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LCD Response Time
Green burn in my screen??
Close but no cigar VP191 (but i now have one) and it is good
what do I look for concerning brightness to contrast ratio's between monitors?
What is a good/decent tv tuner card that will allow me to...
Cross-pollination thinking...
Dell 24" finally...
Help! Mouse runs off of the monitor!
Is it really late or is my CRT nearing Death?
What LCD moniter to pick out of
What LCD moniter to pick out of
Woo hoo! Dell 2405FPW for $800!
game fps cap at 60 fps
Tv Tuner Card / HD tv
dell 2005fpw or hyundai L90
Broken Laptop LCD
i took the LCD plunge some help pls.
Sons's LG1980Q Review!
Flatscreen or not??
Dell dead pixel policy on 2405FPW
Dual Monitor question once again
Can anyone id this camera?
I really want a LCD but, Im extremely confused. help!
How is this Samsung LCD??
How to hook.......
Dell 2005fpw
vga tft's
Viewsonic VX924 vs. VP191b
Playstation2 + 2001fp
Making a Ghetto home cinema, need help with projector
20.1 v 17*2
mm... Graphire 3
how to find dead pixels?
urrr am i suffering from backlight leak?
Has anyone got review for Viewsonic VX924 yet?
Advice please - budget tft.
DELL 24" Need UK retailer...in stock?
Frames Per Second - How Does It Work?
which LCD monitor between those 2?
browse on 2nd monitor while game loading?
2405FPW Came In ...
Multi monitor display stands
Higher Resolution on 17" LCD
power save mode?!?
power save mode?!?
Contrast ration on Dell 2005fpw?
native resolution??
opinions on Samsung 730B??
Should I buy it the Dell 2005FPW?
lowering resolution w/ LCDs in GAMES
for those who own these monitors
TV Tuner for Windows Server x64
19" CRT is comparable to 17" LCD etc. RUBBISH!
How is the Acer AL1914SM-8 19in LCD Monitor?
Aiptek camcorder any good?
Just got my 2 Dell 2005fpws, lots of pics.
Omg ......kooool
Radeon 7500
Share our thoughts about "Philips 109p40"
SyncMaster 753DF
My 2nd (old) 18 inch CRT monitor is making a very high pitch squeek and won't stop :/
The 144 Megapixel Camera
Should I got for the 2005FPW?
Problem with Dell 20.1" Widescreen
Refurb monitor is green!
Non-standard resolutions
SLI 6800 or Single 7800 recommendations?
Which Would You Choose?
monitor trippy after power outage
IS DVI Really worth it?
Serious Crt Problems
LCD Noob
LCD Suggestions
Dead Pixels
LCD TV Monitors
Displaying a 16:9 image on a 4:3 lcd?
Monitor Color Settings...
Philips 30PF9946D
Dell 19" UltraSharp 1905FP for gaming ?
Digital Cameras. info required
NEC MultiSync LCD1970GX
I need a program that can do this
What do you think guys?
ISO: 19" Flat Screen Monitor - $400 or less
What the HEll is wrong?
PF790 repairs?
Dell 2405FPW has arrived!
Software for dual monitors
can someone tell me how to shrink a digital picture?
S-Video-In Cards?
Need LCD help !
Don't you love Microsoft?
What LCD should I get for this rig?
opinions on this lcd monitor?
L90D+ Stuck in Analog Mode
dell 20 inch widescreen
Two TVs in one
Looking for a 20 inch LCD for less than 500 bucks! HELP ME!!!
What video card is needed?
Dual Monitors
Anyone running dual monitors?
Two movies at once?
Viewsonic P225f died on me?
Overclockers UK are selling the Dell 24" 2405FPW!
L90D+ Arrived; Not Really Impressed
Good cheap gaming lcd
S Video
s602 zoom: few bits of help required
used Mitsu 22" 2040u worth it?
Problem with 19" crt monitor
Need a TFT monitor...any suggestions?
Fixing a broken pixel
Where is the guide to turn your LCD into a projector ?
modding CVS "disposable" video camera
Monitor goes idle
WTB a Digital Camera
Help me pick out a good camcorder.
weird problem on my tft
Good LCD in Canada, $500Can or less
PSA: Viewsonic VP191b mini-review (with comparisons to the L90D+, owned both)
crappy webcam problems
Help me choose a LCD
refresh rates
Kids screwed up monitor
Got my Hyundai L90D+ today and have a Q or 2
Looking for high-end 19" CRT.
