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Need new monitor *clueless*
the perfect video setup IMHO
Expensive gold-plated HDMI cables: A rip-off?
Looking for a 1080p LCD Display that does 1080p in VGA and component
Who does good LCD reviews these days?
i FINALLY used my monitors for every pixel theyre worth *PIC*
Monitor problem
multi monitor problems
Question about dell 3007WFP monitor and gfx
<$300 20" widescreen lcd
any here do suround gaming?
Sony's Handycam (miniDVD cameras)
30" 2560 x 1600
Laptop on LCD tv
Samsung 213t Flickering/Losing Signal
Backlight Leakage on stupid expensive SONY SDM-94P
You ever get this?
HQ DVI cable?
Broken/Cracked LCD screen
2x3007WFP fun! 56k BEWARE
HannsG 19" Widescreen TFT Monitor
my freind's 13" tv which will run ps3
Dell 2407WFP can't do HDCP @ 1080p?
Best 19" CRT < $300 ?
LCD tv question
19 inch widescreen LCD
22" Westy LCM-22w2 Owners Reviews
LCD color adjustments (Wizard or other program to help adjust color levels n' bright)
How do i hook up my cable without a tuner?
hey i just got a westinghouse 22"
how to set up dual monitor?
Will there be another deal as good as the 199$ westy 22 inch?
Wow.. I'm no longer hatin' on the LCD..
Dell 2005FPW + 2007FPW
d's new tv...42" of goodness
What to clean LCD with?
which monitor between the 2?
lcd vs hdtv
Dell 2007WFP 20", 16ms ??
Sony bluraywebsite has unreadable disclaimers
Need a wire to turn it into video input
Dell 2007WFP monitor HDTV?
2560x1600 monitor recommendations?
Best OTA HDTV PCI card?
Intermittent black screen and flickering
i cant take screencaps .... ????
need a 24 incher for a g80
need your suggestion with this monitor
42" Westy - What video card
42" westy v 46" samsung
video splitter that actually splits the screen
Difference between Samsung 244t and Dell 2407 24" Widescreens?
How big of an TV is good for viewing from <6ft away?
Digital Imaging Naming System
Dell 30" Widescreen
Anyone buy a plasma tv from newegg? What is their deal?
Is the Panasonic TX32LXD50 a true HDTV?
Home Theater hook up advice anyone?
Best HDTV for under $1000?
Dual monitor question?
Faster Encoding
Dvd Player HDMI to DVI LCD Monitor
Dual Monitor = Less Resolution?
Resolution not supported...HELP PleasE!!
"Big" monitors bad on the eyes?
just got upgraded at work to a IBM lcd
Well it .. died Now looking for a new lcd?
Blotch on top-left of LCD (Dell 2005fpw)
Sceptre Monitors - A good buy?
How important is Contrast when it comes to LCD TVs?
Help Choosing a Mid to High End Digicam
help - LCD monitors
Refresh Rate Issues.
viewsonic vx2235wm
wiring on a laptop's lcd backlight
monitor compatibility?
for those with dell 2007
HDTV + LCD + Tuner card - in's and out's?
CRT Monitor brightness
ViewSonic VX1935wm 19" widescreen...
LCD Monitor for Online Poker
Help! Monitor problems. (maybe)
Why does my LCD say this on startup?
anyone watch TV on their Dell 3007WFP?
Dual or even Tripple Monitor anyone have EXP?
a-Si TFT vs Active Matrix TFT
Buying help on Widescreen LCD and Digital Camera
E207WFP Is NOT the same as the 2007WFP
Is the Canon A530 worth ownig?
Dell E207FWP vs Dell 2005FPW vs BenQ FP202W
225BW vs. 2007WFP?
LG to mass-produce $150,000 100in LCD HD TV (Get 2 for awesome multi-Mon setup!)
BenQ FP202W
Web Camera and video chatting
3 monitors YOU help me decide :)
Need help with LCD TV decisions...
Grease stain on my LCD.
2007FP VS 2007WFP
Good for gaming?
Dell 2005 FPW Advice Needed
Dell or Eizo // 20" or 24" ?
cant decide on a monitor
samsung 204B
Do we have any monitor experts around here ?
Dell 2407 safe to buy?
HD versus Native Resolutions
Best LCD screen for 300 euro
Dell 3007 + Macro of dead pixels :(
Looking to buy a 19" Widescreen, but have questions
Recommend Small, Cheap LCD?
Best gaming LCD under $600
1080p Which Monitors Support It?
BrightSide DR37-P HDR display
Attn Westinghouse 1080p 37" owners!
