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Thinking of buying this headunit..
BOoHOO..... Are my speakers dying??
dolby digital or DTS in games? What card?
Snap Crackle Pop on X-fi
Which sound card for Onkyo Receiver?
recommend me 5.1 headphones
Sound Card: Pops, Crackles, and Other Noise
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Purchasing a New Sound Card
Good Sound Card for Gaming - 150 max
Dead ProMedias...
Can't record?
Compaq onboard sound suddenly stopped working
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Speaker Sheilding
anyway to tune onboard?
X-Fi fun!!!!
Need advice on sheilded or unshielded for short run of analog audio cable
mp3 surround!
X-Fi Console Issue
No sub with windows media player...
X-FI and its ram
MP3 player in the cold not working
Onboard sound bad. Alternatives?
need help with soundcard and headset
I have to recomend These Headphones
X-Fi Platinum Problems
Audio card dissappeared?
Know where I can get this??????
Which X-Fi Fata1ity card for my receiver?
About X-Fi, Vista and Home Recording...
is the xfi platinum audio extension cable an IDE?
Whats a good headphone amp for games?
X-Fi Recommendation
zen micro problem
Pioneer SE-DJ5000
Soundblaster X-Fi XG Fatal1ty Pro and Logitech X-530
I got a new toy ^_^ Here's a hint FS=19hz QTS=.44
Problem with my Xfi Xtreme gamer.
What sound card for 2-channel analog out?
general questions regarding digital sound on a PC
turtle beach audio advantage amigo
Ahhh, man.
Need an A/B type switch for 5.1 speakers and 5.1 headset
Sound Blaster X-FI Xtream Autio question???
QUESTION from a noob
Problem with Microsoft WINMM WDM Audio Compatibility Driver
What is the best 7.1 sound card??
recording streams of audio fromi.net
Updating my HT Speakers, DIY Style!
Sound card ideas please
USB Audio
Which one should i go with
sound not coming through headset
Just fixed my X-Fi, though I don't know how
yay my new xfi platinum is installed!
mmgear headphones
optical S/PDIF vs 6 channel direct
Altec Lansing 5.1s to Klipsh 2.1 will I miss surround?
sub box
recommend Sound card?
P5B (vanilla) onboard with Altec Lansing 5.1, can I work with this?
Anyone with n X-Fi and Multimeter? Need measurements on the 10-pin connector
Razer HP1 mic problems
HDA Digital X-Mystique
soundblaster LIVE 5.1 / Audigy worth change?
Show off your pc sound system thread!
What can I do with my room?
Realtek ALC888DD & enabling 96khz
xfi platinum is on its way, how are the X-5500
problem with onkyo!!! replacement not workin either
Front Panel Audio Connectors
Intel965WH (Sigmatel) Audio issues..
Anything better for $50?
'Old' (v) headphones
old install has sound, new one doesnt, same drivers?
Front Center Speaker Static
X-Fi platinum - remote no worky
just bought a x-fi extreme gamer sound card
sound card W/digital out upconvert for all audio
Calling all audiophiles
Audigy SE PCI 5.1/7.1 = NO SOUND, But "Working Properly"
cant get 5.1 to work ><
Advice needed
X-530 question
question about a setup.
x-fi or soundblaster?
need help looking for true surround sound headphones
Auzentech Xplosion Vs. X-FI extrememusic
need help on which sound card to get
Midi connectors
What headphones to chose? Regular or surround?
questions about recievers
headset problems (channel cutting in/out)
wierd rattling in headphones
Zen Micro problem
5.1 Reciver Question
module missing
soundblaster sound card won't play sound !!!
SteelSound 5H v2 questions
I found out what my wife got me for xmas
Need Help Winning AC-1 Contest Please!!!
new speakers, or old?
5 channel amplifier
what do you think of this setup
Need help finding the right sound card for my laptop...S/PDIF input preferred
Who has Logitech Z-2300's?
X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS Flat Ribbon?
Quick Audigy 2 value Digital I/O Module question
Ripping Cds
audigy 2 drivers
Mic problems
speaker system
Looking for decent 3.1 speakers
Multiple Mirrored Output?
X-Fi --> DTS Pass-through...optical out?
which one would be better?
Need help buying new receiver
Onboard sound not working - will soundcard fix?
X-mas help
Any ideas of what i could do with these?
Headset specs question
recording aux in
Audigy ZS drivers on SBlive?
what a good sound card
Gaming Headset Suggestions Please
X-Fi XMod or Audigy 2 ZS Notebook?
possible to connect Audigy2 ZS platinum pro I/O box to X-Fi Card?
