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do I need special video card for HDCP support?
KDS Rad-17c dying... suggestion for new one?
Need some 20" LCD advice
scanner 12" by 12" or bigger?
Burn in
Is it possible to connect DVI-I output of video card to DVI-D input of monitor?
24" or maybe 30"?
Thinking about buying a SCEPTRE X20G-Naga III 20.1" WS
Monitor Problem
Acer AL2016W
Digital camera suggestion for low light/night?
20 and 20.1in monitors?
Vivitar 3650 Question
S-video vs composit
Viewsonic VX2025WM vs LG L203WTX, which is better?
how important is contrast ratio?
BenQ FP202W vs SAMSUNG 204B
(Issue solved-sss) 2007FPW question for one LCD experts
Can I get some recomendations for spare LCD screens?
Looking for 24 inch widescreen lcd reccomendations.
Viewsonic VX922 19" Vs. Samsung SM-940BF 19"
My 2007FPW is comming today!!!!!
Widescreen gaming LCD and Response times
Quick 2007WFP Question
Gateway Monitor Power Save Mode Problem
New Amazing Lcd?
is it possible to use LCD TV as computer monitor?
LCD of all LCD's
24 inches too big?
CRT Anti Glare Removal?
2007fpw replacement is HERE!
Quadrofying GPUs?!?
Far out question, maybe someone can help???
best portable storage for digicam...
analog or dvi
New Dell 2407! With Pics!
vga or dvi cables small as possible
Best 5" LCD for a mod?
Using 26"-32" LCD TV as a Computer Monitor...
Widescreen 19 Inch Monitor and Video Card Setting
I need a good KVM solution
Gateway FPD2185 or Dell 2007FPW
v9999GE + Dual monitors (help)
2005FPW imprint
Do laptop monitors ruin a persons eyes?
help deciding
Quick!! 2005FPW Might Buy Right Now Help!
pictures on LCD look odd
So is there anything I can do about dead pixels?
Dell 25% off 2407 Small Business coupon up for grabs
How do you take such good digital pics?
Need help on a lcd tv/monitor
19" Widescreen LCD: Viewsonic Or Fujitsu Siemens
LG L203WTX???
Question about fast LCDs (VX922)...
Any experience with Princeton 20.1 LCD?
A Comprehensive Review of The Viewsonic VX2025WM
Two Monitors, Two Games?
24" WS and Mouse Lag
Dell 2005fpw
Need help finding an LCD monitor
Need a 20" Widescreen! FP202W, VX2025WM or?
what projector for gaming?
3007WFP .... one last batch of questions
Dell 2407 released today
This is a good deal???
20 inch widescreens
Dell 2005FPW vs Dell 2007FPW
Viewsonic LCD problems! HELP!
Any decent CRTs still being made?
Display on DVI?
1680x1050 + Composite Input = Poor Image?
Help, my monitor lit on fire
2 lcd questions?
which 24" LCD?
Best LCD/PLASMA etc. TV for under 2000?
Little expensive boxes that output different video signals, what are those called?
Dell 2007FPW has been FIXED! Excellent News!
SVGA 50ft Cable.. Lag?
back to crt!
Any info on these?
wtb: crt monitor
screen tearing when capturing from a dvd software prog
prolonging LCD life
Problem with my 19" CRT
Cleaning LCD's
Which is it? (Monitor or video card)
Dual monitors - 1 wide/1 square
lcd goes black
Which Digital Camcorder?
Possible to increase refresh rate on LCD?
assuming that Dell fixes the 2007WFP
d94's 2007fpw vs 2005fpw review
LCD Monitor problems
good CRT's
Can It Be Done?
Acer al2426 and mouse problem
best way to setup dual 20s?
Dell 1907FP
Question about a monitor before buying
Dell 2005FPW or Dell 2405FPW ?
LCDs smaller than 14/15inchers
Did I damage my screen to badly?
LCD Refresh
why is there a lack of availability for descent 21.3" wide screen monitor?
Vivtek 32" LCD Monitor/TV
How to connect a computer to a TV
lcd stuck pixel or dead?
BenQ 20.1" LCD widescreen/8ms review
ViewSonic 19” LCD VX910 vx-910 turns OFF & ON & OFF & ON & OFF & ON...
dell crt 19"
Long DVI cables to LCDs
Kodak CX6330
Which LCD Monitor for Graphic Design work?
Dell or BenQ?
Why LCD Today?
What video card for 20" LCD?
Can you guys help with a 17 /19 inch monitor choice
1152x864 common res?
