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which one?
universal remote question
x-fi settings for heaphone CMSS-3D use?
harmon kardon vs onkyo? Or ne other suggestions?
Hooking up PS3 to PC speakers?
Can I hook my receiver up to my computer/TV?
Gaming Headset $150 or less
nasty interference?
Sound question
Cannot get onboard audio to work. Help?
Auzentech X-Fi Prelude Mic issues
logitech s-200
Realtek HD Audio delays sound
xfi wierd problem
Alienware Earphones
Auzentech X-fi Home Theater HD Card
X-FI XTREME MUSIC unable to use Coaxial digital
Replacment for Creative X-Fi?
Okay... I'm an idiot
new JBL l810's ... what gauge to get?
Audigy 2 ZS drivers that work [INFO]
Montego DDL no DDL in games?
PCI or should I upgrade to PCI-E sound card
Creative X-Fi & Vista
Does this sounds like a good deal to you guys?
Feedback from motherboard
How do i hook up PC to HD Receiver?
SB0570 or SB0730? - Headphone or 2.1 use only
Xonar D2X inside PCI-E X16 Slot ?
Is EAX in openAL games
Trying to figure out how to stream music from my desktop to my laptop
Is a sound cards really neccessary? (convince me to buy a sound card)
Is my soundcard dieing?
onboard or keep the claro??
Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Professional Series Question?
M^3 Amp/Senn595/Auzen x fi prelude HELP!
Best sub~ $100 2.1+ speakers for HDTV?
Bose Companion 2
creative sound card speaker output isnt working after installing hardrive and ram?
Realtek HD Onboards Fades In Tracks
Thinking of adding a center channel...
Connecting 2 Logitech Z 5500's to 1 control pod?
Headphone amp question
need a little holiday shopping advice
Universal Audio Architecture Driver version 1.0a DRM'ed Files
Can anyone help me with my Z5500?
For cheap surround sound
Sound Card Suggestions Please
"open air" headphones
Assistance setting up an amplifier / headphones / PC combo.
Changed hard drive, static from onboard sound went away
PS3 + HDMI + ASUS Monitor
For those with the Ipod Touch/Creative X-Fi
Static/Interference all of a sudden from my Boston Acoustics speakers!?
CL Xtreme Gamer Fatal1ty Pro Series & Intel X38 Chipset?
I need major audio help please with setup/receiver.
Vista 64-bit & SB Audigy Fatal1ty Titanium (PCIe)
Will these work with Z-5500?
A decent amplifier for 2x300w subs
realtek and vista audio issues
Question about sounds cards.
ALC888 vs. Audigy 2 Value
HELP! 2 X-Fi cards -> Philips Receiver
Echo Mia (usable in gaming)?
Asus p5ld2 optical out surround problems.
Sennheiser HD280 and card
diff between Sennheiser 202 and 212?
Dayton HTS-1200
Best 5.1 Home System bang for the buck? for gaming and 1080p Scale TV
NEED HELP! USB mic and Vista staticy over podcast!
better snd: not using WMP11, having <10 volumes
rampage 2 1366 soundcard quality?
Is Creative still the best for gaming?
Klipsch Promedia 2.1 vs Logitech Z-5500
Asustek Xonar DX
Do new pci sound cards come with MIDI Synthesizers?
Never ending audio card issues
Dumb audio question..
HT Omega Striker + Klipsch ProMedia 5.1
Can u buy good sounding speakers any more!!!
New sound card not sure what to get now
Earbuds for my Sister
Anyone here have SENNHEISER MX W1 ?
Cant get audio through Optical to Mini adapter. (creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio)
Decent soundcard with good drivers for Vista x64?
Would Any Sound Card Remove The CPU Usage?
Looking for a Mic
No audio device?
Edirol MA-15D - What do you think?
Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Vs the Fatality Version
X-fi vs Asus Xonar sound cards
X-Fi eXGamr: before playing a game, load up GAME MODE: leave it minimized? OR CLOSEIT
Logitech Z560 and extra speakers
Help with old Matrox TV card
5.1 Headsets
X-FI xtream gamer - stops UT3 and GRID running??...help!
