Overclockix Mentioned on The Linux Action Show!

A popular podcast in Linux media by the name of The Linux Action Show!, mentioned our Linux distribution in this week’s show. They highlight the focus of Overclockix, bringing a useful software toolkit to overclockers, and pay some other compliments to the distribution.

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If this is the first you are hearing of Overclockix, now might be a great time to take it out for a spin! Download it, write it to a CD or flash drive, then just boot to it and you can check out everything Overclockix has to offer.

Also, if you are into Linux or just want to learn more, check out the current release of The Linux Action Show! and follow future shows every Sunday at 1PM eastern at Jupiter Broadcasting.

For any questions about Overclockix, I’ll follow up on any comments left below, or you can reach everyone involved in the project directly in the Overclockers forums.

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mbentley's Avatar
I really appreciate the mention on the show! It's awesome to hear that some people have taken notice of our work While we haven't done a whole lot as of late, we're still actively developing Overclockix and taking requests so if there is something you would like to see, just let me know.
freakdiablo's Avatar
Used it for the first time a couple weeks ago to troubleshoot one of my computers. It comes in handy. Any plans to upgrade the version of Memtest86+ though? The version that's on there (4.19?) kind of just sat there when I used it on my desktop, but the one on my Kubuntu disc (4.20) seemed to run fine. Kind of a n00b when it comes to modifying that type of thing myself

But aside from that, it's nice for stress testing a computer to make sure it doesn't screw up installing the OS. Might point it out to my boss at the IT department, depending on if there are any license agreement issues >.>
Evilsizer's Avatar
glad to see the hard work of the linux guys here for overclockix got noticed!!
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
I bet we can get that worked in. Thanks for pointing out the updated version.
mbentley's Avatar
Yeah, it currently pulls in memtest from the Debian stable repos which are always out of date by design I've been wanting to experiment with grabbing packages from testing and backports so this could be a great exercise.
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