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omg the Shure E4s are amazing!
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z-5500 "popping" won't damage the system right?
which sc that handles all cpu's for sound?
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UAA hi def hdaudio.sys can't be found..
SOUND BLASTER X-Fi Platinum, worth the upgrade?
looking for a quality sound card that supports winxp 64 bit
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Sound Card to Av Reciever/Amp
Need a sound card for my Logitech Z-680 speakers.
kenwood amp
5.1 Headphones
Creative 5.1 Speakers System
Need some help please.
To Bose or not to Bose
Is binaural good?
HD477 aftermarket cable
Chaintech AV-710 mic-in with hi-sample rate?
good sound card for 5.1 speakers under...
Good speakers under 60$
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Help finding driver
Bestheadset for about $20?
Nano screen cracked, best course of action?
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sound card for my seinnheiser HD280's
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Would i notice a difference using the X-FI and these speakers?
PA project
go 4 X-FI !??
I need a good cheap soundcard that does 5.1 well.
Computer speakers or a Stereo System?
Speakers to TV connection
Looking for some good music to play on my speakers
x-fi problem
Volume it too low
SB live24-bit vs SB Audigy 2
AV-710 or Audigy2 non-zs : which is better?
Audigy 2 Non-ZX, SPDIF, z680, and my heinous confusion... :)
Creative Labs SB Audigy 4 7.1 OEM
tuning frequency
sound card
gaming headphones
random popping on logitech z-5500's
Sound card help
static from SB audigy 2 zs.
BlueGears X-Mystique Gold, impressions
2 speaker plus Bass suggestions...
Steelsound 5h headphones
Ghetto solution for lost headphone pads
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Audigy 2zs and Gigaworks s750
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Best Sound Card for $50 or less...Mainly for BF2
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Ipod Manager
broken ipod shuffle?
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How does this reciever look to you guys
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Really poor sound quality, help!
Ipod Questions
DTS 96Khz/24bit demos
got more to spend on sound card
Good Mic?
Hello! Might you help me with a query?
digital coax or optical
Can you record from 2 mics at once?
Logitech Z-5500 Subwoofer dimensions
some questions on building a speaker
Should I "un-retire" my TB Santa Cruz?
microphone drivers
Looking for a new 2.1 system
Karajan Audio Module Problems
good sound card for about 30 bucks?
Audigy 2 doesnt work
anyone know anything about amplifier internals?
audigy 2 nx + logitech z5500
audio technicas cord length
Audio-Technica ATH-CM3 Stick Inner Ear Earphones
too many choices of 5.1s...pls help
Best USB Headset
another headphone thread
DVD player on my TV to my soundcard Issue
jus ordered my Z5500s :D
Onboard sound new MB or old sound card?
RTA Tuner
optical vs analog
CHAINTECH AV-710 vs my onboard pcchips m863g
Still no x64 X-FI drivers!
Mach Speed TRIO Portable MP3 Player tweaks?
Headphone quality .....z5500 v soundcard
Chaintech AV-710 Hi sample rate
Weird Sound Problem
earbud headphones...Sennheiser MX450?
Notebook speakers: Bose or Klipsch or other?
z5500s digital connection to audigy 2 zs
laptop sound card
Good headphones
USB Device --> Audio Port?
NFS-7 5.1 sound not working
Onboard sound VS Soundcard
Glass vs. Plastic optical cables
x-fi: xtreme vs platinum question
Need help splitting an audio signal...
Onboard or SBL 5.1
Home entertainment system
10ohm impedance car speakers (6.5")
VU Meters?
Logitech Z-5500 or Z530 with Audigy X-Fi?
Problem Installing Audigy 2 ZS in XP x64
x-fi: is it worth it?
Ipod battery upgrade => Do it!
Audigy 2 ZS OEM question
New Sound Needed
problem with gameport
Sound card to go with z5500s.
Logitech wrap around GAMERZ headphones....
logitech 5.1 problem
Z-640 Wire going out - Repairable?
no sound
Looking for a good Headset
x-fi help
Need a new soundcard
help with speaker static/balance issue
Mini optical cables?
$20 DDL card??!
My first set of DIY audio equipment
X-Fi Remote
Hooking up speakers from a stereo
P5WD2 Premium sound problem
5.1 sound problem
So who's getting the new video iPod?
