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The Case Against CPUs

Both myself and Jack Russell have written about AMD charging too much for its own good. Some seem to have misunderstood what we’re saying, and they think we’re saying that AMD shouldn’t charge $500 for a 3200+ next week. That’s Read More

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Deerfield . . .

Intel has announced its “low-cost” version of Itanium, code-named Deerfield. It runs at either 1 GHz or 1.4 GHz, has 256K L2 cache and 1.5MHz L3 cache, and costs $744 and $1,172 respectively. Why should you care? Well, I’m not Read More

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The 10K Survey 2157

Western Digital has reported that its 10K 36Gb IDE drives, more commonly known as Raptors, have sold better than expected, and a 72Gb version will be out in October. However, other hard drive makers aren’t exactly rushing to 10K. So Read More