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A Year of Fratricide . . .

Dailytech shows an Intel roadmap indicating that in Q1 2007, Conroe will have 40% of Intel’s production. This is a little slower than historic Intel rampups (the troubled Prescott and derivatives notwithstanding), normally a new generation hits about 50% of Read More

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Facts of Life . . .

AMD released its first quarter earnings the other day, basically it was about the same as the Christmas quarter, which is not bad at all, especially compared to what Intel is expected to announce in a few days. Despite that, Read More

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Facts of Life . . . 1694

It is becoming increasingly clear that come June/July, AM2 is not going to match Conroe. Will it also be true that, as the website that did the review said, “all Intel has to do is execute Conroe on schedule, delivering Read More