Corsair Launches Three All New 4000 Series Mid-tower Cases

Corsair is launching three new mid-tower cases designated the 4000 series. Each new case will feature never before seen innovations like the RapidRoute cable management system. Starting with the 4000D with its minimilistic design, the 4000D Airflow with a full mesh front panel, and the 4000X RGB featuring a tempered glass front panel, Corsair offers plenty to choose from. Here is the official product launch from Corsair.


be quiet! Pure Base 500DX Mid-Tower Case Review

The Pure Base 500DX, a mid-tower chassis from the German manufacturer be quiet!, is looking to improve on the already successful Pure Base 500. The 500DX has been re-engineered and is now optimized for cooling and allowing for maximum airflow. Featuring clean, subtle ARGB lighting, it looks amazing whether you chose black or white. Let’s take a look at what the Pure Base 500DX offers.


EVGA Z490 FTW WiFi Motherboard Review

EVGA’s lineup for the Intel Z490 platform consists of the DARK and FTW WiFi. The DARK is tailored for extreme overclockers and serious enthusiasts. However, if you’re after a more conventional, but still feature-rich gaming motherboard, then the FTW is worth taking a look at. Even though the DARK is their flagship motherboard, EVGA hasn’t overlooked the FTW in terms of overclocking support tools and features.


Alphacool Releases Leak Testing Tool

Alphacool has just released a new tool for all of us water-cooling enthusiasts. The leak testing tool checks the pressure in your water cooling system to help determine if any leaks are present. Since not all leaks are immediately realized, this simple tool could save thousands of dollars if a leak were to go unnoticed. Here is Alphacools product release notification.