Bookshelfs for $300-$400?
Sony Vs. Sennheiser, which do I choose? Looking for surround sound
Getting best sound to HDTV?
$1000.00 2ch speakers
which sound card would you get
Where to get an optical cable switch
Audigy 2 ZS microphone
Asus P5k Deluxe & Vista won't detect X-Fi ExtremeMusic
Any recommendations on good gaming headphones? I used to have those Bose noise
Headphones and speakers together?
Digital Out -2- Component/3.5mm
What cable do i need?
Please Help...
Wondering if i should up grade my on board sound
SB Audigy not detected by driver
Auzentech Prelude popping only on FLAC
Replacement for a Razer Barracuda AC-1
I want surround sound for my new TV
DPL II decoding from line in to 5.1 speakers
How many of your guys use onboard sound?
Will I notice a difference to upgrade my soundcard
This is a really dumb problem
Razer Barracuda AC-1 Control Panel Problem
Need some help with buying decision. 2.1 Speaker Setup
Headset Has Died - Looking For New One
HDMI sound question
Whats better (old stuff)
2.1 Bose Speakers...Sound Card Needed?
Good Sound Card?
Need cables from DVD drive GSA H10N to SB XtGamer fro DD & DTS?
Can I use a std. cable (act. yellow Monster Video2) for digital coaxial transfer?
Will Creative 7.1 Sound Card work with my HomeTheater ,Home Theater Specs Link inside
on board soundmax vs audigy 2 gamer
surround formats and audio on disks: eXtGamer & 5500s
sound frequency generators?
A couple of headset questions
Always hear myself on mic?
Need some info on a new card
warning about logitech speakers
Best sounding current MP3 on the market?
Sound does not work
speakers are a mine field, guidance please
Is this a good deal?
Analog or digital connection? (PC to receiver to speaker)
Best sub-$200 in-ear headphones?
Need hekp finding a set of headphones
Creative mp3 player
Sennheiser PC350 or Razer Barracuda?
PC Speakers VS Home Theatre
"Choppy" sound on a new laptop
Recommened Gaming 5.1 Headset w/ Mic?
ALC1200 vs SB Live! ?
Difference between Audio-Technica 500's
DTS sound
home theater+tv hookup??
x-plosion 7.1 cinema and z5500. Problem using fiber optic cable
How do i fix?
Creative HQ 1400 or Creative Fatal1ty?
I need help finding an audio cable (minijack to phono)
Gateway software audio problem on XP x64
Sub not working on 5.1 vista setup
best HTIB for $400-500?
Good Headphones?
PQ5 Pro, Sound Quality
Stereo Mix option greyed out in XP SP3
Lynxone drivers for Vista?
X-Fi Titanium
Choice of headphones
front pannel audio plugins and a Audigy SE?
Need a sound card to work with Vista 64 bit.
Thoughts on these results vs seperate sound card?
Onboard Sound Problem
Soundcard for Home Theater System
Audigy 2 ZS or Onboard Sound
Question about matching subs to sattelites
How Is The Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum
Looking for a quality headset!
Sound issues using HD4850 and HDMI / HD-TV
Soundcard Choice for recording
surround sound not full 5.1
xbox+pc to stereo with only 1 rca input
iPod Touch (16GB)
if i wanna connect my pc to two different systems...
help - audio driver suddenly died
Supreme FX II no audio
Onboard Realtek HD sounds better than Audigy 2. Something wrong?
How can I control volume on 5.1?
I got the BLuegears X-Mystique Blues
Quick Q: Does X-Fi (Elite PRO) work on Mac Pro?
I am right in my thinking
Looking for some wireless earmuff style headphones
Looking for Home Theatre Mentor
Is a sound card right for me?
What is the best sound card?
Looking for a sound card for my computer. whats good now?
looking for a cheap sound system
Soundblaster Audigy LS en Vista performance
Need help finding a computer case speaker
optical digital input problem
What 5.1 speakers?
