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Microphone Headset Only
wgat amplifier for my speakers?
Sound Card + Speaker Question
Sound card comparison for gaming
[HELP] need links.........
Flashing AV-710 with Prodigy Drivers Help
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Please Help!!!! Need Advice Fast!!!!!!!
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speaker setup changes back to desktop stereo speakers upon restart. HELP!!!
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audigy 2 front extension
need new speakers for college
Sound Upgrade?
Audigy 2
time to upgrade?
Audigy fanboys
Which to upgrade first: sound card or headphones?
can the z-560's be "modded" into z-680's?
Been Looking For A New Soundcard And Ive Found This :D
Sound Help
Unamped/Open Gaming Headphones
Unamped/Open Gaming Headphones
Sound Blaster Live 5.1 vs. Onboard AD1980 6-Channel audio CODEC
Sennheiser: HD500 or PC150?
Power DvD 5.1 probs
help me plz with sound card and sub/speakers
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Z-680 shtufff??
The DIY discussion thread: post your projects!
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Spdif out on a7n8x-x without daughterboard
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Avoiding the Crossover Frequency
Getting my Audigy to play music identically on all channels
sound card problem, could use some advice, too...
best sound card?
SB Audigy 2 ZS Compatibility...
new speakers
Creative 6700 6.1 and Digifire 7.1
Updating Audigy Drivers?
Just got new Monster Bannana plugs
Audio Results with Different Amps
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Is the Squeezebox king now that Audiotron is gone?
alternative soundstrom drivers
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Best headphones ~$150?
annoying sound glitch on games
No sound in two of my logitech 5.1 gaming speakers
How do u hook up Logitech z640 5.1's to a gamecube/xbox/TV/etc?
Hooking up stereo system without pre-outs
Doom 3 and 4 channel sound
no sound dfi 2 inifnity
Best speakers?
SoundBlast Live Plat. and Audigy 2 zs (LiveDrive help)
Audigy 2 ZS Platinum and Klipsch Promedia 5.1 Ultras Re: POD XT
Audigy 2 output port config
Broken (?) Creative Nomad 10gb
Soundstorm vs. Turtle Beach Santa Cruz...
Device to add surround sound to stereo receiver?
Newb Question about binding posts.
Upgrade from Altec Lansing 221's?
Bose MediaMate Speakers/ Doom 3
Sound Blaster Live Vs. Audigy 2
Program to take out lyrics from songs?
messed up sound problem....plz help
Hooking to a Home Theater, does sound card matter?
Need program to adjust speaker levels
Creative RM-1500 remote... comes w/ audigy nx maybe other audigys
Speaker Wire: How important is thickness?
Whats trhe bets sound card i can get that isnt pricey .
IRQ settings problem. Help! Desperate!
USB Speakers?
Attach speakers to mobo?
IC7-G On Chip Sound Question
How to start creating a demo cd?
Anyway to modify these POS Creative 5200's?
Noise Cancelling Headphone recommendations
Yell all you want, I can't hear you...
Sound Card And Boom Request
sound card and boom request
Anyway to remaster mp3s at better quality
Sennheiser PC150
Audigy 2 ZS - anything I should know?
whats the best way to hear the sound of carnage?
logitech z-560 vs. z-680 & others
How do the klipsch 5.1 promedia ultras hook to the...
Good clip-on microphone?
How much of a difference....Live 5.1 to Audigy 2 zs
Is my Live! dead?
sound programs
What Software?!
Z-640 or Z-680 Speakers
z-680 rear speakers wont work!!??
audigy 2 vs audigy 2 zs
Converting PCI Register Info to proper .ini format for flashing.
The best sound card for klipsch 5.1 promedia ultra.
Question about Volume Knob...
KF-706HT HTIB $40 at ecost, a good buy?
upgrading from audigy to audigy 2?
Recommendations for <=$30 headsets
Safe to up pci latency for Audigy 2ZS?
Monsoon Speakers
Desperate Help Needed!
Nforce2 mobo and iTUNES......6 speakers arent working anymore
z-680 vs klipsch promedia 5.1 ultra
Flashing Chaintech AV-710
wav, dts, lg dvd, soundstorm and receiver
Looking for the current best sound card
Onkyo HT-R410 Gets Very Hot
2 speaker systems to 1 PC?
