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M-Audio and problem with WoW
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need good earbuds
My CSB X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Series will not display any sound.
will these work together?
Options to connect to HT setup
Outputting sound using sp/diff and analog at the same time?
sub $400 basic home audio setup
sub $400 basic home audio setup
EET Audio Project?
Does the X-FI Xtreme Music have 5.1?
Midi sound card
Gaming headphones
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HDMI output - Sound or Video Card
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What have I been missing?
Cannot uninstall Audigy drivers HELP
one of the most F***** annoying things on windows 7!
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The first frontpage aticle + Where you want to go
[O/C]Audiophiles : A Brief Introduction
Realtek HD Audio drivers verion 2.35 dl here!
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How do I play this frickin' flac?
2 Channel -> Surround Sound
what card is better?
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Logitech Z-5300 or M-Audio AV40
Want to write Frontpage content ?
cant get 5.1 working on windows 7 outside of tests
Need Audigy drivers for Windows 7
HT Claro and Windows 7, DTS and DDL
Logitech Z-5500 Subwoofer extremely quiet
I'm currently using the Creative Soundblaster Audigy and ...
audio with hdmi
ASUS Xonar D1 7.1 anyone have one?
head fone
Realtek HD audio driver version 2.34 .download here.
Logitech Z5500 optical
Lost computer sound with new LCD upgrade.
Get Sound Card or Replace Headphones?
Post a pic of your DAW setup
*Help* X-Fi Cutoff Frequency *Help*
Mic to USB converter for headphones
OCForums needs content editors!
Your PCI soundcard wants it's own IRQ.
Audigy 2 ZS I/O Hub
5.1 sound on Asus M2A74-AM Windows 7
ATH-A500 Replacments?
Sampling rates for sound cards...
Problem with Mic
Got some new desktop speakers
headset issue
5.1 surround sound not working, need help
Got my new Sennheiser PC 350's
Need advice on Headphone w/mic
MacBook Pro audio
Need help with my Klipsch speakers!!
had a question for all of you.
Sound card issue, PLEASE HELP
Need a suggestion for a receiver
ground on computer-- producing noise
Purchased my first klipsch speaker 10 min ago
USB powered external headphone amp/gaming card?
Noise/hiss Issues. Cable shielding?
Need some 5.1 or 7.1 Headphones
Just got xfi titanium champion series, some problems
Building a home theater
squeezebox fight where the pin?
Microphone constantly playing over speakers - how to turn it off?
Best XtremeMusic/X-Fi Custom Drivers for Windows 7?
New headset, cant hear analog inputs
Ok, time to setup decent audio..
Gaming setup?
Some interesting HDMI 1.3 Stuff
My newest project
Question on headset with microphone..
Reccomendations for a true "Online" Sinewave UPS for Audio Production?
Coaxial SPDIF Dilemna
Where to place 5.1 surround speakers in my lounge
Need 25 ft of WHITE toslink cable
My mini-Review! Shure SRH840
Asus Xonar DX worth it?
Logitech x-230 sub dying?
280GTX HDMI Sound?
Next gen iPod Touch ?
toyota camry 2010 sub box ideas
looking to buy a 5.1 surround sound system...
Saw this cool retro sound tube thing, where can i get it?
Sound wont come through speakers. Vista 64 problem?
Strange feedback, Mic playing directly into speakers
Strange thing... X-FI XtremeGamer and Fatal1ty Gamer Headset
Speaker Suggestion for FLAC/Games
Audio Sync issues with WMP on W7 x64
Best Portable Headset For iphone or Laptop
Soundblaster audigy SE and Gigabyte UD3R
Roccat Kave Review
Soundcard vs integrated: background noise?
Xonar D2 asio issue
Looking for sound card for gaming and music with PCI interface
Soundblaster X-Fi Extreme Audio : W7 x64 issues
Speakers/Audio card issues
Logitech X-220 9pin mini din connector
Universal Headset for PC and Xbox?
Headphones with a removable cord?
I want to improve my Logitech Z-5500s
Can someone help me find the best surround receiver for *$200 or less*
Home Theater Recommendation
Surround Sound?