Pic request? 2405FPW next to 1905FP
what is the best size for Widescreen?
canon canoscan lide60
viewsonic vp191b panel?? which one is it?!?!
nice cheap 19" acer widescreen, what do u think?
LCD Problem! No picture, just bright white
Viewsonic 27"???
Just ordered a BenQ FP202W Black 20.1" DVI 8ms Widescreen LCD Monitor!
I need a good 19" CRT
32 inch Monitor?
Problem with Dell 2005 FPW
What Ebay dealer or other place to buy a GDM-FW900 from?
Lcd Questions ?
going from 21" CRT is 20" LCD wide screen enough?
7800GT and hdtv problems
CRT Display (AKA TV) not working. Image is shaking and dropping, what's up?
Rate my monitor maybe suggest a new one?
I need some advice
3d monitor for gamers
need to compare this fast!! BenQ FP93GX vs samsung 940BF
Need help with a VHS to DVD transfer
limewire and widescreen
LCD owners I need your help
Need some advice on LG 20.1" L203WT model!!
24" sony $300 should i?
O/S not IDing monitor correctly; only shows a PnP
Nice Review of the DELL 2007WFP by SenC.
LCD 16:9 vs 4:3 which one is better for gaming?
1600x1200 lcd monitors
What will the New Wave of Monitors of the future be?
Good colour reproduction and definition in an LCD display
speeking of display?
Which widescreen monitor
Need some help in finding the right LCD panel for a friend
DVDs not full screen on 2405FPW ?
PowerDVD and dual monitors
Got a HDTV, now how do I hook it up to the comp?
Your 19" LCD Recommendations Please-
Best Digtal Camera under $200? Suggestions?
Testing out an LCD
what do you think to this?
Monitor adapters
Dell vs. BenQ
Force refresh rate on LCD
Portable lcd screen
Viewsonic 19" Box Dimensions
VX2025WM Trouble with DVI
3007WFP + 2 2001WFP WOW
is this an good widescreen?
OMFG 42" Sony LCD 1366 x 768p 60FPS and xbox360 vs. PC
PSone LCD died
Does Anyone Have this "Genius" Webcam?
Monitor Shutting Off/PowerSave
Thoughts on a Samsung Syncmaster 215TW, 21" Widescreen
dual monitor question
Any ideas on what I can do with 23 different LCD displays?
Are LCD monitors considered HD?
so who other then the **AA wants this??
new to SLI and have a quick question...
So would anyone like to post their reviews of their ViewSonic VX2025WM LCDs?
Difference Between Dell 2007FP/WFP?
signal out of range
Some questions about my LCD
Should I RMA my new monitor? (CRT)
GPU or Monitor
Is my graphics card damaged?
dual monitor
Does a 2ms, 4ms, 8ms, 16ms, etc. have any affect on how many FPS you can see?
9600 xt counterpart
Digital SLR's
FujiFilm NH-20 Battery Charger
awesome photostitching software
Calling All PhotoChoppers.
How do I do PIP/PBP with DVI-D and Composite on my 2007WFP?
CRT calibration
Screen Resolutions
Choosing an LCD
5 seconds still screen turns off.
Burning eyes
Dell 2005fpw Backlight Bleeding FIX
Which component cables should I buy?
New to LCDs - Guidance Appreciated
Multiple Monitor trouble
DVI vs Analog?
Chances of getting a "bad" LCD?
Confused about camera lenses: Canon S2 IS
Dell 2405FPW on a GeForce 6600GT?
problem with LCD montior powering on
Monitor 'ticking' on occasion...
3007fpw with 2001FP's, anyone here do this?
SyncMaster 730B For $125?
Help choosing a digi cam?
Trinitron dying? If so, how to prolong?
Need help with my machine (no money for upgrade and "need more speed")
HDTV and PCs
Sony P275 Vs. NEC FE2111
Oh Sh*t made a mistake.. help
ViewSonic E70f+SB or Samsung 793DF
upgrade to 2405fpw?
CRT flickering when slightly disturbed
Need CRT advice, old one fried
good for price?
Any monitors that'll do like 1600x1200 or 1920x1440 at 100hz?
FPS limited by Monitor Refreshing?
55mm wide angle camera lens
CRTs are still in the game (for me)
KVM with a new monitor?
WOW, games at 2048x1536 are AMAZING!
svideo vs composite resolution
19" LCD Monitor (Gaming and Other)
DVI to HDMI quality control..
Monitor cause of dodgy graphics?
DVI-I M/M cable
Big Widescreen Flat CRT?
