Win a Copy of Battlefield 4 from Gaming Titans

To celebrate the launch of their new and improved website, Gaming Titans is giving away one copy of Battlefield 4 (including the China Rising expansion pack) on release day (October 29). This contest is open to members worldwide, as it will be a digital download, so you will receive your prize instantly. Read More

MSI N780 Lightning Video Card Review

I see bright flashes in the distance. What could it be? Wait… listen. What is that noise following it? Sounds like thunder. So, I guess that means the flashes are lightning. Could it be? Is it really? That’s right ladies and gentlemen, since this is obviously a computer enthusiast based website that has nothing to do with meteorology – this HAS to be the long awaited MSI N780 Lightning that has rumbled its way into my reviewer’s den of torture! MSI surely took its sweet time bringing this card to market with a teaser or two along the way. From the looks of those teasers and leaked shots we saw recently, this video card loos to be a beast! At least hardware wise. Let’s see if my attempt at ‘wordsmithing’ is backed up by the hardware and performance of MSI’s top tier GTX 780. Read More

HIS R9 280X iPower IceQ X2 Turbo Graphics Card Review

The new AMD GPU14 partner cards are beginning to surface, and we’re here to bring you a new offering from HIS. The HIS R9 280X iPower IceQ X2 Turbo is the flagship R9 series for HIS at the present time. It’s factory overclocked and promises voltage control via their iTurbo software. The card is also outfitted with their best cooler to date, the IceQ X2. With the factory overclock, voltage control, and a good cooling solution, the card certainly appears to be geared towards the overclocking and enthusiast crowd. So, let’s get the card on the bench and see what HIS has in store for us! Read More

Silverstone Raven RV04 Full Tower Case Review

For well over a year now, the Silverstone Raven RV04 has been in the works and it’s finally becoming available for purchase. The slogan “Redefine Tradition” has been affixed to the RV04 in an attempt to highlight the thought process behind this uniquely designed full-tower case. From the 90-degree motherboard mounting to the slightly smaller size than the previous Raven cases, Silverstone hopes to impress with this latest addition to the Raven family. Let’s see how they did! Read More

ASUS Z87-WS Motherboard Review

In the world of Haswell and the new Z87 chipset, has reviewed a plethora of motherboards supporting this new CPU. Low-end boards, mid-range, and even high-end boards made mostly for the extreme overclocker have graced the front page. Today we move to a slightly different segment with the ASUS Z87-WS motherboard. The “WS” stands for workstation and this motherboard is intended to bridge the gap between a server and consumer level board. Support for server class CPU’s, support for RAID cards and other miscellaneous PCIe cards, as well as having a boat load of ports to round out functionality are what this board is all about. It is time to see if she board can live up to its “WS” nomenclature as others with it have done in the past! Read More

AMD R7 260X Graphics Card Review

We’re continuing on with our coverage of the GPU14 products released this week by AMD. Today, we have a budget minded offering coming in the form of the R7 260X. Just like the R9 280X and R9 270X we’ve already had a look at, this one is a re-badged GPU based off the already existing Bonaire GPU core. So far, AMD has done a nice job revamping existing GPUs for their GPU14 lineup; let’s find out if that trend continues as we explore the R7 260X. Read More

AMD R9 270X Graphics Card Review

It’s yet another launch day for AMD; and this time around, we have a card in their GPU14 product lineup – the R9 270X. The press deck we received has the R9 270X targeted directly at the $199 price range, which should make it a viable option in the highly competitive mid-priced graphics card market. At that price range, it puts the NVIDIA GTX 660 series of cards squarely in its crosshairs. By all indications, it should also come relatively close to the HD 7950 performance, even with its slightly trimmed specifications. Read More

Lamptron FC5V3 Fan Controller Review

Lamptron has re-worked the FC5 fan controller yet again, and now we sit at version three. This latest iteration drastically increases the LED color choices, controls up to six fans, and also has temperature probing capabilities. With modern motherboards able to control fans and many cases including this as a built-in future, what makes a fan controller worth the added expense? Lamptron thinks they have the answer to that with the FC5V3. Let’s take the FC5V3 for a test run and see if we think they have the answers too! Read More