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distortion with intense CPU / RAM / hdd activity
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Need help on pick.
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is this normal?
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Helpppppp. I want basss ( i mean i want it to thump)
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Audigy 2 zs
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Creative® Inspire™ GD580
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My system (warning not 56k freindly)
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My new Card
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Wireless Headset
Good headphones under £20
2 speakers and a sub for $20...
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Sound card + headset question
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headset problem....please help
anyone feel like getting me a christmas present?
Question about a car stereo.
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5.1 headphones or just good headphones for $50-60
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Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
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finish building computer, but no sound
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mounting my Z5300's on my ceiling!
[WTA] A2 zs or A2 SB0204
Mid/Low driver dead
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Problem with my nf7-s's headphone port
Klipsch 5.1 Ultra questions
sound file
Need very quick answer!
Flash based MP3 Player
Help! Creative's log in sound is driving me crazy!
Chaintech av-710 and receiver help (which cable?)
Headphones, help me choose
Trying the get sound from my SPDIF I/O
Good headphones for around $50?
5.1 from DVDs using analog outputs
Soundstorm Returns
audigy 2 zs issue
Need Help. Asus P4C800-E and Audigy 2 not working.
where can I buy a system speaker?
Best cheap ($40-$80) bookshelf speaks
Hooking up a Stereo Receiver to a Computer. Is it possiable?
New sound card necessary?
Styraphome Speaker Stand Mod Pictures!!!!
Best 2.1 computer speakers
Need a sub for HT setup...
Is there a way
Z-640, dont have stands? LOOK!!!/PICS
Subwoofer Positioning Woes
Looking for good speakers
Creative Sound Card Diferences
Sub-woofer muffling
New Static problem w/Z680 and SB
My sub-amplifier died today... buhu...
Creative E-MU sound cards?
Bryson Amp
Front Right Channel Stopped Working
Logitech Z-3
Looking for good PTT headphone set
Which Bookshelf Speakers would you recommend?
Whats a really good sound card?
Need help building a budget sound sytem.
which speaker for PC??
buy an audigy 4 pro now .. or wut
Where to put a subwoofer?
What is a format smaller than MP3 and wont hurt quality?
Soundcard -> Receiver Hookup?
I-trigue 3300
Which System?
Hooking to my home stereo with DFI board
Headphone suggestions?
Headphones, which ones, but for comfort!
Nice and cheap gaming/music headphone for cheap?
Decent +-500 Euro sound system?
how much would it cost for a sub
subwoofer connection problem
USB / PCMCIA sound cards?
Can barely hear
Looking for a good surround card.
Drag and Drop HardDisk MP3 Player?
audigy 2 zs
Audigy 2 ZS Install Question
On Board nVidia or SB Live?
Audigy 2 no rear speaker sound
What is "Auto Gain Control"
speakers for laptop
Chaintech sound cards?
Subwoofer problem!
Surround Headphones?
Santa Cruz VS. 8RDA+
Soft-modding an SB-Live!
Logitech speaker Question
Computer speakers for the true audophile?
looking for a CHEAP 2 channel reciever.
How Do U?
Sigh, no sound after I install Audigy 2ZS Platinum Pro.. help please
Audigy2 drivers don't detect Audigy2?
dieing Santa Cruz
Klipsch Ultra 5.1's DEAD after only 4 months!
please help me replace my headphone's plug
app to test my Digital surronund!?
Good info place for DIY
What sound card will I need for these speakers?
Audigy 2 ZS or Audigy 2 ZS Gamer?
Integrated sound problems!
How can you tell if your subwoofer is EMI shielded?
PCI Express X1 Sound 101..
m-audio revolution digital out
Where to buy a Velodyne CHT-10 at the best price?
High frequency content in music
10 band EQ on Audigy 2 zs
Software Crossover for Via Envy24HT-s (Chaintech AV710)
Z-680 optical input problem
Sharing Surround Sound Speakers
Audio Above 7.1?
any way to reverse speakers using windows?
Dorm System Setup (pics)
suggestion on speakers?
A good HTPC card w/ optical in/out
Help selecting front panel audio/mic connectors
difference between z5300 and z5300e?
Questions from a "sound n00b"
What to measure the sound quality by?
Need feedback on choice of 2 sound cards
Where to get a Adire Tempest?
sound card for a 2.1 creative labs set?
I need help building a subwoofer
Whats the best way to set up my 5.1 speakers?
Feedback Humm from Soundcard
Asus A7N8X DX Nforce Problems!!