Older receiver/amps
best way to 'test' a 5.1 - 7.1 setup
AuzenTech X-Plosion 7.1 Card Setup help
good earbuds?
Gahh!! Sound Blaster X-FI titanium, its saying no AUDIO DEVICE!
Debating Soundcard...
Ugh! I can't get my Logitech G51 to work!
Best Headphones Money can buy
Front panel sound on X-Fi XtremeGamer...
Sound Blaster Wireless for iTunes
My latest score
2 sound systems, one card
Asus Xonar DX?
Couple questions....
Need new music headset/sound card!
Which sound option would be best?
playing media through my DVD home theatre system help
Xbox 360 Surround sound through PC
Recording from case mic jack
Why this sudden noise? (im new)
Headset with good quality cables
from Z-5500 to?
X-Fi / Onboard Question
Good sound system under 200$
Daniel_K, Windows 7, and Audigy(4, se, live!) cards
How do I play music through Vent.??
X-Fi Xtreme Gamer or HT Omega Striker
HT Omega Striker 7.1 Popping Noise
Re-shielding amplifier?
Cat 5e as stereo patch cable??
Mini-Review: Sony MDR-V6 Headphones
Hard of hearing, On board sound doesn't cut it .
in the market for new computer speakers
rear speakers not working with windows 7
Headset Problem (mic)
Using Bluetooth Headset/Mic for PC
Sound card issue? I'm about to lose it!
AV receiver troubles
Can you make internal case speaker work with audio?
Audio Device not installed Windows 7, urgent!
Lowest Latency PCI-e Sound Card with Midi Inputs?
S/PDIF problem - only stereo
Seriously confused about my headphone/speaker setup.
What's the replacement for SB Elite Pro?
Vista 64/Winy 64 Mic troubles
Looking For Card For Future Projects
Suggestion needed to upgrade my stereo
Question for the older guys... SB16 ISA and DOS mode
What am I looking for? Receiver?
Sound Issues
Strange Clicking Noise
Sound card disappeared
Soundcard for stereo & 2 point digital Audio tasks
3.5mm splitter?
Best PC Speakers for 2009?
are sound cards worth it?
Polk Monitor 60
question on the black ports of an AV710
trust hs 6200 sound problem
Audio capture half works.
Need help designing HT setup
Easy audio output switch
PCMCIA Soundcard
Everglide s-500 headphones?
Sony HT-IS100
Sigh, blew up my 2nd set of z560's... any chance of making a single working set?
SB Audigy 2 ZS or Onboard Realtek ALC889A
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE 7.1
Better sound through tv
A little help needed from a sound Noob
No Sound In XPS 1330?
Why won't sound record without a wire in the sound card??
Still getting RF with digital?
Audio jacks
HELP! Upgraded to XP x64 and have no sound!
How to make SPDIF header bracket
headset mic problem
V-DAC has landed :D
HDMI in/out with sound to HTPC
Upgrading Sound Card
mutiple dedicated sound outputs
Headphones: game volume to high?
Static in front headphone jack
Final Sound Setup
How do I get headphones and speakers work at the same time?
2.1 Wall mount suggestions
optical sound
Is this good? Earclip mic
Feedback on hedst< only through mic.
Anyone get Dolby Digital Live and DTS to work on Windows 7
Top Soundcards Available
Headset w/mic + Surround
crackly noise?
Good 5.1 Sound card for $30?
Headset Recommendation....
I need some help hooking up my headset
Sound Card/Speakers - Gaming
Audio Technica Headphone questions
Some audio questions (headphones soundcards speakers oh my!)
HDTV, Computer Sound, Computer, and Cable
Tip of audio jack broken
Can't seem to get headphones working without unplugging speakers!
Decent 2.0 speakers?
Onboard 7.1 sound issues
How can I use this sound system on my computer?
Center and sub switched?
Don't want integrated audio! What's a good soundcard w/ vista x64?
Use optical and 3.5mm outputs simultaneously? [onboard audio]
What am i looking for
Headset recommend, not using a soundcard
New Flat Flexible Speakers + OLEDs in one!
Sound over HDMI?
Need good $50 earbuds
Realtek ALC888, SPDIF clock sync problem!?
