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PII Case Diagram

The following displays heatsinks that recently tested at C/Ws of 0.30 or less. This is what we consider a reasonable target for for aggressive CPU cooling. The results are the average of motherboard tests; in most cases, these are a T-Bird on an Iwill KK266 and KK266+, Duron on an ABIT KT7 and a PIII on an Iwill BD133. Readers can click on heatsink names to display full test results and to determine suitability for Socket 370 use. Heatsinks will be added periodically.

In selecting a heatsink, readers are cautioned that Delta 38 and similar fans listed as “Loud” are found by many users to be objectionable; a number have abandoned these fans after a short time.

TEST RESULTS – Heatsinks At Least 0.30 C/W
Average of motherboard test results
C/W           0.10




Swiftech 462-A – 0.14

Delta 80mm – Loud on FAST Setting

Thermalright SK6 – 0.18

Delta 60mm – Loud

Swiftech 462-A – 0.20

Sanyo 80mm – Moderate

Millenium Glaciator – 0.20

Stock fan – Moderate


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