Does anyone know if I can get the Heed CanAmp easily in Canada?
5.1 speaker to headset switch
x-fi gamer (lost installation cds)
Radio Transmitter??
6.5 in & 4x6 in speaker recommendations
Windows media player and 5.1
strange kxdriver + winamp mad plugin incompatibility
Medusa 5.1 Headphones
5.1 to 7.1
*PICS* 2 cubes @ 28hz / also pics of Bently GT & a Cat *Video*
X-FI won't boot
Help me with sub choice/box
do you have seperate sound for your tv and computer?
WMP Playback Issues - MPEG Audio Layer 3
Oregon Scientific Waterproof MP3 Player
Worth the upgrade?
Decent 2 Speaker set
Trying to solve an interference problem
Looking for an external soundcard
Bose Companion 5 multimedia speaker setup
Dunno if this is the rigth place but.
Using pc for game console sound
Feedback when pressing keys or scrolling
enhanced soundblaster fidielity soundcard drivers
sony mdr-v600 - ear buds on last legs
What is "Night Mode" (Z-5500's)
PCIE Sound Card?
Hearing Website Sounds through an M-Audio Audiophile 2496
Any retailers sell Sennheiser headsets?
help me choose my very first sound card
Where to Start? New Sub for Car
Mount Zune as an External Drive!
Hardcore FPS gamer looking for sound card
Question about SB Audigy 2 ZS
Difference between the X-Fi's?
2 soundcards
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic 7.1 Channels 24-bit 96KHz PCI Interface Soun
front pannel for audigy (platinum )
Anyone have/seen this receiver? - Insignia IS-HC040917 600W 6.1-Ch
Before I buy a sound card, some last suggestions
SPDIF/optical out from onboard sound question
Improve sound quality of streaming radio
microphone boost?
X-Fi XtremeMusic -volume gradually goes up on own?
Will Apple replace my Mini if the battery is dying?
Performance hit with SBlive 5.1!?
old SBlive 5.1 > newish mobo onboard sound
Microsofts Ipod Killer : Meet Zune
PCMCIA Audio Card
Sblive 5.1 help
ipod FM transmitter suggestion
Please Help me :(
The Zune Is Here... Small Review
iPod compatability issues?
Didtal Out Sound Cards
Best headset for gaming, Price not really a problem
Surround sound headphones? I need answers.
Power company killed my speakers
Good set of gaming speakers?
PCI Express sound cards?
Best gaming/movie speakers under $200.00?
X-Fi Xtreme Music Install
weird rattling
2.1 system in 7.1 sound card
Turning one of my outputs into regular sound.
I can hear further left and right than I can hear them front and back.
half decent 5.1 speaker system
setting up surround sound
Silent Speakers: Help me Find some
Question about sound cards.
Software-Make My Own Music?
X-Fi EM crapping out?
are these any good?
Home audio solutions for iAudio X5L
Onboard sound issue
TV issues
Where to get front i/o panel for X-FI Xtrememusic?
pro's / con's of using home theater receiver with comp?
Sennheiser PC150 users
Bose Companion 3
Headphone help.
Koss PRO4AAT cans?
X Mystique 7.1 Gold...wierd problem
Line-in as Passthrough
x-fi fatal1ty vs platnium
Quality head phone only sound card?
battlefield 2 and 2142 problems with rear speakers on VIA Envy24
Creative X-Fi Xtrememusic!!!!!!!!!!!
Looking for a good soundcard for gaming(Non Creative)
Woot! Microsoft Zune! Preordered One :)
Making my line in into line out?
Problem on my volume control
Audio Converter
Which sound card?
The speaker died...
SB live or onboard ?
Surround sound doesn't ever work
Boosting Microphone Power
Sound Card Comparison
Has anyone heard of an Expresscard Soundcard coming out anytime soon?
Help me choose a Headphone (3 choices)
IEM Question
Best 5.1 Speakers under $150.
Reciever Suggestions
sound card help
Bad ground or something....
OnBoard vs Sound Card (Sound Quality)
play 2 audio at once, makes sound choppy
Whats the difference between the SENNHEISER PC 150 and the PC160?
Any Creative Zen Vision:M 30 GB users?
Sound Distortion when playing games
Blugears B-inspire sound card
Audigy2 ZS & Audigy2 ZS Platinum compare!
iCEMAT Black Siberia 3.5mm/ 6.3mm Connector Circumaural Headset - Retail
Need a good sound card..