LCD Display Problem
Recommendations for a 19" $200 monitor?
Dell 2007WFP Has Arrived [Mini Review 56k Warn]
Calculating Monitor Power Consumption?
BIG screen projection
NEC 90GX2, what makes it look so nice?
Testing a Laptop LCD
60" Desktop real estate!
LCD Showing a shadow
playing console systems on a pc monitor?
207wfp / 2007wfp (DELL)
dual monitor question
Is Wide Screen a Sales Gimmick? Why YES, it is!
Plasma's days numbered?
LCD any good for animation?
Setting up sony KDL-40XBR3 television
i need a new tv (HD)
((Acer 26" LCD Monitor -AL2616WD- Delayed Untill Nov 29th))
Need suggestions for a new monitor
Multi-monitor with mixed ATi/NV - yes or no?
Dvd Burning Software
bought a ViewSonic VA1912wb; did i choose wisely?
USB Video Capture
monitor dosnt work all the time.
Samsung plasma
DVD upconverting
sony vaio black & white on tv
which lcd should i get?
Looking for new LCD in the UK
Trinitron blurriness...
Multiple displays, different resolutions
HP deskjet 660 how to replace black with blue?
Best 1600x1200 LCD?
New gaming monitor recommendations
Dell 2007WFP question
Looking for a new LCD, need help/advice
Oh this is slick. Minority Report interface.
Using Projector with Playstation 2
Buying new 40" 1080p LCD.
Need a digicam recomendation
'Crystalbrite' type display for a desktop?
HDR Display *drools*
new dell (i dont think this as been posed yet)
lcd suggestions
Samsung SyncMaster 225BW / NICE REVIEW
Camcorder suggestions??
How to stop my LCD WS from altering game resolutions?
WTF...this Dell 3007WFP
opinions on the dell 3007WFP
Security camera questions
Looking for CAD monitor recommendations - 20 to 24" lcd for workstation
24 inch widescreen suggestions
Digital Camera help wanted.
Samsung 1100MB
Where to get a trinitron bigger than 21"?
multiple/mirror images
Looking for a DLP TV to use as a computer monitor
Mmmm... 2 twenties
Specifications of dual monitors
Going from a syncmaster 205bw to a Sony GDM-FW900
Buying new LCD monitor, please help.
2 monitor output problem
Best 20.1" LCD under $400?
Is it a dead pixel or a stuck pixel?
New lcd purchase help
DVI connection...
Time to Upgrade?
Rate This Sexy Beast
New LCD on the way...
DVI cable
My LCD is keeping me Awake at night. Help please.
About to pull the trigger...
Television Automatically Turns Off
Gateway FPD2185W loosing USB HUB
dell 2007wfp
Quick question: X1950 XTX and Viewsonic P225F?
Horizontal screen tearing.
Temp display monitor
Viewsonic VP2290b?
Need help choosing monitor
TV shopping questions.
Does Trinitron still rule in gaming?
CRT has flickering lines running verticle! OMG
Projector trouble ....
Anyone ever replaced a broken laptop LCD
Thoughts, experience and info on these samsungs..
Fixing bad pixels on your LCD display
Problems hooking PC to HDTV
31 pin DF9 to VGA/DVI
Running 3 monitors in XP do i need 2 video cards?
JY-HD10U High Def Camcorder
2407WFP vs 244T
Dual Monitor Setup - Interference
Question about warranties
how to get lcd monitor in HD mode
Looking for a $200-$300 LCD in the next 2 months
I bought a 21" CRT monitor IBM
How bad are out of dates ink cartridges?
Can't get my video camera to work on my comp!!
Picking Between a 2007WFP or BenQ FP93GX Black 19" 2ms LCD Monitor
Using HD-LCD TV as monitor
Question for PCworld
Dell 2007WFP VS LG L204WT
1080p cables help please
Movies on 21 inch gateway Lcd
LCD- Should I play at 60 or 75hz? V-sync On
Help me figure out which of one
Resolution vs Size
CRT Vrs LCD! Can I go 100% Digital yet?
using Plasma TV as monitor ??
Whats the 193FW like?
Unsupported Refresh Rates?
lcd monitor question
Samsung 225BW
Need a hand deciding on an LCD
Wavy display on my monitor
I've SOLD my 2005fpw. Why? 27" of Samsung goodness!
Samsung 244T vs Other Monitors
Please suggest a 32" or 37" LCD for standard def TV, DVDs and gaming?
A quick guide for multiple monitors
undead pixle. got it from this months maximum pc
BenQ 20" WIDE Color Problem
DVI cable Differences
Which LCD for $500-$700: Dell 2407 or ???