Sound Blaster Audigy 4!
Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit 7.1 Out
thease speakers are 502 watts.
Question on chaintech av710
New soundcard = NO INTERNET!! HELP!
Logitech X-530 sound system
Just got an Audigy 2...
looking for a sound card that uses xlr connectors...
5.1 question
microphone probs
Why cant i run EAX3 on my SB audigy2 zs without problems?
New SoundCard Compatible?
Klipsch Sub Troubles, Would a Reciever Fix The Problem?
Help with Z680's
Will There Be X1 Express Sound Cards?
SNAP CRACKLE POP and its not rice crispies!
Headset problems.........
No sound from rear speakers.
External Soundcard
anyway to tweak or overclock a audigy sound??
Midi Beat Box
Logitech Z-640 on NF7-s v2
Logi z-5500 vs. klipsch promedia ultra 5.1 (yea, you knew this post was coming)
What happened to the z640 speakers on newegg.com?
Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 (HELP!)
help with z640 speakers
How Many Watts You Have Running?
Chaintech AV710
Looking for some opinions on HT Upgrade
True Entertainment center idea
My Speaker Experience
buying a new sound card....
Audigy 2ZS vs onboard 8 channel
Problems with SB Audigy 2 ZS Platinum-Crackling and Static Sound
need help in setting up audio
Fortissimo III 7.1 or Soundstorm?
Logitech z-5500
Very nice program for audio analysis/work (guide included)
Question about Logitech X-620
good sound card
Audio keeps skipping?!
Home Theatre Systems, Help
DIY subwoofer project. Some Q's
why sound card?
Super Deal
AV-710, 6ch gaming thru optical?
sound card good choice??
Looking for opinions on variable wat ouput to a sub.
AV710 installation prob.
6 channel direct problem.
Sound card decision
Whats recommended.....
Audigy 2 Digital output??? what is it exactly?
drivers for 64 bit windows?
Are these 2 cards similar?
Medusa 5.1 Surround Sound Headphones messing with Sub signal?
Sound card performance...not the sound ;)
Audigy Problem
Upgrading from onboard
Home theater better than computer speakers?
upgrade from z-640s????
Creating my own Livedrive (very large images)
best sound card 25-75 bucks for music and some gaming
What Speakers and Sound card
Audigy2 Platinum ZS..AAArrrRRRGGhhh!
Wave drivers disappearing?
Audigy Static problems
Logitech z540 speakers on IC7G onboard sound - only 2 will work...help?
SB 5.1 > Audigy 2 softmod probs
Harmon Kardon AVS 8” Powered Sub
LAME Encoding
which speakers for pc?
How do I hook up Z640's to a DVD player
C-MEdia CMI8738/C3DX PCI
Recommend me some PC/TV speakers?
Sound card for true digital sound?
Hercules GS FIII
Cruzer Micro MP3 companion
New Logitech z-5500
Whats the best gaming headphones
Major speaker problem..
Audigy 2 and SB Live 5.1 Live drives?
Put a heatsink on the sound processor?
Should I upgrade my soundcard?
My Audigy 2 keeps conflicting with my SCSI card
difference between creative 5900 and 5400?
New Sound Card from Creative, what to get???
New Sub!?!?!
mic is choppy in counterstrike , but not in teamspeak
M-Audio Revolution 7.1: microphone input issues
Stereo to mono
My z-680 sub is too bassy...
Onboard audio or SB live 5.1 Digital?
Recommend me some headphones
Velodyne VX10
Help me build an HT on my computer
Speaker Problems
Logitech unleashes their new product line up.
Crossover and sub building.
Suggestions for an amp.
noobish question about soundcards
5.1 Guide
Bass distorts monitor?
Need help building my first HT set up (HK)
Encoding and Streaming AAC
5.1 speakers all screwed up
iPod or iRiver?
Fuzzing sound on A7N8X-E deluxe sound card
Portable Wireless/Cordless Headphone for MP3 Players
Voice Problems! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Optical to analog converter?
Cathode Inverter = Mic Interference
Guitar Amps make Good speakers??
Time for new Headphones
Subwoofer options
SB Live 5.1 LS "Output" problems.
would this be a good HT sub?
Uprade or keep? whats your opinion
Nice Headphones?
frontX's audio/game panels
6Ch Direct vs Coax
onboard 5.1 vs sblive 5.1
New sound card
Audigy LS and Live! Lessen CPU Work?
