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Swiftech H20-220 Edge Liquid Cooling Kit Review

Many of the members at the forums who are watercooling experts will often advise you to stay away from water cooling ‘kits’ for a number of reasons. First, the price vs. performance ratios of most kits are poor compared to aftermarket air cooling, and sometimes such kits even perform worse than aftermarket air coolers. Other concerns are the closed loop and not having the ability to upgrade parts. Swiftech reckon they have changed that with its new “Edge” line of water cooling kits. Today we will be reviewing the Swiftech H20-220 Edge Liquid Cooling Kit which has kindly been provided by Read More

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News Benchmarking Party - Summary and Pictures

The weekend of the party has passed and the event itself is over, but the party has just begun for the Benchmarking team! Everyone whom attended had a blast meeting each other and pounding on computer hardware throughout the weekend. With mountains of hardware, 740 Liters of Liquid Nitrogen to burn, and support from leading hardware manufacturers Corsair and Gigabyte. Having a great time was guaranteed! Read More

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Heatsink Improv: A Small Tribute to Overclockers of Old

Ever need a heatsink to cool that power hungry beast of yours? Is the stock cooling horrible and your GPU is without any good after market solutions? If so, then improvise. Jury rig that incompatible GPU cooler, find an unused CPU cooler you have tucked away, or even go all out and buy a CPU cooler for your GPU if there are no GPU specific solutions. No, I haven’t lost my mind. This is just what runs through the mind of a bencher who is trying to squeeze every last drop of performance out of his GPU, but has no budget for extreme cooling. Read More

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Mvix Minix 890GX Motherboard Review

Since the dawn of computers, one goal has always been to stuff more power into a smaller space. The mini-ITX form factor, and the Mvix Minix 890GX specifically, allow you to run a standard desktop processor on a motherboard not much larger than a grown man’s hand. Even more impressive is that almost every feature of a full sized ATX motherboard has been crammed into the miniature footprint of the Minix 890GX…and it can overclock, too. Read More

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Overclockers Benching Party - Nitro Engaged!

As announced previously on, the benchmarking party in Tyler, TX has begun!

Our Benchmarking team is currently setting up their hardware and getting everything insulated, while a few guys are already pouring the LN2. Watch the latest updates and live video here! More updates will be posted to the frontpage once we get off the ground and start getting some good runs in, but be sure to tune in live for the latest as it happens.

For full details on the event check our previous announcements:
Overclockers Benching Party I: The Lineup
1st Annual Benching Team Party Read More

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AMD 6870 Video Card Review

Ahh, new generations of video cards. Gamers and overclockers eagerly await their arrival every time a new one comes around. This one was met with a bit of controversy when rumors circulated that AMD was changing the numbering scheme. That they did, but is the relatively inexpensive 6870 a stout contender – especially for the price? Let’s find out. Read More

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Cooling Evaporator Under Dry Ice

Tested with Phenom II X6 1090T overclocking… I got in touch with a friend and he agreed to let me take one of his cooling pots for a spin. Aaron Schradin of has lent me an excellent pot to play around with and review for all of you guys. This pot is usually meant for the purpose of running under LN2 and LHe4. This is seen in the many AMD world record breaking overclocking attempts, which can all be seen over at However I will be playing around with the dry ice performance of this pot, which has mostly gone overlooked until now. Includes exclusive video. See it first here! Read More