SuperBiiz "Genuine CPU Sale"

If you’ve been online at all in the past week, you already know all about the counterfeit CPU issue with Newegg.  If not, head to the homepage and you’ll see plenty of articles about it.

I just received a promotional email from SuperBiiz (or ewiz) titled “The Genuine CPU Sale.”  It didn’t take long, and I expected companies to attempt to use this to their advantage from a marketing standpoint, but I didn’t expect it to be so blunt.

Here’s the main graphic/banner from the email.

SuperBiz Genuine CPU Sale Banner

SuperBiz Genuine CPU Sale Banner

And here’s a less-cropped one of the whole email.

SuperBiz Genuine CPU Sale Email

SuperBiz Genuine CPU Sale Email

And the link to the Genuine CPU Sale, followed from the banner, is here.  They could have at least offered better sale prices, especially on the 920.


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