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Thermalright MUX-120 Black Heatsink Review

Once again, I am looking at another high performance heatsink from Thermalright. They have been a consistent manufacturer of high performance air cooling solutions for quite a few years now and still are counted as one of the “go-to” manufacturers when considering the purchase of a high performance cooling solution for your computer’s processor. Today, I will be looking at the MUX-120 Black, which is a mid priced cooling solution that comes standard with a PWM fan and mounting hardware for both AMD and Intel systems. We will see today if this cooler is worth the $55 plus shipping that I paid for it or if there are more cost effective solutions out there in the bang/buck bracket.

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Will Windows 8 PCs Lock Out Linux?

There is a current Windows 8 story that is making its way around the web (ZDNet, TechPowerUp, and Extremetech), that claims that new Windows 8 PCs will be able to “lock out” any other OS, such as Linux. Obviously, this has many people up in arms about Microsoft’s new and upcoming OS, but is this information accurate?