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Brand new Mic Nothing
Go get foobar
Auzentech X-Fi Prelude Dolby Digital Live
New headphones with more bass.
headset microphone isnt working
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need a good sound card
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quick hometheater + Sound card question
want a pair of nice sounding desktops
Need help picking out high quality headphones.
i just ordered a logitech z5500 for 187 AR
audiguy or onboard HD audio?
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Unable to install Realtek ALC882 HD driver for onboard audio
Bose Noise Canceling Headphones for gaming?
$50 for a 2.1 speaker system...help!
Asus P5B-Deluxe w/Z-5500
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Help me pick a soundcard
mobo cd-in header...
Stereo Receiver Recommendation
Adjusting volume on rear speakers
surround sound on a computer?
How to hookup Logitech Z680 speakers to X61 laptop with X6 dock?
Razer Barracuda AC-1 & HP-1
PCI-E soundcards???
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Quiet Mic
Ordered X-Fi XtremeGamer, any objections?
2 individual sound outputs from x-fi?
Can I run a 2.1 system for my rears
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Functional difference between Realtek ALC88x chips?
Hardware or software problem?
Zune question
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Quality Head sets? Help
logitech 5500's question?
Can i use my onboard audio jack to run this 5.1 system?
Anyone guitar amp to computer recording?
ok so which is best?.....
Best Sound card for music.
bass cut off frequency in X-FI???
suggestions from musicians please...
Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum Digital Port
openAL on a audigy2 zs in ut3
xbox 360 digital out to my abit ip35 pro digital in
Question about x-fi modes.
+20dB Will Not Stay Checked!!
sound blaster X-Fi Platinum Fatal1ty Champion Series vs sound blaster x-fi fatal1ty F
Very simple question, probably noob question.
Suggestion on sound card..
Need speaker recommendations
Creative DTS-610
Holy crap @ Z-5500s
Open or closed headphones for gaming?
Show us pics of your Surround sound setup.
Logitech 5500's getting old?
Microphone comes out of speakers
Tube amp (Little Dot MKIII)
Front pannel audio jack
usb mic vs. audio jack mic
Lost surround sound
GA-M61P-S3 sound and microphone issue
sound card
Speakers are making strange noise
Disabling MB sound
X-Fi XtremeGamer with IP35 PRO
headphones and a mic?
Logitech X-530 5.1 should i buy for half the price from e-bay?
Work speakers for under $50?
Looking for Audiophile quality speaker system
Nice 5.1 headphones with built in MIC? (non usb)
Using a SB (Xi-fi Gamer) for easy/good surround in movies/TV:Pro Logic, DD, DTS...
Asus Xonar - anyone used it?
Synchronized sound?
What Soundcard to get?
Headphones:Audio Technica ATH-A700 or ATH-AD700?
M4B to MP3 Conversion help
driver help?
Should be an easy fix.....
Ground Loop Isolator???
Need advice on Sound for a new Gaming Rig
Best drivers for x-fi in Vista 32-bit?
Getting Logitech Z-5500 for living room and...
What's a good upgrade from a Audigy 2?
Cloning stereo crossovers
broken z5500 control unit
Sub in car (pics)
Optical Input?
x64 EAX driver issues
Home entertainment speakers for X-Meridian
I need a bit of help here...
Mic not recording on X-FI Fatality Platinum
Recommendation on speakers
I need a good headset!!
Earbuds >$50
Audio Degradation with 3.5mm to Toslink?
Need some help getting sound out of my PS3 to my computer!
Ipods are hot! (more than one way)
Does anyone have a Sandisk Sansa Express MP3 Player? If so, please answer this quest.
High quality 7.1 Speakers?
Anyone have logitech z5500?
SB Live! hacked drivers - worth it? (and other stuff)
Guru3d Auzen X-Fi Prelude review
What copy software?
Kernel Streaming/ASIO anyone?
OK I thinK I Got Everything Setup.. Best Sound Card with Optical Out for my Receiver?
Audigy ... which one?
Audigy SE 7.1
Need an MP3 player to use with reciever and AC power
best sub for my system between $100 and $200?
home theater- voices faint while effects very load
audigy 2 zs drivers
Playing headphones through speaker jack
Audigy 2 ZS vs Xtreme gamer vs FATAL1TY Pro
Sony 5.1 60cd stereo for PC?