Looking to buy LCD
New Setup Likes/Dislikes
Need LCD advice for new PC
quick dual monitor question.
The best 17" or 19" LCD
Feedback on available 19" LCDs at BestBuy?
Changing Resolution for LCD
out of scan range
kozumi k8000 - good or not?
Need Help with 32" Monitor
Hyundai L90D+ Question
man o man are my colors ****ed up
#1 Best Value on current 19" lcd's??? you decide!
Need quality lcd for dorm room
First LCD Purchase, now looking for 21" gaming monitor
Nu 17" 8ms LCD for Gaming
Computer not sending image, connection problem maybe?
Advice: ditch factory cable for LCD
IIIEEEE... My kid broke the LCD on my Photosmart 935!!!
What do you guys think of these 4ms panels?
Cut-0ff image on my CRT, can I change it??
where to buy a LCD carrying case for my 2001fp?
I just got a dell 2001fp BUT i think the backlight is leaking
Worth the Price? Viewsonic
Broken scanner
Sony Camera
Hyundai L90d+
Maybe the moniter?
HP ScanJet 5200c....NOISE!!!!
Loose wire or messed CRT gun?
Garbage picked an HD compatable sony trinitron. Which inputs to use?
some help with a LCD
Trouble finding LCD
How do I install inf file as monitor driver?
LCD for Graphic Designing
Help me buy a digi cam
HP 23" high deff flat panal @ costco
Good Program for controlling 1 big moniter and 1 small moniter
The 32 Incher is Here!
Office Depotís mistake on the Samsung 930B is my gain.
Options I have as far as LCD's go?
Help me buy a projector
small portable LCD?
Changing Screen resolution
Dell P1230 22" CRT
should I get the 2001fp?
LCD vs. CRT for DVDs
Looking for some programs.
LCD opinion
Blurry 21" CRT
The new Philips 190B6 19" 8ms LCD Monitor
What camera can do this?
Acer 19" LCD's
VP191b impresssions
Hooking up a console gaming system to a LCD monitor.
Setting up my monitor
What resolution do you use?
I Hate Ants
best place to get monitor mount
help with hdtv
Problem with KVM and monitor
Disable my monitor!
Need a cheap LCD 15", 17"
Best CRT for Under $200
Images on lcd shaking around
NEC no more!
Problem hooking 42" projection TV to an FX5200.
Remove the "DELL" of the Dell 2405FPW
Check for pixels?
23" 16:10 Monitor choices
Zoom vs. Megapixels for taking pictures at football games
What is your monitor configuration?
*HELP!!!A.S.A.P*Connecting PC to PC Monitor & Switching to 57 inch HDTV ocassionally.
what do you guys think of those LCD tv/monitors?
Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW 24-inch $900
=\ after only 2 months...
NU QL-711V or Hyundai ImageQuest B70A?
Dell 2405FPW 24" LCD
Your opinion on dead/stuck pixels?
L90D+ or FujiPlus FP-988D
Digital photography how to take a close up picture
LG 19inch vs Dell 20.1inch?
buy this now or wait for next 1905fp sale?
I need help setting up dual monitors
Card does not like DVI monitor
Anything other than Photo Bucket?
buying this weekend- best 19" for text
Odd monitor problem...
I am trying to identify an older AGP graphics card
dual monitor question
Anyone tried new LG's LCD's?
Is Dell that good??
Ultimate 17"/19" LCD/TFTs For Gaming?
quick question about dell 2005fpw
Which of these LCD's?
CRT reviews
anybody ever buy refurbed LCD's?
can you make dead pixels yourself?
Why the price difference?
What size monitor do you use? [Old]
monitor insomnia?
Hyundai L90D+ for $339 today on newegg, should I bite?
crt went blurry overnight
LCD Cleaners
LCD Overdrive via the Video Card
Buying new Monitor Thursday - do they make a difference ?
Thinking LCD...
Dell 2005FPW vs Dell 24"
Need a Gaming Monitor?
Viewsonic VX924 or Viewsonic VP191B
scratch remover polish
Silicon Graphics SGI 1600SW 17.3" Widescreen LCD
New 930B!!!!
NView horizontal spanning problem
Need help! I think my Dell 1730FP is dead
3G Technology GM-190B
Any idea where to buy old (but not used) digital cameras?
Got my new monitor today...
LCD opinions wanted
Another Dual Monitor Question...
