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Basic Principles Involved in Heat Transfer and Cooling Related to Processors
Cooling Hacks for the Shuttle SS50 “Toaster”
From Hell to High FSB: How I went from Skeptic to Overclocker (And what you can learn from it, Rookie)
A Non-Denial Denial
Case Modding: Making a Glowing UV Panel
Barton: A Sneaked Preview
When Does The Socket A Go Away?
When You Might Be A Geektard 1776
Kingwin 450 Watt Power Supply KWI-450WAS
I Love The Dead
When You Might Be A Geektard
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Hang With You, Or Just Hang You?
Barton Pricing
You Have The Right To Remain Anonymous?
You’re Getting Less Anonymous
Trial And Error
Globalwin TAK68 Mod – The Copper Insert
Taiwanese Toast…OR…Why You Can’t Overclock Your Asus P4S8X Very Well
The CPU Is Willing, But The Mobo Is Weak
400 -> 533 FSB Xeon Mod
Why Not More?
A Case-Study On The Impact Of L2 Cache Size On CPU Performance
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AMD Finances
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NO, NO, NO!!!
Troubleshooting the C1
Hydor Seltz L30
At What Point Does Doom Get Doomed?
Agree or Disagree?
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Thermal Grease – Hitting The Wall?
C1 Analysis
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The Palomino Herd Is Starting to Thin Out
I Need A Date
There Are Ads, and Then There Are Ads
There Are Ads, and Then There Are Ads 2343
Five Thermal Grease Test
I’m Thankful For…
Radeon 9500 Pro
Cheapo Hard Drive Silencers
The Real Clawhammer Debut: Summer. . .
Not a TBredB
Amd Executive and His Stock
Tweaks – The Definitive Guide
Evergreen TherMagic
Vantec Nexus Fan Controller
Year of Yawns
Do We Really Need To Answer The 64-Bit Question?
Waterblock Bench Testing Results
This Is A Trade Secret?. . .
Linux, Samba, And Folding
Waterblock Performance Testing
What? Me Worry?. . .
Iwill P4HT Intel 845PE Motherboard
Running To 200MHz; Running On Empty?. . .
A Taxing Article. . .
Charge It!. . .
Hyperthreading: $600 $15. . .
Cheap Northbridge Cooling
What You Can Expect From Granite Bay. . .
Berin’s Case Mods
Pricing Parity. . .
The Naked Review. . .
History Repeats Itself. . .
How to Remove the TIM from a Stock AMD Heatsink and CPU
PIV Inferno. . .
The $500 Improvement. . .
A Bud, A TEC and Thou
Rewriting History. . .
OMG, What A Chip. . .
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CoolSonic CS-1672-A
Linux Illogic. . .
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Ids At id. . .
ZEROtherm Heatpipe
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Thermalright SLK700
New Sandra. . .
Celeron Overclocking – 3 GHz Possible?
VIA Eden 800 Motherboard/CPU
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2400+ Watch: November 6, 2002. . .
Election Day. . . 2233
Watercooling and Electrochemistry
Doom III Alpha: Ignore It. . .
Recovering Data From a Bad Hard Drive
A Price Clunk. . .
Low Speed Thoroughbred Update. . .
Contingent Power. . . 2335
Contingent Power. . .
A Chilling Story
What Do People Really Want?. . .
Don’t Tread On Me. . .
TBred Migrating Downward. . .
Hype(r)? . .
Swiftech MCX462+T ™
OCZ PC2700 DDR rev. 3.2
EULA: Extremely Unsavory Loathsome Actions. . .
Initial TBred2 Results . .
Using Old Power Supply Units as Case Cooling Solutions
The Next Jump. . .
Vapochill PE
You Live By The Law of the Jungle: You End Up With Beasts. . .
What Do You Pay?. . .
Vantec Aeroflow P4 Heatsink
The Upgrade Market. . .
Vantec NEXUS Multi-function Panel
Why Not One Hammer Instead of Two?. . .
Different Strokes for Dual DDR
PCIGate. . .
