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I don't understand...
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Just got my Shure E2C's:)
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Sennheiser HD 280 Experiances
Montego DDL could anyone provide some details
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Etymotic Er-6i mini Review
Hi-Fi PCI-E Sound Card
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Best budget and best overall sound card?
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Universial Upsampling
gonna make sum speakers...
Cyber Acoustic A3780 Authority Pro Series Speakers w/Subwoofer
Okay, looking at getting a 5.1 surrond sound system.
:( lost install cd
Can someone please explain the whole dolby digital, and S/PDIF thing to me?
audio Y splitter.... can't find what i am looking for
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Dual Channel Sound Card
Time alignment?
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Few quick questions about the Z-5500's.
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Logitech X 530 VS Logitech Z-640
Windows Professional x64 Edition Drivers
help me find the t/s per. for these speakers
Audigy 2 ZS Gamer Edition Speaker Setup Question
Portable audio suggestions plz
no sound iam i cursed????
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severe static, please help determine cause
The Post Pics of Your Headphones Thread!
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Problem upgrading driver for Audigy 2
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asusp4p800D NO SOUND!!
What headset to get?
Latest tiny project
need help fast! X-530
A good site to get Audio Parts.
Real Time DTS Encoding
good reciever for under $200
ECS 755-A2 S/PDIF output
sending sound from diff apps, to diff outputs?
Harmon/Kardon soundsticks II 2.1 desktop system
do i really need a tweeter?
easiest way to take mp3s and make 1 minute clips
Static Pops
New card using cmedia's 8768+ being made in china.
New Speaker Suggestions
Audigy 2 ZS pin layout
We need Foobar2000 for PPC!
inline volume control
building bookshelves
it's time to scrap the onboard
Digital Cable Conversion
what to expect from audigy2 zs plat & klipsch promedia 5.1 ultras?
To Much Bass....Soundstorm
Line arrays
X-Mystique GOLD 7.1
Game Theater xp 7.1 for sale
Installed creative audigy 2zs, not working.
Help with sound.
GigaWorks 7.1 S750 or something better?
New Creative chip
Digital Cables
Need nice headphones w/ mic for CS:S
need new headphone wires
New Headphones ....
what formats provide 6 or 8 ch thru spdif
Monitors (Inspire M80)
M-Audio Revo 7.1
Cant get sound to work
5.1 not working for DVD?
SBLive crackling?
Plz give advice on this sub, speakers, receiver
sub hookup
Best Connections
Sound Card
Z-5500 Digitals
"left channel" "right channel" stereo diagnostic mp3 file?
Turtle Beach Catalina sucks ****!
X-Fi Audio Processor
Holy Crap ! ! ! Sparks ! ! !
Buzzing sound when using audio output
In need of new speakers, lowish budget.
Home theater???
Headphone jacks?
sound blaster live help
Onkyo receiver deal
Sound Issue perhaps?
Hifi speakers into pc
Any cards besides creatives with full EAX support?
What is the best 5.1 system?
need el cheapo Reciver
my speakers
car audio for a friend
HDA Digital X-Mystique 7.1 Help
Make my own speaker set-up
5.1 sound with z640's and T.B. Santa Cruz
looking for help with a decsion....
neewbie needs help on soundcard
Finally got my soundstorm working!!!
Digital Audio Coaxial Cable to Mini Digital Adapter
z-5500s problem, is the HDA Digital X-Mistique the answer?
Headphone Problem. Help
Logitech 5500 Vs Klipshe 5.1 Ultra
DIY cable builders: where do you get your connectors?
The Headphone FAQ
audigy 2 zs notebook "device cannot start"
z-680's :(
opinions on these amps?
What to get for $150 budget?
Audigy2 zs screwing up all my steam games..
Biulding a new rig, need speakers
SB Audigy 2 ZS Platinum - XP 64?
Can I use a 6 ohm reciever to drive a set of 8ohm speakers?
whats a good sound card?
can anyone recommend a good headset?
Can I do this?
looking for 5.1 with Optical inputs?
M-Audio Revolution or Audiophile ???
Adding a subwoofer?
which soundcard?
soundstorm + av710 conflict
should I get different soundcard?
Reg Audigy or Soundstorm?
electrical annoying when watching movies
Help Powering Car Amp
best subwoofer for the money
Sub-Woofer just stops working/Won't turn on
Transmission/horn boxes?
