SuperBiiz “Genuine CPU Sale”

If you’ve been online at all in the past week, you already know all about the counterfeit CPU issue with Newegg.  If not, head to the homepage and you’ll see plenty of articles about it.

I just received a promotional email from SuperBiiz (or ewiz) titled “The Genuine CPU Sale.”  It didn’t take long, and I expected companies to attempt to use this to their advantage from a marketing standpoint, but I didn’t expect it to be so blunt.

Here’s the main graphic/banner from the email.

SuperBiz Genuine CPU Sale Banner

SuperBiz Genuine CPU Sale Banner

And here’s a less-cropped one of the whole email.

SuperBiz Genuine CPU Sale Email

SuperBiz Genuine CPU Sale Email

And the link to the Genuine CPU Sale, followed from the banner, is here.  They could have at least offered better sale prices, especially on the 920.



Shiggity's Avatar
I'd fire that marketing team if I could.
Archer0915's Avatar
Ya know that is dirty!!! It is not like New Egg did it. Perhaps the FTC need get in on this, it has to violate some law somewhere.
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
I found it pretty comical.
mdcomp's Avatar
I'd still take my chances with newegg at much better prices!

That's pretty funny though sno.lcn, thanks for sharing that.

Mizzery's Avatar
After dozens of orders over the years, I have never been disappointed with them. Any time there is a mishap with an order (it happens everywhere) they step right up and take ownership of the problem and fix it. That is exactly what they did here and if my perception of Newegg has changed in an way its in a positive direction.
Rattle's Avatar
i order from both ewiz has always taken care of me. thats a pretty cheap shot though IMO
dominick32's Avatar
To be completely blatant and honest. Now I will no longer spend another dollar at e-wiz for that. Newegg got shafted, they couldnt have prevented that if they had psychic warfare operatives doing ESP and clairvoyance studies. lol Thats like kicking a man in the nuts after hes already unconcious on the ground.
Rattle's Avatar
my thoughts exactly, thats typical business practice
so shady, they figure some people might have got scared away so lets cash in...
x509's Avatar
That ad was pretty cheesy. Probably some high school kid who is their "marketing department."

Fact is, that problem with fake CPUs could have happened to anyone, including the company that ran the ad. Newegg is so much bigger than those other guys, so they get the kind of attention that those other guys just wish they could get.

Also, the issue is not, "Are you having a problem?" The real issue is, "How are you responding to the problem? Doing right by your customers?" And using this test, aside from that initial press release, I think Newegg did pretty well.

Some of you guys may remember when some lunatic went around the USA putting bad stuff in Tylenol bottles. Well, J&J went public with the info right away, pulled all the inventory from store shelves, kept the public fully involved, and then came out with tamper-resistant packaging. Guess what happened?

The public loved J&J, because they didn't try to cover up. Now let's look at all the problems with Toyota cars. It seems that Toyota has been covering up for years, and man, are they paying for it. It may be years, if ever, before they recover their reputation.

Or just look at Tiger Woods. I think you all get the idea.


PS: I'm going to continue to do all my business with Newegg. I'll go elsewhere only if I need something exotic, like specialized W/C stuff.
Brutal-Force's Avatar
I don't buy from e-wiz and that little banner will ensure that I never do. It looks like high school kids (the spoiled rich kid kind) run that place.

What ever happened to fairness in this country?
MadMan007's Avatar
What a stupid ad. All I have to say is this:

eWiz isn't bad there but Newegg is almost flawless. The way they handled the issue was great and aside from juvenile ADD-afflicted rants that went crazy over wording by a few people who weren't even affected anyway I didn't see any serious complaints.
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