HIS HD 7790 iCooler Turbo Graphics Card Review

The latest competition between team red and team green revolves around the AMD Radeon HD 7790 and NVIDIA’s GTX 650 Ti. Today we’ll be looking at the AMD side of this battle, coming in the form of a HIS HD 7790 iCooler Turbo. So, let’s find out how this latest HIS offering stacks up against the competition! Read More

ADATA XPG 2x4GB DDR3-2133X CL10 RAM Review

Today we bring you the latest ADATA XPG V1.0 memory line – DDR3-2133X. The memory came as a 2 x 4 GB kit, which is enough for nearly everything so it should satisfy most gamers and computer enthusiasts for whom this product is designed. Read More

Enermax Ostrog GT (Giant) Mid-Tower Case Review

Looking to enhance the design and attract serious gamers and enthusiasts alike, the Ostrog has had a makeover. This time around the looks are much more aggressive and plenty of additional features have been added to the fold. Today’s review will be on the Ostrog GT, which is at the upper end of the ECA3280 series of cases. So, let’s have an up close look at this new chassis offering from Enermax and find out if it is a serious player in the crowded mid-tower case market. Read More

Arctic Accelero Xtreme 7970 GPU Heatsink Review

Arctic is one of the most well-known manufacturers of heatsinks for both graphics cards and processors, as well as a popular producer of thermal paste and case fans. In this review we will be looking at Arctic’s flagship air graphics heatsink, the Accelero Xtreme 7970. Read More

AMD Launches the HD 7990 Dual GPU Card

Today AMD is announcing their “new” HD 7990 dual GPU graphics card. This isn’t very new though, as there have been two cards with dual HD 7970’s on them for a while now. Rumored for a long time, AMD is finally bringing the reference HD 7990 to the market. Read More

Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 Mid-Tower Case Review

Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 Overview

Nanoxia did not rest when it brought out its first Deep Silence case. Given that it was named Deep Silence 1, we should have expected a Deep Silence 2. And sure enough, the Deep Silence 2 is has arrived. Is it a case that delves deeper into deep silence? Let us explore this sleek creation and see. Read More

Enermax Hoplite ST Mid-Tower Case Review

A couple of years have passed since the first Hoplite case was released by Enermax, which by and large was a well received product. Fast forward to today and we have a remake called the Hoplite ST. There isn’t a whole lot of similarities between this case and the original Hoplite, other than the name of course. As with any product refresh, a good deal of features have been added and updated to meet more current standards. We all know how competitive the sub $100 chassis market is, so let’s dive in to the Enermax Hoplite ST (ECA3261-W) and find out if it’s a solid competitor. Read More

Our Take On NVIDIA's FCAT GPU Testing

If you follow the GPU reviewing world, you have probably seen several articles pop up regarding a new GPU testing method using a tool called FCAT. Our editing team has discussed this extensively and we believe we’ve come to the right decision, but are of course willing to listen to our readers. Please have a look at this article, weigh the options and chime in with your two cents. Read More