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Fujifilm A340 HELP
Anybody have a picture of a Dell 30" running Google Earth?
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KDS monitor falls asleep as Windoze boots!
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Mouse and dual-monitors.
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Sony 23" Premier Pro LCD ??
Best overall LCD, help me choose.
Lacie Electron Blue + 21" LCD?
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Why doen't my dvd movies look good on the Gateway 21"?
32" LCD TV for less than $1000
Dell 3007...
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Refresh rate overclock?
best monitor for around $470 ?
Which of these 21" LCDs is better?
Why do professionals choose CRT over LCD?
2005fpw AO2 First Impressions!
Probably a stupid question
Virtual Reality Head Mounted LCD Display
New to LCDs, Can't decide what to get.
What do you guys think
Cheapest Dell 2005fpw
Radeon 9800Pro and Dell 2405fpw
Anyone still have a link for a good deal on a Dell 2005FPW?
Planning to run monitor as an lcd tv
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X800GTO 3Dmark03 score
Shades of pink
Does Gateway use a different DVI cable?
What Do I Need
Who makes DELL LCD's?
Best bang for the buck LCD?
Toshiba's Plasma/LCD Killer: A promising new technology
WTB LCD Monitor / TV - dont know which 1 :(
Anyone ever check eBay for 2005FPW
ViViCam 3650 Question
How to make my monitor fullscreen.
Good Digi Cam under 200?
Samsung 930BF color?
2005fpw dvi-d image issue
Dell 3007WFP
Acer AL2416WD any good?
need setup help with Imagequest ld90+ plz
Did I just make a huge mistake? (Bad monitor purchase . . .)
Need Good Digital Camera.
Anyone using a multi-panel LCD monitor?
720p HDTV Recommendation
Refresh Rate vs Response time?
wow this is kind of random....tiny LCD question
Recommended LCD for Hardcore Gamer
Which LCD for me?
Burnt On Images
Greenish Tinge on Some Letters when Using Cleartype on a Dell 2005FPW
Horizontal Red Lines when using Component on my DELL 2405FPW
Should I get a monitor/TV or two separate units?
New LCD Monitor (Need Suggestions)
HELP! black screen on bootup no worky!
lcd troubles...
native res / any truth?
Vista compatible displays?
LCD help
Blurry LCD
g500 problems
Ultramon setup ?
Can anyone tell me the main differences between these two monitors?
PC monitor or HDTV?
Image bending/squishing on monitor near edges
portable device LCD number of colors - any way to test?
Flat screen like my CRT??
Question about samsung 913t
Apple M7649 Display response time?
Which 19" LCD?
Monitor/Battlefield 2 trouble
32" 12ms - good monitor?
help me real quick
Got a Dell 2405. What carring strap to get.
Thinking of gettin a new monitor
S Video cable help!!
Ok, So I got a 22" Samsung HDTV...
What resolution for my specs?
GF 6600 or ATI x700?
digital camera help setup
im looking to buy this
How to remove front bezel/panel of CRT?
Help me find this
acer 1716B
HDCP fundamentally flawed? Quite possibly.
ATI HDTV WONDER Remote Control Edition - TV / video input adapter - PCI
How to choose a LCD display...
Just Got My Dell 2005
Photoshop Questions
X850 running a 2001fpw in new games?
lookin to buy 19" LCD... some questions.
LCD Display Optimization Help
Perfect Method To See Ghosting
NEC MultiSync 1250+ has double image
Dell 2405fpw problem. Drivers?
A questions about LCD's and FPS
Dell 2405 and other LCDs - Preserving Quality
hyundai l90d+ question
Questions on tvs as monitors or vice versa.
need some sort of VGA selector
looks fun:P
Planning on getting DELL 20 inch LCD
philips 190s
Dell 2405 and PS2....sound?
LG1950 or philips 190X6FB
Widescreen monitor...your thoughts?
A good site for digital images??
Need advice
All-In-Wonder 9800 Pro Dual Monitor Capability?
wavy lines
Best 19-21-22" crt for gaming.. At or below $300.00
What 19" LCD do you recommend.
CRT gamer needs LCD buying help...
DVI To DVI Or will DVI to Analog work?
Question for Dell 2005FPW owners.
Does anyone own a Gateway FPD2185W
Which CRT?