Mic Boost Troubles
Which would you choose?
Which is better?
4g ipod question
what can be tweaked in sound cards?
Anyone using an ASRock with the 110db SNR ALC890?
Free 2.0 firmware for Ipod Touch
iTunes v7.7 and iPhone 2.0 Software
Thinking of maybe getting a Xonar DX...
x-fi xtreme audio won't play during games??
Sennheiser headphones test + Looking for a louder MP3 player
X-Fi I/O Drive not detected - help please!
before I blow something up...
So I use a headset and 5.1 speakers
5.1 help? sound only through one speaker...
New X-Fi Drivers Available!
Microphone not detecting in Vista?
Creative does Dolby Digital Live!!
Best Headphones ~$60
Going for 5.1. Are the X-540s really worth it over the X-530s?
Headset/Mic reccomendation
Custom 2.1ch speaker setup
Is a dedicated sound card worth the money?
Turn Wired PC Speakers into Wireless?
Is the Audigy 2 ZS really a hassle with Vista 64?
Best Overall Gaming Headset
sound card newb need advice
Realtek Soundback (EAX Vista Drivers)
Audigy 2ZS works in Vista x64?
Windows sound gone...everywhere?
Receiver: Pioneer VSX-817-K|S or ONKYO TX-SR506
Capture Device
Thinking about getting a new sound card..
SB X-Fi (Fatal1ty) starts screeching on games
usb headset
Need some budget gaming suggestions.
Optical DD input to Analog 5.1, Possible?
pci express x-fi fatal1ty causing problems
Sennheiser HD555... or HD280
Controlling audio remotely
logitech Z-5500
Audio problems with a X-FI.
Supreme FX II or Sound Blaster X-FI Xtreme Gamer
subwoofer advice
What's good replacement or step up for Klipsch Promedia 5.1 ?
Help Me Decide
ND4's Ipod Headphone mod!
SigmalTel sound not working
Sweex soundcard driver woes
Which Sound
RMA threw Audio-Technica?
I got a question about the Logitech Z-5500s
Sound blip with realtek ALC882D
z5500 replacement speakers?
Asus Maximus Formula 2 vs good PCI-E audio card?
Hooking Comp Speakers to TV - HELP!
X-Fi Prelude vs Xonar D2 (AV use only)
Sound card choice
Looking for an subwofer for home system
HD Audio from new mobos vs old standalone cards
Razor AC-1 passthrough possible?
"Setting in" a new sound system?
sound not working
help with wireing
Strange Issues With Realtek HD Audio
Z-5500 Center Channel Dead?
good inear headphones?
Integrated Sound card VS old PCI card
Looking for a Good Sound Card
Onkyo HT-SR600 thoughts?
Is this a good card?
Circumaural (Over-Ear) Headphones
Do we need 24bit sound cards?
New x-fi prelude drivers to be released June 11th PM
A/V receiver
Stupid Question of the day. :)
gaming headphones
Best wireless pc headphones
[New Asus Sound Card]ASUS Debuts World's First HDMI-Ready Sound Card
good headset with mic?
New creative beta drivers for Audigy/X-fi cards (all OS'es)
I'm Still On SB Live! Value from 1998 Ha!
Recommendations on headsets?
I need help with a car audio build.
FM transmitter for PC?
Completely open air Circumaural headphones?
X-Fi extreme gamer; No "microphone"
Asus, Razer, and Creative walk into a bar...
New Foobar2000 v0.9.5+
unusual "no mixer found" problem...
Sabrent 7.1 High Preformance 3D PCI Soundcard
Need a set of speakers!
New Motherboard or New Sound Card For Digital Out?
Maybe a New Soudn card?
Karaoke Mic Suggestions?
Producers -- Got Beats? Now what do you do with them?
I need a Card
Audio Pop or Crack
Logitech Z-5500 Speaker Stand
Best soundcard out of these 5 options?
Soundblaster Releases New X-FI Cards....
anyone have a vista 64 driver for revo 5.1?
