Win a Starcraft Beta Key!

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Overclockers Forums member, Vengance_01, has graciously donated a Starcraft Beta Key, which means a contest is in order! This contest is open to all Overclockers Forums members.

We want to know what your favorite Starcraft moment is (multi-player or single-player)! Here is the challenge: All submissions must be creative and 140 characters or less.

There are two ways to enter:


  • Comment on the facebook status announcing this contest.


  • Retweet the initial contest announcement tweet.

In both cases, please include your forum username in a direct message, facebook comment or retweet. This will allow us to verify the winner.

The winner will be chosen by Vengance_01 with the help of our editorial team.

Contest Ends Wednesday, March 24 @ Midnight EST.

Good luck!


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