Widescreen CRT Monitors
homemade projector help
Need Dual Monitor Help
LG Has Great Picture
new LCD
viewsonic dimming
How is this monitor?
WoW! 23" For $499
Proview 32" Widescreen LCD HDTV Monitor!
Dual Monitors - Advantage for gaming?
21" Flat CRT.. dead?
Dual monitor desktops?
Need help finding a small LCD for my case
Monitor problems
tv surgeprotector
The best ~$300 19" LCD?
CRT suddenly started to flicker
Good budget choice for macro capabilities
new gaming LCD!
CRT picture shifted...
monitor cable.
Saving Monitor Settings?
how to clean a flat panel/lcd?
Looking for a small LCD with Video In
Dell 2005fpw
So I need a New LCD
Best general settings for LCD? L90D+
Samsung SyncMaster 930B
Which moniter to choose...
CRT lifespan?
Hauppauge Tv Tuners
Lcd Tv
l90d+ vs fp937s+ vs 913n
Need a driver for my NEC monitor
6600gt dvi not working =[ after o/c
In need of new monitor: Lcd or CRT
white box...
looking for the perfect LCD panel
Laptop monitor issues
Monitor fell down, maybe broken
My Monitor is going really dark! Why?
So whats the latest and greatest in TV-Tuners?
Need help quick! Dog chewed through cord on moniter
Are refurbished LCDs worth the risk?
LG 1780U - Any good for games?
Viewsonic VX924 vs. Dell 2005FPW
Looking for some help on which LCD to buy
got lucky tonight
Monitor keeps flickering when windows loads.
Analog & DVI
click click click click...
How big is too big for a crt monitor?
Distorted Picture
screen flickering :(
Hyundai L90D+ owners - what are your Brightness + Contrast settings?
lol, i hate my crt.
Frame per Sec Related Question
Good LCD Lan monitor?
Is it a good time to buy lcd now?
request: information on detecting faulty LCD early on
Monitor Problem - CRT has a "wavy" image
Blurry Image - HP P1120
Infocus 4805 projector
just got flat maxent MX-26X3
All right, yo, how do I install a DVI cable????
$41 21" flat screen sony monitor
find native resolution?
a 2405 or 2 2005's?
Monitor crapy image!!!
Dead pixel policy on Hyundai L90D+
Are there other widescreen LCDs aside from Dell and Apple?
5.6" lcd with s-video input, $50
930B - My two penny review!
Backlight not working.
VGA silencer ?
L90D+ DVI @75hertz fix found!!
flatbed scanner used as a barcode scanner??
problem with genric drivers for 17 inch siemens ctr monitor
6-bit lcd owners: do you notice dithering?
sd card
Need a good non-gaming LCD for staring at for long periods of time.
19" Fuji 12ms response, .264 dot pitch...whatdya think?
Samsung SyncMaster 930B - DVI vs. RGB
Best CRT
New DELL 2405
CRT monitor storage?
Looking for a 21-22" CRT
Pentax 33WR - any good?
Worthy Gaming LCD?
Can you see a diffrence 25ms,12ms,8ms?
Looking into 17-19" LCD monitor
Best time to go from CRTs to LCDs?
Sony DSC-P200 digi cam
Dell 2005FPW VS Apple Cinema Display 20" shootout
Good Gaming LCD?
How long for a image to get burnt onto a LCD screen?
is my crt on the way out?
good 14 inch monitor for diy projector
Odd monitor behavior...
Choice Between Two TFT's
LCDs and Video (response time for good playback)
Pretty cool.
New digital camera?
Best 17" LCD for £200 ($350)
What is the best 20" + TFT
1905 / E1953FP / 193P / L90D+ So Many choices ?? What to get
Image Blurring Through TV PC
Where do i get Video resolution for digital camcorders?
vid card breakdown
I have a flatscreen CRT with no damper wires!
Dell 2405 Widescreen LCD Monitor and Games
Anyone Here have the 710N from Samsung ?
120 fps and counting...
TFT Monitors
LCD Settings
Lg L1750sq
fast document scanner
is dell's lcds a good and reputable brand?
lookin for tips/tricks/tools for maximizing viewing space
Refresh Rate - blur vs 60hz?
Quick question...
$400 to spend on a new 21" CRT - suggestions?
PSONE lcd screen issues
Dual LCD setup for music recording
NEC MultiSync LCD1970GX - 8ms Panel with 16.77 Million Colors?
Dell 2005FPW LCD ? About 1 game!!!
