?
Headphone question
Video Capturing posible w/ 6600GT and...
ATI card pricing in the near future?
Would this be a smart move?
SapphireTech warranty on video cards?
need help choosing a new vid card.
budget budget video card, which to choose?
Goo Gone Safe? Need suggestions.
solid gaming videocard?
vga cable wire pinout......help
need a littel info
Best budget agp card?
x800 vs 6600gt
Thinking About 6600gt??
Video and Sound Problems!! Help!
Sound Audigy 2 NX Problem
Leadtek Winfast tv200xp deluxe
Whats better? stock x800pro or softmodded 6800?
$70 or less AGP Video Card
Power of 3 ! 8/11/05
PCI-E Card within a budget - PLEASE help
VGA RAM sinks: what do you use to "glue" them in place?
6600gt's in SLI or a 6800 ultra?
Video card + HD upgrade
X700PRO or 6600GT?
tv tuners
Riva tuner reporting wrong core speed
Cant get dual montiors working...help please