SPDIF splitter/hub?
In need of a headset
toslink question
Question regarding Digital Surround Sound
Question regarding Digital Surround Sound
Need a new sound card - old one blew up
Weird problem with microphone, Audigy 4 pro.
No sound from my Logitech speakers
outdoor speakers
Elite Pro power connector - is it really needed?
Daniel_K enables Dolby Digital Live for all CL X-Fi's!
quick ? about sound
Dolby Headpone + Pro Logix 2x in gaming
Recording 2 input devices at the same time?
5.1 AUDIO constantly DIED!!
front panel audio connections (aargh)
is the audio center software necessary 24/7?
Can I use my old Audigy front panel with a X-Fi sound card?
The hot ticket for a Gamer these days?
HELLO! Need help finding THIS cable!
Laptop interfering with speakers
How much longer do discrete sound cards have for PCs?
Thinking of upgrading my Audigy 2
Creative Labs - Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio Sound Card
Logitech X-540 problem.
X-Fi XtremeGamer, extra connections?
M-Audio Revolution...Finally !!!!
Realtek ALC 889A ICH9 onboard audio or Audigy 2 sound card
Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro, driver advice needed
MonsterCable vs.CoatHanger, Audiophiles can't see difference
Tired of crackling music with onboard sound
3.1 sound proper?
Need a soundcard
Creative Labs SoundBlaster X-Fi 2 discussion thread
Realtek ALC 883 ICH9 onboard audio or Audigy 2 sound card
help me purchase a new mp3 player
audigy or onboard sound?
Creative Gigaworks T20 Review and modifications
What's the dif between X-Fi gamer & X-Fi Gamer Fatality?
Logitech Z5500...happy.
No Sound...Any ideas?
want a good sound card for laptop
Is there a difference in these 2 cards ???
Never saw a need for an external sound card until now...
Aura Bass Shakers
Seperating Front and Rear 'Green' outputs
Anyone here ever modded a sound card?
AMP & headphone questions
Headphone mod
Which sound card would you buy?
Ok folks, need a bit of info..
Creative vs Daniel_K
Sound Card.
headphone question
Having some trouble with PC audio...
Sansa e260?
5.1 card on a 2.2 reciever?
Matching speakers to card
I'm looking for sound system options, any advice?
Need a new external decoder
M2N-MX Audio Problems
AudioEngine and AudioTrak audiophile quailty for computers.
Onkyo SR575 reciever help please.
Creative Gigaworks T20 review(pics)
Hooking a logitech Subwoofer to a standardized reciever
Overclock your Z5500's
X-fi Xtreme audio Crackling/Popping
Driver problems "cannot find specified file"
Klipsch pro media 2.1's vs. Creative Gigaworks T20's
Just purchased custom headphones..
New X-Fi Drivers Available
Disapointed in my Razer Barracuda AC1
Audigy 2 or onbroad High Definition Audio??
5.1 speakers roundup
Sound card with ports for HDA & AC'97 Audio In/Out??
Need some audio advice
my speaker ranodomly play play some voices...
DirectSound 3d Vista?
Klipsch owners
Xtreme Audio or Gamer for best quality music playback, game audio and TV audio?
DVD movies here, new X-Fi P5K 8800GT 2 good 1 bad pwrd spks
Where can i find a 3.5mm (Female) to 2.5mm (Male) adapter
Mo DirectSound3d in Vista - Going back to XP
I'm about to bite my audio card HELP!!!
What do you guys recommend?
No sound online only?
Ripping CD's bit rate advice.
Asus Supreme FX II- junk?
optical-optical recording
Switches Galore
hard time with headphones
Creative Audio Console
Rightmark Audio Analyzer
Reduce interference from cell phone?
X-Fi XtremeMusic issues
supreme fx II
Looking for a good set of wireless head phones for gaming and tv use
What Headphones to get Sennheiser HD-485 or the HD-595?
Load on a soundcard?
Sound card options using the VIA24 Envy chipset.
