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Dead Pixels Are Ridiculous
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best place for LCD monitor 17" or 19" that ship in canada???
Monitor making noise at 70Hz
New Digital camera > new avatar [800kb image!!!]
2005fpw and DVD's
Weird lines and Light blurry spots.
question for dell 2005fw owners
Benq FP931 19" lcd
will I be guranteed not to get my eyes strained if i switch from crt to lcd?
dual monitor
DCL9a 19" are they good?
Text Goes Out of Focus on Expensive LCD
can certain refresh rates bother your eyes?
LCD users with Windows XP read.
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Hynundai L90D+ or 2001FP
Okay, gonna get a LD90+... need monitor stand advice
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burnt line through my new 21" monitor?
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Lap top screen in my Case. How do I get it working?
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Dvi or no dvi?
DVI-I, DVI-D, is there a differance?
Yet another this LCD, or THAT CRT topic...
OCing LCDs...a good or bad thing?
viewsonic vx715 good LCD monitor?
Hard decision..
Monitor seems to work when it wants? dont understand please help!
is it worth the exrta cost?
Dual monitors?
Digital camera battery Imput asap need
FPS limit
Dell announces new 24" 12ms WUXGA LCD for only $1,199
19 inch sony lcd what refresh rate?
new screen suggestions? please?
F/F DVI Cables or Connectors?
NEC/MITSUBISHI FE991SB-BK - good? Any better ones?
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Oh NOOOO>>> Please Read -- 2005FPW
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Just bought Dell 2001FP LCD, very disappointed
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Flash Memory Sticks and Airports !
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Monitor dying? The screen stretches based on brightness.
Scanning software
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Should I Buy This 22" CRT? URGENT
is this CRT dying?
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3 monitors
LCD monitors
200" Lcd Omfg!!! Must See :o!!!!!!
New CRT's??? IIyama LCD's.
HDTV LCD/monitor with built in tuner widescreen
2x Samsung 710 or 1x Dell 2005 LCD?
Dell 2005FPW, LG 1915S....or????
Ibm P97
9700 non pro
best 19" CRT
Viewsonic=Fake Screen Size...look at the specs people
dual and tri screen setup questions
Apex Digitrex Camera (opinions?)
Eizo Flexscan 21" monitors
Can you recommend me a 1600x1200 LCD
monitor resolution?
Dell 2005FPW w/ X800XL....help
Samsung 997DF-T/T
Can this monitor used as 1 screen isntead of dual screen?
viewing angle+ good 17in LCD
viewsonic vx912 any good for games ?
Samsung 193P owners - Question!
Rosewill 19" LCD; is it any good?
Quad Monitors?
Is it dangerous to continue using a monitor that pops (fires) loudly?
Will this be possible to do with 2 graphics card...
help me to stop looking at 19" LCDs
Printer problem
Are cheap LCDs even worth it?
Dual Monitor: Cleartype fonts on LCD, Standard fonts on CRT. Possible?
Network scanner 4-in-1 question
Need new scanner
Possible to display one's television contents on one's computer? More info inside.
SDM-HS94P = good display ?
Does refresh rate on LCD displays matter ?
Just got my Dell 2005fpw: Uneven Backlighting
Help with a webcam related project
Dvi Q+a
Im a monitor clean freak with my CRT is LCD still for me?
debating whether or not to bring back LCD
cornea lcd with horizontal wave effect going down the screen
2 FPW2005's or 2 FP2001's?
How do people here feel about the following DELL LCDs?
Monitor won't go into standby mode
Your LCD Don't Got DVI No Poblem!!!
Dual Monitor Setup [pics]
19" 8ms
Free monitor tuning programs?
Whats the best 23" widescreen monitor
Inexpensive beginner MiniDV handheld at BestBuy
Temperature Probe
Problematic Multi-Monitor Setup
Dual monitor - 17 or 19?
HP A7217A and SONY GDM-FW900 Question about gaming
Composite Sync?
Some LCDs won't support SLI???