IBM P260 DVI CRT monitor-is it good?
If you had $255 (shipping included) for a 17" LCD which one would you buy?
Dell 2005FPW or SCEPTRE X20G-Naga III
Need 8ms and 1600 x 1200 19"...
17 inch crt monitor dying !!??
light, decent crt?
FrozenCPU 4" LCD?
considering 21 inch widescreen LCD from HP, the f2105
Connecting LCD to computer. Good idea?
What do you think of this 22" Mitsubishi CRT?
Can I get some opinions on this monitor?
Dual monitor problem
Christmas Prezzy
What makes a monitor sound *click*?
Benq T905 or FP931+
Using a EDTV as a monitor.
2005 Vs 17
before I pull the trigger, any opinions?
crt quality
Best monitor
Appkying Arctic silver to a GPU
LCD's: What brands have the lowest chance of dead pixels?
do all LCD's have a 30-40ms latency?
HDCP, in English please. :)
Viewsonic va1912wb (19 Widescreen)
Powershot SD400
I think my monitor died
can you run pc without a monitor
Anyone have pics comparing the size of 2405fpw to a 4:3 19" for size comparison?
Cornea LCD Blurs infrequently
is it possible to replace a backlight in a laptop LCD?
(LCD) response time vs DVI
New graphic card choice...
Camera wont connect
I just bought a 50in DLP
Looking for a scanner
New to photo scanning: questions about converting prints to digital images.
Good Digital Video Camera
widescreen monitors..
Digi-Camcorder Selecting
Cell Phone Color LCD on PC
gaming monitor
Cable TV on 2005FPW?
Viewsonic monitor problem
just got my 2005FPW
Monitor Brands The good and the bad?
Laptop LCD response time?
Widescreen LCDs
red lines on my monitor...
DVI-D Input
Dual monitor help.
Looking for a good tv tuner/hd card
lcd monitor
Difference between these 2 flat panels?
basic DVD player for an HDTV
Wanting to buy a digital camera
How far do you sit from your monitor?
CRT Resolutions...Please Help
dell 2405fpw and non native res
Setting brightness and contrast
My poor eyes and CRT VS LCD...
1080i vs. 720p for the Xbox360...
HDTV as a PC monitor
taking the plunge, upgrading to LCD..
I made a scratch on my monitor, not so happy
15" LCDs
Dual 2005FPW or Single 2405FPW
Difference btwn Analog/DVI > $100?
Problem with NEC monitor
connected computer to tv and get no color?
black stuff down my screen
Decent LCD monitor for 200$
TFTs - still looking....got thru 2 already :(
Monitor Specs
VGA to S-Video adapter?
xbox 360 and dell 2001fp
New LG!!!
good tv card for 30-50 USD?
New Moniter.
ps2 on computer monitor
non pc monitor question
monitor Burn-in?
have i broke my video card?
Infocus X1A Projector
Bleeding... Does it Get Worse ? ? ?
Help in choosing LCD
Dual Monitor Setup Question
LCD 17" Acer
Acer AL1916W widescreen? any info?
24" widescreen CRT's?
Dell 2405fpw or Sony SDM-P234?
dual display on a laptop... wxga and 720p
i need a new monitor
electrocution... we wouldn't want that...
AG Neovo F-419 (R12) Black 19"
Sony HS75D
Best, Cheapest 15" LCD for Case-Mounted-Hinge Application?
19" LCD needed, ~$200-300
Should I have glares?
Anyone have a Samsung 915N 19" LCD?
How is this monitor?
Widescreen Acer AL1913W native res question
dell 2405 monitor drivers ?
Tri-monitor setup
good time to get LCD?
DVI-I and DVI-D an ok combo?
Your opinions
ViewSonic 19" Widescreen... good choice?
19" LCD, sub $400, DVI and good response time
lcd as monitor/TV
LCD Projector
i need to know if my trusty old crt is dying.
Norwood 19" LCD?
NU lcd monitor good quality?
blurry Samsung LCD?
Best LCD for Gaming (7800GTX)?
repairing/replacing notebook diffuser panel?
My first LCD :)
Refresh rate for DVI LCDs
Bad News.
Which LCD?
broken lcd out of box...
good first lcd?
Viewsonic, Hitachi, or ?