2way amplifed desktop speakers
Sound Card With Phantom Power
iPod and Musepack (.mpc)?
All Audigy/Extigy Owners Look Here!!! Creative Owes You Some Money...
Will EAX benefit headphones?
best s/card +/- $200 with digital inputs?
Audio makes snapping noise?
What sound card do I need?
My Cmoy amp picks up foreign radio stations
I am Looking to buy new Speakers+Audio Card
augiy2zs + Altec Lansing 4.1?
Subs with Built in Amps?
onboard DFI Lanparty Karajan vs PCI SB Live!
Irritating Hiss, which sets don't have it?
using onboard sound but wanna get a sound card
Got some car speakers, parctical to use as computer speakers?
comp restart, sound issue??
Best sound in both Windows AND Linux?
ac97 onboard vs CreativeAudioPCI(2002)
sound blaster 16/ess solo es1938s win XP
Sound system to make me shake
Oh gawd the destruction
Removing Lyrics from a Song
xbox to stereo lead not working
Sound Card Problem..
crackly sound problem
Chaintech AV710
Beta drivers for audigy 2zs?
Foobar Kernal Streaming And AV710
Speaker hum
Asus P4p800-e optical out?
Audigy ZS not detected????
Surround Headphones
rear output in speakers in winamp
Choppy/Cracking Sound Problem
Audigy 2 Value
A/V Selector for digital audio
Need help with my Audigy 2 zs
DFI NF4 SLI Karajan Audio
Need help overclocking my Audigy 2
sub building
How can I rip a cd made of mp3's?
Promise Ultra133 TX2 + Audio Dropouts
Cheap card?
nice speaker review
Audigy vs. Realtek
Sound Storm problems
Urgent Help Please Read With Sound
drive in movies
Is my sound card bad?
Realtek AC97 integrated Sound problem on Ga-8S661FXM Mobo
thanks for the sound test sticky
Car audio setup *SoundMaster2.0*
DIY subwoofer building tutorial
Speaker suggestions
Own an Audigy1-based card? 25% off Creative hardware due to court settlement
Logitech 5500 vs Creaive s750 vs altech lansing vs others???
Integrated or cheap sound card?
Want to start DIY Speaker
Need new 5.1 card
DIY home subwoofer
multiple machines...1 set of speakers
Best 5.1 system for <$100?
Swans M-200's
Using more then one drivers at once
Lights not working too well. Sicuro RW360XL
Logitech 5500'S ( gimmie some reviews from true gamers ) please
Santa Cruz + Halo = WHAT THE F***
Should I Go For The AUDIGY 4 ??????
A whole mess of subwoofer questions.
really good speakers? (really)
which soundcard to get?
Choosing speakers by source
Help with Audigy 2 ZS and front audio
Audigy driver/software problem
LP to MP3?
buzzing sound - is it sound card or mic
No sound coming out- Windows XP
Speaker wire
Creative Inspire P7800 7.1
Headphone amp question
Disable onboard sound
Audigy 2 driver trouble - rear channels shot, Creative.com not helpful
Bose comments
Anyone own Creative's 7.1 Speaker System?
Card with digital out?
some woofer basics
Question about installing new card
I am building my own subwoofer box
Studio Speakers vs Reciever w/ Speakers
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 value probs
More FPS on games using sound card?
Custom EQ settings on Dell DJ
Questions - Receiver? Preamp maybe?
connecting audigy to case
Which is better?
car puter ?'s
MONSTER XPHP C1, is it worth it?
Are you happy with your soundcard?
Dual sound cards?
MP3 player question...
Game Theater XP outdated?
building an ipod using laptop HD?!?
headphone question....
Sound Blaster Audigy Problems
AC3 Audio / Nforce2 audio quelps
CD audio problems Advise please
SoundStorm or Audigy2 ZS
Logitech Z-2300 vs. klipsch gms a2.1
Looking for a surround sound setup, need more than PC speakers...
nvidia needs to make sound cards
home power
not satisfied with realtek 97
software to control sound volume?
Need a New Sound Card
What about Creative Inspire T7900?
SoundBlaster Live! 24-bit
ICH5R sound comparable to soundstorm?
