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G.SKILL Expands Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Family with KM780R Models


G.Skill just announced an expansion to their mechanical gaming keyboard family. The Ripjaws KM780R RGB and MX models are revised versions of their very successful KM780 series keyboards and features everything you already love about the original minus the extra gaming keycaps, puller tool, and keycap box. Because G.Skill is not including these accessories in the re-release they are able to reduce the price. Read More

I-Venstar S406 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review


Today’s review is of the I-VENSTAR S406 high quality Bluetooth speaker. I-VENSTAR (A.K.A. VENSTAR) is a company which is becoming pretty well known for producing quality Bluetooth speakers. In this review we will attempt to test the S406’s capabilities as well as their claims of waterproof and dustproof. Let’s see what it has to offer, shall we? Read More

Aerocool Presents 80+ Gold Certified Xpredator PSU

  Aerocool is expanding their Xpredator line by adding four all new 80+ Gold rated semi-modular power supplies. These new high efficiency PSU’s will be available in 550W, 650W, 750W,& 1000W units. Availability will be through Aerocool’s normal e-tailers starting this week so keep an eye out for them.  … Read More

Do I Really Need a Home Theater PC (HTPC)?

The Home Theater PC has hit an all time high. Everyone wants to have a single location to play music, stream movies, and capture movies like a DVR, and some would like to browse the Internet on that same PC. I think this is a little extreme. The HTPC is now becoming the do everything PC, and not really doing HTPC duties.  Do we really need a HTPC?

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Out of the Loop?

With Microsoft’s new operating system out, are you looking to build a new machine, but aren’t caught up on what has changed over the last few years? Here are my opinions regarding current trends in PC building for those getting back into the game.
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SSDs, the newest kid on the block, is trying to dethrone the big old HDD that’s been around for decades.

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Mac Hardware Refresh Coming Soon

It’s always a telltale sign that Cupertino is brewing a fresh batch of hardware when retailers are told that a particular model or line will no longer be available to order or restock.

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