1600x1200 Resolution 19" LCDs
Looking for advice on LCDs
Old Monitor
Urgent Cable Question
new monitor, need help choosing
changing brightness
BenQ or L90D+?
Which Tv Tuner Card To Get?
HDTV on laptop
New Digicam Search
Samsung Synchmaster 915n Question
LCD image persistence - pro suggestions?
3 monitors gone bad in the last 2 weeks
Camera Lenses...
Help Me!
Inexpensive DVI cable?
Decent Webcam?
Hyundai L90D+ Brightness Contrast Settings
Widescreen gaming...useful links and information.
How do I set this lcd up? (came out of an old lappy)
I want a new CRT
Sync out of range
DVI causing system crashes
Duel Monitors
Sceptre X9-Gamer 19 inch LCD
Hyundai ImageQuest Q770 - Screen image stretches in use!
difference between 8 and 6 bit panels?
I need to buy a "prosumer" camera. Which one to get for ~ $1700-2000?
power strip for games?
Imagequest/Hyundai RMAs
Anybody own a LG L1780Q?
Hyundai's Dead Pixel Policy
Leave Hyundai L90D+ on or turn off all the time??
24-inch Wide Screen Woes :(
Composite to RF?
19 inch LCD
Best front projector,for gaming?
Dual screen with 6600GT (DVI+VGA)
How do you make that cool background (hard to explain, but you've probably seen it)
How do they do this?
Samsung SyncMaster 19" 930B??? $446.49
refresh rate question
Multisync LCD1970GX, Samsung915N or the Hyundai L90D+?
how to properly adjust screen size
BenQ FP71e
Dell 2005fpw issues...
Need a Gaming LCD
Does anyone know about 3 digit LEDs
Help! WinXP + Mustek 600 III EP plus
how to clean lcd?
LCD Monitor and TV Display Help...
Viewsonic CRT's
Recommend an LCD monitor for me
Viewsonic No DVI signal?
Looking for a new 19" CRT...suggestions?
4:3...5:4? 16:10...16:9? Screenies of HL2 here! (56k warn)
Reasonable life expectancy on a CRT?
Dell 2005FPW backlight issue
omg, Damn DELL!!, they just tried to change price after my purchase....wtf
Dead Pixel/Defective LCD? Where was it made?
Gaming Problem
My Dream monitor setup came to life today!
Why 1280x1024?
Best 19" LCD for GRAPHIC DESIGN and gaming.
2405FPW & ps2 7 xbox looks like crap...help
should i change my syncmaster 710N to dell 1704FPT??
anyone know if magictune 2.5 is supported for 9600xt?
Careful with your LCD!
Samsung 710N-2 settings
CRT randomly blurry and sharp
New 4ms, 5ms typical, Viewsonic lcd
HD-15 and DVI-d
Viewsonic vp171b-2..any good?
why does my 9600xt not support magic tune?
Which LCD?>
What is the ILO 17" LCD response time?
Toshiba PMD C0455 Help
hyundai HC20401 20*4 LCD help
Dell 2005FPW - Flawless Performance
Good KVM?
Is SyncMaster 710N-2 best bang for buck?
LCD for Graphics Design
Need advice on CRT purchase...
17' LCD, is DVI a wanted feature?
Refresh Rates Damaging?
Video projectors with a PC?
Who wants a 200" monitor?
flipping a widescreen..
Samsung 82" 8ms TFT
Nec 1970gx tft monitor ?
19 inch LCD dilemma
component to VGA question
Digital Camera memory SD/MMC
Should I give this monitor back?
Benq FP992 vs Dell 1905FP vs CMV CM-926D vs Polyview V293
Monitor Clicking Problem
red is gone, i do so love red . . .
CMV CM-926D - Anyone got one?
Places to buy 2005fpw in the UK?
Lcd Calibration X_X?
L90D+ Speakers Broken?
How do DVI->VGA (or vice-versa) Adapters work?
Led Board Help!!
Thin LCD display
the unofficial "post pics of your 2405FP" thread...
I need a new 19 LCD
Color is king, but who's the king of color?
Wonder if I shouldve gotten the 2005fpw instead
How important is DVI?
About to go dual monitors...last minute help needed...
video editing programs??
Acer AL1913B Question Comments Suggestions Please :)
Old Monitor Repair Help
New L90D+, lost my EA games resolution???
video rendrring problem
Monitor adapter
LCD and CPU overheat