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Mega Shadow – Lapped or Not?

I’ve been asked to test the Prolimatech Mega Shadow heatsink. The purpose of the test is to see if lapping the heatsink will give any performance improvement. Since I already have a Megahalems in one of my secondary rigs, I found the idea interesting. The testing procedure will be simple. For each step, I will do three mounts and run the test app three times, then average the results.

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Network Security 103: Network Address Translation

Network Address Translation, or NAT is a necessary evil in the current state of the Internet. Due to the vast amount of computers, network equipment, and even hand-held devices we are using up a rapidly dwindling pool of free IP addresses. In this article we will describe the way NAT can be used in the modern network.

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i5 Clarkdale on Biostar TH55XE

We’ve seen a lot of news about Intel’s 32nm CPU on the internet in the past six months…Now let us take a look at Intel’s LGA 1156 platform. This platform will launch new 32nm CPU products, including Core i5 6XX and Core i3 5XX series, named Clarkdale.