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projector for school-classroom...?please, any comments are welcome.
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need help
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I -edit- DId it guys
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$50-$60 USB Video Capture Device for X-Mas Gift?
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i run dvi chords, will i see a difference using a vga chord?
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Samsun LE 27 T51B TV
do i need upgrade?
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22" monitor for ~$200 - Samsung/Acer good?
contrast ratio
Good small LCD screens?
Quality on second monitor on GTX-260
EYE Definition
Just got home with my Samsung T240
3 LCD firms plead guilty in price-fixing scheme
$585 million price-fixing fine, against three LCD panel manufactures CNN.com
Buying a TV, what specifications to look at?
Does DVI lose signal strength?
Samsung SyncMaster 2343BW 23"
Need some suggestions
help with drivers!! (19" tft widescreen)
anyone got that Zalman 3D monitor?
Use TV as a computer monitor
Hot to keep same size picture at different resolutions?
From 19" 1440x900 to 22" 1680x1050
1080p, Worth it?
dvi-vga adapter, strain on the video card socket?
22" Gaming Monitor...
should i jump on this deal?
how to manually add a refresh rate in vista?
LCD Choice Dilemma
DVI-D vs. D-Sub
Microsoft LifeCam & WL Messenger problem
Widescreen = Win!
I'm looking for a new HD telly, I’ve been looking at Samsung/Sony/Philips but not sur
Looking for a really nice 24" ~$300?
going on my 3rd LCD?????
Somtimes I power on PC and monitor gets no signal
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Flashing Screen
Calling all Dell 2408wfp Dell 2709w
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Problem with Gameplay
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LCD random purple tint only in linux though?
dual monitor ????????
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any hope of saving my 24" lcd?
New 22" LCD Monitor ~$200
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Need your help - buying new monitor
does any one make a pink lcd or crt
Yellow line thru center of laptop display
how to reset a LCD TV?
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can someone recomend me a lcd?
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Am I being too picky? 0.o
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Old CRT of any value?
XFX8800GT Black and White on TV
Need an good performer card for $60-$70
will 120hz come to pc lcd's?
Should I buy an Apple Cinema Display?
samsung 2253BW color/brightness issues
So how can i get this 40" to work with my computer and look good?
Same Monitor, 21.6" vs 22" ???
Standard PC MONITORS vs. *Hybrids* HDTV/PLASMAS
Monitor Tearing Issues Please Help!
24" LCD recommendation
New TV! How did I do?
DTV question
22" lcd monitor suggestion?
Monitor flickering.
LCD recommendation?
T220 HD
Want to Convert my 22 inch screen into a TV
Low cost glossy widescreen monitor, how do i find one
Different types of Panels???
LG L246WH 24" Console Gaming
Is it worth upgrading to 1920X1200?
How Can Invrease refresh rate of my SONY laptop?
Sceptre 22 inch monitor question
my monitor resets at the oddest times..
Anyone have any expierience with Sceptre TVs?
Dell 2405FPW - Can the circular stand on the base be removed?
In the market for a 42" HD TV, what to look for?
KVM switch
Torn between two monitors - can't decide!
HP DreamColor LP2480zx (wow!)
22" LCD
Samsung 2493HM Making Popping/Static Noises
cleaning lcd's
So if you don't shop at Newegg...
monitor blinks
3008WFP or... ?
Very Good 24" Monitor - UK. Ideas?
GTX260 vs GForce 9800GX2
Lcd TV
LG W2452T 24" Monitor
Flickering with my new Samsung T220
getting a vhs visual to a regular snapshot digital camera?
help, 2 screens same price.
LCD questions for a LCD n00b
LG W2600HP-BF 26" monitor - first impressions
Monitor choices time....
Need a small LCD tv!
the death of CRT =O
Window LOST, Dual monitor -> Single monitor...
Looking for ~800$ LCD monitor for editing and gaming.
Multiple monitor issues
1 to 1 Video Conferencing
Samsung T260HD
Samsung TOC 22" vs Samsung 2253bw 22"
Which one?
Use laptop screen as monitor for computer???
Which one?
I just bought a samsung touch of color
which of these monitors
4 Monitors: Silly Question
Free softwares for monitor testing
Video Capture Card Suggestions
Good 42" or more TV
which to choose? 42" 24" etc
Samsung T240HD
3008WFP - Calibrating - Colour seems off
17" LCD Monitor + 37" LCD HDTV @ diff resolutions, possible?
