Win a Starcraft Beta Key!

Overclockers Forums member, Vengance_01, has graciously donated a Starcraft Beta Key, which means a contest is in order! This contest is open to all Overclockers Forums members.

We want to know what your favorite Starcraft moment is (multi-player or single-player)! Here is the challenge: All submissions must be creative and 140 characters or less.

There are two ways to enter:


  • Comment on the facebook status announcing this contest.


  • Retweet the initial contest announcement tweet.

In both cases, please include your forum username in a direct message, facebook comment or retweet. This will allow us to verify the winner.

The winner will be chosen by Vengance_01 with the help of our editorial team.

Contest Ends Wednesday, March 24 @ Midnight EST.

Good luck!


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Krogen's Avatar
Really, really cool.

I will be in for sure.
creecher's Avatar
*foams at the mouth*

i know what im doin as soon as i get home.
Vengance_01's Avatar
Good luck guys!
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
Thanks Vengance_01, very cool contest!
bLack0ut's Avatar
very generous, thx vengeance
JonSimonzi's Avatar
Is there a possibility of a way to enter without having Facebook / Twitter? I really dislike social networking sites and don't have accounts at either, but would like to participate.
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
There isn't unfortunately, as the intent of the contest is to promote our social networking aspects as well as forum registrations. The social networking stuff helps build consistent long term traffic for the blog. The blog traffic has helped with registration for the forums. Ultimately, a lot of what we do is motivated by getting new blood here in the forums and making sure we stay relevant and strong for our long term future as a community. That's the nice part about having the editorial side (community) of the website separate from the business side (iNet), we are motivated by whats best for the community and how we can serve it better - iNet "gets it", and lets us do our thing.

So Facebook and Twitter are a means to an end, and are intrinsic components of this giveaway!
updawg's Avatar
Someone should donate a key to the winner of mdcomp's basketball tourney.
mdcomp's Avatar
I don't want to donate a key to myself!

It's nice to see so many people involved. Vengance, awesome job with the contest! It's really bringing everyone together.

nightelph's Avatar
WOOT! Entered.
Vengance_01's Avatar
Just glad to help my extended family
ratbuddy's Avatar
Same here. Really lame how the contest penalizes forum users who don't go in for the whole myspace thing.
nightelph's Avatar
What Myspace? Did you read IMOG's post? Its not such a bad thing, and you can make a twitter account in seconds.
ratbuddy's Avatar
Twitter/Facebook/Myspace, all the same in my book
killem2's Avatar
Yeah we get it, some of you don't want to be associated with those who update there status every 3 seconds with useless and attention grabbing posts as if by some magical uncontrollable force, that if you sign up for facebook, twitter, myspace, and so forth, that you automatically are considered to be a part of that, and you yourself will lose all motor skills, ability to think yourself, set profiles to private, ignore those who annoy you, begin updating your status every moment of your life from your mobile phone, and begin adding everyone to your profile.

Really now, I never understand the fear in things that are so blatantly trivial. Just because you sign up for these things doesn't mean you take part in the grand scheme of them. If you sign up for a twitter account or a face book account, you have to actually add people before the "networking" part starts to come into play.

Oh well, miss out if you like. I'll be hitting it up when I get home.
baqai's Avatar
i offer bribe too *evil laugh rubbing hands*

Edit: Thanks for the contents not part of it though! none the less awesome gesture by Vengance_01
fabulouscoops's Avatar
1. A reproach, gibe, or taunt.
2. Slang A foolishly annoying person.
Heck, I don't even text. If its worth saying, then just say it.

Paper document often issued to college freshmen to help them get acquainted on campus. Also a great way for strangers, bosses, and law enforcement to gather personal information about you. Call me paranoid, but I don't even tell my real friends my birthday or what I had for breakfast unless they have a need to know.

I will pass even though I bought the original when it came out and still play Starcraft Brood war to this day. I have waited for years for SCII, I can wait a few more months. Good luck to those who enter.
bLack0ut's Avatar
A much better man than I. I have midterms now, and I know that getting the beta would screw me over, but I still want it rofl.
jediman's Avatar
did up yo.

btw d2 ladder reset so if u don't get in beta u can do that
bLack0ut's Avatar
nah im totally burnt out on d2, spent 4 years of my life on that... can you guys post all the entries here? i cant see the ones on twitter and theyre prob funny
jediman's Avatar
has a winner been chosen yet so i can stop dreaming?
Vengance_01's Avatar
jediman, the winner will be contacted tonight.
BabaQga's Avatar
I'm shaking....
BabaQga's Avatar
Who won? I wanna know who to envy ...
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
Jediman, look a couple posts above you!
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