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WinFast TV200XP - no sound
Sound Card for me?
which headphones
think these headphones/mic is any good
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nforce2 audio driver
Headset mic
2 Channel Speakers for Onboard Sound?
sound card or onboard sound?
3 stereo-mini connector cable?
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Speaker Stands for my Logitech 540 rears?
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smallest speakers
any reviews for Audigy2 ZS ???
problem with sound card
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No sound in games when hardware accerleration is enabled.
headphone problem
4.1 speakers play DD 5.1 ? sound expert needed
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Card vrs. Speakers
any sound guru's here?
$30 speaker suggestions
Audigy2 digital conection
sound card upgrade
SoundMax AD1985. 24bit or not?
Audigy 2 Platinum and Gamecube, Compatible?
Need some help getting Yamaha DS-XG working.
How many watts is your system?
Audigy Bug
YAY my 680s are here
Need some help with my Audigy 2/5.1 setup...
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum Ex
how would you go out?
Audigy 2 Platinum
These any good? becasue I boguht them!
creative stand alone sub?
Yeah, I know this was probably asked before 1000 times...
Do I have to get speakers? or headphones be good?
Guess Klipsch is making a New Promedia 5.1 Ultra
Is it worth getting a Klipsch 4.1 for $120?
Raelly good earphones? that will fit my fat head
Sub box, new sub?
Turtle beach and SPDIF
KLIPSCH Promedia 5.1 vs ProMedia GMX D-5.1
The real deal: gaming on Audigy2 vs Revo
Using a computer as a surround decoder?
Head worn microphone??
Suggestions on sound card
can I play 5.1 in sound blaster live!
on board AC97 or my old SB LIVE??
Microphone Problem (Recorded sound is very slow)
Audigy 2 remote
2 Sound devices
My friend has a sound card problem...
I want a 6.1 Klipsch or Logitech
Heatsink on Sound Card?
Creative 5200 vs Logitech Z640
composite to RCA converter anyone?
logitech z 340 review coming soon
Battle Of The Budget Soundcards?
NF7-S & Audigy 2: Help me with my IRQs!
Creative Labs Audigy II ZS Announced!! (7.1 AUDIO)
Digital Sound worth $25?
SB Audigy and KT600 incompatibilities???
Sennheiser HD280 any good???
Stuipid Question: 6-channel+mic?
gaming headphones
speaker tester download?
n00b - is it worth it?
help with sound plz
better or worse?
SBl live 5.1 mic in does not work
MONSOON MH-505 6-PIECE FLAT PANEL 85W W/ SUBWOOFER need to decide fast should I buy?
Audigy1 + what speakers??
ABit NF7 nForce2 on bord sound
integrated replacement
Storm Sound vs S/B on A7N8X-Deluxe on Win98SE
Live! Platinum drive vs. Audigy Platinum drive
1394 gaming?!?!
fiber optic
Soundcard Digital Out
sound blaster audigy 2
Audigy2 vs. Chaintech Zenith
Zalman 5.1 *Not heat sink*
Soundstorm Settings
equilizer for playback
Audigy 2 or not?
surround sound noob please help
Audigy 2 4.1 Set up Question
Audigy 2 Heating Issues?
Interest in HIGH end speakers?
My silly arse...
Speakers won't work
audigy or onboard?
Rear channel speakers
Silver Lining in Speaker Mishap
New set of CANS
I need audigy and 8rda+ sound to work together but how?
Start up music breaking up in Win XP
Creative SB 6.1 6700s Subwoofer problems
Santa Cruz and DVD players
audigy 2, switched channels?
The old ones are the best
Best sound card for studio-type applications?
Help with getting the right soundcard/headphone match.
SB Live! New Drivers Version
Chaintech 9JCS Zenith vs. soundcard...
Just ordered some Z 680s
Best Speakers Under $100
monsterworks 550w 5.1's
which Platinum?
whats wrong with my new speakers?
SB Live! 5.1 with P4c HT:Will Work?
Onboard sound or pci sound card
connect sound card to stereo
Sound Blaster 5.1 Live no rear sound
Klipsch's are dead
sound benchmarks?
get these headphones!!!