Good Win. Software for Eq.
good yet cheap soundcard?
Random static bursts when key is pressed
Desperate Help Needed!
Sound cards vs. onboard sound
New Audigy LS, issues and questions.
Karaoke programs
Please Help Me!!!
Looking for personal speakers, any suggestions?
Mic for recording singing?
How to install new dsp's in Fooobar2k?
Random thoughts on my speakers
Got a new set of speakers (and other random musings)
Music Software
Bad Static And Cut Outs Plz Help!
Thinking of new speakers..
out of the way surround sound
For those of you looking for cheap speakers...
Sound Card for an Amatuer Musician
I ordered the HKB6's from ebay!
Powered center channel speaker?
aopen titanium GT
External DAC's cheap?
Sound card working perfect but no sound comes out.
Killed my Audigy 2 by OC'ing to 150 FSB?
Speaker Advice....
Setting up a Sound System, need advice please!
adding a sound card to on board sound
Onboard Audio vs. PCI card for performance
Movie theatres
what is fiber optic audio?
Dont know what to do...
What's with this?
Speaker Cables and Plugs?
Winamp and rear speakers..
no sound
Comp system reccomendations
a ghost in the machine...
Cheap gaming headset that is still somewhat quality?
Shuttle SN85G4V2 (Nforce3 150) and Soundstorm?
Is it worth it to buy Audigy 2 Platinum?
Inspire 5500 - No Dolby Digital and extremely low volume
Making the HD280s open?
Amplifier not reciever
Not really best bang for buck...
Can I use computer speakers for DVD&TV surround sound?
Most Powerful PC Speakers?
No Sound!!
Hoontech SB DB III
Magnepan II-B Rock!
HKB6's VS. HKB4's
Utilizing computer speakers with watching TV and dvds
Ive got a list of good speakers, help me decide.
Friend gave my soundcard, no cables, help?
I'm Looking to build a truly Ghetto system , a little advice Please
PCI or USB Audio?
Get a Audigy 2 Platinum Pro?
Good gaming headphones for living in a dorm and going to LANs?
Audigy 2 with Live 5.1 bay Drive
Good places to research sound cards?
volume control static noise
Putting together a 5.1 HT system
Pioneer Receiver - Audio Drops
noise cancelling headphones recomendation
Audigy 2 ZS Plat. with Logitech z680 (want Dolby Digital via optical out)
Dead Z-680's ?
Sub = stuffed?
Zalman "Theatre 6" 5.1 Headphones
audigy 2 plat to zs series upgrade
Purpose of the Phono input?
Worth to get the Audigy2 ZS for headphone?
Far Cry and Dolby 5.1
connecting computer speakers to both tv and pc
Music interuption and fast mouse wheel scrolling
headset and headphone reccommendations
How important is THD?
Help with Sub Decisions
How does my 2 year old system compare to TODAY's speakers?
Show off your System :)
HTIB vs. Receiver + Bookshelf
Soundstorm Alternative??
Cheap HT Receiver
Livedrive and remote
How would I...?
need help connecting speakers to card, cant find help anywhere
Is there a way to do this?
I want a sticky!!
integrated audio, soundstorm or the latest athlon64 mobo offerings?
Need pc sound in mono.help?
UT2004 Sound issue i think?
Has Anyone Had Experience With Sennheiser HD 497s? -- Help Me Decide on "Dorm Cans"
car stereo help, PLEASE HELP!!
Audio buff needs advice for 7.1 system
Klipsch Ultras any good?
klipsch 2.1 volume/sub controller
using pc speakers on a standalone dvd
neeed to find a reciever any help?
is there a coaxial connector on any of the audigy cards?
What can I use to play real audio and video (.ram) other than Real One?
Sound Problems
What audio playback program do you use?
HTS Setup
sound card and speakers help to choose
problem installing audigy help please
My speakers keep popping randomly
Headphone Choice
Installing Audigy Platinum without CD...
Rebuilding Sound System
Headphones for my coming H320?
Dolby digital encoding cards?
$400 for speakers.
