Corsair Launches PC Builder Online Tool

Today, Corsair launched a new web-based PC building tool to aid DIY gamers when building their next system. Corsair PC Builder is very similar to the compatibility feature found at with the added feature of ensuring your components are optimized together, helping to reduce bottlenecks in the system. Corsair also claims this tool verifies all your components will fit into the selected case, even if it is not a Corsair chassis. Please read Corsair’s press release below for a link to the Corsair PC Builder and additional information.

MSI MPG Quietude 100S

MSI MPG Quietude 100S Mid-Tower Case Review

The MSI MPG Quietude 100S represents MSI’s dedication to providing silent performance and modest designs. With our recent review of MSI’s MEG Coreliquid S280 AIO cooler and its slogan “Can’t Hear It Coming” it should be obvious MSI is making a lot of silence in its product line-up. The MPG Quietude 100S is the chassis counterpart to its flagship AIO cooler. This mid-tower case features a multitude of noise-reducing technologies, minimalistic lighting, and high-speed connectivity. Often times when a case is designed for silence there is a trade-off with thermal performance. In this review, we will put that to the test. How silent is the Quietude 100S and is there any compromises?