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anyone ever use or see these iwear vr920
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24" WIDESCREEN CRT for gaming or movies! Forget LCD
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22" and a 17" dual monitors
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52 inches of CRYSIS!!! (56k murder)
20" and 22" Widescreen LCDs
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PCI Express 2.0???
I am a moron - FYI...!
Dell 30" UltraSharp Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor
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Love My Sony PRS500
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2405FPW and component cables
fuzzy dvi
2707WFP + gaming
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Acer 22" woes already
8800GT and KVM Problem.
Any have the HP W2207 22"? I'm about to buy! need comments!
With my system specs, is it even worth getting a good lcd?
Gaming on a BenQ FP241W
Cheap gaming LCD for a 3 display setup
No video over DVI
24" monitors that support 1:1 pixel input
Color calibration program
Dell 2407WFP-HC and LG HD DVD/Blu Ray Drive
adjusting an LCD
8800GT + 22"
Scored a "Non-Flashed" INSIGNIA NS-42LCD
37" dispaly inquiry
looking for a good 32" or smaller lcd tv
Samsung 226BW or 226CW ?
Samsung 52" LCD Mounting Questions, Where To Mount on Wall? (Pics included)
19" vs 22"
BB samsung 22" or OM Soyo 24", wich one to keep?
Will my gfx card be sufficient for 22" lcd?
Looking at 42" 1080p Westy's
Stock DVI cables suck?
So did I rip myself off?
6 bit vs 8 bit monitor test?
2 x 19 in Dell E198WFP or 1x 24 in Dell E248WFP??
720p or 1080p...let's settle thing once and for all...
having some issues with westinghouse l2410nm
looking to buy a tv/monitor on black friday
BenQ PF241W - panel type confusion
Help me choose an HDTV
Using 720p lcd for monitor?
Olevia Lcd Monitor/HDTV - can anyone tell which model this is?
Samsung LCD Question..
LCD's = crap because...
How am I looking?
Is there an updated Samsung 244T?
Looking for a new monitor
Window Focus on a dual monitor setup
Need to find driver for DVR-4016 card
How is this monitor?
What the hell? 16/25/35 ms response times???
Urgent -- Need advise on 19" monitor
Need HELP with new Video Card!
New Dell E248WFP ???
Angled DVI connectors?
Looking for good 1920x1200 display
New Sharp 1080p TV/Monitor(s) on the horizon!!!
Spend My Money!
Zalman 3D LCD display - wow!
Toshiba's New 22.2-inch LCD Sports 3840 x 2400 Resolution
Videos off camcorder
Help me choose a new gaming LCD.
Reclaiming LCD space in Bios? Please?
Wacky Hanns-G HW191D Problem
How are Westinghouse Monitors?
LG 22" (22LS4R) Resolution Problem
new 22 inch monitor
Need Help disassembling the stand of a vx922 display
Hello, Monitor Shuts off...
Trip Screen Question
LCD screens - why do they go dim?
Samsung 226BW vs 2232BW vs 2232GW
Hunting for a p275
Can't get external monitor working!
Microtek problem
100Hz LCD?
Can i get some help with choosing a camcorder? Please...
LCD 75Hz refresh rate
Hauppague WinTV 350 for capture from my monitor
Whats the best/good 22" LCD for Gaming
Problem viewsonic Va903B lcd
Sony kdl-gma950 resolution
PICTURES of my new Monitor -Samsung 223BW
Gateway FPD2485W and 360 problem
Bought a Samsung 223BW -any good?
dell shows E248WFP on its website
Help me choose a video camera.
HELP! new 24" LCD, but no 1920x1200??
LCD Stand?
CRT Refresh Question
wavy screen on my new LG 19 inch
Getting a HD LCD intead of a monitor, is it worth it?
Why does my Dell 2007wfp say "Default Monotor"?
lcd cutting out after a second
Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!
Samsung 740B question..
Input Lag
Using Monitor for HDTV
Want advice for dual monitor setup
LG L206WTY-BF Black 20" 2ms DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor
Dell 2407FPW vs NEC 2470WVX
Anyway to switch between TV/Video on a TV without a remote?
