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Both Rear Channels through same speaker + 5.0 Configuration
headdeck for car..searching...
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Audigy 2 ZS Platinum DVD audio problem
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shopping for a reciever, need advice...
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ipod/car audio help needed!
ipod/car audio help needed!
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Audigy2 zs and logitech z-640
400w car amp inside
X Fi Driver Problem
portable, closed circumaural headphones for music
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new tv card - no sound
Hooking up case mic and headphone ports to X-Fi??? Is it possible???
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P5LD2 Deluxe's ALC882 audio jacks.
PC music: What player/codec do you use?
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Car Speaker Towers
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My $3.00 new cans
Should I or not?
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Home Theater 5.1 Set-up for PC: Anyone have Experience
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Audigy 2 ZS + USB Headset (not working)
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A Shot in the Dark Here: Logitech Soundman Xtrusio DSR-100 Speakers
Cheap Media Player
i need 2 good mp3 players
No sound coming from SB Audigy 2 ZS
Use DAC on Audigy 2 ZS or Z-5500s?
PC PSU for car amplifier
x-fi and Audigy2ZS platinum panel
Headphone hook up
Need help on picking car audio components please...:)
Audigy 2 zs or audigy 4 ?
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crushed dust cap?
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My new baby...
Ummm, isn't this a 512 7800gtx being sold as a 256 7800gtx on Ebay?
Have any recommendations on a good sound card + headphones?
5.1 YAMMA TSS-10: how to get real 5.1?
Sound Sound Sound
X-Fi Elite Pro for gaming
Any sound cards with oPTICAL OUT ?
5.1 Speaker test for X-Fi?????
whats the diff
Headphones/Headset Transportation
Sound doesnt work. Not a driver issue.
$850 budget, did I pick the right combo?
Attention X-Fi Xtreme Music owners!!!
Want to record guitar, Keyboard, Etc
Need speaker system...
DirectSound question
Home Theater system advice
pick me out an amp
X-Fi XtremeMusic OEM ??
X-Fi XtremeMusic OEM ??
car audio subwoofer
Looking for a soundcard again
Audio driver
Which Circumaural headphones for under $100
dual soundcard
X-Fi Extreme Music good for gaming???
USB headsets.
Gonna break my Audigy2 ZS
Just bought 2 zs platinum, can a computer replace a receiver for surround sound.
computer speakers work as hometheather yes no?
karaoke for pc ?
Anyone know of a program that allows you to take apart music?
Surround Sound Not So Surround?
5.1 Sound Card & 4.1 Speaker System Need Advice
MP3 Players
Thinking of getting an expensive sound setup...
Worth it to softmod and Audigy 2 ZS to Audigy 4???
Stepped up to an Audigy 2 ZS.... WOW!
Roku HD1000
I need new 2.1 speakers
Turntable automation
X-Fi and VOIP Problems
how to make use of Z5500 sattlelites?
What software to record digital input?
Recommend a HT speakers setup ?
Wondering about the difference between an AAC @ 128kbps and an mp3 @ 320kbps
card with 4 inputs and 4 outputs
new speakers
extigy problems or is it something among my setup?
Finally did it. Bought a HSU VTF-3 MK2
Movie + Games on same soundcard?
Which TV should I buy?
Comfortable ear bud headphones
remote turn on?
IPOD + amp in car
audio driver
Switching between Karajan and Envy24
Between these tow
Finally got a sound card ... now how do i hook it up?
X-Plosion and gaming
im not happy now :( xtreme music card was damaged!!!
Memory based mp3 player
how do you change the bass on a X-Fi Xtreme Music?
Xtreme Music sound card is going :D
recording mixer device in volume control
Should I be looking for a Sound Card
if you've ever wondered why girls love their bloody ipods so much...
Voice Cancellation software?
Just ordered the Xtreme Music :D
Installing a second sound card?
Headsets keep dying? Why?
Battery died on Ipod? Need help...
My new receiver came in today!
Which soundcard?
No bass/sub output with NF4 & Klipsch 4.1s
drilling out a sub?
Just got in some $5 headphones from NewEgg and I'm impressed
is this good for an ipod?
SB Live! or AC97 7.1ch?
what to get?
sound blaster live dieing?
wireless headphones
Best card for a Z-5300e analog setup???
Audigy 2 vs Audigy 4
help picking out speakers
Audigy 2 - crackling / no fix
sound card upgrade
RMAING the 5500's?
Anyone used Creative DTS-610?
Help with chaintech av-710
Help with sound card
Best drivers for the AV-710
Soundcards: A necessity?
Won't play midis
SPDIF on a NF4 sound system chipset thing
Front Panel Audio Issues
the 5500'S SUCK ARSE.
Optcial Hook Up question?
Audigy 4 w/ Microphone problems.