Sound card decision, need input
M-Audio REvolution & Leadtek TV200 XP "expert" = no sound
Help: Center/Sub Channels Switched
Wireless Headphone
New audigy owner and questions about EAX and game system driver vs. card driver
Home Theater Sub comparable to Sub in Creative Megaworks 6.1 650d?
A good pair of 'phones?
Logitech Z-5300 any good?
Azalia - Dolby ICE?
Good price on this system?
Logitech Z-2200 vs. Logitech Z560
dvd, dts & soundstorm
WHAT IS wrong with this???
Equalizing with Chaintech Av-710
Digitsl vs. Analog
p580's on a live 5.1 problem
Best Comp. Speakers for around $100
Logitech Z-640 and Soundstorm
Logitech Z-560 THX 4.1 -> Klipsch Promedia ULTRA 5.1...worth it?
need standalone 2ch EQ
position my 6.1 speakers
Do I need speakers or a soundcard or both?
Reccomend any good 5.1 speakers?
Reccomend a good pair of 'phones?
Aurasound bass shakers in combo with headphones
Audigy ZS or Audigy ZA Platinum
sound blaster live 5.1
soundcard --> car audio amp, possible?
I'm so sick & tired of Creative...so I bought a M-Audio Revolution!!
Shopping for some new earbuds
Best Sound Card for Analog Out
Can you guys post your Audigy 2 ZS settings?
System lost sound card
HTS for <$100?
best reciever for 400 or less
Adding HKB6 to z-680
Sound on a P4P800E or PCI card?????
Has onboard sound gotten any better?
Hercules Game Theatre XP 7.1 ?
Onboard sound and PCI sound card
SPIDF... ? Noob question
Audigy and Sound Control
Tube powered Headphone amp
Winamp plugins
Returned the Audigy.
Only get sound out of front speakers with winamp? And no center channel period...
Anybody else loose thier "surround sound" with Audigy?
Help with Selecting PC Sound System
rca digital 16awg vs. monster cable?
Good sound test
Choosing a good receiver
THD measurements show sound quality?
Z-640s with onboard from P4C800-E Deluxe
Need help with audio codecs (ac3)
speaker stands for z-680's
Chaintech 710 Doesn't Impress Me
Are old speakers of lower quality?
Zalman 5.1 surround sound headphones
Best TV Speakers for <$65
Dual soundcards/??
Building a new 5.1 setup
a problem with my nf7-s and 5.1 sound
SONY SA-WM500, any good?
nForce2 Soundstorm or SB Platinum 5.1?
Laptop Sound Problem
A few things about headphones
Can I hook computer speakers up to my TV too?
Senn HD-497
coaxial making sound shut off?
Nf7-S sound
Combining Sound Systems
What drivers to use of creative audigy 2?
Z-680 + chaintech 7.1 soundcard
AC97 SPDIF (digital out) Vs. Conventional Sound Card
new sound card!
Sound Card Upgrade
need headset or headphones
what specs should i look for a sound system
Audigy1 panel for Audigy2
Soundblaster 2ZS Platinum
A simple ipod question
Good 2.1 system for around $50?
5.1 audio switch
Best Cheap 5.1 Soundcard?
Zalman ZM-RS6F Headphones...
best set of speakers under $200
Audigy Softmod and Problems with EAX in games
Advice on buying an average sound card...
Z-680 and Audigy 2 ZS Questions
Audigy LS?
I want to make a great sound system
M-Audio Revolution... WOW! never expected this!
No rear surround in UT2k4 :(
Should I use Abit NF7-S onboard sound?
Vinyl to pc easy???
Digital Cable to Audigy sound question
hometheater amplifier
center and rear spekers quieter then frunt
Sennheiser Headphones
Speakers won't get louder...
5.1 headset
what will these sound like on my mobo?
looking for a good headset
logitech Z640's
Audigy and Logitech Z-560's
Speaker hell..
Connecting normal sterio speakers to rig?
Two cheap speakers
AC'97 Audio Crackling
Logitech Z-680 - Setup Question
recommended headphone amp for HD-280 pro
Logitech vs Klipsch
need help w/ makin an audio wire adapter
I could use some help
Xbox And Klipsch
Abit NF7-S sound vs Turtle Beach Santa Cruz?
make sound stay good?