Really tiny print 19" LCD
input delay.... holy F***
DoubleSight DS-263N problem.
Which monitor for my system plz help very confused !
CRT Monitor Convergence
Samsung SM245B Tuning + CSS
Monitor flip out
Two Screens, One Notebook
need help buying a new monitor please
Dual Display - Mouse Options
Should I sell or keep my projector?
HP LP2275w The worlds first 22" S-PVA Panel
Samsung T260HD Monitor/HDTV
566 inches of Crysis
scanning advice
Apple Cinema HD Display
TV Tuner for new setup
NEC 24" IPS LCD worth the price?
Chimei 22" Impressions
Monitor blackout problem?
Where to find small lcds?
LCD TV / Monitor Choice
dual-screen and booting up
4 Sony Monitors On Dual GForce 8600 - Boot Problem.
Windows resizes my wallpaper?
Dual screen, full screen browser?
hd movies on a 16:10 monitor?
Samsung 226BW(C) vs 2253LW
16:9 or 16:10? Which do I want for a gaming monitor?
samsung 2253BW calibration settings
Best 24inc gaming monitor for under $500?
Old LCD monitor acting up
Keep Sony Alpha A300 or go for a Canon (or something else)?
TV Selection Take 2
Dual monitor configuration?
Plugging 2 things into a monitor at once?
Looking for a 22" lcd...
running lcd off of computer psu
Running non-native resolutions on 24" Monitor Question
best 24" monitor / are ASUS any good?
is 27" too big?
Dual Monitors? Great? Not?
TV Selection? Hope this is the right forum
Dell 2005FPW seeing ghosts!!
Confused about connections to 2408WFP
New Panasonic FX500 works fine in Vista, freaks out in OS X
Want new monitor - which?
Dell 2009W - UltraSharp? like h***
Help with new lcd purchase
Monitor Flashing Black Screen Randomly
Find out what kind of panel a monitor is using
Calibration software
HP MyDisplay gone wrong
16:9 TVs and letterboxing
help with a desision
New monitor needed for blu-ray?
Dell monitors..?
Looking for a IPS LCD for Photography and AutoCAD
LCD monitor in case side panel?
Hooking Xbox and PC to my LCD
any recommendations for well made HDMI and/or DVI cables that aren't a rip off?
Dual Monitors: Video Game and VLC Playlist
How can I get my PC to output at my widescreen HDTV's native res?
30 Inch or dual 24's
tv tuner card problems
Syntax-Brillian (OLEVIA) Chapter 11 Reorganization to Facilitate Sale
LCD Stuck Pixel Help
Anyone have the Samsung T240
Pretty Much set on acer P243WAid Help.
Dell 2405FPW stuck in "sleep" mode disconnecting/connecting DVI cable.
Notebook LCD upgrade (Best WSXGA+)
Cable length and degradation
replace a LCD in a Digital Camera?
Can someone with a viewsonic vx2235wm read what type of power cable comes with it?
Looking for great quality LCD that's less strainning for my eyes
Where can I find detailed info on monitors?
my daughter drew on my LCD!!! now what?
what the heck is "asus ascr"
22" Monitor Q's (Console/PC)
Which 30"?
24inch mon recommandations
cant watch an avi!
samsung t220 issue help urgent
22" or 24 "
Apple 20" Widescreen Cinema Display
LCD Monitor or an LCD TV?
FW900/FW9012 with HDfury?
Acer LCD Monitor Problem
Monitor Buttons Not Working...
2226bw wont switch from analog to digital?!?!?!
'Smudged' Pixel?
best 22'' monitor
Westinghouse 22incher
Curved LCD possible?
Accidentally messed up screen position - can't seem to fix.
New Monitor Investment
Gaming with dual 24" lcds...
What monitor size do you use? [Old]
2 different displays need help
screen cleaning
Samsung 305t Screen Problem
BENQ 2400W - Yes/No?
Dell E248WFP vs Acer P241 (both tn panels)
LCD Burn-in (a.k.a. Image Persistence)
Samsung 20" Widescreen LCD Monitor (2053BW)
Acer P243WAid Good Enough
1920X1080 with 42in 1080p Phillips?
22" Samsung, deal or no deal?
Dual 22" or one 24" Widescreen LCD...
Very Annoying LG 204WT Stand!!!!!
how do you clean a glossy lcd?
how do you clean a glossy lcd?
Need a new compact digital camera
New LCD Monitor
24 inch Non-TN LCD?