Samsung no longer making 940b?
Dual Monitor Help PLEASE!~
lcd response time
what's on your desktop right now
Dell 3007 Blue tint...help
Best monitor for HTPC? Plasma, Lcd or RP DLP?
Resolution problem
Frustrating Porblem with my Moniter, Please Help
Vizio P50HDM Amazing!
"purest darks" under 300$, for doom 3 experience
Good place to buy LCDs - dead pixel return policy
1080p for LCD TVs < 37"?
is my crt toast?
dead pixel survey, other Q's
Strange dual screen problem
Should I toss in an extra card?
Artec 1236 flatbed clicks and doesn't
Dell 2007FP or 2007WFP?
whats the difference between WSXGA and WSXGA+
Coolpix s6 or Powershot sd600?
Rear Projection TV rates better than Plasma in picture quality????
Monitor Advice
samsung 970p or philips 190x6fb
Anybody Have BenQ 20.1 Widescreen?
Nec MultiSync FE700 17" CRT Question
56"+ 1080P DLP vs 50" Plasma
Dual Monitors & 7600GT??
Advise on dual monitor
Best TV choice?
Wide-screen Monitor suggestions
does KVM lower image quality for monitor?
which tv tuner?
Killer deal on samsung monitor
problem with my lcd
Cleaning an XGA LCD screen safely? (Sony Vaio laptop)
Best place to get high quality prints of digital pics?
37" Widescreen 8ms LCD, Much cheaper than Apple's 30-inch LCD
DigiCamcorder Question...Sony's Nightshot
Secondary Full Screen Maximizes to Primary
Questions about new 2407FPW
LCD Scaling Question
dell LCD versus others -performance?
One screen or two? There IS a different
Refresh Rate Problem
Fast Flatbed Scanner?
console system to pc lcd monitor??
Need LCD monitor recommendations
CRT Monitor "Grades"
CRT Noise
broken LCD
Need advice on a new widescreen
suggest me a monitor
19" LCD
Advice needed, which new Monitor to get???
TV Tuner Card Question
HDTV instead of monitor?
Which lcd to get
Monitor going wacky with extension cable attached
Considering getting a new cam, need advice
Strange screen size adjustment issue?
Samsung 940BW (19" widescreen)
hooking up a computer to a old TV Screen
Monitor Time!
How to benchmark a crt ( IBM P200 vs Samsung 765)
Help with connecting two lcds at different resolutions
need help with monitor choice!
Acer AL2216WBD vs hp f2105 which one is better buy?
Any 25" -30" LCD Widescreen Monitors?
Widescreen Gaming Performance
Direct3D Issues
Video Transfer: Quality of Firewire vs. USB?
Digi Cam Recommendation
Can bright light damage LCD displays???
Out with the old in with the 24" fw9012
Basic TV question (not monitor?)
Performance hit from two screens?
Tv Tuner Question???
best buget lcd
TV Tuner - Recomendations?
BenQ FP202W 20" WS
Need a DVI-I to DVI-D Cable..
Ordering a monitor got questions.
projector flicker
projector - standby or shut it off?
Response time and Contrast questions
poping noise from my tv?
Question: What's up with DVD upscaling to HD?
Which is better for gaming and general use 19'' or 19'' widescreen?
dell ded pixel
Got my 2007wfp
Another Dual Monitor Question
Anyone have experience with Norcent monitors?
Letterboxing screen
Long component cables (75+")
Want a new Camera don't know what to get
Olevia DLT-3212M or Westinghouse LTV-32W3
Digital (picture) Camera
Good all purpose monitor?
How to fix LCD Burn-in?
Deadpixel free for life?
Screen Resolution
d94's 37" Widescreen LCD
something between a p275 and a fw900
Weird problem.
Sharper LCD image
204B Flickers!
Prints from images
i know, another advice post (sorry)
Monitor got wet...
it's here the future of PC interaction!
Chosing of a video card.
dual monitors twice the fun!?!?!?
Someone push me one way or the other... PLEASE
DVI Cable
dual monitor cables?
Why cant my p275 diplay higher resolutions?
Lcd TV
alternative to finepix viewer
Looking for an LCD is this a good choice?
LCD advice... What should I buy?
Best CRT
help with HDTV...
Worth the Wait?
Playing PS2/consoles with my 2407
polaroid 26 inch television
Dell 2407WFP advice please!
Dell 1907FP Height Adjustment
Do I have a dead or stuck pixel on my LCD?
2ms Acer 19" - A good buy?
Any reason for me to get another 19" LCD?
8-bit 20"ws lcd for ~$300??
