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Building a product based on the distance\magnetic sensor
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Creative Sound Blaster Z SBX PCIE Gaming Sound Card
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Tube amp kits... worth it?
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Small stereo amp
Klipsch KMC1 Bluetooth Portable Speaker, Amazeballs!!
Want a great headset.
Audigy 2 crackles-absolute fix 100%, may also be others in same series
Help - PC Surround sound.
No sound on my Asus Xonar Essence STX
Need headphone recommendation for isolating low frequency hum
Headset for music/gaming $100
Mystery sound interference.
Need budget headset suggestions
Cheap sound card recommendation please
5.1 speakers
Laptop Audio hardware good enough?
Best bluetooth/wireless and possibly portable mp3 player
Splitting mic from xbox one to PC if possible
Best way to transfer albums
Asus Xonar DG not being detected?
Logitech Z506 - rear speakers produce low quality, distorted sound
Recording drums
Sound through 2 DVI/HDMI ports simultaneously
Really need to put new cable to my speakers, this look decent ???
Creative Soundblaster Z Series Crackle
Using Bluetooth headset on PC
Recommend a $400 set of monitors to match $100 sound card.
Need Help Choosing Speakers and Headphones
Soundblaster Audigy2 ZS digital port - what cable?
Klipsch Promedia 2.1 or Logitech Z623
Odd sound issue
True surround sound headphones/headset
Best Headset Any Budget
Which gaming headset is best for budget?
Any one tried Sennheiser Gaming Headset
USB DAC vs. Sound Card
good sound card within $100 (preferably ASUS)
Sony mdr ds6500 problem
Need help with a home theater solution
Diamond Multimedia XS71HD Sound Card Review
Discrete Sound Card Benefit?
Looking for a head sets, lots of choices!
Headset replacement parts?
Decent 2.0 active system
Mic static on new build/mobo
Trying to find a nice sound card
ALC898 Better than Creative Sound Blaster 5.1VX ?
Are M-Audio BX5 D2 a good choice for simple PC speakers?
Help me find a way around this (HDMI audio issue)
Does this product even exist?
Thoughts on Asus ROG Xonar Phoebus
Need an AMP for my sub
Corsair Vengeance 2100 Dolby 7.1 Wireless Headset Review
Earphones not Loud when Plugged into My Logitech Speakers??
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USB headset with soundcard
General Thoughts about speakers
Audio issues
New PCI-e x1 sound card
Which way to go?
Cannot get my speakers to work.
Best headphones under $40, only $22 during Amazon's Black Friday Sale.
Audio Crackling
Better Soundcard?
Need a new gaming headset. Suggestions?
Searching for Wireless Heaphones
sound card for new headphones+advice on new headphones.
Looking for an inexpsive, quality, low-profile sound card for a 5.1 speaker set
ASRock Z77 Extreme 4: Gaming with headset but no Dolby output, Help!!!
Schiit Modi and Magni - Best audio for the money
microphone delay
Realtek Sound Messed Up
Zalman ZM-MIC1 broken cord
In-ear headphones
Discrete Soundcard - help, info, etc?
Suddenly I've gone deaf or something
SPDIF or HDMI Sound?
Soundcard - PCIE
Switching Between 5.1 and Headphones Alternative?
Gaming headset, wire or wireless?
Xbox audio through PC to headset?
onboard bass is so bad
RF interference through my headphones, any tips to cure it?
New graphics card killed sound??
Optical Input on pc?
microphone trouble
Pc speakers 5.1
Battlefield 1942 & HDMI audio issue
Auzen Forte Replacement Options
Help finding some good Headphones ?
Help Me Chose PC Speakers
Driving Sennheiser 598
Asrock Extrem4 Z77, maybe DDL related
Need Help with Audio Interfaces and such
Win8 sound problem
Busted speakers on laptop, need alternative way for sound...
200 dollar budget, need gaming headset (good mic)
Headphones ~50$
best headphones for gaming ( under $200)
Just Ordered a pair of DT990 Pro
USB Sound Card for Laptop?
Roccat Kave Problem.
Need help deciding (sound card purchase)
ALC898 vs Asus Xonar DX
iMac sound card vs asrock extreme6 z87 on-board
cheaper sound card vs. onboard audio
Can Z-5500 be connected to another receiver?
Razer Surround 7.1
No sound from input devices
Speakers to replace Z5500 (dont mind a 2.1 step up)
Non-Audiophile's attempt to decide on a card based on Surround and SPDIF/Digitia
(Purchase Help)Surround Sound Headset & Card
Are these headsets (Sound Blaster EVO Series) good or what?