Should I enable CMSS-3D?
need Suggestions for an Audio Card for Recording Midi
Avi ADM9.1 Audiophile-PC music system (mini-review)
Need some new floorstanders..
EAX deprecated?
Which upgrade will actually make a difference?
Ventrilo Help!
Sound Problems
Need Sound Card suggestions
Question about on-baord sound...
Fatal1ty's sound card anygood?
Razor Barracuda Headphone Problems
Lynx L22
Xonar DX issues help please?
Would I benefit from a new soundcard with these speakers?
Asus Xonar D2X 7.1 or Creative X-Fi Titanium
T6100 Subwoofer too loud ?
Power from 3.5 plug
Onboard Sound
How to further boost my sub? x-530
Logitech G35
Auzen X-fi prelude alternative, or is there a way to get DTS connect in WinXP?
X-Fi Fatality FPS - How to mute mic feedback?
Subwoofer too loud, x-540, subwoofer placement??
Bloodrage's Sonar X-Fi vs. AuzenTech AZT-FORTE X-Fi Forte??? Whats the diff?
Speaker system broken?
2.1 - subwoofer not putting out sound
X-FI I/O Drive
USB to audio out
Headset / Speakers / X-Fi XtremeGamer
Bang/buck home theater system
Need good speakers
Choppy, Skipping, weird acting
Sound has unwanted Echos
Surround Sound with Optical Out problems
X-FI Vista 64 install issue
Need help
Need help, not sure what this is.
Best speakers Amazon sells for $25?
Jensen PC speakers, info??
Usb 5.1 sound card osx compatible
Help Please
Headphones & Speaker/TV Issues
Internet radio device/player
Looking for a new Headset (gaming/5.1)
Headphone question
home theatre advice please
Cheap but good amp?
Computer Sound System, I want the best!
Medium Range 5.1-7.1 surround Card
audiosource amp 100 question
Help setting up surround sound with X-Fi Fatal1ty
Looking for a simple MP3 player a headphones
Looking for a good PCI-E soundcard ?
5.1 speaker setup - speaker placement - <PICS>
Grrr, I hate the sound card market!
Which earphones? $50 budget, tried etymotic ER6i
X-fi xtream music...the output's are not labelled?
Creative X-Fi Extreme Music not recognized
5.1 headphones
Two different X-fi xtream music's SB0770 and SB0460
Xonar DX: Two analogue outputs, two channels?
What x-fi soundcard is better? cant choose..
PC Acoustic tips?
Optical audio switch?
4870X2 and X-FI Problems
amp recommendations please
Sound quality of DVD player and computer sound card
Good bookshelf amp combo?
Got a set of portapro's today, yay!
in-ear hadphones?
New x-fi Prelude Drivers v 1.1
Shielding audio cable
Best Computer Speakers ~$100
Razer Barracuda AC-1 Card and HP-1 Headphones Help
Need advice on using external DAC for PC, and DVD Player (ABX testing)
Help me choose sound card please
Thinking of buying some Sennheiser HD555.
EAC, how to set for best quality possible?
Audio Pics
Best way to connect sound card to hts reciever?
Soundblaster from 2001
Bad capacitors in crossover?
Getting into screencasting, needs some recommendations for a headset/microphone.
X-Fi Titanium PCIe Dolby Digital Live Broken?
Great card for connecting to a Reciever
Need usb dac, or good sound card + headphone amp? or what?
Question about DVD Audio and surround stuff
Audiophile Solution for pc sound?
how can i use a Hi Fi system as computer speakers?
New cheap speakers for my desktop ?
Can i connect my cable wire to my reciever then to tv?
would this temp idea work?
Looking for sound card advice
What sound card should I get(or is onboard enough)?
5.1 surround - only getting stereo
Best at its price range...
Auzentech Forte
Whats the difference in these receivers?
Advice on (entry-level) studio quality sound setup
Surround sound help
Sound quality bad in rear speakers?
Senns PC350s or HD555?
No 7.1 speaker config with SB XFI?
X-fi no longer works
Help Replacing M-Audio Revo
Can't get sound output through Headphones.
Razer Carcharias Headset - Mini Review
which one?
universal remote question
x-fi settings for heaphone CMSS-3D use?