Resetting Z680 control center
How do I enable 5.1 in all games (q3 mainly)
Winamp and rear speakers..(Solution)
Hardware conflicts with my Audigy 2. Why does Creative have these problems?
Quality Playback Soundcard
Gigaworks S750 vs. Kiplich 5.1 Ultra
pc speakers to TV cable?
Crackling of death... ressurected!!
Need Help with Audigy 2 zs
Audigy LS, decent?
MSI k8n neo2 platinum with 7.1 ch audio.....
Yamaha HTR5660 or Sony STRDE597
Enabling EAX on my Audigy 2 zs How to ?
Are all optical outs created equal?
sblive 5.1 softmod?
PCI-E Sound Cards?
Help with sb live 5.1 and a home theater !!
Confusing Audio Formats
Best Floorstanding Speakers?
Onboard sound vs. SB Live! Value with Zalman 5.1 headset
Why can't I consistently hear my teammates when using my headset/mic with new z-640s?
Mic problems
Audigy2 zs crackling in Farcry and Cod
Sound Blaster Live Problem
New Drivers Available for AV710 @ViaArena.com
Any Software MIDI sequencers that sound REAL?
Sound Card and Onboard Sound
CD drive audio out?
Playing the same song over networked computers
Making a sub
Audigy 2 install without CD - keeping it simple and basic
broke my audigy ls
Good 2.1 speakers for less than 100$
MP3 DVD players?
Picking the proper receiver
z-680 Crackling Noise
Chaintech Sound Connector Built Backwards?
no center channel sound on dvds?
Reciever Questions
Need some budget 5.1 speaker advice
Please help with missing sound!?!?
For those of you havev Logitech Z640, I have a question.
My speakers crackle when I type.
quick question
Audigy 2 ZS? PLatinum and Klipsch ProMedia 5.1 Ultras !!!HELP!!!
z640 modification
Combine 1 set of 2.1 and 1 set of 5.1 together?
Headphones with Headaches...
Suggestions on recording live music.
Help With Setting Winamp Equalizer For Best Sound
Mic plays but wont record
Suggestions...Best Headset with Mic?
front audio ports
av-710 6 channel direct.
Wanted to share somthing i found today
Logitech THX Certified Z-680 vs Klipsch ProMedia ultra 5.1 Personal Audio System
Amplifer Diagrams and help with other stuff
Audigy Software does not recognize audigy
strange sound problems
Santa Cruz or Audigy ES?
m-audio audiophile 2496 problem
Need Help Wiring A Sub
Difference between analog and digital....
5.1 sound on 4.1 speakers
Speakers and Headset?!
5.1 sound + tapeplayer
Sennheiser pc150 headphones.....A+++
Logitech Z5300 Sub rattle
Sound Problems
Sound Processed By A Video Card
does anybody have any expierence with this
LS? ZS? Gamer? Pro?
My home theater system (car parts)
special cable needed for sub?
noob to sound needs help setting up sub.
Dont know why the audio doesnt work.....
Sound card or onboard. Please help.
Comparing audio products objectively
how much better is a Audigy 2 ZS Plat than a SB Live 5.1 and ? about HT systems
DIY Basic Sub Questions
Audigy 2 ZS platinum w/ 5.1 Klipsch ultra
What would have better sound?
Good & Cheap 2.1, 4.1 or 5.1 Speaker System
To HK or not to HK
Audigy 2 ZS PlPro + Zalman 5.1 headset ?
DTS? Dolby? Eax? What??????
PC Speakers that use Optical input?
Home Theater system onto a PC?
Live 5.1 LS?
Difference between SB Audigy 2 and Audigy 2 ZS?
Does Chaintech's VNF3-250 onboard Xear CMI audio better than SB Live! 5.1?
5.1 Confusion
quiet vocals
Best 2.0 setup for PC?
hm why is my sound configured like this?
an7 soundstorm + creative 5.1 5200 dont mix?
Crackling surround in Doom3
Is this a good receiver???
How can I get Creative "Blaster Live" base drivers?
audigy 2 likes to share irq?
Setting up 5.1 for MP3's?
Z680 Dying
Which Speakers? Logitech Z-5300?
new to audio
Jumping on that HK bandwagon
Need help with HT auido and PC
Good setup for under $400???
What is the best sound card I can buy for under $75?
sb live vs. p4p800 onboard
looking for a good reciever
Looking for a very cheap reciever...
Any Audiophiles here?
Chaintech VNF3-250 Onboard Sound....