Is Creative Sound Blaster ZxR good card or what?
Anybody using a D2X and a receiver?
Sennheiser PC 350 S.E. feedback?
Need a Sound Card.
Toslink issues
Does 600 ohm headphones good or what?
Getting a lot of skipping/popping on audio playback
identifying the plugs on my old stereo
I think my subwoofer died...
Decent gaming headset....?
which way to run audio, two options.
Need help picking headphones.
Can two add-in cards co-exist?
Help With Audio Set-Up
Thinking of buying a sound card...
Looking to purchase a "real" sound card.
Need a gaming microphone(no headset)
I have a ASUS Xonar Essence STX Virtual 7.1 Channels but it lowers the volume fo
Shure SRH 1840. Buy or not?
5.1 speakers
Wireless speakers
Mix amp for PC headset
AD700 and Xonar DGX Setup
Never bought a sound card before am i making a good choice?
Problems with surround sound.
Best Speakers for $300CAD or under for Asus Xonar Pheobus Sound Card
Xonar DG - Multi-Channel or upgrade?
Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 with or without Soundcard?
Headset (Corsair HS1A) mic not working.
What headphones/set/what ever you call them to buy?
Recommendations for a new sound card
Looking into upgrading computer speakers, need advice!
Echo cancellation
Plugging a 5.2 Surround sound into Realtek ALC898
24/192 onboard sound quality compared to 24/96 dedicated soundcard?
Gaming Headset
Soundcard upgrade
What's that smell?
sound card question!
usb sound card adaptors?
help,no onboard audio with MPC 545 intel board
op opa637 Amp
Use old soundcard in new build or just use onboard sound?
Wanting to upgrade my sound system
Needing Equalizer with Analogue Knobs
EZ to use music editing software ( for wife ) ?
Headset Suggestions? (Gaming)
Best soundcard for my needs?
Screeching noise from monitor
Recommend good, decent priced 3D headset? (w/ mic)
Looking for DIN Equalizer with USB
no speaker fill in windows? 5.1 kave
Z5500 Shielding Issue... EMI interference pops, crackles, hisses over optical
Changed GPU to different PCI slot, no sound
undesirable noises
looking for basic wiring help
Onboard soundcard
$300 Budget HT Receiver
Is/are there wirelessheadphone that has connector/support HDMI port, yet?
Rosewill RHTS-8206 5.1 Channel Headset
PSU Powering Car Amp. Hi-Fi Possible?
Sound card/DAC experiences
free beats by dr. dre headphones?
"beats" headphones?
Audio interferance
Does the hdmi from a video card carry 7.1 audio?
Good replacement for Pioneer HTS-GS1?
This thing is amazing.
Ouch! Hot wires!
Asus Xonar Essence STX
Mini mix amp sugestions
Advice on DAC/Headphone amp (or seperates) for Grado SR80i
Need help picking headset/phones?
X-FI Xtreme gamer VS Z77 onboard sound
Help finding a good headset(budget)
Running DVI/HMDI adapter from PC to HDMI TV, no sound!
Vinyl to computer
Xonar Essence ST to z-5500
Can you get hdmi sound with no onboard soundcard?
Help picking a surround sound system
Advice for headphone (Optical)
Need new wireless headphones.
Surround headphones - 5.1 vs 7.1, what should I get anyway?
Blue Yeti Mic Occasionally Freezes/Crashes PC
I can't find anywhere to buy WF-210W Multimedia Earset.
Is it ok to have a sub-woofer on top of my desktop pc?
Anyone rocking KRKs??? (ROKIT 5's?)
Some strange noise, possibly from monitor
Problem with low signal on mic
AV Receiver Conundrum
M-Audio Fast Track issues with Garage Band 11
HTPC Experts? Asus soundcards + Old HT receiver = DTS HD Winning?
PC Gaming/ Enhanced 7.1 Headsets: Dolby Digital or Pro Logic II??
Realtek DTS output through coax?
output 5.1 using spdif
dual bluetooth
S/PDIF vs Analog
Alienware R4 ALX: Sound Card options
Asus D2x Vs HT receiver?
I need some help picking up a good sound card
What is likely to be causing random volume changes?
Xonar Phoebus - soundcard Help!
Rather off the wall question
Rosewill RHTS-8206 Echo
"Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage" vs "Corsair Vengeance 1500 USB"
Gaming Headset, Mid Level - Which one???
Recording too quiet
Amplifiers: Questions from the new guy on the block
Asus Xonar Essence STX settings...need help
Seperate sound outputs (per program)
ASUS Xonar_Xense: RMA Issues
Audio: dazed and confused
Best Wireless Gaming Headset
weird sample rate problem
No subwoofer when full range speakers are selected ????