Week-Old audigy 2 ZS seems to have died...
speakers and monitor
Logitech Z-5500's
Sound card problem (please read)
Onboard sound...Skipping
Simple sound question - sharing speakers
Audigy -> Audigy 4 hack
how does best buy, circuit city... hook amps
New sound project
SB Live! 24-bit 5.1 vs Audigy 2
What sound to use?
Opinions on card and speakers?
mic not working
Pluging a sr125 to a streo system
Audigy2 ZS Dimensions
i need a sound card
Attach other speakers to z-5500
gigaworks reek of new part smell/bluesmoke when i crank base
Advice Needed: Third party sound cards for Laptops
SB Live 24-bit w/ 7.1 Good?
car head unit
Need help picking speakers/sound card
Problems with sound
Question on headphone amps.
wireless headphones
Upgrading sound card?
SB live problem
Which soundcard is better?
signal to noise ratio
Creative drivers uninstalling randomly
Help needed choosing sound: Altec Lansing XA3051 or Logitech X530?
z-5300e's pop/crackles/statics when volume knob turned. HELP, 2ND SET WITH THIS PROB!
2 minor problems with audigy gamer
NOOO messed up my audigy ls
Santa Cruz or Audigy2 ZS?
PC to Reciever to Speakers.
rears not working
Low budget sound card
Looking for some good sounds.
Audigy Problem
Any PCI-e sound cards out there?
Background Static
Z-680 Speaker Grille
Klipsch 5.1 Promedia for $130(new)....good deal?
enclosure design program
How to power a ghetto-rigged sound system?
Surround sound problem
Soundblaster Flash?
What speakers to buy for $30?
What program to use for recording tape into computer
"shorter" replacement for an Audigy 2 ZS Platinum
Good and cheap soundcard
Logitech Z-5300's, pop when adjusting volume.
Alternative to Soundstorm?
Old Klipsch GMX 5.1's and new DFI Nforce 4
No Sound - XP Pro
onboard sound good?
Headphones... which ones to get????
Sound Blaster Live 5.1 not found, need help finding it.
Audigty 2 & Zalman Theatre 6
Sound interference at the halfway point.
Logitech 5300e: How to get rid of the echo?
What Is Dolby Digital Live?
Is The Nvidia Sound Storm a Sound Blaster Live?
tweaking a ported sub box
What sound card should I buy?
repairing speakers?
DVDs and system sound
disabling onboard Sound
Choppy gameplay.. caused by external Extigy?
Logitech 640's
5.1 headphones
need a program to test my speaker config
Trouble with Chaintech AV710
new soundstorm drivers
SoundBlaster 128 Question
Sound Problems
jumpers or bios settings need to be changed going from onboard to soundcard?
Logitech X - 620...6.1 SRS
CD input to Mic?
No sound in HL2, what the heck?
DVD/Sound issue
GSM interference
Z-680 w/digital coax problem
PCI Alternative to SoundStorm!
channel dying on receiver?
Headphone amps and a front bay of a computer.
sealing a ported subwoofer....???
Headphone amp.... Altoids can...
Cheapest soundcard/setup using optical?
Chipmunks in my computer (sound problem)
Soundcard issue
spdif receiver?
Small question
Retractable 1/8" stereo extension
Audigy--->audigy 2zs
High Volumes causes Reciever to shut off?
Homemade Sub Stand
Which Audigy2 ZS?
best headphones for pc
How much CPU usage does M-Audio Revolution 7.1 use?
REAR speakers not working (5.1)! HELP!
Wiring up a car stereo system for use in home...
Audigy 2 ZS with VIA chipset problems?
speaker box
Cheapest Speakers with Coax Input?
Wire got cut...suggestions?
Offical Sound System Thread ;) POST Your Systems Here. (Warning: Graphic Intense)
logitech z5300
sub 300 dollar reciever, which to get?
This is kinda weird
thoughts on ozaki?
Soud Blaster Live! 5.1
About 4.1 SS Speakers
Headphone help
New Audigy 2 ZS problems....
found this on ebay. is it good?
SB Live 7.1 and audigy2 zs..diff?
Audigy 2 value for gaming with headphones?
speaker wire
Help: MSI 6547 Audio driver
No sound when playing DVDs
help with my Audigy2ZS
Subwoofer troubles
Klispch ProMedia GMX A-2.1
nforce4 or audigy2
Sony Repair Center Nightmare (Please move if in wrong forum)
3in replacement speakers for my blown out Satellites.(Logitech)
I want to DIY