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Doomed . . .

The Phenoms debuted today are not competitive against C2Ds: clock-for-clock, overclock-for-overclock, watt-for-watt, not even bang-for-buck. Other than all that, they’re great! After all, it will have a really good software overclocking utility (after they work the bugs out)! Seriously, folks, Read More

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Another Slip . . .

AMD is saying that triple-core processors will become available the second quarter of 2008. The only problem is AMD said two months ago that they would be out the first quarter of 2008. Here’s the AMD press release announcing just Read More

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PC Doctor

SUMMARY: Versatile set of diagnostic tools to trouble shoot hardware problems. The good guys at PC Doctor were nice enough to send a sample of PC Doctor Service Center 6. This is a diagnostic test suite of over 300 tests Read More