Quaraphonic MP3 ????
speaker management / sharing
Integrated Sound vs. Expensive Sound Card
Off Topic: OGG Junkies!
sound blaster 5.1
problem with z-640's cant hear sound
Speakers/Sound Card
major problem, soundcard uninstalles itself...
Acoustic edge kills soundstorm!!!
soltek 75frn2-RL
How do I connect my Audigy 2 to my receiver?
soundblaster live drive cable
Can you hear the difference?
Car Speakers to Sound card?
Audigy 2
Why Does My Audigy 2 Say 'Audigy' in my Windows Device Manager?
Anyone here have the Acoutic Edge soundcard????
SB Live 5.1 Driver Problems
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 vs A7N8X onboard
Problem with sb live 5.1
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
very odd sound problem
tbsc vs phillips sonic edge?
problem with soundcard or center channel?
Sound Blaster Audigy 2
Onboard sound vs a proper soundcard
New Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Drivers v4193
Sound Blaster Live Value any good?
Help my sound blaster live 5.1 won't work.
Speaker Settings question.
Latest official Audigy 1 drivers....
Wierd sound problem
upgrading from system audio to sound card
Audigy $45 vs. Audigy2 $70
Nforce 2 5.1 surround prob. no rear sound
z-680 and audigy 2 problem
some information on popular sound hardware and sound quality
aux input on audigy doesn't work
Has anyone connected 4.1 speakers to NF7 onboard sound?
Audigy 2 - AC3 problems
Creative, nVidia and M-Audio Specs
Headphones and onboard sound?
How do i hook up cd-rom sound..
Live 5.1 DriveBay with Audigy 2
Did I get ripped-off?
Audigy 2 plat, and wave recorder doesnt work.
WTF SB Audigy Audio HQ keeps on changin to 2 speakers!
What is the absolute best sound card?
Soundblaster 16 problems
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz OEM under Linux?
Strange sound issues...
MIDI : Is it needed?
Logitech z560 have SPDIF in?
using optical on z-680
Sound card vs Onboard sound
logitech z 560
440BX vs. Live!
Onboard audio. CMI8738 anybody have a driver that works for this?
sound benchmarking software
Audigy and onboard sound problems
10% performance loss?
Santa Cruz vs Audigy 2
can you get rid of bloatware in creative audigy 2 drivers?
sound blaster 5.1 yes ...but ctrl pannel
Super noob MIC question
Need help with speaker outputs.
Audigy + Winamp = sound cracking!
hardware audio, that big a difference?
Holographic Storage
SRS Headsets?
Why isn't the soundstorm working?
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
Looking for a new sound card
How do you setup the soundstorm?
M Audio Duo
Musical Drivers !!!
Hrmmm what to do
Sound from sub, not from speakers!
Nforce 2 sound
Does audigy 2 work with 3 analog input jack speakers?
Using the S/PDIF Out
M-Audio Revoloution 7.1 Review
This one has me puzzled...
SB audigy gamer digital sound dont work!
Integrated Sound Performance
onboard or audigy or santa cruz
need a help w/ my altec lansing 4.1
Creative Sound Card Game port Problem???
just wondering, what are the best pc peakers money can buy?
Evil SB 16!
Klipsch problems
Best Sound card for a budget type person?
Headphone surround sound
Ive lost my rear channels :(
Can I hook one set of speakers to 2 computers??
Audigy 2 software and splash screen
Worth it ?
integrated sound doesn't work when overclocked
Audigy Platinum EX skips
Best location for rear speakers
My Soundstorm Review
Problems With ASUS
ASUS P4PE Soundmax Drivers
Need headphone reccomendation...
USB Headsets
Terratec speakers, how good are they?
Thoughts on ADI 1980 6-channel CODEC On-Board Audio
EAX Advanced HD or Real Time Dolby Digital Encoding???
Audigy 2 & Logitech Z-680's own!
KD7 or PCI Sound Card?
Audigy 2 or M-Audio
AC97 and OpenGL Games
Soundstorm my @$$
M Audio for gaming....