TV as a PC monitor
LG - 19" Widescreen Flat-Panel LCD Monitor
Yay, my just got my first LCD
Need cheap LCD to rip up an install under glass
VGA input
How many monitors do you use?
New to LCD's, gaming 22" advices please!
32" LCD Under $650 for Xbox 360
Camcorder or D/SLR <600?
LG L246WP?
Samsung 244T vs Dell 2407?
Dell e1505 replacement LCD brightness stuck.
32" Westy LCD ???
Monitor 8 meters from the box
Need 20"+ Widescreen LCD with 24-bit color
HI :)
Best 24" 1920x1600 LCD?
Sony first to market with OLED TV
DVI/HDMI st00pid question
I just picked up a Samsung 226cw
is 2ms still the best?
Samsung 226BW S
my computer shakes if i use a desktop fan or electric toothbrush
Help me find a TV
Monitor calibration software
Burned Images!!!
budget 24" widescreen review
lcm-22w2 720 problem
Best LCD Sub 200$
So what is the "hottest" tv as a monitor these days?
which monitor
Reccommend a 19-20" monitor
left side of my screen I cant get colour
Dell Inspiron 4150 laptop display goes dark
Mac to XP Video Chat?
CRT Question
Time for a new monitor
Budget videocam ~$300
52" Aquios LCD TV Question
Shaking/Vibrating Screen after 3D Apps
Really need a good LCD recommendation
SAMSUNG 245BW Black 24" what do you think?
Radeon X850/Samsung 226CW black screen in games problem
Cloud of lightly colored pixels on LCD...?
Looking for an LCD with a couple of specifics.
360 Input to - VGA (card) - output to DVI?
Signs that a LCD Monitor is going bad?
HP W2207 colors
hdmi -> dvi cord..
Any info on the ViewSonic VX1945wm?
Need some help with my new HDTV please...
I just got my first dual monitor set up
I need a 22 inch widescreen monitor
best bang for the buch lcd
Question about a 24' Monitor (DCL24A)
Me No Want Clone Desktop!
Help me pick a LCD
3D Refresh Rate Override (LCD improvement)
Base under LCD Monitor
Samsung 226BW, not happy.
WOW Viewsonic 28" Widescreen Full 1080p w/ HDMI LCD Monitor!
external panel for lappy
Help Deciding From These 2 HD TVs
4:3 and 5:4 games on widescreen
How to calibrate an LCD?
First Dead Pixel :mad:
400 off dell 30"
Can't center screen on Ubuntu and XP
Looking for Digital SLR Camera
TV/monitor info overload. Is this what I want?!
Looking for a new monitor
Just ordered 2x Dell UltraSharp 2407WFP-HC's
DVI Problem with Acer AL2223W
cleaning my LCD, need some tips
Wall mount the LCD???
Whats a good LCD
Need help selecting a 8-bit WS LCD
need an LCD for a TV, and gaming
Bad MOnitor smell
Need some help to find a Monitor
Samsung 245BW Need Help
Mitsubishi XD300U connect to hd source?
Got my new monitor, it's a BEAST!
Acer 24" Widescreen
Bought a Sony 52xbr5 LCD best way to connect to PC
triple monitor mount/stand
Good 19" .VS 22" Wide Screen
Samsung 206BW 20" Widescreen
Who makes 26" WS?
How to *safely* break a CRT monitor
Gateway FPD1975W
opinions on sony trinitron E540
Post your Black Screen in the dark!
quick question
Problem with Acer AL2216W
Vista and DX10 Uptake for Gaming
Specific Question for those with a 22" LCD
Monitor only stays on for 1 second after power on.
Why so few people with 2707WFP?
LG L226WA problem
Force refresh rate higher on Samsung 931BW?
$800 budget
Samsung 245BW question
Tri-Monitor Display Upgrade - Anyone have expierience?
Hot key for monitors
No Video at all on 478 Socket
Which 24' Monitor :D
Please help me in buying a gaming monitor
Looking for a 1080p 42'' and under
Dell 2407 HC installed and now colours are crazy!
Plasmas do not suck
Suggestions for a good gaming monitor?
24" 1920x1200 LCD Widescreen Monitor for Gaming. Am I Crazy?
does everyone here with HDTV put up with crappy SD?