PolyView V293 19" LCD Monitor
DVI vs analog input
ImageQuest Monitors
Viewsonic P95F died, help please
Any good monitors for $200?
2 monitors?
Anyone have Princeton SENERGY 714 LCD?
Taskbar it annoying
Dell 2005FPW Questions
Do you hear "tic' sounds from your LCD?
New Viewsonic 8ms Finally at Newegg!
how do you connect a cpu to an hdtv?
A decent 15" LCD?
17" LCD Monitors (1024x1280) and Gaming? Or at other res?
Warning: major noobiage
How easy is it to play PC games in widescreen?
Whats the best display for eye strain ? LCD or CRT ?
Secondary mini LCD how-to please....
Beware of Viewsonic: A Tale of RMA Hell.
I need to know the pinout for this LCD.
Need a good 17" Black LCD!
for real?
help with hi def
I'm looking for a big screen..more like 27inch +
Speaker Magnet's + LCD = :X?
$300.00 birthday budget to buy new LCD...help me decide!!
Monitor Blemishes
what should i get?
Good 17 inch LCD monitor for text based stuff
monitor flickering?
how do i use 1 monitor for 2 computers?
8ms LCD !!!! (newegg.com)
17" LCD with DVI for $300???
1680x1050 and 1400x1050
LCD DVI or Response Time?
burn in
Stupid monitor!!!
is the video card on my Dell Latitude D600 broken
LCD reccomendations
17" LCD good / not good?
Is My 15" CRT Monitor Dead
Watching TV on Dazzle DVC 90?
Composite to HD15 VGA?
Midsized Digicam w/ least shudder lag?
Another 'I need input for a new LCD' thread
Which LCD monitor to get ? ( Help )
the $11 16MB 1.3MP digital camera
Sleep Mode of death
How many have 21 LCD or CRT?
30 Dead Pixels... :(
short focal lenght camera.
Standby mode or switch off completely?
im looking to upgrade from a 19 crt to a 19lcd
CRT monitor cleaning?
viewsonic VP171B
Is this okay for cleaning LCD screen?
MiniDV recording of long-term stuff like "baby growing up" in 16:9 or 4:3?
Color washing on LCD's - what to buy?!
Apple Cinema 20-inch
Plasma or LCD TV?
Good Color LCDs
My HDTV and my Cpu....
universal web cam driver
Help:Making an LCD Monitor out of a laptop display
HDTV as Montior
Quick question for owners of VM Pro 454 19"
Can anyone tell where to get a driver for my Sun monitor?
It wont turn on!!!
Electronic books
Those 27" and 30" lcd's, are they worth it?
No ghosting on 19" Benq!
Looking for a new LCD
Strange Strange Problem....
CRT for the professional photographer.
Thoughts on a Sony LCD for Gaming?
Sharp Aquos LCD for PC/TV?
panasonic pv-gs12
epson perfection 2480 scanner software problems
NU 17" LCD+Logitech Duet In Da Hizzouse!!!
video playback issue on LCd
Wacom Cintiq
KDS monitor problems
BenQ FP783 17" LCD W/CAM
Dual Screen Madness
LCD's = More Eye Strain?!?!!!! (Pic)
Neso Pixo 17inch, 16ms LCD discussion.
Thin CRT's
Fujifilm Finepix A330
Sony Handycam DCR-HC30
HELP with my new laptop
$450-$500 + Eq2
Possible LCD problem?
First time LCD Monitor buyer
Component to DVI converter?
Need suggestions for 3 monitor setup.
Looking for 19" flat lcd monitor what to get Samsung or viesonic
Problems with NEC FP2141SB
Canon A60
What does Degauss do exactly?
Computer Output to 50" LCD
Anyone used this monitor or heard anything?
Dead Pixels... SIGH... VP2000S ViewSonic
Oh YEAH! Dell 2005fpw in DA Hiz-ouse!
Hp HP L2335 23"
dust in monitor
dell 1905fp ghosting
Got a question for my FP937
is my dell 2001fp faulty?