LCD buying halpmeh
Good LCD for gaming?
Buying an LCD now, are these good candidates?
Still tossing up!
When does the LCD market refresh?
Dell UltraSharp 1970FP
Is my LCD screwed? Rainbow vertical lines...
LCD or CRT for gaming.
Dell 2407fpw or 2 Samsung 205bW ?
I need a Silver LCD...
Thinking of getting this 32" HDTV.
I may convert......
Safe LCD cleaner
LCD problems
White Pixels on LCD
Monitor Config
HD 3D Goggles for Gaming
LCD response times and gaming
Need an answer fast! 24" LCD Panel maker
is there any new 20.1"+ monitor due to launch soon?
Samsung 215TW or Gateway FPD2185W?
Dell 2007wfp
Awesome Wallpaper Site (Space)
2007FPW or 2407 FPW?
Do 19" LCDs look worse than 17"?
Do games at < 1920x1200 resolution on a 24" lcd look ok?
Good 24" monitors?
Viewsonic 910 clicks on/off
Dell 17" LCD problem
olevia 27" vs BenQ 20.1"?
Recommendations for HDTV
for HDCP monitor should I get HDMI or DVI cable?
is there any difference between monster and other generic dvi cables?
LG L1920PQ Vrs. DELL Ultrasharp 1907FP
jus ordered the dell 2007wfp
Dell 2007fpw vs Samsung 215TW
Viewsonic doesn't look that great.
Just found 35 Dell 19" CRTs on sale near me, which ones would they be you think?
Dual Monitors with x550?
Digital Camera Suggestions
Recommendations for a large lcd
problems....Do LCDs just suck?
LCD TV/Monitor
12 21'' CRT Monitors
Question bout monitor
Seeking advice on CRT purchase.
Helping A Friend Choose: 20" LCD - Wide vs. Normal??
Just got my Dell 2407
BenQ FP202W
Connecting Computer to Television
opinon on lcd
Phillips 30" HDTV, rear projection $500?
Need advice for low-end digital cameras ($200~ range or less)
My monitor has the squigglies.....
19" LCD around $200
just got a 2405
Looking for LCD HDTV, ~$900, ~27" recommendations or thoughts?
SED Vs. All current display technologies
Need mad skilz help for a wicked LCD Mod.
Digital camera
OMG....need your opinion
[CLARIFY?] HDDVD and "HD" DVD's ? (other question about tv as monitor)
Dell 3007FWP 30" TFT on the way
2007fpw or 2407 on radeon 9250 pci
Old LCD Problems
Hey guys, was just wondering what you thought about this...
Everyone prepare yourself, an LCD that'll do 120hz!!!
Digital camera for online albums
what LCD monitor for gaming?
whats wrong with this Hp 19" VS19E monitor?
Looking to buy HD-TV
Dual display at college
My ne LCD has dead/stuck pixels that dissapear on contact..
TV Tuner + Vista
KDS CRT 17 showing blue only
Need info on WUXGA monitors for the next year
Question about the 1912WB
Which 20" is best with VGA output?
Got a 2007 today...
GeForce FX 5200 Boots blank
Internet on my 61" DLP is SAAa-weet! (OCF on widescreen)
Desktop Lcd's vs Notebook Lcd's
Problems with new monitor... (CRT)
Which Monitor?
Gamer Vs. Other LCDs
printing digital pics...(poster)
picking out an LCD monitor.
Dual Monitor Question
Monitor Advice
Viewsonic vx922 LCD problem -Vertical Bar
Good student budget lcd
Help me figure this one out-nonfunctioning LCD
Would this be a good monitor?
Dell 24" Dell 2405FPW Vs Dell 2407FPW?
do I need special video card for HDCP support?
KDS Rad-17c dying... suggestion for new one?
Need some 20" LCD advice
scanner 12" by 12" or bigger?
Burn in
Is it possible to connect DVI-I output of video card to DVI-D input of monitor?
24" or maybe 30"?
Thinking about buying a SCEPTRE X20G-Naga III 20.1" WS
Monitor Problem
Acer AL2016W
Digital camera suggestion for low light/night?
20 and 20.1in monitors?
Vivitar 3650 Question
S-video vs composit
Viewsonic VX2025WM vs LG L203WTX, which is better?
how important is contrast ratio?
BenQ FP202W vs SAMSUNG 204B
(Issue solved-sss) 2007FPW question for one LCD experts
Can I get some recomendations for spare LCD screens?
Looking for 24 inch widescreen lcd reccomendations.
Viewsonic VX922 19" Vs. Samsung SM-940BF 19"
My 2007FPW is comming today!!!!!