The 2010 Chimp Challenge is Upon Us

“What is the Chimp Challenge?” You may ask. The Chimp Challenge is an annual folding team competition between some of the top teams in the world, included. This is a bit of a friendly bout between all of these teams, for the highly coveted Jaded Monkey. It gives us a break from our personal stats, and allows us to talk some smack to other teams.

It all started out in 2006 as a sub team battle between the Overclockers sub team, folding_monkeys, and the Maximum PC sub team, Spider_Monkey. It wasn’t so much a team on team battle, as it has turned into now, but more of a sub team battle between to monkey teams, to decide who the real Monkeys of the folding scene were. The next year, it turned into a team on team battle, where both teams had chosen a more neutral user ID to use as the Team ID.

Fast forward to 2008, and a couple more teams were added into the battle. The new incoming teams were Overclockers Australia and [H]ard Forum, also known as OCAU and the [H]orde, respectively. In 2009, we had the higher performance clients, like SMP and GPU2, so a few more teams were also able to compete. Added into the mix were, Team EVGA, TSC! Russia, and Custom PC. With all 8 teams battling their way to the top, it was historically, the largest Chimp Challenge to date.

Now we are at the current date, and expect to have another great Chimp Challenge this year as well. The participating teams are getting ready, putting on their monkey suits, and starting to go bananas. This year, we will be doing battle against Maximum PC, Overclockers Australia,, Team EVGA, Custom PC & Bit Tech, Hardware Canucks, TSC! Russia, and last but not least, Tech Power Up. The race will be to 20 million points, and each sub team will race until they pass that mark.

There are, however, a few rules, but these are guidelines that most folding teams always follow. There shall be no pausing of Work Units prior to the start time of the challenge, which is Wednesday, May 5th, 2010, at 12 PM Pacific Daylight Time. There will also be no sabotaging another teams work unit bonus, as this hurts the project, as well as the integrity of the offending team. We will also refrain from helping another team to the finish, after we have reached our goal, as it would give said team an unfair advantage over the remaining teams. If you would like some more information, you can take a look at this thread in our forums.

Good luck to all of the teams involved in this challenge, and may we all have fun with it.


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