Hooking up two sound systems
iPod sound only 1-sided
I need headphones
X-Plosion causing guild wars instability?
Question about audigy plat front pannel and x-fi
Pro Tracks? & the 5500's
E-MU 0404
sound problem
Car amp protection
About Front panel audio
Picking out headphones for sister
Pops, Clicks when refrigerator switches on and off
car audio for a computer speaker system?
Sound System pics
Auzentech X-Plosion/X-Mystique x64 Drivers Updated
Microphone situation! Please assist me!
X-Fi; Audio Creation Mode = No Bass Management?
Odd Sound Issue
External soundcard for music production / audio ripping
very big sound problem
Speaker sellections.
Sound just gone
New Speakers alone going to be enough?
HeadPHONES advice
Logitech Z-680 vs Z-560
winamp volume controls everythings volume
How many watts u guys got?
Recommend me a carstereo forum
Copying music to the computer from vynel.
Audigy 2 NX doesnt like detecting 5.1
Electro-magnetic field of Logitech z-5500 speakers
Good headset?
Need Surround Mixer from Augidy2 CD
Will this setup work?
Upgrade, Audigy 2 ZS Platinum to Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty?
Z-5500 Subwoofer Shielded?
Audigy 2ZS Gamer Split
Wrong Section Please Ignore This Thread
Headphones for traveling and work
Power supply needed for an Amp?
Getting mono sound...
X-fi power connector??
i can hear!
Sound card Recommendations.
Headphone quality? Sennheiser
Turtle Beach Ear Force HPA Headphones
Need some car stereo info(amps.).
hooking up keyboard via MIDI
Speaker orientation
Subwoofer Amp Dilema
Need a response in 2 hours
Looking for 2.1 speakers + decent sound card
X-Fi for notebooks?
Looking for a good source for Techflex + heatshrink + Canare F12
Need help with crossovers
x-fi boot noises
Creative X-FI static
question about audigy 2 sound card
Old school MIDI soundfonts anyone?
Onboard sound and CPU usage on dual core
Looking For Some Wireless Headphones
Audigy LS drivers
$150 setup: what would you get?
BF2, GTA, FEAR, etc & Audigy 2 plat & Z-5500s & digital out= UGH
audigy and front panel
audio problems
Looking at options for new set of speakers
2.1 Setups Better than Klipsch Promedia ?
subwoofer placement
Sound Card and gaming fps
Does anyone have the X-Plosion?
my soundcard will not put out sound, yet passes all tests??
Klipsch Promedia Ultra 5.1
So my Craigslist obsession finally hit paydirt (pics, 56k warning)
better comp preformance from non on board card?
Sound card passing pure signal
Audigy 2 Front Panels
Do I have an Audigy 1 or 2?
X-FI Native DAC frequency
stick with onboard?
recommend me a mic
Headphones or 5.1 Speakers
Passive subwoofers... do they have crossovers?
Car Stero Question?
audio recorder
Best subwoofer for under $200? Center Channel under $100?
problems with sound blaster audigy with frontplate?
Stereo Reciever for comp
X-Fi Xtreme Music & Halo PC
Volume control in Windows vs speaker's
What do you guys think?
Just got a Klipsch 5.1 Promedia Ultra system... for free!
Is there a way to eliminate crackling?
do i need one?
Sound Problems
SB PCI on DOS Gaming System
Someone looking for Velodyne sub?
Logitech Z-2300
What are the best sub $30 'behind the neck' headphones?
SB audigy 2 or Onboard Audio from a new board
X-Plosion 7.1 soundcard released
My new headset
Divx movies
Z680 or Z5500?
The new Audio format - SACD
whats a real good NONE creative 5.1 soundcard?
Logitech X-530 issue..
ASRock Dual sataII onboard or soundblaster-which to use
this a good deal for soundcard?
Help! I think there's something wrong with my headphones/sound card
hometheater sound demo/setup disc...
Only place I trust is here..quick question
Thinking of going SS
No audio device help
Amp suggestion for Beyer DT 990
Modified montego drivers
Sound system for my office...
Whats wrong with this..
Audigy 2 zs - A4 driver hack for 64 bit?
XFI Fatal1ty FPS
X-Fi or Turtle Beach?
Sound Blaster Live! Value + flipping the front and back audio outputs
Help with audio format
x-fi extreme music & logitech z-5500
friends speakers have low volume and and loud fuzzing
Speakers for $350?
A sound system question from someone who knows nothing about home audio...
Record Player recording
Sub question
Philips Aurilium external sound card?
frequency monitor
seperate audio out for different programs
bucket sub
ZS 2 or X-FI?
Some help here would be greatly appreciated
Is the audio out of a cd/dvd rom needed?
Sound Blaster Audigy 4 Pro Processor
Epox + Mic?
X-fi with Audigy 2 I/O Drive ?