Will It, Won’t It?. . .
Useful Idiots. . .
Games People Play. . .
Project XP Cooling Part Two: Below 50C and Looking Fine
Cinderbarton . . .
AMD Conference Call: 3Q 2002. . .
Bench vs. System Testing: The Pros and Cons
Intel Financial Results: 3Q 2002 . . .
Overclocking 56k Internet Connections
TBred2 Look: October 15
What Did You Say You Wanted For Christmas? . . .
YS Tech TMD Fan
Copyright Comments . . .
Speeze 5R265B1H3
What Do You Want For Christmas? . . .
Bon Jovi: Carrot Rather Than Stick . . .
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No Time Left For You
Vantec Aeroflow With TMD Fan
AMD Bridge soldering
Capacitors: Not Just For Abit Owners
A Newbie’s Guide to Overclocking Memory
Tomorrow’s Biggest Story
TBred2, TBred2. Oh, Where Art Thou, TBred2?
Dawn of the DVD (Recorder)
ColdMiser’s Miserly Cooler
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Taming The GBox
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Dial-Up, DSL or Cable?
Do it Yourself Hard Disk Repair
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Tribute To A Website or When A ‘Mod’ Goes ‘Modding
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Swiftech MCX462+
Vantec ThermoFlow Temperature Controlled Fans
Digital Chutzpah
A PriceWarian Slip?
TOCOOLS Regal P4 Heatsink
Thermalright SK7
A Different Approach
Thermalright SK6+
Increasing PSU Cooling For Better Case Cooling
Sibak CPU Water Cooling Kit
Clawhammer Will Be Cool!
How-To Build A Refrigerator CPU Cooler
Consoles Clawing At Intel
Find The Perfect Heatercore
Hammer Clawing At Your Wallet
A Stray Hammer Blow
You Can Pay Me Now, Or You Can Pay Me Later
My Radeon 9700 Experiences
Calm-SV Liquid CPU Cooler
BS Me 1967
How DOES A Fan Work?
Taisol P4 Heatpipe (CMP411151)
A Buy In Two Saves Two
No Respect
Overclockers Anonymous
AVC #112C83
Tom’s First Homemade Watercooled Rig
GPU Goof?
How I Made My Motherboard Glow in The Dark
Lessons of 911 2180
No Hammer, No Barton, No . . . ?
Vantec Stealth 420 Watt Power Supply
Lessons of 911
R9700 and AGP 8X
How To Tell An “Old” From A “New” 2200+ TBred
Radeon 9700: Initial Impressions
Extreme DDR 400
Ostrich Mp3 Encoder
Improving Power Supply Voltages Without Upgrading or Mods
KT400 Boards: What To Look For
Greeks and Geeks III
How To Put Together a 172W Peltier
Up To
Vantec CCK-7025 P4 Heatsink
Greeks and Geeks
Greeks and Geeks 2514
OC Folding Contest
Scavenged Squirrel Cage Reduces CPU Cooling Noise
Prometeia 100202
Turning Up The Heat
Watercool A Laptop??
AVC Tundra 2
Built-In Spam Filters
Dirty Laundry
C1 Chips
Re-partitioning, Re-formatting, and Re-installing
Cutting The Fat
Pentium 4 1.8A Shoot Out
Some More T2B Tidbits
AMD The Rest of the Year
The Nag Gets Out of Rehab
What Will We See Wednesday?
CoolerMaster HSC-V62
Build an Underwater Computer
We Told You So
Thermaltake Silent PurePower Power Supply
Big Monitors, Less Money
Old Nag, New Multiplier
Word Of Bot
There Ought To Be A Law
Water Cooling Upgrades: Heater Core and Fan Shroud
Let It Slide For Santa
The Eternal Now
Cooling After
Hot Days, Hot Processors
SIBAK AC-07-610B
What ATI Must Do
Yes, We Have No Bananas
Data on Coolants and Liquids Used in Computer Watercooling
A Timebomb Ticking
The Fall of AMD
A Little Databasing
The Anti-Virus Software Myth
Heatsink Mounting
Stretching The RDRAM Parameters
Questions 2007
A Killer App For Apple?