New monitor... BenQ FP91G+
Toshiba DVD codes! T_T
dual monitors... different size..
Stupid question... native resolutions
Which Would You Buy?
Why can't I use a TV as a monitor?
Question about Single Screen, 1 Vid Card, 1 WinTV Card..
that stupid little line in a sony screen
anyone have the L200P ibm lcd?
Samsung SyncMaster 191t
Yet another Help me Buy an LCD thread.
Not getting an image:(
Where to Find?
Acer AL2416WD 24IN Wide Screen
OMG, I am such a noob, New to LCD's
Decent 17" flat screen CRT
anyone have the new Gateway 21" WS yet?
Need to buy a new TV, looking for a good guide to all the different types...
Component/DVI/HDMI? DVD Upscaling? In lay-terms??
which one of theese monitors im i going to buy??
DVI not working?
This a good 19" LCD? If not what is..
2001fp vs 2005fpw
Need to install inf (driver Diamond Pro)?
Getting a cheap LCD for my father.
DELL 2005FPW 20.1" Widescreen
Is this a good lcd?
Viewsonic 19" VP191b vs VP930b?
PCI and high res?
Choices to make
Does anyone have the Samsung 204T?
DVI and anologue?
Dell 2005FPW x64 driver?
Does anybody feel that 2001fp prices will fall at all by the holiday season?
OMFG!!! Just got 2405FPW!!
Serious Game CRT?
16.2 or 16.7 million colours?
Which is the better LCD and why?
Does 2001FP work with 6800GT?
Hp L2335
To buy or not to buy (2405FPW)
KVM switch?
Is my 17" CRT going out already?
LCD Monitor Help
Apple 30" display, anyone actually use this?
Dell 2005fpw question about brightness during gaming
can someone help me find driver?
My opinions on the Benq FP91G+ 19" LCD.
New monitor needed - TFT required
viewing angle
Thoughts from the Pros on 1440x900 wide
question on HD feed from cable box
LCD...old comp
$800 26" LCD TV good for gaming?
new dell 2005fpw, crt burn in type ghost image problem.
Which HD CRT is better?
recommendation on LCD that does over 1280x1024
Is there a LCD that can display higher than 1280 res?
>24" CRT Monitors
New to tv tuners, Need help deciding
Samsung 915n
CRT's messing with each other, LCD the same?
Best LCD for CAD applications?
1905 vs l90
Would 12ms to 4ms make a difference with blurring?
Understanding my 2005fpw/2405fpw, response times and refresh rates
Need some input on which monitor to buy.
$200-$300 range 17" LCD Monitor
dual monitor question
Need help with 2005FPW!
Ten Monitors???
Dell 1905
Colors and lighting are off. How to Calibrate my Monitor wth Radeon 9500 pro card?
2405fpw dual with?
LCD for XBox360?
LCD monitor.
LCD monitor thats good for gaming?
Cannot Adjust Image Settings on Dell 2005FPW
Scratch in LCD monitor
I got one of these!!
DPMS Standby??
sony 55" LCD TV problems with computer
Anyone used a 23 TFT TV as a PC monitor?
will a new comp boot/display on this monitor?
Anyone know how an lcd WORKS? Please look at these pics...
2005FPW on sale $394.35
dual monitor noob question
Martha Stwert plays the bass.
Acer AL1711FB 17" 12ms, Any good?
I hate HDCP
Are there any 4ms LCD > 19" ?
DELL 2005 is old new now, Gateway has release a new monitor
The dell 2005 is on sale!
17" and 15" LCD panels in dual setup - Will it work?
Worth getting DVI for 2nd monitor
On average how often does the 2005fpw drop below $500
Dell 2005FPW competition?
Monitor cooling?
Viewsonic 23 inch LCD
Power problem w/Syncmaster 150mp
Double Image on new crt?
Dual monitors - 1 or 2 video cards?
Blurred images on new Dell laptop/notebook
Dual moniter question
Can i turn a vga out into an svideo out?
is this monitor any good?
New monitor
Viewsonic VX924 for gaming?
Samsung SyncMaster 940B? Any Info?
looking for a nice 17-19 inch LCD :) need some help.
Scratched my LCD :/
scaner help
All around best CRT.