Time for new headphones.
I need an alternative to soundstorm
Audigy 2/ZS Soft modded to Audigy 4. . . .
iPod broken?
the X-fi face plate.
Metal heads with the X-Fi
Im confused with the X-Fi series.
SPDIF w/ my stereo, confused.
connect home theatre to computer?
Questions about onboard audio vs an actual soundcard...
Audigy 2 Platinum + s750 speakers + crackling
Building CMOY, Silver solder - yes or no?
Usb Converter for Headset
Good Creative card?
Sennheiser hd600 vs hd595
is EAX worth it?
New Headphones Again ...
Analoge & Digital sound noob here.
Any idea whats better?
iPod Help. Wont Start
Buying the Sennheiser HD 280s tomorrow...
what are some good 2.1 speakers?
Hardware Sound Enhancer
Which is the best sound cards?
Killer Car subwoofer
A quiet headphone..
External Sound Cards - How Much Stress Off CPU?
anyone have an extigy?
sound issues
X-Fi Platinum Gameport?
Recording Sound Card
Is it possible to split sound?
Comments on gaming headsets thread
Commander Style Headphones (Aud/Mic) Thread/Review
Which 5.1 SPeaker System?
AV710 won't game.
What Kind a speaker setup do you have?
What the heck creative? No 64bit support with the X-Fi!?
What are the best in ear heaphones?
Soundstorm or Audigy 1?
Onkyo TX-SR302B need pair of speakers
Need replacement for Zalmans...
Wireless Headset/Mic
Creative X-Fi Series.
no volume control with VIA SPDIF?
Audigy2 driver CD
Should I get an Audigy 2 ZS Value?
my mp3 ear buds broken need reccomendation picking new once
Onboard HD Audio vs Xi-Fi
5.1 not working with onboard sound card
Audigy 1 to... ?
Anyone seen that subwoofer built into a floor?!
Building a Sub...Please Help!
audigy 2 not recognized by installer
sound card question
Audio Term Dictionary
The Dictionary of Audiophiles
Asus p4p800 and Soundmax. My face is red with anger.
panasonic 5.1 home theater COAX
Bookshelf speakers
Speed Link Medusa 5.1 Headset
what speakers to get..
No sound with Creative Live 24-bit
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy unified series Beta driver with OpenAL support 2.08.000
Recommendations for a Headset? :)
Creative X-fi not even 30 days old just died
X-FI Fatality1 with which headphone?
any good free software EQs ?
DFI nForce4 Karajan annoying noise - solution
Laptop digital out. Do I need a special digital cable?
Sound Blaster Midi Emulation
Highschool Classroom speaker system.
Creative x-fi
Logitech Z-680 and Z-5500 THX
Are these Sony headphones good?
Sound Problem
I need a Case for my black iPod Nano
Audio blips are ruining my music playback
Invert Sound Channels?
On-board VS sound cards
Audigy 2 ZS
New speaker project
anyone hear "DTS connect" sound yet?
No video with sound card??
there a soundcard that a guitar can plug into?
Sound card recommendations
Headphone cord damage
Building a CMoy for my Koss.
5.1 Setup Pics
which sound better??
problems with optical sound connection.
Apple has a new Ipod nice all in one.
Portable amp?
new sound card selection help
they have to be kidding me
New sound card?
Looking for good earphones
iPod Nano
Playing music over multiple computer systems?
Will the Klipsch Promedia Ultra 5.1 be enough for a home theatre?
Eco in the sound
Headphones or Speakers?
Sound Card Upgrade
WMP10 Won't Use Nforce Audio Option
X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS
Why should I go from four speakers to a 5.1 setup?
Irritating me... really bad...
MP3 Player Show-And-Tell
length of pc speakers
Sub's and ac amps?
XFI Instalation problems
Any way to game with EAX and digital coax out??
just an update, ac97 still sucks
Speaker Cable/Wire Q
Onboard sound on NF7-S suddently dies??
No sound on MOBO
I need help with KX Driver's settings
Upgrading For nForce2 Onboard Sound
Okay, what can I use to shake up the dorm?
SB Live! 5.1 w/hacked Audigy 2/4 drivers
Battlefield 2 sound
So I just got my...