Audigy III Stuff
newegg audigy oem
HS on my audigy?
Fortissimo III okay for Grados?
Nice 2 channel card?
turtle beach or audigy?
Help, Win98SE WDM no mixer problem.
soundstorm audio explanation?
Audigy 2 compatability
new soundcard
Maybe you guys can help me.......
Nforce 2 Owns Fortissimo 2
Audigy2 problem
How many mW does the audigy headphone jack output?
SBLIVE 5.1 problems please help!
Those with soundstorm
Onbord Sound Please Help !!!
what digi sound enhancements?
ASound Express II 2002 PCI
Realteak ALC650 playing DVDS????
Analog vs. Digital setups?
Static during HDD activity?
Refresh rates effecting mouse speed?!?!?
Audigy Drivers
Straight to the point...
nforce 2 or audigy 2
Sound Problem, Suggestions?
Sound Problem, Suggestions?
2 DVD Drives, 1 Audio Cable Connection
help please!
Fortissimo II Equalizer Resettting Problem
Sound Card DirectX 9.0 Support
Creative Labs SBLive - strange application
so many audigy problems its not even funny
terratec aureon 7.1
speaker upgrade
SB onboard of ECS L7VTA
560 or 640
cheap sound card with rca out
SB Live 5.1 Model differences??? <-------
Audigy2 Vs Platinum
Audigy Pinout
k7n2g-l mobo onboard audio and battlefield 1942, help!!!!
Fortissimo III or Santa Cruz
Zardon's review of the M-Audio Revo 7.1
Asus A7V333 onboard sound
Onboard sound performance @ THG
Audigy Platinum Ex Remote question
I have the z 640s but i cant get the rear speakers to work, im using SoundStorm onnf7
Headphone / 2 speaker output on live! player
SB 5.1 and 5200 Speakers Center Channel not working
Logitech 680 Center Channel
Audigy Vs Audigy 2?
SonicXplosion problems?
7.1 sound
dead soundblaster live! card?
Digifire 7.1 issues.
which sound system
Audigy Platinum issues
Which sound cad to get plan simple studio!
Newbie needs help with cheap 4.1 sound setup!
SB Live! issues..keeps on skipping!
Why should I buy the logitech 680's?
Hercules Fortissimo II OR Hercules Gamesurround Muse XL?
Need a great sound card
Plz help SPDIF Input on Audigy 2
GTXP and USB and gameport problems
Anyone with Z680's please help.
Asus A7N8X DLX Soundstorm 5.1 speaker settings
Pin layout on Audigy
problem with Hercules Gamesurround III
Compaq driving me crazy
new rig + new soundcard = advice
which speakers? the Altec 251 or Logitech Z 640 or Creative Inspire 5200???
Onboard C-Media Problems and Fixes
My choice of Soundcard
What speakers would go best w/ A7N8X Dlx sounD?
Capturing SPDF - is it possible?
Audigy 2 and Samsung DVD Player
Hooking up PC to home theatre reciever...
m-audio with 6.1
Im getting a debugger error....HELP!
MAdio REVO drivers are up-new version
Reviews of Hercules Fortissimo III?
creative 5200's
logitech z-540s
too quiet!
Home theatre PC
Recommend some headphones
Audigy 2 remote???? wtf
klipsch and speakers
SB Live 5.1 Driver Confusion.
5.1 Suuround Sound Problems
Audigy 2 and SB 5.1 livedrive box
optical 5.1
Asus Onboard Soundstorm Or Audigy?
SB Live! Platinum..DVD Problems
What is the best sound card (music quality wise?)
Fed up with creative, need sugguestions.
anyone using a cold cathode light switch and getting sound freezes?
nforce 2 (EPoX 8RDA+) Questions
SB 5.1 compatability with Dual Processors
is it possible to overclock a sound card and does it make sound quality better?
soundcards need cooling?
difference between SB live and audigy
m-audio revo vs. audigy 2
Audigy vs. Onboard Sound
Overclocking sound cards
onboard or sound card??????
Sound fuzz
Sound card and overclocking?
sound cable
Soundcard FSB
Audigy Gamer Low Volume?