So what's the deal with Vista and Monitors?
Opinions on this monitor?
Just ordered a new CRT monitor, giving my LCD to my parents!
Viewsonic VA1912wb good for gaming?
Parents away, kids will play
HD tv res question
ViewSonic VX2025wm... problem -_-
vertical position changes
Best 19" Gaming LCD under $325? no ghosting...etc?
Surround Sound Not So Surround?
Dell 2005fpw vs Spectre 19" Wide LCD
2005fpw or 2007fpw
No display till Windows
2005fpw $300. should i?
Best LCD 19" Replacement for TFT8020
I need a camera!
Monitor help
where is extended desktop?
DVI cable
Viewsonic Rma question
4:3 or 16:9?
Dual Monitor question
Samsung 710T / ATI 9700 Pro AGP Question
Dell 1907FP 19" LCD ~ Opinions and or do you have one?
Using a 40 foot extension on my VGA plug for monitor, is it ok to do so?
Deciding on a new monitor
xbox to monitor? X2VGA
What will you do with your rabbit ears? - Selecting a High Definition TV.
optimising monitor?
Resolution in battlefield 2
dell 2005fpw prob
NEC 90GX2 For Gaming?
Digital Camera side by side test pictures I took
Repairing a CRT monitor, need a bit of help identifying components.
Cheap Widescreen LCD
WHich camcorder ?
Suggestions for a 19" or 20" monitor?
refresh rate question....
What are the best 21" CRT Flatscreens?
dual monitor problems
Dual LCD wall mount (pics)
LCD vs. CRT Testing
LCD turns on for a second and then off
Blew a DVI Cable... how?
Temporarily mounting a Dell 2405FPW in a Mini Van...suggestions?
VA1912wb question
Annoying Green Line on LCD?
The monitor that likes to sleep
Repairing and LCD monitor?
NYU multi-touch screen.
component video cables
Am I crazy or do I hear my monitor?
Weird Plasma Problem
megazoom cameras and normal cameras...
wierd lcd problem
3007WFP tariffs from Canada to USA?
Finally got a projector.
Help me find a large CRT
24" Sony CRT $399 w/ shipping, wow? or crap?
so i think i might get an LCD
4:3 19" lcd's???
Installing Dual LCDs
Need a good cf card reader
930SB Probs?
REAAAALLY widescreen gaming
I so just scored a 21in monitor!
And you thought your 24 inch was nice......
Viewsonic VA902B or VA912B
Rosewill R912E
Dell LCD Measurements
oh no, another "what camera?" thread
2407FPW Specs Leaked
Widescreen Backgrounds
This will blow your mind!
Will an HDTV LCD work as Desktop monitor?
Dell's LCD monitors for gaming...
Dell monitors
VA1912wb question
CRT and LCD dual display issues
HELP! LCD with anti stuff on it.
Define Native Resolution
gaming monitor(LCD)
Monitor is going.
Help with LCD for oldschool gaming
Looking at OC Forums for the first time with my New Toy!!! 24" Dell Monitor
I have been "Woot'ed"...61" DLP Infocus! (Thanks to Nate, my wife is on a warpath)
HDTV noob need some help
site that still sells crt?
Please help me find a 19" LCD
LG 26LX2R, HDMI & PC Connectivity
Best overall flat panel Monitor Arm. Flexible and 24" dell ready
Best 20.1" LCD monitor out there?
What viewing angle should I look for?
silly question for dual display please help
gamers dream pc 40" lcd will it work though
Can i buy a mac monitor and use it on my PC?
DV editing for noobs
Need a good cheap TV output card
no post with DVI?
CRT shadowing causes?
New 2005fpw
convert notebook LCD into a desktop LCD?
40+ inch LCD HDTV
Scratched LCD
Samsung 204t
Apple's Multi Touch Screen - INSANE!
IBM P275 DVI Cable?
Question about resolution.
dual monitors - vga and dvi
Monitor adjustment/calibration
Good for Comp/360 combo?
Well I finally got my own 2405...pic
I wear my sunglasses at night.
2007WFP specs at dell
madcatz 5" tft screen
Need suggestions on a digital camera...:)
Important LCD Specs
help me decide on a monitor!
Samsung LCD TV?
Hyundai ImageQuest Q261 & DVI
Where to buy?
Vista Ready HDCP Monitor Review
17" TFT Monitors Are Dropping In Price Like Flys (Uk)
LCD image retention
Camera can see IR, what now?
Looking for the best Photo camera money can buy
2405 wallpapers and setup
LCD 19" Rosewill?