2005FPW or Samsung, help
Picking LCD TV .... have 2x what one?
need help
Best overall LCD for under $400?
Looking into LCDs, HYUNDAI B70A
VR headsets
Avatar Question ( not sure if this is right section )
Formac Gallery Xtreme 2010
2 computers to LD90+?
dead pixel detector
How do YOU clean your CRT?
LCD, Viewsonic or LG?
My opinion of L90D+ is dropping quickly...
LCD backlight
LCD has lines going thru it...
How do notebook monitors attach?
help with Olevia LT26HVE!
Viewsonic VX924 or Hyundai L90D+???
Question on dual-monitoring.
Secondary monitor troubles: image keeps disappearing
Monitor Choice
My Hyundai L90D Problem
Monitor Refresh Rate (Hz)
Difference between these LCD Monitors?
Is my monitor dying?
Dual Monitors of different sizes?
TFT for Uni
problems with DVI (did search)
Wich cam under 150$ has the best quality video (with sound)
big problem with LCD
2005FPW include DVI cable?
Will a LCD TV make a decent pc monitor?
Monitor, keyboard and mouse splitter
How to manage dual moniters?
Which LCD Monitor?
Gaming flat panel?
Any Current Deals? Coupons, Sales... (Dell 2005fpw)
I need a new monitor
Makeing Clips from a movie
My monitor just broke...
Samsung 460P - WOW
Yet another way of making flatscreens.
One quick question about cabling
Formac Gallery Xtreme 2010
Webcam wierdness...help?
Video camera?
Scratch removal
Help me find a good digital camera
How does this compare to the Dell 2005FPW LCD?
shaking screen...
Making plans to buy LCD monitor in October - question about game/movie features
Need good display - should I buy used one?
Trying to get a projector to run in my PC
UltraSharp 2005 FPW
Better monitor,quick question
Hyundai L90D+ Vertical View Mode
crapy wee webcam
Dell 24" TFT memory card reader
who uses a touchscreen?
Viewsonic N2750W 27in Wide Screen LCD TV
What's the best 17" LCD?
hi guys looking to buy a new monitor
13 3/4" x 12" x 2" LCD?
DIY or cheap vesa mount
Monitor sometimes fails on start up
Viewsonic LCDs
Where can I get a Sony 24" GDM FW900 CRT in the UK?
Choice of PC monitor
DUAL 19"+ LCD recommendation
DVD-D cable ~ single or dual link question...
I know next to nothing about the LCD Market.
LCD Recomendation for 640x480?
ViewSonic VX724 Is this any good for Gaming?
Competitor to the 2405FPW?
800x600 on a 19" LCD?
Video Garble
Live Video???
How could I run three monitors? AGP + PCI?
A few questions concerning SLR
FujiPlus 19" LCD FP988D
dual monitor question
19" LCD Monitor PROBLEM!
Samsung 930BF 19"
21inch CRT blurry.
Next monitor... LCD
What cable to buy in order to use DVI
Rosewill R912E 19"
unfortunate L90D+ (pixel)
Got my 2405FPW. Holy *bleeep*!!!
lcd problem
Does my Monitor suck?
benq 19"
Dual monitor 1 video card, 1 gaming + 1 video, possible?
HDTV lcd's
Wooot 2405FPW :)
finally got my 2005fpw
Help me with new monitor
high end flat panels: Eizo, Iiyama
Please suggest
which is better?
2 montitors/vid cards, and i want to switch with hotkey
Any reason to use DVI adapters ?
looking for a digi projector
Highest Quality D-Sub Cable?
Gateway EV700 monitor is too dark
how to set laptop monitor to secondary
Rant...Viewsonig VP191b... panel changed
dual monitor ?...
So how can I get the response time of this monitor?
SOYO 32" wide screen hd-ready lcd tv
L90D+ for less than $340 shipped?
How do you calculate the response time of a monitor?
monitor settings reset everytime i restart
[NEWS] Heliodisplay In Production
bought new 19" LCD got a problem with tho, help...
Dillema of sorts
I own a Dell 2005FPW 20 inch Widescreen LCD - Quick REVIEW :D
crt or lcd for replacement monitor?videoseven?
What 27 or 32" LCD to get...
What do you guys think about this HDTV? (need your input)
LCD Response Time