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When the media talks about the current fiscal crisis, they like to make comparisons to the Great Depression.  Or to the 1982 recession or maybe one of the milder recessions since then.

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ASUS P5K Capacitor Mod

Today, we will be looking at a capacitor mod of an ASUS P5K. Let me state at the outset that there is no compelling need to take the soldering iron to this board if you don’t plan on extreme overclocking or pushing a Quad to its max. Frankly, I did it because I had the time and because I wanted to give a pesky ROHS (lead-free solder process) board a shot.There is lot of conjecture and educated guesswork involved and I could not test the board with a quad-core. So, there are no quantitative or qualitative results available. This article is intended to be

Why Mod?

The motivation is to prepare this board for a quad-core CPU. There have been reports of caps blowing up with the P5K series of boards when pushing a quad-core CPU to the max. In most cases the caps that blow up are either on the CPU VRM side or on the source ATX 12V connector side.

There can be two possible reasons booth which have a cascading effect.