Good Budget Soundbars
Is there a noticeable difference between onboard S/PDIF Optical Toslink output v
Altec Lansing or Logitech ??
Best option for digital out?
OCF audiophiles take a look at this. (post you vintage adiophiles cans)
Asus Xonar DG drivers issue
Sound card still necessary?
Choosing between two ancient sound cards.
Grado speaker using headphone drivers
Experimenting w/ Wireless HDMI - Having sound problems w/ S/PDIF
the module format is amazing.
tweak your music playback without effort? Fidelizerate it :)
Need a sub and controls - help please?
Sound recording (program)
How to install sound card ??
g35 wired or corsair vengeance 2000 wireless?
EMI/EMR Shield help
Pioneer DEH-150MP Single DIN Car Stereo With MP3 Playback for cheaper?
Blue snowball help?
Are there any headphones for PC that support blu-ray audio?
Wireless Headphones
A great portable MP# player & AM.FM radio?
"Best" 2.1 Speaker System (under ~$150)?
My front Audio sound better compare to Rear?
Corsair vengeance 1500 problem
Audio Pros - Question from a coworker
Subwoofer Advice
Headphones and amp or soundcard?
Help me escape from on board audio!
Corsair 2000 veng. vs Creative WoW Wireless
center or rear
Z313 v Z506
Multiple Devices to One Set of Speakers
Co:caine Headphones and Wavemaster Mobi mini Speaker
Receiver decisions
How many sound channels in game with...
Flipping off your lappy
Need new speakers
Sound card
Which headphones should I get?
Recon3d issue with 5.1
hows my new cable look and case mod look?
Sound card issue - need technical help
need some headsets
Something interesting.
Looking for Mono Analog Headset
Looking for soundcard /w high sound channel count
Should i get a soundcard / headphone?
Newbie Q: Upgrade from Xonar DX to Omega Claro Halo or Xonar Essence ST/STX?
System Build Advice- Speakers
Looking for a Sound Card to fix 2 issues
Lost Sound on my Desktop
No Sound on New PC- install?
is this a decent receiver?
Will a PCI Sound Card Affect PCI 3.0?
No Audio on Newly built PC
anyone still have a Gravis Ultrasound
Astro A40 Headset with Asus Xonar Xense; Will I still need the MixAmp?
Sennheiser PC360 question
Headset, why and how much does it matter?
HDMI out for audio + DVI out for video
YAMAHA HTR 6190 or RX-V1800
Want to get a sound card for my pc
Need LOUD Bluetooth head set
Asus Xonar Essence STX no sound!
logitech x540s
SupremeFX III vs Realtek ALC898
in love with my sextetts
Connecting my TV to my Dell Altec Lansing 5.1 Stereo. Help please.
Suggestions for a Mini Stereo Amp?
Sound Problems HP 1000 Notebook
Overclocking sound cards!?
Old sound card or Onboard Mobo?
Headset repair, need help guys
desktop speakers to hdtv
I have a question about wireless headset/headphone for PC
Gaming headset for 45 ish
Glasses friendly gaming headsets?
Gaming headset suggestion ?
no sound out of audio jack (I know, more complicated than it sounds)
X-Fi Xtremegamer Fatal1ty Pro Help
Studio monitors for gaming?
Great mic for quality headphones are here.
On-board or Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional Series ?
recording PS3 headset audio
Asus Xonar DX sound card vs. HDMI video card for listening to music [not movies]
New sound card stereo mix help!
looking for a new reliable gaming headset could use suggestions
Trying to get some surround sound for my new build but...
Cooler Master CMSTORM Sirus Headset Review
Complete sound noob, 2.1 or 5.1?
Best speakers for $100?
A/V out of sync
Onboard or Integrated
3.5mm splitters
Cooler Master CMStorm Ceres Headset Review
Need your help! optical audio
just got a set of sextett's. will my amp do
USB latency test - bored moment? post your results ^_^
Cheap wireless headphones or headsets for PC?
Xonar DG AC3
looking for a some new audio
High pitched noise
Front audio not working
The People Above Me Are LOUD! I Need Some Good Headphones
Have great Cans for your head but need a mic to game? Lookies here!
Media PC to Yamaha RX-V793
sound system to sound card?
Need a 2.0 speaker system
Cooler Master CMSTORM SONUZ Stereo Headset
Sound Systems Price v Performance
I Need Help :P
Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 5.1 vs HTR
Is this a safe area to place my subwoofer? (workstation)
Annoying sound in headset
confused about 5.1 and gaming
Logitech G35 Equalizer
Headset help
Need Help on Sound Card and Speaker System
Volume mixer always mutes an application
Z77 Extreme4 Dolby?