Sound card delimma
5999MB Sound Card Drivers LOL
Speaker arms work with Logitech Z-680s?
Klipsch 4.1 tweeters rattle. Bad wires
Is my Loss of Sound caused by PSU ?
Soundblaster Live 5.1 Subwoofer out not working
Weird buzzing through speakers...
What would I need to hook stereo up to comp?
Problems with TB Santa Cruz.
need cheap 5.1 card
Digital Audio /Digital Out
Creative Labs Megaworks 550. Or?
Audigy mod?
Latest Sound Blaster Live! Drivers
Sound echoes
Sound card/speaker reccomendations
Quad Speakers - SB live? or Audigy 1-2?
terratec DMX fire, m-audio revolution, creative audigy2
How much power does the Audigy 2 use??
Mobo = poo, Soundblaster = god
5.1 speaker problem
Which sound card should I get?
M-Audio Revolution anyone?
Best Speakers < $100
Audigy 2 Platinum worth $120?
Hercules Fortissimo III vs. Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
onboard and audigy sound
Question on 8RDA+ 6 channel sound vs my Fortissim II pci card which is better
Any Rounded cables for Audigy?
On-board Realtek ALC650 or PCI Yamaha 744?
Is it my Soundcard or speakers?
SB_Live5.1 digital out work with a reciever?
Guid to hooking up your 5.1 Sound Card to a 5.1 Reveiver
any one has Phillips Acoustics edge sound card?
cheap soundcard for FSB overclock?
Best card?
Audigy 2 vs Audigy 1 drivers
audigy 2 and fsb?
live 5.1
Non Creative Sound Cards with EAX HD support...
Holy Carp...Sennheiser 590's
My new Turtle Beach
Guillimont Isis Pro Audio
Game surround sound question
Couple quick questions
soundcard and fps
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz w/ 4.1
Can i plugged more satellites to the Megaworks 510d ?
Audigy/Audio knowhow
The input audio on my sound card doesn't work.
Nforce2 vs. Audigy2 vs. Terratec Aureon sound cards
recording sounds
A few questions on ac97 audio
Serious Sound Card Issues...Please Help
Sound card questions
SB Audigy
TB Santa Cruz vs. Creative? Which one?
Terratec DMX 6Fire 24/96 - Please help.
Audigy 2 versus Nforce2 review
possible with 2 sound cards ??
No Sound
could some one take a close up pic of an Audigy
question about FSB and sound card
Dual sound cards
Going to comp expo next weekend...
from isa to pci slows down sound
Seven Way Sound Card Free For All
Headphones beyond sound cards ability?
Creative Sound blaster & audigy issues
for sb audigy gamer owners
Any difference going from AC97 Sound to a PCI sound card?
Mic input on Live! 5.1 Gamer ??????
sound goes wierd in cs sometimes.....
Klipsch 5.1 owners
Hercules Fortissimo III 7.1 vs Santa Cruz
Surround 64
Klipsch 5.1/Terratec DMX 6Fire
6.1 audigy but i have a 4.1 system
gigabyte ga7zm onboard sound problem
TerraTec DMX 6fire LT Does anyone have it ?
How's the SB Live 5.1 for recording?
Audigy 2 > Audigy ?
bad sound cards???
New Creative SB Drivers... what date are yours?
Problem with touch tones and Audigy
audigy platnium...please help
External Sound Card, whats good?
audigy platimun
onboard AC97 sound
External Sound Card, whats good?
Perhaps this is old news
Audigy = Crap
I need advice for a new sound card
4.1 Audio
Audigy crap with good headphones?
Sound blaster Live Platnum & KX7333 mobo
soundblasters live digital output not stable
Santa Cruz problems
buying new sound card which one to get
How do you turn back speakers up???
Connecting Headphones w/o disconnecting speakers?
ok i need more help
optical out from SB Live! 5.1
crackling in speakers
Need sound card buying advice
SB Audigy Bah!
Losing Live Drive function when upgrading drivers?
Audigy and Audigy2?
anyone use turtle beach cards?
5.1 speakers only going off 4 speakers?