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The Integrated Core . . .

Someone at Intel muttered something about integrating graphics into the CPU core someday. Is this something to get wound up about now? Is this the basis for those AMD/ATI rumors? Well, no, but it does indicate something important somewhere down Read More

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Bye, Bye, Cache . . .

OK, it’s not an unofficial phaseout of 1Mb AMD desktop chips, it’s an official one. If you want a desktop with 1Mb cache from AMD, it will have to be an Opteron (which will not be getting any known price Read More

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Price Vs. Performance . . .

It’s going to be an interesting second half of the year. Yesterday, we pointed out that AMD slashed its single-core prices dramatically and suggested that similiar slashes in dual-cores were inevitable. Some have already asked, “Just when is “inevitable?” “Inevitable” Read More