Really whats the big hype about LCD's?
is 16ms good enough to not ghost at all in games???
Laptop+dual monitors
Philips 190s5fb
pannasonic pv-gs12
My monitor is dying
how to tighten loose laptop display?
Monitor Display too big
camera question
fullscreen dualscreen
Which monitor to get?
IBM P260 only 60Hz
Replacing a backlight/inverter
What would be the best LCD for gaming?
Good cheapish Gaming LCD
laptop lcd screen
which lcd would give less strain on the eyes
MS Flight Sim '04 with Dual monitors.
windows says i have two monitors that i dont have
Samsung 710N2 or the Benq FP767(16ms)?
ViewSonic G90fb-2 w/ Radeon 9800 Pro, flickering-waveness.
Those with A Vewsonic P95f+B or a NEC FE991SB-BK...
dell 2005fpw quesiton
Decent Gaming LCD with a low price.
Viewsonic Monitor Color-shifting and getting blury
just got a 19" FE950+ for $60
LCD moniter question's, and suggestions needed.
XBoX on a Monitor
If you feel like your LCD is Ghosting too much read this.
WHat one to get...
First few shots with my new digital camera :)
ViewSonic A90f pinout
console on a PC (not Emus)
Changing background on Dual Displays
XBOX Projector
Luxeon Projector L713V issues
LCD Contrast in Games Question (Problem)
Benq Fp231w 23" Wuxga
Help! monitor makes high pitched sound!
BenQ FP931 Silver 19" LCD Monitor
How to calibrate new LCD?
Dell 2001FP, 2005FPW,or Viewsonic VP201b For Gaming
Need help on which 19" LCD to get, check it >
Dead Pixels
Monitor repair Q
Monitor disposal/trashing
How is this for an xMas gift ? "Digital Camera"
What kind of VGA cable to get? MM/MF
LCD 5ms Release Date?
Anybody game on a Dell UltraSharp 1704FPV?
Need your advice on buying a digital camcorder
FP2005 box...(yeah odd question)
Dell - 2005FPW - discounts.
monitor overclocking
Dell 2005FPW and S-Video.
How do you play your DVDs from your PC to TV w/o messing up your desktop?
NU QL-711V, [17', 16 ms , 500:1] 255$!?!!
ADVUEU 723A and Ghosting
Tons of CRT's...
What is the purpose of monitor drivers
Need a monitor
how to get the dell 2001fp tilt feature working?
how to get the dell 2001fp tilt feature working?
hmm...resolution problem with LCD
Where to buy my LCD?
HELP Please!!! :(
I get lines across any video I watch in fullscreen
Dell 2001fp and refresh rates
How to check for a dead pixel?
2001fp and tearing in games
New Digital Camera (Canon Powershot Pro 1)
laptop lcd problem
dell 2001fp @1600x1200 but what hertz?
LCD response time vs. human eye
What do you think of this monitor?
2 monitors,,, Possible or not
Which of these monitors to get?
Digital Camera comparison
Sony CPD-G520
Getting a Dell 2001fp or 2005fpw soon...
huge review of 17" lcd's
Hyundai ImageQuest L90D+ 19" LCD 8ms!!!!
HDTV time!
syncMaster 997df
Must read now!
Need to upgrade my monitor/tv. Projector, practical?
Open .Jpeg attachments in photoshop by default
rotating monitors
Dual montor CRT+TV how?
thinking of getting the viewsonic 912?
Help me pick out a new lcd
can you use hdtv as a monitor ??
Olevia LT30HV 30" LCD vs. Sony KD-30XS955 WEGA. Advice?
Best 20" LCD for $1,000 maximum?
2005FPW vs. 2001FP, side by side pics to compare
I need of a new monitor
Will A Dvi Tv Reveive A Dvi-i Signal
LCD Monitors vs. LCD Tv's
9800 Pro, 12000 3D2K1???
What do you think of ADVUEU LCDs?
Difference between Sony and HP FD Trinitron
Trinitron 21" screen
***---*24" HD Cinema Display*___***
17" LCD Buying questions
sub 10" LCD TV
Got $600 for a 22" CRT. What would you get?