Let The Real Mods Begin
CPU: The Magazine
PIV Buying
Back To One Long Line
Project XP Stock Cooler
Let Dell Do It
How-To Make Your Own Custom Case Window
The Promised Land?
Compute Your Total Sound Level
Quiet and Effective Air Cooling on the Athlon XP – Is it Possible?
DDT for P2P
Thermaltake Volcano 9
Intel In 2003
New Intel Chips
Reaction to Radeon
SiS 648
Get Your (Head) Sounds On!!
AMD and Intel Earnings
DIY SocketA/370 to P4 Adapter
How to Lap a Heatsink
Socket A/370 to P4 Heatsink Adapter
Blue Cooling MPP85W Waterblock
AMD and Intel Conference Calls
Radeon 9700: Boredom Over Whoredom
Swiftech MCX4000
And Its One, Two, Three, What Are We Fighting For?
CPU Die Size – The Cooling Challenge Ahead
Get (Un)Bent
2.8 Not Great?
Thermalright SLK800
Time to Start Something New
ASUS P4B533 – Workaround to set 3:4 CPU/Memory Ratio Above 133 MHz
Get the Leash
Water Cooling Flow Rate and Heat Transfer
Short Hairs
A Bit InCapacitated
Cho-Liang CB0315U-17
Radeon 9700
Dr Thermal TI-V77
Quick, Cheap, and Not-So-Dirty 80 mm Fan Mod
Wooden Cases, Anyone?
What Are You Going To Do?
Panning for Gold in the Ocean
Overclocking A Dual Athlon– Twice The Fun
A Case of Crappy Capacitors?
More Bad News
Initial TBred Overclocking
Intel Looking for a DDR Duet
Male Bovine Excreta Alert
Nobelese Case
Intel News
Pulling The Plug
Yea or Nay?
Sleeping Beauty
Tool Or Toy: The Alien Surveys, Part I
Be True To Your School
Overclocking On An Eighth Grade Budget 1379
Overclocking On An Eighth Grade Budget
Why All The Sudden Sci-Fi?
Bytes For Babes
What If?
No Intel x86-64?
Why Not?
Hammer Is 2003
Benchmark Validity
Does The PIV Have A Stutter?
Instant Nostalgia
Why Buy The Cow When The Milk Is Free?
Shifting Sands
Alpha 8045 Waterblock in a Lian-Li PC-60
Fan Stroboscope
Dr Thermal TI-V8639L
Either Way, It Takes Care Of Your Headache
Why Do You Do This?
Radeon 8500 (retail) Voltage Mod For The Schematically Challenged
Dr Thermal TI-R8639L
Realizing That So Many Men Were Women
Antec TruePower 380
Adjustable Fan With LEDs
TMD Socket 478 Cooler
The Fridge
My PIV Adventure–Part III
These Are The Times That Try Men’s Souls
Vantec “Extreme” Fans
Project 3C (Cheap Chill Cooling)
Don’t Buy That Radiator!
Performance for Pennies (Or not, as the case may be)
How Pursuasive Are You?
Clawhammer: The Next PowerPC?
How To Build a New PC for Under £150
First Look: Swiftech MCW462-UT/MCW478-UT
I Just Want To Be Loved
Serial ATA
Claws And Sledges
Project Megachill
Iwill P4R533-N – P4
A Sucker Born Every Minute
Multi-Hole Drilled Water Block – Part of the Continuing Saga of the ‘Shade Tree’ Machinist
Stooping To Conquer
Modding The Kryotech
Swamp Coolers
My PIV Adventures–Part II
A SUMA Reseller
My PIV Adventures
The Case Of The Vanishing Serial Port
Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave
Platinum XP
Loosened, Not Loose
SENFU Water Cooler II
Hammering Overclockers?
Palomino Multipliers Explained
Carrot and Stick
Nine Months Later
More Water
Restoring Your 5V Line The Easy Way