Using a USB Headset with my Audigy?
z-680s or a Home Theater in a Box ??
Stuttering Sound
Conecting 2 computers to one set of speakers?
Onboard sound lost.
6.1 Rip
Removing Radio Signals from my speakers.
What do you all think of the Herculese Fortissimo III 7.1?
Soundstorm DD Encode problem
LInk to Audigy2 Betas?
notebook soundcard
Creative SBS560 5.1 Speakers
M-Audio or Audigy 2? Or would it even matter?
soundstorm and speakers
Digital Info?!
Digidesign 001 and onboard playback
PC to Reciever question for HTPC
Sound problems
Help with speaker selection and clear-up confusion?
Audigy 2 ZS Platinum $99 Is this for real?
Just got my Audigy..
audigy 2 hising noises
Z-5300 and sore eardrums
Z640 & C-Media AW840/850 Problem
wierd sounbd prblem with a dell
make your Creative card sound twice as good
Little Problem With 2 Sound Cards
Question about z-640
DVD MP3 Set Top Player
Cheap DSP?
Sound (Crackling,popping,??) with Audigy
P4P800 AC97 onboard vs. SBLive! 5.1
add in subwoofers
Time for yet another new headset...
Annoying High pitched sound
analog output,SB16 or soundstorm?
SBLive 5.1, How to tell what version I have?
Logitech Z5300 or Altec Lansing 2100 or Altec Lansing Vs4121
Audigy and optical cable
Using 2 sound devices in XP
Help me only Winamp works
Need help with Z-680s and ABIT onboard
Hercules Digifire 7.1 Soundcard
Creative Labs Driver Removal Utility
Computer audio to Tv audio
Audigy 2 vs Onboard Audio?
what about U.S. Blaster (sounds system)
Which of the 2 beasts?
Getting my Subwoofer working with NF7-S?
Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1
Help with Z-640's
Question on enabling digital out with XP
Neo:6 DTS Versus EAX
Audigy 2zs Graphic EQ
Turttle Beach Sound Card. I need Drivers
Digital sound with Z680
Optical out card for audigy 2 sound card
Sound blaster audigy ES VS realtek VS Nivia nforce APU
Klipsch 5.1 ProMedia Ultra on the way!
Digital 5.1... HOW?
Modding a cheap sound system.
What kind of quality am I really getting from my Klipsch + Audigy2?
Will These Speakers Work
Soundblaster 128 vs AC 97
nVidia APU/Soundstorm on Abit NF7-S Question
Altec Lansing 641 Sub
Headphone port busted
Gina Echo
SPDIF out & Digital Speaker Help Please
Advantages for user?
Klipsch Promedia: Is this possible? Read on...
Revo vs. soundstorm
Can I wire these without a reciever?
does the is7e onboard support directsound 3d?
My sound suddenly disappeared
Audigy 1 to Audigy 2 -- any point?
car sub instead of pc speaker sub
Sound card with 3 analog line outs and 1 analog line in?
what the heck is wrong with my speakers?
headphones for $110 or less??
Creative Megaworks 5.1 - 500watts...
Noob help please
Z680 Hiss
Understanding the Specs...
Spliting the sound output.
My Mic Is Not Working!!!!
Nforce soundstorm or audigy gamer???
New Audigy 2 drivers
2.1 sound from 4.1?
My Audigy crackles!
cmi 8738 vs audigy
New nVidia ForceWare Audio Driver out
Z680 Scoop
Which should i use?
Need Audigy 2 ZS drivers !!
Front IO connecting with Audigy2... How to?
Considering logitech z-2200
Klipsch ProMedia 5.1 Ultra versus Logitech Z680 give me everything you got
new sound system
MSI KT6 Delta - Altec Lansing 2.1 Right Channel Dead
budget speakers: Logitech Z640 (5.1) or Creative Inspire 6600 (6.1)
Audigy 2ZS Plus Logitech?
help with playing mp3s
Sound Card Advice Needed
klh brand speakers and recievers
Logitech 4.1 Xtrusio
VERY quiet sound..... HELP
SBS 560 5.1 system problem
How do i use SPDIF?
Sound is Crapy
NVidia SoundStorm is incredible!
audigy2 zs + z-560 owners!