Best 2.0 self powered compact speaker set?
New Auzen x-fi Prelude drivers (fix 4GB x-fi issue)
Cheaper Headset (For Hazaro this time)
Recommendations for headphones
X-Plosion and Vist
Good wireless 5.1 systems
Creative X-Fi - PCI-e version...
SPDIF out from motherboard
Looking for a wireless solution
purchasing home theatre system pronto, quick reccomendations
Front audio doesn't work
Quick z5500 questions
What other systems have optical out beside Z-5500s?
Last piece to purchase
Does anyone have the xonar AND z5500's?
Question Concerning my Logitec Z5500
Suggestions for new sound card
New Stereo
Mic Problems with Onboard Realtek HD Audio
Here we go again....gaming sound card advice
Senns HD201 vs. Sony XD200
Car audio system at home?
Mic troubles
Can't turn down/off speakers
Home audio system advice
Audio Pinout Challange!!! Adapting audio headers - Read On
Crossover for home theatre sub
Realtek ALC883, EAX, really good (everything on), off, or in between?
Cheap vista-compatible sound card?
Need Help Finishing Rig/Sound System!
Enable all sound outputs?
Mono signal to headphones?
Is Buying a Sound Card to do S/PDIF passthrough necessary?
repairing headphone plug
Headphones + Sound Card??
m audio speaker question
X-FI Card for Vista 32bit
Sound just goes away on Chaintach AV710
X-FI vista software?!?!
SB Audigy SE unlock bass & treble in advanced tab?
How do I get AC3 output from a .mkv file using Dolby Digital Live?
New Audio-Technica ATH-A500's: do they need an amp?
Electronix Warehouse
i have a x-fi, but i need firewire for music creation.. any solutions??
How's polk audio?
looking for something other than creative
broken earphones
New pair head phones needed
Do I uninstall the onboard sound driver before installing the XFI drivers?
Question about HD DVD and Speakers
Install pics
emu 0404 Mod
Onboard or Audigy 2 ZS?
SB's X-Ram actually make a difference?
Sound Blaster X-FI Fatal1ty PRO issues in VISTA!!!!
Good headset for gaming?
Auzen X-Fi Prelude 7.1
Sound card and mobo sound imputs....
Need 5.1 Sound Card Linux Compatible
Just blew my 8800 fund on audio
Sound problem, all sound plays with an echo, like in a stone room.
P6N Diamond onboard X-Fi anyone?
X-FI Problems
Which MP4 player?
What portable player do you own?
usb headphones
sound blaster live! or onboard audio (ALC889A on p35 ds3r)?
Lost in Headsets
Need help w/ Home Theater
PCI-Xpress X-fi?
"HD Audio Bus" Driver Problems
Weird Problem WTF!!
Sound Card Final Advice: Ordering soon...
New Sound Card for DTT3500
Logitech Z-5300e good?
Sound card
USB Sound Card
signs of the Asus Xonar
x-fi card, need headset for 8+ hours of use with mic
Dumbest Question Ever
Anyone have a modded X-Fi?
Need Good Gaming Headset!
looking for new sound card....
Difference between X-fi Elite and X-Fi Platinum?
Positioning Z-5500 Sub
Im guessing this needs some kinda receiver
Mixing Speaker HT Brands/Models
Auzen X-Fi Vs ASUS Xonar
96Khz or 192Khz sound card
Can you use spdif without the karajan
Dumb question reguarding Logitech Z-4's
Best PC speakers on the market?
sound card recommendation?
audigy zs problem. help :)
Sound seems to be gone, any help?
Two home stereo questions
Building a cheapish Home Stereo system
Headphones >100$
headphone subwoofer.
PCMCIA Sound Blaster Audigy problem...
Vista + sound card choice
Turtle Beach Ver. 2
Built-in Audio or the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz?
Creative SoundBlaster Audigy SE 7.1
Output problem
X-Fi Fata1ity and Vista x64
Recommendations on sound card and speakers
need help! really strange problem...
Good Headphones and Soundcard
Help with sound setup
Weird problem while testing my 5.1..
medusa 5.1
48 or 96hz
Sound Recording
Goodbye X-Fi, Hello Xonar.