Is my monitor dying ??
Sony 23" LCD (SDM-234/W)
Refresh rate override (ati) HELP
Which Dell LCD to get
AG Neovo F-417 17" Monitor, Good or Bad?
Good Brands of Monitors
Cannon Powershot A75 Help!
TFT LCD Monitors
Where can I get a quality DVI cable?
Fiance is buying me a 19 inch LCD for xmas, which one should i pick? Help! :)
LCD monitor and LCD TV whats the difference?
have $3000 thousands to buy a TV
Help me choose a monitor...
Memory Card difficulties.
Ghosting on 712n?
Sony DCR-TRV520 Camcorder
19" CRT to 17" LCD and comp LAGS ?
TFT’s for gaming – advice please.
PS2/Xbox off you PC?
LCD for X-mas?
tft monitor
quad-display using SLI-capable Nf4???
divx dvd player
Monitor may be too old how can i check?
Looking for a 17-19" LCD. Suggestions?
Funky color on LCD
Can't Choose Between Dell Monitors
Is BenQ a good moniter brand?
Dell LCD Response Times?
16:9 DVDs on 4:3 Displays Question
Odd Monitor Problem
Samsung 712N, any of you know anything about it?
Anyway to make monitors brighter?
Need Help
dell 2001fp self test.......
A few questions about Dual Displays.
Iiyama 454 Pro
New LCD for Playing Poker
refresh rate on sony 19" lcd???
VGA-RCA converter
Largest Digital Photograph in the World
Anyone ever shield a CRT monitor?
New 17" lcd monitor question.
Anyone use this or play with one?
Gimp 2.0
viewsonic 19" monitor making high pitch noise
vertical tearing LCDS?
What monitor...
Canon S70
Digital photos on 25" TV
17" Lcd recommendation
60 or 75 ?
Image resizing
More Important....DVI-D or 16ms Response Time
Dual monitors with dual cards?
how do you clean up laptop's monitor?
Problem with Canon ZR60 miniDV camera
After installing my DV driver, i cannot use my ATI Wonder VE
Need Camcorder around $250-300 but...
DFP DVI connector
strange sound.....
Dual Monitor Program
How good is DeLL E193FP 19" LCD?
need help on setting up 3-4 monitors
LCD power usage. Does full screen of black or white color use more power?
dual monitor configuration.....will this work?
dell crt
Digital Camera Decision
My monitor is acting up!
23" widescreen LCDs
mag 17 lcd problem
21" Sony Trinitron GDM-5411 Total Flat
power mode on dell 2001fp flat panel
Relisys TE988
LCD displays bottom 2/3s white. how to fix?
Quick help with monitor decision
Why does DVI cost more?
Good 17" LCD's below $300
extending range on my webcam???
My Dell 19in. Trinitron CRT Is Doing Strange Things
x800xtpe + toshiba 50h81 HDTV Component In
Problem with my 2001FP
HP Scanjet 5200c killer noise
Dual Monitors, less mem. for gaming?
is repair possible for this crt?
dell 17" lcd e173fp any good?
My monitor's sceen isn't caliborated correctly :(
hp pavilion mx70
Need a 19 inch CRT
Dual NEC FP2141SB
Thoughts on Samsung 152T 15" LCD?
Monitor Geometry....HELP
LCD Monitor at Best Buy
Video plays on laptop, but not monitor connected to it
No DVI Input
Problems in the valley of the LCD
Underclock refresh rate
Monitor broken?
Good Photo Scanner...
Digital Camera Newbie Considering Canon A70
My monitor randomly turns off wtf is going on?
Monitor problems?
Unplug monitor while computer is on?
To good to be true?
Could my monitor could be dying.
How distracting/obtrusive is the glass screen on the ViewSonic VP912B?
Monitor going a bit crazy
Logitech QuickCam Communicate?
The Irony of it ALL!!!
Got my new Monitor Viewsonic, I can see things I never saw
Digital Camera Help.