Olympus D-390 software
Viewsonic VX2025wm arrived! First review and impressions!
Hp F2105 - Buy from HP new or refurbished?
Viewsonic N2750W blue line?
Matrox TripleHead2Go -INSANE
so my girlfriend wants to buy me a lcd monitor
question on dual display
Anyone focus a 24 inch Sony CRT before?
Bad Page Tearing with Hyundai L90D, Opinions.
LED array active matrix LCD's?
is there webcam software that can... ?
Can I have some suggestions for an LCD PLEASE?
Samsung customer support gets an A+
question on the gateway FPD2185W
CRT monitors 'pinging' (make a noise and flash off)
magnet+CRT = unhealthy?
Widescreen monitor selection
Old Gateway FPD1510
Wanting to buy a good vid. camera, would like to be able to capture game footage also
Geeking out over a contest (photo hedz only!)
FPD2185 Cannot get 75hz
scratches on lcd monitor
Is my monitor dying?
Envision H193Wk
Help Set up my PC to HDTV
HDTV/monitor advice needed
screen calibration test
2405fpw question to owners
Monitor won't display max res
Deel to annouce 2005 and 2405 replacements today?
FPD2185W question
Benq fp202w in Germany?
Benq fp202w
Quad Lcd Display.
What do I need?
1905fp any good for gaming?
Long DVI cables?
FEAR and COD2 on 56" display!
Selling L90d+ (how much $?) and upgrading to widescreen
Acer AL2032WA vs Dell 2005fpw
Samsung 204B-Black
WOW... I want one...
Modifying A LapTop LCD
Connecting Laptop to Sony KDF-E50A10
Do LCDs have built in Scaler/Converter?
Looking for pinouts on Compaq LCD's
33" CRT Television, Amazing
Gaming on HDTV?
Vote for best price vs performance widescreen LCD
Question on the Dell 2405FPW
analog vs. digital [dvi] connection
will it matter?
Write Protection on a SD card :(
Color banding on LCD's?
Where did Relisys run to?
20 inch widescreen choices
Need help with my new monitor, strange issue...
big problem with my video!
The Ultimate Touch Screen
REFURBISHED: ViewSonic VX924?????
help with monitor selection
Is 30" too much?
Dell vs HP P1130?
Best 24" Widescreen LCD?
LCD Bug - Literally Speaking
19 inch widescreens
How does one properly clean a CRT?
My 21" Gateway
Over $1,000 Later, And I'm Still Pwned...
LCD cleaning and maintenance?
what ratio is 1600x1200
Official Gateway FPD2185W Thread
Dead pixel - can I fix it?
reviews of gateway 21"
what to use when cleaning lcd screen?
New monitor for free
Samsung 710T / Asus V9280S / DVI Connection
Now Heres A Display
how good is this monitor?
WinTv pvr installation problems?
good digital camera for around 140 bucks
Trying to track down h/v rates
dvi widescreen monitor....
need your opinion 2005fpw
Whats the best way to clean an LCD monitor?
Why do pictures look horrible in LCD vs CRT?
problem regarding the graphics
New Viewsonic VX924 is incredible!
Fix dead pixels
Does anybody have this problem with dell 2450?
TFT monitor and cold cathode lighting.....
Check out my monitor!
Just picked up a NEC MultiSync 70GX2 - it rocks.
your opinion
Help with webcam trouble.
Just got a 19 inch LCD
Just got NEC MultiSync 90GX2 and I have questions
What To Look For In A WebCam?
DVI vs VGA Connectors
AG Neovo 19" Widescreen
Samsung SyncMaster 970p
Mom's looking for a digi $300-$400
Best monitors for gaming?
refresh rate question.
Whats a good optical zoom?
No signal to monitor
Ordered a Viewsonic Vx924
My FDP2185W to Comcast Digital Box Top?
Widescreen Woes
My Biggest Impulse buy ever! FPD2185W
dual monitor setup
Dell 2005FPW or other?
Dark colors rippling to the right.
New reviews on Widescreen LCD's
Mitsubishi 930SB Pro... Decent monitor?
bigger crt or lcd....?
Anyone have the ViewSonic VA1912wb?
COD2 on a 11foot screen *pics*
AG vs BenQ vs Rosewell
LCD for Gaming and Photo, opinions please!!
TV help
Best 17" or 19: LCDs??
Looking to buy a 15" Flatscreen Panel - what do you guys recommend?
Finally! Christmas for Dad (from Samsung)
Questions about 19" LCD's