Logitech high-Pitch Screeching noise
Ripping vinyl records ... and soudcards
For all of you with Logitech Z-5500D
Speakers fading in and out
Need to get some speakers running...
Which X-Fi???
upgrade sb Live to x-fi worth it??
good deal or not?
Sound through Line In
New X-fi models out? XtremeGamer & XtremeAudio
Purchased Logitech Z-5500, Need a SOUND CARD (advice)
PA system
Sure EC3
5.1 Surround Sound for My Computer
Sound decrease?
Headset Question ??
X-FI on ASUS A8N32 vs. the A8N Premium
Help choosing mp3 player
audigy 4
Should this be happening?
Sound Blaster Audigy
Is my sound card shot, or is it something else
DIY Subwoofer Build
usb speakers
What is the difference between these two?
Audigy2 ZS sound crackling
audigy 2 speaker selections not working
wierd audio problem
Foxtel IQ
Upgrading To 7.1 (PCI Card) From 5.1 (onboard)
Cowon Iaudio M3
Receiver Randomly Shutting Off?
Audigy2 Plat EX: Can't listen to sound from multiple programs
Left and Right channels problem
ALAC (Apple Lossless)
m-audio studiophile 2.1-5.1
buying sound card?
Freind's microphone wont record.
headphones and speakers
Polk R15 or Logitech Z5500?
Have I ruined my logitech sub?
Audigy crackling, moved to onboard...Code 10 driver prob
help, crashes after install of audigy se
iTunes... is my pc really that bad.
Need 5.1 USB sound card for laptop (mac)
Onboard Sound stops working...
Mic Problem?
Girlfriend's sound has ceased to work
X-FI versus CENTURION 532
Have a question regarding DVD-Audio
New sound Card
Anyone see the new ipods?
Audgigy 2 old but is it outdated?
Sattelite Radio
usb head decks for cars
Left - Right balance not correct?
X-Fi BSOD when installing drivers?
Best gaming headset?
Building CMOY vs. Buying CMOY
How good is the Bose SL2 wireless solution?
Onboard Sound or Sound Card?
How can I tell which version of THX I have?
Audigy-SE W/Output to HDTV?
xfi xtreme music and ventrillo
X-Fi Platinum pics
Anyone listen to Modules? (.mod, .xm, .it, etc)
The world is fading away
Creative X-FI question
High definition audio with Azalia onboard?
Bluegears b-Enspirer
Will it be a good idea if a headphone is bundled with speaker set?
Help me choose a sound card.
Anyone replaced the wiring on their PC Speakers?
Connecting Klipsch 5.1 Speakers to a tv?
5.1 logitech X-530 (1 speaker not working)
M-Audio 5.1 Revolution and Windows XP
Headphone shopping..suggestions?
looking for sound card
car audio question...clarion db365usb
Help!! 2.1 System and Headset
Help me pick some speakers
X-Fi Mic Feedback
razer soundcard
Klipsch 5.1 ultras and headphones question
Sennheiser EH2270 vs HD280
Random Sound Collapse?!
This is a joke!!!
Crystal Sound from what?
Ripping a dvd recorded on a tv dvd rec.
Install problems on an Audigy2 ZS.
Good headphones for MP3 player?
Realtek onboard P5WD2 problems
Sound Problems
I can't believe my ears (Senn HD600)
X-Fi and Custom EAX Effects?
X-fi platinum
What should I do for sound?
Blown Velodyne CHT10?
Creative Digital I/O Module
Creative Craps again?
Is this a good buy?
Mic Problem
Getting Surround Sound
which 5.1 and are they actually good ??
Creative labs front panel
M-Audio Revolution problem, please help
MP3 player
Looking for an adapter...
Speaker and MIC interference. HELP
Moved slot w/Audigy 2zs... now audio is "swishy"
5.1 headsets ?
Audigy 2 ZS crashing games
Major Issues with HDA XPlosion
Ipod Nano just says "do not disconnect" when plugged to PC
Bluegears b-Enspirer
Looking for good headphones. gaming/music
Multiple Webcam/Microphone's to same computer
Shure E2c or E3c?
where can i download at least a 15minute mp3 of white noise ?
Xfi input problems?
Replacement subs for vintage setup
Need help picking out speakers for my X-fi
any freeware midi to mp3 converter software?