Choosing between a couple of monitors
Dual Monitors, How to Game and Surf without minimizing
Help me choose from these CRTs
Eye strain
The Very Best Webcam for youtube?
vid card/tv/htpc ??? questions..
Which of these three 24" monitors to get?
Is the Samsung 2253BW still a lottery?
Listed response times
22" lcd help?
Best 19'' widescreen LCD monitor for gaming?
Please help me setup dual monitors, having problems.
How's this monitor?
sickly small projector
New LCD for gaming?
Which cheap tv/monitor would you get?
Just got a new LCD :)
Which 22" Dell?
In the market for a 24 inch. LCD
DVI switch causing montor artifacts?
What sort ov tv is the best for computers and gaming?
LCD Monitor Parts
LCD repair question
Not properly showing 1920x1200
Video quality difference between 2 monitors
Soyo 24" LCD
My laptop says "Native support for 720p conent"
looking for an HDTV
Need help with lcd monitor
Tri monitor mounts
Samsung SM245B DVI Problems
Need opinions on new 22"+ monitor.
Dead monitor?
Reduce Viewable Area??
Dual Monitors, seperate purposes?
LCD mounts (3 x 19inch)
Suggestions for 26" TFT monitor
Samsung S5053 50inch 1080i Plasma TV
FHD2400 Gateway 24"
DELL 3007WFP-HC Problem
Airflow for LCD monitor
Dell SP2208WFP vs. Acer AL2216WBD
22 inch LCD
Triple monitor gaming
Hotswapping monitors
Secondary Monitor FPS
Going from DVI to VGA Adapter to DVI without restarting?
What can be causing this!?
screen protection
How does Dell's monitor replacment work???
Problem w/ 22" LCD @ native resolution (Flickering)
scratched lcd monitor :(
32" lcd hdtv
Gateway FHD2400 24" Glossy LCD Screen
looking for widescreen monitor
Hooking Xbox360 to a monitor?
Need affordable 20" LCD (non-TN)
hdmi cable
HP w2007v - should I keep it or replace it?
Looking for New LCD Screen, Opinions
Help choosing a 24" display
Contrast Ratio
dead or stuck pixel??
LCD Monitor Manufacturers
a good 22 incher?
massive touch screen?
Eyes Hurt Best LCD Monitor To Prevent That
Looking to Purchase a 24in LCD
Dell 2408WFP Info
Recommendations, please
TV + wishful thinking = Superpowers?
Need some Help to find out the difference if any....
BNC, Anyone mind explaining it's uses?
Is this good for PS3
LCD with waves
LCD comparison: Asus vs Samsung
Wireless Video
DVI-D Dual Link Cable Question
Dead pixels?
HDTV suggestions.
VGA to HDMI or component video cables?
I need a 37" display
Monitor Screen Shake
Upgrading displays...
New HP LP3065C Broke in Shipping
Should I go from a CRT to a LCD?
20"+ under $200, Need Suggestions
22" LCD that will not break the bank
which to choose ?
Viewing a webcam plugged into another computer over wifi.
Cheapest LCD for 1920x1200res?
What do u use to clean an LCD?
Samsung 245T; is this a good choice?
Prolonging DLP lamp life
Looking for a used 20"+ crt give me recomendations
Need HDTV Card. Suggestions?
Which is the better monitor?
2 screens showing same images. Wanting to show different ones.
Acer 22" lcd and QQ about gaming with lcd
Backlight leakage, Buzzing sounds & input lag questions
Where to shop for a non TN panel? Who has a return policy?
LCD panel types: IPS, MVA, etc...how do I know?
1/1 pixel mapping: Which LCD to buy with this feature?
Where to buy a CRT online? No ebay
lowering resolution in games on an LCD monitor - 1:1 scaling fixes problems?
Matrox Triple head2go+3x 22' lcd -VS- 40' 1080P lcd
signal inteference?
3 Way LCD, 2 Side Different Sizes?
Doublesight DS-263N.... Anyone have one??
about to buy Samsung 226BW 22" widscreen
People with 24" monitors
DVI??? AND VGA?????
28inch 1080p LCD monitor Versus 37inch 1080p LCD TV>>>>
Dell 2408WFP on the way..... :)
Plasma is dead?
soyo 24" vs westinghouse 24" my thoughts
LCD monitor really dim.
32lcd I cant get the DVI on the tv or the HD cables to connect to the DVI on the card