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Yeahs and Nays For 2002

Computing Event of the Year AMD Stumbles And Bumbles: For almost the entire year, AMD essentially sang, “Yes, we have no bananas.” PR replaced product; the only thing that showed up the first three quarters was excess inventory. Sales plummeted, Read More

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Intel C1 Update

Capacitor Theory Pops It doesn’t look like having capacitors arranged in 3.06 style makes any real difference in performance, folks. I’ve seen enough reports from people who have a 3.06GHz arrangement but aren’t reaching 3.06 to conclude that this is Read More

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MacOS X86?

Ever since MacOS X emerged, there’s been occasional rumors that it would be fitted to x86 machines. In other words, a Mac OS for your PC. They seem to be more than rumors now: Mac OS X86, code-named Marklar. MacBackground Read More