No Audio Output Device is Installed
mic not working with XtremeGamer
mic not working with XtremeGamer
X-Fi XGamer&5500 list of req's; connecting pwr/AUX_IN, DVD audio
Wireless Can proble/AVR Via onboard audio
Guitar to PC problems
Disabling/rerouting windows sounds?
Can't get mic to work on Audigy 4 Pro
$500 Music Downloads
What card is better X-fi Xtreme Music or Audigy 2 ZS
Problem after restarting with Xfi Xtreme Music
Any one have these Altec Lansing ???
good headphones with microphone attached?
Recomendation of sound card to use with Z-5500
Sennheiser HD 485 + X-fi xtreme gamer sound card good combo?
Just got my X-FI Xtrememusic From Dell Need Install Help
No sound?! Makes popping noises, everything is fine in control panel...
Audio help! calling all audiophiles!!
x-fi question, can you test a card?
Bluegears is not Auzentech? wtf!!!
Supreme FX II, hooking up stereo
who here buys returns,refurbs?
Ok, you know what we need?
Front Panel yes, Back Panel no
No sound from center channel z-5500
Realtek HD Audio Issue
What 2.0 PC Speakers for $20 to $40?
pci express cards
I can here my drives working through my speakers
Audigy 2 ZS or onboard Realtek 889
Sound driver not loading.
Optical or Analog?
Klipsch Promedia 2.1
X-FI Owners, did you download this Windows Update?
New Comp Audio Time, Headphone Setup
X-fi headphone detection question.
How do i get my Comp to play through my 5.1 surrond sound
Looking for a good pair of wireless headphones
I need a good 2.1 system
Front Panel+Vista x64
Benchmark for sound card?
onboard HD Audio or Audigy Platinum Ex PCI Card?
Sealed or Ported, depending on room heelp!
HDMI sound output
Can anyone find me a Logitech Z-2300 remote
Should I get a sound card?
Better music quality in 10 minutes>>
need help finding a system.
Sound Card to power Z-5500s
problem with Creative MegaWorks THX 6.1 650
can i x-fi music card power a unidirectional microphone?
spdif optical help evga 680i
any easy way to shield unshielded speakers?
What sound card to get?
Need new headset
whats better? asus p5e onboard vs old audigy 2
Can the X-fi Prelude do optical out and mic in simultaneously?
My audio device and screen saver
these speakers any good?
X-FI: Missing Digital Out setting?
Onkyo CR-415 Bookshelf System + Sub Help
Good Headphones for Cellphone MP3 Playback?
Headphone problem
Sound Card Suggestions
No audio but do have video with Xbox 360 and Live
Audio Switch Simple Circuit Help.
Vista Compatible Sound Cards
IPOD Nano?
DVD digital playback with onboard sound
Z-5500's and SoundBlaster X-Fi XtremeGamer
Can I get opinions of these two receivers?
wireless headphones
Audigy 2zs to Xfi xmusic
auzen x-fi or asus xonar d2x?
Creative X-Fi Xtreme 7.1 Audio PCI-E - Anyone Got 1
=/ Logical theory of cunfusion with sound
Vector Research?
Best Realtek HD Environment Setting?
Is using SB D/A convertor with digital DVD out, not analog, better quality?
Mic Boost Fails.
How to Enable Aux2 in Xfi Soundblaster ?
Problem with Realtek audio hardware
soundcard selection
If you had to recommend an MP3 player that wasn't an Ipod?...
IP35 PRO + Onboard sound (AC97) problem, halp!
Sennheiser HD555's - Oh my god.
What sound card for Vista x64, 4.1 speakers?
need help with noise problem
Couple of questions for you audio junkies
Gaming mic suggestions?
Printer on subwoofer
Asus P5W DH Dlx can't record sound :confused:
Anyone use Audigy 2 ZS /w Vista Home Premium 32bit?
Which iPod replacement battery kit is recommended?
P4C800e dlx, no onboard sound?
coax connection on z-5500 speakers
amp wanted for x-fi and dt 770 80 ohm