X-Fi elite or X-Fi extremegamer Fata1ity?
x-fi installing driver problem
Why can I not get my X-Fi to work with Vista?
Can anyone suggest a decent cheap Dolby Digital Live or DTS Connect sound card?
SB Live! or Realtek's ALC861?
Sound card died and ordered another one
Laptop sound issue
Recommendation for a Microphone
Options for laptop sound cards?
Microphone + XFI....
Medusa headset problem
Speakers with Receiver
My sound card arrived, one side stopped working
Odd sounds from speakers
Wireless rear speakers
Worth upgarding?
Help Choosing Speakers
Sennheiser HD280s; questions.
X-Fi problems
Quick way to switch between 5.1 and stereo settings?
problems with my 5.1
pc as dvd surround sound sytem
Im so confused.
seeking new setup.
a decent & cheap SD mp3 player?
Auzentech + X-Fi + DDLive! But only in Vista???
X-Fi worth the extra money?
Front panel connection
Which X-FI card should I get?
Mic troubleshooting
Logitech X-540 v.s. Logitech Z4
How to get Toslink Digital from an iPod?
using headphone jack on pc case
how should i setup my 5.1 speakers?
Cards vs. Integrated
SB X-fi 2.15.0002 (May 30th) Vista Driver... ventrilo no longer transmits
Just a few questions about sounds cards.
Bose TriPort IE Review
Ok, last Question... DDL
Realtek HD audio (AZALIA)
5.1 and or 7.1 Audio for games
Official X-Fi Vista driver CD released!
Mods for the X-Fi
Solo Subwoofer Question
Too Many Things Problem
New Speaker Suggestions
Sound Card has packed it in.
Could this review really be serious??
Problem with asus supreme fx
Anyone remove the intigrated audio header from there board?
fuzz from speakers
Wireless VoIP headset
Needing to buy a simple soundcard
HT OMEGA Striker 7.1
Speaker setup
Stereo buzzes with computer intput
sub lighting
Sound Card Dying?
what's the best headphone ranging from $20-30
sound card not recognized
IKs it worth putting this soundcard in?
Which speakers/brand would you suggest?
ogg or aac?
Replacement of my Audigy 2
MB front speaker connector not working
S/PDIF Question
Need help with X-Fi Elite Pro!
Digital vs. Optical
Can I Set Sound Blaster Audigy USB Device to 5.1?
good replacement for my audigy 1?
Audigy Cards To Get Back DSP Under VISTA
Xfi drivers on Audigy/SBlive?
Clicking sound - audio issues
X-FI FATAL1TY problems!
Question about medusa 5.1 headphones
Best to worst Sound Card listed
Creative XFi MS Update drivers link?
Recommend a good 2.1 setup
Multi Channel Audio Info
Need a good sound card for my HTPC with optical out
Noticable difference?
P5W DH Onboard or SB Audigy 4 Pro
thank u asus
Should I get new speakers?
Rear speakers producing high pitch tone
soundcard vs onboard
Creative WHAT ARE U DOING??!?!?!!?
HTPC/Gaming System advice
my audio driver gripe
dual sound cards or not?
Modifying microphone
Cyber Acoustics A-5640rb versus A-5640RB vs Logitech X-540
X-Fi Plat card, remote not working?
Serious sound issues with X-Fi Fatal1ty and BF2
Front Panel Sound with X-Fi?
eDimensional AudioFX
So why is nvidia so awesome?
Need replacement volume control
If you have a product made by Creative that is still under warranty...
Sigmatel Drivers for XP?
What sound card?
Vista audio problem
Know of an Audio Driver Archive? (for Sonorus AUDI/O PCI)
Audio driver problems.
Audio from new comp doesnt work correctly (digital spdif prob)
Asus Xonar Cards?
Making a CMoy, need help
winamp plugins and presets
audio driver problem
Help pls :)
Need a few suggestions
Onboard Audio under Vista
Recommend me a 5.1 surround sound set :D
Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 5.1 good at $160.00??
Poor sound quality from chipset
Chronic Sound Problem
Grado Labs headphones
Oki this is driving me crazy (headphones and sound)
inspiron 9300 sound problems
Werid Speaker Problems
Audigy value or Terratec Six Pack?
Need a new sound card, help!