Hello People
How can I get audioHQ/Surround Mixer on my audigy1?
Does SoundStorm support 24bit?
hey noobs, new speaker parts
horrible sound quality/static with new sound card on speakers
Just got Audigy1(mod)Audigy4 Will nforce drivers interfear?
S/PDIF help
In the market for an MP3 player, need some help choosing
Logitech Z-5500 and popping
Which Speaker Set?
Um...sound driver CD with a keylogger, or what is this?
what is Built-inDolb hardware decoding?
Good Sound Card+Speakers
Question for you guys with surround setups.
Soundstorm vs Audigy1 with audigy4 drivers
X-FI vs. X-Mystique comparison/review
In the market for a new receiver
New X-Fi card
MP3 players
Buha's X-Fi Platinum Review
Creative Labs X-Fi drivers!
Onboard audio can't support surround and microphone.
Logitech 530 5.1 surround speakers....
Creative X-FI Question
DTS/DD Live vs good analog DAC's
No sound!
Sound card problems
Logitech X-530 right/front spkr not working
Help my friend with car audio?
dell 5.1
Chaintech AV-710 help
Which speakers for the new XFI range?
No Sound! (please help)
what soundcard to use? mobo or live!
Sen's Creative X-Fi Review
I feel like I'm taking crazy pills - Why not Audigy2 Value?
Anyone else have problems installing Audigy 2 driver updates?
Shrill high pitched sound out of line-out
No Speakers Works?!
Turtle Beach Montego DDL
2 speaker system with receiver?
Microphone dead?
Good noise cancelling/isolating headphones?
Chaintech AV-710 arrived!
Which soundcard for z-5500's?
broken logitech headset
Neo 2 plat. onboard sound optical / spdif help
subwoofer modification
Will newer Audio cards REALLY make a difference?
Installing driver manually
Which of these should i get?
Creative 2ZX Platinum Pro
Bluegears X-Mystique vs. M-Audio Revolution 7.1
Speakers under $150?
Audiotrak Maya 7.1 for < $50 good?
Yamaha receiver help
Altec Lansing Vs Creative speakers
need a new gaming headset
HD 497 or HD 212's..
I read somewhere about a sblive 5.1 to audigy 2 mod..
Audigy2 value -> Yamaha Receiver probs
Mic problem.
Best headphones for under $50 shipped
Two audio stations on one tower? Help!
u guys remember that ht sub
Icemat Siberia /w USB Card
Static and whine when volume is turned up
Poping, cracking, power loss did my 5.1 blow up?
problem with my audigy 2 zs
ahhhhhhhh still no sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5.1 speaker set with 6.1 recievor? Is it possible?
speakers make clicking sound
connecting logitech x-530 5.1 to my DVD player
Wireless connection for Wired speakers???
The new Creative X-FI sound systems.
ISO of a New Sound Card
Voltage of preamp outs on head unit(Car)
Front Audio Ports
down firing subwoofer driver?
Vintage Stereo Receivers
Good quality vinyl equipment expensive?
Surround Sound - Worth it?
Help Subber info needed. ( yes the Nuub has a subby question )
laptop soundcard
My Sound Setup
Soundbaster Audigy 2, which one should i buy
headset w/ mic help?
Small speaker setup for laptop
Help with Sound Blaster Live 24-bit
Comp to Receiver, Long Cable Run, Optical or Coax Better?
Cheap Soundcards with digital coax output?
Sound card for gaming
I need component out from a sound card, doable?
wirless audio transfer
Need help locating drivers for HP Vectra XU integrated audio
has anyone found a card or board using realteks ALC882D guess what the D stands for.
abit audiomax 7.1???
Rate my home system...
NF2 vs Sound Blaster 16 PCI
bought a soundcard, need front panel audio help.
feed back through sub
Problem with my headphones?
My Z-5500's won't play in Dolby Digital 5.1 wtf
SB Live vs NF2 onboard
new box for new sub :)
Thinking about downgrading...
Polk R50 @ frys!!
nf2 Soundstorm vs. Audigy "Gamer"
altec lansing 502i
Logitech X-230
av710 drivers and panel
Lost sound problem...
Ipod charging/speakers
Digital Audio Not Working?
Onboard sound card vs. SB Live 5.1?