New Computer doesn't make a sound....
Zen Micro Firmware
New Headphones, audio only in one ear.
Sub woofer Volume?
X-Fi Xtreme Music and no boot!
Post Your System!!!
speakers crackling
cheap good microphone, whats best people?
Chaintech AV710 performance in game
dolby card
AC97 audio, possible to matrix the sound in WinXP?
adding a mic boom to my headphones
Onboard sound
Audigy 2 Problems
s939 Mobos with onboad Envy24PT?
Wiring diagram for Audigy 2 ZS Platinum cable?
Shielded stereo speakers
Blue Gears X-Mystique Not Supported Any More?
X-Fi vs this thing...
The real reason there's no PCI-E sound cards
Plantronics 90 or SENNHEISER PC 150
Sony NW-A1000 6GB MP3 Walkman
Best 2.1 speaker setup
A good gaming sound card.
Is this normal?
converting line-in or mic jack to subwoofer out?
Sennheiser 135USB headphones
Sound card is hissing at me!!
Best *Sound Quality* Headphones under $150?
Upgrade my soundcard ?
X-Fi not sounding clean at all
Hooking up 5.1 Surround Sound..
Watts, home vs car ... how much do I really need?
Best *BASS* headphones under $100
Wierd nForce2 bootup problem
Help: Wiring Audigy 2 ZS to Frontpanel
Wich Receiver?
Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS THX ebay price?
x-fi fatality problems
do i need a sound card?
soundcard for asus a8n-e
X-fi question? Platinum VS Extreme Music? Differences?
X-FI Fatality FPS, Speaker and Headphone hook up both at the same time?
looking for an mp3 player
sound skipping
HELP: Can this be done?
Realtek ALC850 or Sund BLaster Audigy
Xfi updated driver content
How to make Keybard Volume Control work with a non-standard Audio Card?
Are Logitech's X-620 worth $39.99?
Sound Card for Professional Music?
Budget Headset
Need Help - Can't Get Sound From one speaker in a 2.1 setup?
Onboard Realtec ALC850 onboard sound.
Is this suppose to happen
x-fi fatality fps
Takin highs out
Better than a Santa Cruz - music only
sound blaster live 5.1 digital hook up
What's the best card in the $50 range?
Crappy drivers?
I need to copy...
Headphone static..
Chaintech AV710 vs DFI Karjan Audio
Where to find the Velodyne CH-10 sub?
Somebody tell me why I should purchase a PCI Sound card?
recommend speakers
What are the best sound cards?
SB live 24bit Digital out...
Weird Distortion from Speakers
iTunes alternatives?
X-FI 3D positional sound through headphones with CMSS 3D.
Sound card or reciever?
Good cheap amp
No rear channel output from sound card?
Use Nvidia sound or Game Theater XP?
SENNHEISER PC 150 question
clip-on flexible boom mic?
pavilion 701 sound drivers help ?
Headphone and Digital question
onboard SPDIF out not 5.1?
Klipsch 4.1 v 5.1 satellites?
Sound card vs onboard audio?
This is what I want to do ( HT & Gaming guys here pls )
BlueGears HDA X-PLOSION 7.1
canalphones--inMotion iM616 or etymotic er6i?
Senn HD201s...wow
Audigy 2 zs
Audigy 2 zs quirk...
Gaming headphones
I'm finally making the switch..
ah hmm anyone have a copy of the old nvidia audio drivers?
Audigy 2 Mic question
What kind of cable is this?
New Headphones: Sony MDR-V150s.
No Sound, need help!
Connecting MCR-E600
what cable required?
EAX support
Mic stopped
New sound card. Which drivers?
Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic and Klipsch 4.1
Logitech 5500's or something different?
Ever wonder what the Logitec Z680 Sub looks like?
X-530's and Turtle Beach Montego DDL 7.1
What is the difference between these sound cards?!?!
Speaker cord is way too short
Bluegears X-Raider
Seinnheiser PC 150 or Plantronics DSP-500?
Which speakers?
Good Wireless Headset??
Routing output to input
Problems with Audigy 2 ZS Gamer on WinXP x64
X-fi setup question
Help with headphones
Cards with 3 speaker outputs
help with sound
Logitech x-530 speakers
Running two sound cards?
X-Fi and Digital Speakers
Digital system setup guide
SBFXI front panel Analog connection
Best audio codec?
Noah 8 speaker build
Sound aint working
Turtle Beach vs. Creative
new 2.1 speakers... Live 5.1 is enough???
hacking the Ihome?
Audigy 2 Drivers? anyone use kX drivers?
Am I overlooking something?
Audigy 1 LS or compaq internal soundcard?
Xfi causes inproper shutdown !
Help! turtle Beach Santa Cruz drivers
Question about my new Subwoofer
Z-5300E Having trouble please help!
z-5500s or other?