5.1 System for Home but....
Application or method to specify which soundcard a program uses?
Linking Surround sound to Xbox
SoundMax integrated + Vista
Creative Drivers
earbuds. Need suggestions.
Bluetooth stereo Headphones
Headphone Amp mini-roundup
Fed up of Creative XFI
M-Audio StudioPro 3 Speakers Going Dead?
Crappy sound with Vista!!! With both integrated and X-fi!?!
Case Headphone Jacks
Decent 2.1 Speakers?
Headset problems.
problems installing the new drivers for my xfi extreme gamer
creative andigy 2 ZS plat console?
P4C800 Deluxe on board sound errors
ASUS VS. Creative
Speaker Wiring: Double Copper vs Copper-Aluminum
Speaker Help: New z5500 Center Speaker
Should i? or Should
sound card and headset
Fully working software for Vista!!
need cheap headphones
wireless headset
is there a way to shield speakers?
Audio Technica ATH-A900
Audigy 4 Problems.
X-Fi Vista Non Beta Drivers Out Today!!!!
Audigy manual/drivers?
SB Live! 5.1 in today's cases?
Should I sell my Audigy 2 ZS and buy a X-FI Gamer?
acquisition of multichannel sound
Not getting bass out of my x-fi
surround sound help..
sound messed up
Sound Card recomendation
40in LCD to pc cable?
Quality Wireless Headphones
decent noise canceling headphones
Good Value Sound Card? 2 or 2.1 Speakers
Best stereo headphones for under $50?
Subwoofer output
Logitech z-5300e: How to clean off the "mud"
Klipsch 5.1 amp dead. anyone have a DIY repair guide?
soundcard for z-2300's
logitech X530 help
Dual sound cards, has anyone done this?
X-Fi XtremeMusic (audio?)
Evil X-fi crackling
Cassette to CD?
Soundcard to release the strain on my CPU
CMSS-3D or 5.1?
Vista + Audigy2zs + new Drivers = tinny sound...?
x-fi xtreme gamer fatal1ty
Polk Audio RTi4
Audigy Value, Audigy2, SB Live 7.1 what is the diff?
upgrading sound card what to get?
CD-IN for sound card
X-Fi Xtreme Audio woes?
5.1 home theater
Sound cards
AC97 No sound
Digital Decoders and Sound Cards
spdif ouput via headphone jack on laptop?
Wireless earbuds
For those looking for sound card with Dolby Digital live and DTS connect...
2.1 speakers
Running headphones directly from sound card?
what computer speakers to get? need advice
Best Onboard Audio Chipset?
vista=soundcard driver problem
Xfi-Paltinum discontinued??
after boot drive upgrade sound blaster acting up
Please recommend me the best sub $50 soundcard
HT OMEGA STRIKER DTS connect, DD live, AND EAX 2.0!!!
M-Audio Studiophile speakers???
Receiver for around !100?
surround sound in BF2
iPod Audio recorder Needed...
Steve J (Apple) Get Rid Of DRM
Which X-Fi has the front input panel?
multiple soundcards
New X-Plosion/X-Meridian WinXP and Vista Drivers Available!
Yet another SPDIF problem.. HELP!
help need audigy 2 value cd
No sound from Bose QC3 headphones when used with iPod shuffle?
Steve Jobs talks about DRM
recommended headsets
Upgrade my Audigy 2 ZS?
Fosgate or JBL bookself speakers for surround system?
Which 5.1 speakers to choose from?
How to change audio contrast.
The A3D Sound
turtle beach catalina
what is the name of the xfi progam? I need to find it for vista
help selecting a sound card for HTPC
ahhhh venting about Z5500s! impossible to purchase
Record from Onboard Sound into M-Audio Revolution 5.1
Choosing an Auzentech card
I'm at a loss. Sound issue. (microphone)
IceMat Headphones Just Arrived!!...
closed or open cans for gaming
Deal from buddy @ best buy
Where to get longer 6-channel direct cable
no sound coming out
Using "two" soundcards?
I'm frustrated, help me find some cans.
Help me Hook a HT to an X-Fi XtremeMusic PLZ!!!
Creative X-fi card: will it work with a 5.1 surround speaker kit?
Regular audio plugs to usb converter
Plantronics Audio 360
Thinking of buying this headunit..