Matrox multi monitor display
AIWs >>>> ATI 9600 or ATI 9600XT
Radeon 9800 O/C difficulty
2 Displays 1 Computer, low fps?
graphics card dieing?
Where can i find cool wallpapers
ati2dvag.dll error.. please help!
Question about X800PRO supporting 2005FPW
Need a Video Card
dell 20% off coupon
HDMI Switch advise needed
HDMI to S-Video?? Anyone?
Any reason Vista wont let me use all my rez's?
Dell 2005FPW Problem
Extended desktop question
High Visible angle and great image MVA panel BENQ FP241WZ experience!
Looking into grabbing a 22" LCD, need some opinions
Nvidia Driver 162.18 Issues
will a screen improve my projector's output?
OK help for calabration
1080i or P?
HELP with Samsung 226BW & NVIDIA Geoforce 6600 GT
Upgrade my 19" Sammy for a ... ?
Samsung 226BW - R ??
Nice 22" article
projector question
I did too much research
Love my new TN
LCD TV and monitor... How to setup colors/brightness/contrast?
Running 30" dell with two 20"
Stretched display on my LG 22" L226WTQ, HD2900XT
monitor suggestion
Question about 37" Westy DVI,VGA, AND HDMI
Incredible 3-D display
Flat Panel - Help Me Pick One
Which 1080p 40"+ Set with Native 1920 HDMI?
Chimei 221D?
Got my "new" Olevia 437V! It's not working!
Native Res not working on Hanns-G 19"
Recommend 20"-21" quality widescreen TFT
Problem with monitor display (wavy lines & image distorted)
Monitor question: Which would you get?
LCD Articulating Wall mount Project!!!
New monitor $550 budget
Westinghouse LCD quality?
Looking for a monitor, help appreciated
Suggestions on 20" LCD Monitor
Help with HD & Video Card
2407-HC, Pics and Console Hook-ups, 56k Warning!!!
Help! 42" TV and Computer don't like each other
Widescreen Samsung frenzy!
URGENT HELP!!! monitor turns off!
Hanss-G Trouble
Alright are there and viewsonic guru's here?
Dual monitors and two different wallpapers?
LCD Monitor or HDTV? I need to pull the trigger soon...
Dual 24" monitor stand
LCD recommendations - 22" - 24".
22" for $189??
Widescreen -> 4:3?
DVI-D question
Which one would you get ???
HDMI 1.1 and 1.3
Eyeing up a new LCD?
Dell Canada and 2007wfp
Game and watch clips at the same time ? ( Dual screen )
VGA video onto a DVI digital monitor
PC and TV LCD Recommendations
DVI won't work on my Benq fp202w
what to do with old 17" crt?
Want to buy a nice LCD monitor - nay suggestions?
Component video selector
2407 Price cut again soon???
LCD Stands
2007FP for TV.
My color 'while' is messed up 20"w lcd
VGA Cable problem..
Monitor refresh rate
1 monitor for 2 pc's??
GAH! I can't decide because I'm insecure! 3 Choices, 22"er's
Looking for 7 or 8" LCD`
Is my current monitor a good combo for my gaming rig?
Opinions on BenQ
22" LCD Recommendations
Would 22" cause my gaming (FPS) to suffer on my rig?
1366x768 Res Screens
LG L1933TR Reviews?
looking for really small lcd
which monitor
Dead pixel Grrrr
Help me choose between these
Good gaming + photoshop monitor?
How can get a small bug out of my LCD monitor?
Need advice lcd Monitor
1080p needed? Or 1080i will suffice?
Acer AL2423W vs. Dell 2407WFP
Broken LCD
PS3 through my pc?
How to power monitor on and off automatically through HDMI
Advice on HD-DVD hookup.
Big LCD questions
disadvantages of a large monitor?
Thinking about getting a digital camera, but could I go w/ a camera phone instead?
What are your thoughts on this screen ?
[Review] BenQ FP241W(Refurb)
Question about 37w3 audio
Is a glossy LCD worth the money? (and other related questions)
No manual mode, camera's scene modes crap. What to do?
Lookin for a web cam
dell 2407wfp or BenQ FP241W
Screen mode change causes monitor to cut off.
CRT better than LCD ?
WMV HD content
HP w2207 @ CC
LED Backlight LCDs