AMD Announces the Never Settle: Reloaded Level Up Bundle

AMD has seen great success with their Never Settle, then Never Settle: Reloaded gaming bundles. They’ve had some feedback from their customers though, namely “Can you add more games?” and “Why do I have to choose between Crysis 3 or Tomb Raider?” Their answer is the Never Settle: Reloaded Level Up. Read More

Zalman LQ320 All-In-One Water Cooler Review

All-in-one water cooling solutions are a highly sought after product for those looking to get into the water cooling game at an affordable price. As I’m sure most of our readers know, Asetek built all-in-one water coolers span across many different manufacturers and price ranges. Zalman’s latest Asetek built offering comes in the form of the LQ320, which sports a larger radiator than it’s little brothers – the LQ310 and LQ315. So, let’s have detailed look at this all-in-one solution from Zalman and find out if we have a viable option for your hard earned dollar! Read More

Zalman CNPS10X Optima CPU Cooler Review

Today, we have an opportunity to review a budget minded CPU cooler from Zalman’s CNPS10X line of heatsinks. The CNPS10X product line has been kicking out coolers for a few years now, but their latest one (and today’s review sample) is the one they call Optima. The word optima is plural for optimum, meaning we should see optimum performance in more than one area. Knowing Zalman like we do, these areas are undoubtedly thermal performance and quiet operation – no big surprise there! Read More

RAM Prices to Remain High

The shortage of RAM products that began in the first quarter of 2013 is expected to continue, leading prices up for consumers and vendors alike. Read More

Pivos XIOS DS Media Play Review

What if you could bring the Android operating system and all the apps that come along with it to your TV screen? Just think of all the internet content and thousands of apps you could enjoy right from the comfort of your own couch. Pivos Technology Group thinks the Andriod operating system is the perfect compliment to any digital home entertainment system and has provided the XIOS DS Media Play to accomplish just that. Read More

AMD Volcanic Islands to Implement CPU Cores

AMD’s upcoming generation of graphics cards, dubbed Volcanic Islands, is to include CPU cores on-chip. Expected to be built on 20nm process, it is also rumored to pack twice as much GPU than Radeon HD7970. Read More

Intel Appoints New CEO

Intel has announced that it has appointed Brian Krzanich to replace Paul Otellini as CEO. Mr. Krzanich is expected to take the direction of the company on May 16th. Read More