Sennheiser HD280 - My Outlook
Ingame feedback
Good portable FM tuner
X-FI is not recognized
Help me pick between these SBLive cards
Extra "Line Out" and "Mic In" on Front Case Panel
Can anyone explain these problems?
Automatic volume control?
Stupid sound card
Car Audio Tutorial
Not one week and my headphones break
no idea
Need a sound card...recommendations?
Another "Best Headphones under $50" Thread.
Mic not working.
Best current cans for $100 USD
Background static in headphones/speakers
X-Fi Music for games?
How to record public meeting for web use?
Audigy 2 ZS or Audigy 4
Need help finding company(ies)
Quick Q about my new Daydon DVC Drivers (in Car)
recording on the line in, buying recommendations?
icemat headphones
Help me select some new speakers......
Audigy2 ZS for Fl Studio use
No Sound Icon in Taskbar, No Sound in Browsers
Which drivers with that AV-710
Recorindg on an Audigy 2 ZS
audigy2 vs onboard.
I need Assistance with SB Live card....
X-Fi, X-Mystique, 2ZS for recording?
Surround speakers, SB live!
Need help with Sound Blaster X-Fi
turntable too silent, why?
Creative X-Fi Rocks my world
Speaker Upgrade Advice
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro yes or no?
Can I Add a Subwoofer to my current speakers?
creative sb live! 24bit or audigy se?
internal connection on sb live 24bit
When I do ASIO test to use cubase...
5.8ghz wireless computer speakers?
my mic wont work!!!
In need of a soundcard!
MP3 Players with SD Slots?
software control fade?
Studio quality Mic?
No sound from right speaker?
Calling all audiophiles
I'v got that urge again :D
Speakers for under 200?
Best speakers for laptop, around $100-$150?
Strangest PC speaker death throes I've seen yet...
Upgrade to the new foobar if you haven't already
FLAC files
HDA Vs. Creative
X-Fi vs audigy 2 plat
Sennheiser HD 212pro user review
Mangled speaker still usable?
Logitech z-5400 and X-fi?
X-Fi, and Using case headphone, Mic Jack
X-FI And It's Sound Problems (Have They Gone)
Small speakers with good sound?
surround sound problems
Great Headphone Recommendation
Sound card choice help (and rest of system)
Just bought some new speakers, anyone have opinions?
Headphones or Soundcard?
problems with sound
X-fi OEM. Not many options??
Audigy 2 ZS - Slow, Stuttering
klipsch 5.1 surround.. no sound, any help?
hmmm. usb headset issues.
Humming Issue
Realtek ALC882 vs. SB Live 24 bit?
ahhh needs help!! Audigy 2
audio isnt that good...
Mini to RCA Adaptor/ Interconnect options
New X-Fi drivers are out, and an interesting program
Z5500 Questions!
Great site if you have a Leadtek WinFast card
Audigy 2 Value Problems
Rio Karma..file transfer to PC?
iPod transfering files?
On Board vs. SB Live! Value
Question about improving my Logitech speakers
Should I look for a reciever upgrade?
Ventrilo & Music
X-Fi really worth it? X-Fi vs. Audigy
got my amp finished
Sub Distortion/ReVerb
Mid bass woofer on one of my Klipsch 4.1 speakers blew...
I turn sound accel down to basic, but it keeps turning itself back up?
Difference between Audigy 2 and X-fi?
portable dvd players with mp3?
What is the difference between these two Cards
X-Fi Popping and Crackling Reference Board
iTunes to mp3
Poll: Who uses Kx Project drivers
Help me with box volume for single 12"; sealed
X-fi xtreme music & logitech z5500s
How to uninstall audigy 2ZS
Sub thread (Bamaboy)
Logitech Z 5300-e front left channel distorting.
more car audio questions
Finally investing in some better audio stuff...
Looking for good recording hardware/software
Which will distort first, my speakers or amp?
M-Audio Revolution 7.1
Questions about Bose
Plate Amp, where does it go?
Logitech Z-5300 or Z-5300e for 5.1 setup
G500 or z5500
Logitech X-530 Sub Mod
Audigy2 ZS v Sound Blaster Live Platinum 5.1
Klipsch 2.1 iFi's??
Cheapest quality card to output to HT
onboard sound
Question about X-Fi cards
Audigy 2 ZS - ASIO,DTS and problems
A8N-SLI Deluxe onboard audio problem !!
small problem
Need car audio advice (amps)
Both Rear Channels through same speaker + 5.0 Configuration
headdeck for car..searching...
Sub box question