How to RMA an Intel CPU

How do you RMA an Intel CPU if you need to, what do you need and where do you go?

I was always under the impression that one has to have the retail box, CPU and HSF to RMA a processor.  I would like to share with the members here the process and what you need. I successfully RMA’d a defective C2D E8600 recently.

Eligibility to RMA CPU

Retail box – 3 years from date of sale

OEM – 1 year from date of sale

Conditions : CPU must have no physical damage, also it is up to Intel to still void the RMA if they find that the CPU was damaged by the user.

What do I need?

CPU - make sure you write down exactly what is inscribed on the CPU IHS, all the numbers. You would also need the two lines of digits printed on the black PCB on the middle lower end of the CPU (see below).

Required information

Required information

CPU heatsink and fan (HSF) - sometimes they will ask you the numbers printed on the HSF, sometimes not.



Who do I contact?

Use this link to the Intel warranty page, then click the Live Chat Support image (pictured below) as that is the most effective way and gets your RMA in less than 20 minutes.

Intel Live Chat Support

Intel Live Chat Support

You will need to provide your shipping address, e-mail, telephone number etc for them to log and process the RMA. Once approved they will e-mail the RMA number and instructions to complete the RMA.

The process is quite simple. You ship the defective unit (CPU and HSF) to Intel. Once they receive and inspect it, they will ship you the replacement. It takes about 10 business days to get your CPU back from the date you ship the defective one.


If you are RMA’ing the CPU in the US and have bought it elsewhere say in Asia or Europe they will ask a nominal fee to process (was around $20 recently).

NOTE – We do not promote or condone RMA’ing of processors if you have intentionally damaged the CPU or you want to RMA the CPU to get a “better” CPU, this process is only to be used for defective CPU’s

- Brolloks

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EarthDog's Avatar
Awesome little write up! I was wondering how this was done!

So no recceipt or anything is needed? All I need is the box and date of sale?
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
Ya, I had imagined the process was more painful. Sounds pretty straightforward.
MattNo5ss's Avatar
I'll probably RMA my i5 680 soon b/c the IGP doesn't work. I already had the sticky bookmarked
Bobnova's Avatar
It's really easy, I did my last one through the chat support, so far so good!
They wanted the cpu, heatsink, and box back from me. What all they want seems to vary widely.
MattNo5ss's Avatar
Well, I hope they don't want the box. I have the chip and 3 or 4 LGA1156 heatsinks (I'm not sure which came with the 680). In the sticky, he states multiple times that a box is not needed
markp1989's Avatar
the article mentioned if you are in the US and have a cpu brought in Europe a processing fee is required, how does it work if its the other way around? my cpu was originally brought in USA and I am in the UK

*touch wood* my cpu is functioning correctly right now, but just would like to know just encase
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
I would expect the situation is the same - a nominal processing fee. Likely there to cover international shipment costs, which would be roughly equivalent going one way or the other across the pond.
markp1989's Avatar
would make sense, hopefully I will never need to find out. This week I have had to arrange RMA for 2 laptops (one mine, one my sisters) identical laptops, different problems
Brolloks's Avatar
Read it again silly man...NO BOX AND RECIEPT, JUST CPU AND HSF !!!
MattNo5ss's Avatar
The warranty is 3 years from date of sale for retail, so how do they know when you bought it without a receipt and if the CPU is still under warranty?
EarthDog's Avatar
Riiiiiiiiight. I can knock out all 33 'mensa' quiz items in minutes, but cant read.

+1 to Mattno's Q though...
Brolloks's Avatar
Good question...I think they are pretty lenient on that, as long as you have the stuff they ask for they will RMA it
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
They can take a rough idea of the date of sale according to the date of manufacture on your chip.
Thanks for the write-up Ed, I'd been curious about this myself.
petteyg359's Avatar
Whoever just posted this to the Twitter/Facebook feeds needs to check their wording. RMA "cause you fried it" is horribly WRONG.
SF101's Avatar
step one find someone like me who's intel authorized retail.

step 2 pick up your rma next day.

I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
I passed that feedback on after I saw it on Facebook.

We're an ethical bunch around here, and that sends the wrong message a bit. We're working on getting more people tweeting, so its a learning process getting new people into the mix. We'll work out the kinks.

People like you here, and those on facebook, reflects the ethics our crowd has - the wording was called out very quickly.
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