XFI xtreme gamer?
X-Fi XtremeMusic vs Realtek ALC 892 8-Channel HD?
Need help choosing a headset!
Pic of my headphone project.
Best gaming speakers for a budget?
Speaker question
Sound Card for Razer Tiamat
Bought a razer tiamat but missing white port?
bling bling look at my cans
Head-Fi Summer Buying Guide
Setting different sound output devices
When to Upgrade Sound Card
Dead Audigy?
what is the best 7.1 soundcard
Can't figure out X-530 setup with Creative T10's
is this a good headset?
sennheiser hd 558 bass boost
So I keep destroying microphones...
[custom build] 18" ported sub for my 7.1 system
M-Audio AV40 1st Gen Vs 2nd Gen
Ideal Budget Home Speakers
My sound card not working :(
Need Advice: 2.0 Speaker System under $200USD
sound blaster/midi question
Corsair Vengeance 1300 vs SteelSeries Siberia V2
In need of a new soundcard
corsair vengeance 1500 vs rog vulcan
Rosewill RHTS-8206 5.1 Surround Sound with Vibration
Razer Megaladon, Tricky One This.
Damaged Speakers
SB X-fi xtreem pci-e or onboard realteck ALC898
Interference with headphones
Razer Chimera Problem
Polk Audio on Sale!
Grado SR60i Modding
SoundBlaster Recon3D Professional Audio
Headphone Amp
How to connect sub to 2.0
Background Noise (Going Insane)
Tiamat 7.1 + Creative Titanium Fatal1ty Pro= no bass?
USB audio crackling - stopping - help!
A Sound Card Thats Better Than Onboard Realtek
NVIDIA High Definition Audio
Problems with x-fi and thinking of changing
"possibly" upgrading sound system.
Splitter for Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro Series
Problems with mic...
A good mic for voice
Is this upgrade worth it?
Audiophile Quality Earphones for Cheap!
Studio Card.
Recording/ Music Production for Dummies :P
How Long Can Line Level Stereo Cord Be Run?
New Generation of Sound Blaster
DIY Subwoofer Tutorial
Erisin ES728AU 2 DIN car head unit
No audio from HDMI or speakers
8.1 TRUE full surround gaming audio - Is it possible?
Onboard sound versus add-in sound cards
asus p5q pro
Best computer /bookshelf speakers around ~$200?
Best of these 3 "boomboxes"?
I need a Stand alone mic for gaming
USB micrphone?
Help me understand equalizers
Xonar DG strange thing
Realtek ALC892 Opinions?
Can't get any sound anymore
ASUS Xonar DG worth it?
Headphones or gaming headset?
Xonar DG|Roccat Kave Mic Problem
Need Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with Good Range
Speaker Placement
THX Settings fro Creative Wrath Tactic 3D?
choosing the right sound card
Logitech g930 or Razor Megalodon
Custom Wall Mounted Speakers
desktop speaker suggestions?
No Audio. Driver or damaged Hardware?
best sound card ( titanium HD vs recon3D)
Razer Tiamat Elite 7.1
Just sold my bose, help me find something better.
Converting old powered subwoofer to my receiver??
Digital Optical Audio vs RCA?
Best Budget Gaming Headset (X360 & PC)?
Problem with Roccat Kave 5.1 Headset
How good are these?
Which mp3/ipod dock sound system is the best?
Speaker died
Is it worth it?
Xonar DX Problem
New headset
Ausus Sonar vs audigy 2se?
Question about sound card interface
MIDI Controller
Need an amp/dac combo or a sound card for audio technica ad 700s
Looking into a new sound card!
Corsair 1300
Are there any 384 kHz sound cards available for desktops?
Auzen X-Fi Forte not sounding properly with games/movies (help!)
HTPC Not Recognized On New Receiver
My motherboard doesn't support Lossless 24-bit/192KHz HD Audio?
sound card sounds a semitone to high
x-fi not working in windows 7 64bit
Beats Solo by Dr. dre alternative (proper sound?)
In need of mic cable to get headset working.
Replaceing TIM on sound card?
Creative SB Xtreme gamer X-fi
Need advice for a new set of speakers
Creative T40 II vs. Logitech Z5300 !
Cheap Audio Receiver for PC Usage
need better sound!
Z5500 Back Speakers crackle? STRANGE?
Jams for the shed and backyard
What speakers should I buy?
Amp/soundcard for Audio-Technica ATH-M50
need advice sound blocking headphones
HTPC + Surround setup